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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a traffic is moving along and west -- less than ideal traffic conditions. the rain was coming down all day long. one glance shows there is many more where that came from. how will that affect your holiday plans? starting as of tonight is chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the rain all day long has started to total up anywhere from 1-2 inches all across the area. rain gauges really filling up this evening. the green shaded areas is where you are getting close to 1 inch or more. 1.7 inches in downtown baltimore. we have had more in the north and west. there are still some showers to contend with. flood advisories on the coast. a flood watch sakis pennsylvania and also for western sections of our state. what we are watching now is the
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line of heavier rain coming across west virginia. there could be some thunder mixed in with those showers as they approached the region. to recap the not joins us live from north of baltimore. this ring came on a big travel day around the region. can you tell if things are getting better on the road to get to? >> things are getting better. we are here where traffic is brisk but there are a lot more cars on the road and you would typically see at this hour especially on a tuesday night. a lot of conscientious drivers are trying to get a jump. it turned out to be a terrible idea for many. brake lights clogged the evening commute on major arteries as rain cascaded and it tempers boiled. >> it has been a nightmare. >> just an battled his way out of downtown baltimore and stopped to gas up before he
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tackled the longest leg of his commute taking 83 all the way to pennsylvania. >> had a couple of close calls. going under some of the bridges and the trees, you get more water coming on top of the car which makes it harder to see. >> thanksgiving travel is part of the reason the roads are so jammed. nearly 3 million people will hit roads, tunnels, and bridges over the weekend. he thought he would avoid the worst traffic travelling down on tuesday, he was wrong that. >> it is horrendous. the usually takes me three hours. it took me 4.5 hours. >> when you are in the right lines, you have to account for the water. >> this restaurant said delivery orders pour in what soggy weather stops people from going out.
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you may have to wait a while for food, the delivery driver got himself fighting december conditions as everyone else. if you plan to travel for thanksgiving weekend, you are urged to go early or leave late. is it just leaving before 6:00 a.m. or after 11:00 p.m. reporting live, carry cavanaugh. >> he probably know this, but just in case you don't you can follow our holiday travel update on facebook. tonight, one man in custody while police are looking for his partner. the second man pulled out again after a blatant robbery at a wal-mart in westminster. ed when perkins was arrested after he and another man tried to walk out of a store carrying two large flat screen tvs monday afternoon. the other suspect with a called bugs took out a gun when he was
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confronted by a store employee. the suspect was able to get away with a tv. police have beefed up patrols after a week of suspicious activity. firefighters were called to dance mill road to put out a blaze that destroyed a 1994 chevy suburban in the driveway of a home. investigators later found broken bottles that had been burned along a nearby roadway. a container of gas was recovered during the same week. the incident sparked some concern it -- some concern with residents. >> it does not frighten me but it cost me a lot of concern. >> baltimore county police are urging people with and knew possible information to call that immediately. an investigative panel has ruled there was no deliberate misconduct in the alleged cheating scandal with in the baltimore city fire department. kai reed is live downtown.
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>> the report does not include the names of the recruits were the names of the five employees who work investigated. the report is 37 pages long with details on the investigation including interviews and evidence. >> it was a lack of experience and leadership. >> investigators uncovered leadership problems within the department's ems training academy during its two month investigation. it concluded there was no deliberate misconduct. the investigation was launched in july after fire academy record for given confidential copies or information about it exam before the test date. the test was part of the emt certification process investigators concluded although the recruits had access to the material, they had no way of knowing if the information would
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appear on the exam. there was no indication the materials provided an unfair advantage to the class and the allegations of cheating are unfounded. >> in the end it was not about the recruits and people cheating, it was about us as leaders and our lack of communication, our lack of clear direction. >> according to the reports there will likely be further reports of at least one instructor reproduced material to erase the word confidential on the paper work. >> we brought in a lot of new people all at once. a lot of experience left. there was a lack of communication between he was leaving and who was coming. they were not given in that direction. >> the chief admitted that he has done -- concerns about the perception of the department
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after this case. he reiterated that the recruits to pass the exam ticket again and passed it a second time. >> the details on the fire encounter between some -- they are trying to determine f. conway left his property during the altercation. it is alleged that conway may have pulled a gun. his permit to carry a firearm expired in march. although he would be allowed on his own property, we were told they are not saying if the gun was in his possession at the time but he did not brand is one. he states taught prosecutor has turned to the baltimore circuit court for help in forcing a 2006 agreement with the maryland tobacco company. general jacks has yet to pay $420,000 for cigarette sales in the first two quarters of 2011.
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this is related to the 1998 master settlement agreement in which tobacco companies agreed to compensate maryland and other states medical costs for smoking-related illness. new numbers show maryland added 131 jobs last month. that brings the state's unemployment rate for october down to 7.2%. it was 7.4% in september. estimates show private sector jobs made up 60% of net gains last month. the unemployment rate is less than the national rate of 9%. foreign policy was the leading topic in tonight's gop debate. controversial statements by new to gingrich made headlines. steve has more from washington. >> the republican candidates for president of the united states. >> their 11th debate with a new
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front-runner who is a washington veteran. >> spent years studying this stuff. >> newt gingrich outspoken before 9/11. >> all of us will be in danger for the rest of our lives. >> he is at 24% in d.c. and and poll. herman cain is down to 17% and tonight's topic, national security, is not hermann kant strength. >> if we pull out of afghanistan to sue, iran will help fill the power vacuum. >> we are winding down. the afghan troops are picking up the capacity and the mission is straight forward. >> the also agreed iran must not to get nuclear weapons. >> if we were serious we would open up enough oil fields worldwide that depressive will would collapse. >> gingrich broke with the rest on immigration saying longtime illegals could stay. >> the party that says it is the
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party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy that destroys families that have been here one quarter of a century. >> pollsters call him the new leader of the gop pack. >> president obama was on a campaign stop today. the president spoke to a crowd in new hampshire to denounce republican efforts to block the american jobs act. he laid out the bills elements before the crowd in manchester and asked for his support. he said it would put more americans to work and put more money into their pockets. the message was not well- received by some occupy protesters to tackle the president during his speech. still ahead, trouble in toyland. >> standards are still not strong enough. >> what you should consider before buying your children's toys this holiday season. >> there is rebuilding to the
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mid-atlantic. we could have under hereby morning. all of that with the seven-day coming up next.
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>> the report identifies potential safety hazards and toys and children products that will be stopped on retail shelves this year. it highlights toys with small parts and toxic chemicals. plus, and at home test for parents. the 26 annual report is on our web site, be sure to click on consumer alert. a recent i-team investigation
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brought here from yours. the long the process, the long wait and in some cases, the denial. tonight, the i-team answers a question from a viewer on the edge of financial collapse. >> monday i teamed profoundly davis family, the story touched a nerve. >> the savings is gone. it is over. >> a hartford county truck driver, lee, was declared disabled by doctors but he could not get approved for benefits until they contacted the i- team. one week after the i-team intervene, social security approved lee and deposited $59,000 of back pay into his account. that quick and astonishing resolution produced a flood of the mills and calls. we have been fighting this since 2006 and a viewer.
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i have been waiting years for social security. this is insane. people were begging for help. including geoffrey smith. as 26 year-long career and retell was read. it left him in bankruptcy and put his home in jeopardy. >> i was afraid we were going to wind up on the street. >> it was like deja vu. soon after her recall, the pay date. >> contacted me at 3:30 on monday. at 1:15 on wednesday morning, the czech hit it. it was deposited. >> how much? -- the check it. >> it was not just people who
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filed for social security disability, physicians who were in side of woodlawn evaluating new clients had a story to tell as well. >> americans who are applying for disability are not getting a fair shake any more. >> a surgeon for more than 40 years, he was one of dozens of doctors working part time reviewing disability claims until he was fired from social security. he says for opposing pay and policy changes that meant to doctors were no longer assigned cases based on their area of expertise. >> what cardiologists are evaluating people with back problems and with a piquant -- orthopedic surgeons are looking at people with hearing problems, that is not kosher. you have been paying social security dues for all of your life, if you have an injury and are entitled to it, you should get it. the decision should be by people
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who are knowledgeable. >> an orthopedic surgeon who also worked part-time at social security said he was among a handful of doctors to quit. >> what is the general sense among doctors who left? >> frustration. what do i know about years, knows, and throw? not very much toward what do i go about cardiology? not very much. not enough to do an adequate job of determining whether the information in front of me is valid or not. >> the doctor believes these changes are affecting who gets approved for benefit. >> people may be getting it who do not deserve it and people who deserve it may not be getting it. >> social security called the new system of evaluating claims more efficient or the agency and the people are applying for disability benefits. medical specialists are available to repair to perform a review of every case.
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social security called it get to baseless. people like jeffrey smith feel there are a lot of questions to be answered when it comes to the disability process. for now, he is glad he can pay his mortgage again -- 19 months after he had to stop. >> the number of people applying for disability is on the rise, up nearly 20% in maryland. the i team will continue to follow the subject. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the rain fall totals and process from baltimore to the north into southern pennsylvania. since last night at midnight throughout the day, the rainfall totals of generally been pushing into the 1.5-2 inch amounts from central baltimore county into carroll county and southern
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pennsylvania. it looks like they had anywhere from a 1-3 inches of rain. the rain is not done yet. we may catch some more early tomorrow. so far, 1.18 in the rain gauge at bwi marshall. highs today is pretty much where we are right now. the temperatures have been slowly rising through the evening. it looks like we will push into the low 60's as we hit morning. a line of heavy showers and maybe some thunder and here stretching from pittsburgh down through west virginia and heading through western virginia. that thunderstorm activity will riches in the early morning. look at how temperatures are climbing up. it is 48 degrees in frederick. there is a warm front affecting as. cool 50's to the northwest. with southern ones affecting to warm up and even around 5:00
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there could be thunderstorms trekking through, and there will be bracing cloud cover midday and a second round of showers in the evening before it finally clears out for good later tomorrow night. morning temperatures will be the warmest of the day up around 60 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms. it will give way to sunshine in the afternoon and a few scattered showers. temperatures falling 3050's throughout the day. a small craft advisory on the day to start. a gala morning is expected as wind gusts from 35 degrees tomorrow. the farther south and east to go, there has not been as much right to date there is a better chance of thunderstorms early tomorrow. sunny skies for thanksgiving thursday. warm tomorrow and a sunni and it just a little cooler on thanksgiving day. a nice day at the beach. sunshine at about 60 degrees. all of this because of a strong
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storm. it shows up well on the satellite imagery. it is heading for new england where it is much colder. water storm warnings are in effect. to the south there have been severe thunderstorms. those areas could have several inches of snow. that will all be north of boston. if you travel in that direction tomorrow, northern inuit -- northern new england snow. hello such chicago and denver, travel clubs will be pretty good. on thanksgiving day most of the nation quiets down. just some showers on the far west coast. at the airport tomorrow no trouble problems anticipated. new york could be some trouble delay, something with boston. chicago looks good. atlanta partly cloudy and 65 degrees. our 7 day forecast, gusty winds tomorrow. after the storms tomorrow we
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should gradually clear out. good football weather in the evening. sunny and partly cloudy over the weekend. >> the raven's -- baltimore ravens and 49 hours on thanksgiving night as the baltimore ravens rallying around the head coach. he was here why next in sports. tonight's just bought his an estimated $47 million. to win the jackpot you must have these five white balls plus the metabolic. let's see if we can make you a millionaire. 33, 23, 4, 48, 16. 38.
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>> ravens @ coaches got out of his way to make theirs is a game about families. that has registered among the players. they want to win for the john. quick turnaround and limits what they can do in practice. ray lewis is limited again. john and jim both love to compete. that is obvious. it got to roll slug's thinking post-how thursday night's game meeting greek will play out. >> it will be fun. all of the politics between the two games -- i cannot wait to see how they can stick will play out. >> disappointing news for former
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raven's majority owner, he did not make the hall of fame induction class. i understand the animosity they feel toward art in cleveland, but anyone who thinks he did more has not taken a long look at this league's history. long-term future had quarterback for denver broncos may or may not belong to tim tebow. for now he has no competition. today the broncos released kyle orton. if no team claims orton, the broncos will owe the quarterback the remaining $2.6 million left on his contract for the season. the nba continues to lead its labor disputes. season, major league baseball locked up a new labor deal that will change the look of regular- season and the playoffs in the
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future. a signed a five-year labor deal today that says the houston astros to the american league and expands interleague play throughout the season starting in 2013. playoffs will expand from eight teams to 10 teams. hgh testing will start next spring training. a positive test will give you a 50 game suspension. >> baseball's popularity is manifest itself and a myriad of ways. it has been had its greatest in the past 15 or 16 years. one of the primary reasons of not the primary reason is labor peace. >> probably the only time in this broadcast will ever hear manifested and mary at in the
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act now and we'll add a special bonus -- $300 back. hurry, go to fios. a network ahead. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> it has gone from a little bit of rain to a lot more rain. >> temperatures are rising. we will be in the low 60's at
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dawn. and it will try to clear up in the afternoon. not that bad for thanksgiving day. sunny with highs of around 59. thanksgiving evening temperatures will be settling back in the 40's. partly cloudy and mild over the weekend. the next chance of rain hold off for monday evening. a nice looking holiday weekend. unless you are travelling too far northern new england, most of the nation will have good traveling weather. >> i was listening to you on the radio earlier today, what a great interview. >> great kid. lots of energy. you get a sense of how special this game is for ravens, most of whom have not played on thanksgiving in his life. >> tha
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