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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 25th day of november 20sh, . we have a great crowd this morning at rockefeller plaza. maybe they're taking a break from the black friday shopping. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside carl quintanilla. the rest of the gang has the day off. are you going to hit the stores? >> fifth avenue is only a couple of blocks ago. afterwards let's go do it. >> you probably -- >> no cameras, though. >> what are you getting me for the holidays? >> that's a secret. >> nothing. a lump of coal last year.
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on a serious note out in los angeles, black friday got out of hand. police say a woman actually used pepper spray on several shoppers there at a walmart in an offensive way in order to get a competitive edge over other shoppers. it's kind of unbelievable but true. we have details ahead. what if you went to a doorbuster and a it's a complete bust, you didn't get what you wanted, or if you haven't started shopping, what do you do nen? we have more on different strategies depending on shopping plans this weekend. >> if you're not looking for little things but big things, homes for sale. we'll show you what's on the market coast to coast. first, let's get a check of the morning's top stories. natalie is gone today, so we have tamryn at the news desk. good morning. while millions of americans hunt for black friday bargains, police say one desperate woman resorted to pepper spray. kristen dahlgren is in
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los angeles. >> reporter: 20 people injured and police say they believe it was part of a deliberate strategy to get a great deal on a game console. the holiday shopping rush turned chaotic thursday night. police and ffs cairefighters ca to this los angeles walmart where one shopper apparently had enough of the crowd. witnesses say customers were waiting in line for a sale on xboxes when people started pushing and shoving. that's when they say a woman pulled out some pepper spray and took aim at the crowd. >> i guess she wanted everybody to back off, so she came out with her pepper spray. >> reporter: officials called the woman's behavior competitive shopping. this video on youtube shows customers recovering just moments after the incident. speaking by phone, shopper carmen johnson said she waited in line behind the woman for two hours. >> it was crazy. i mean, we were trying to get games for the xbox 360 when the crowd just was rushing in, and
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the shopper who was just right in front of me turns around and just starts spraying everybody. >> reporter: johnson told knbc that the woman whosh, who had ts with her, had even bragged about carrying the pepper spray. >> she did mention a couple of times i've got pepper spray. i already knew who had done it. >> reporter: at least 20 people were treated for minor injuries. >> it could have been a lot worse. with as many people as they had inside, that's when you get people getting trampled in a stampede inside. >> reporter: three years ago black friday turned deadly when a worker at a new york store was crushed to death in a stampede. back in los angeles one wung woman says she learned her less soj. >> i won't come back. i don't want to do this anymore. it's not worth the deals. >> reporter: police may have called it competitive shopping but call it a potential crime. the woman fled and this morning they're still looking for her. chicago police say they have arrested the suspected gunman in
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last night's deadly shooting of a woman inside a hospital parking garage. they say the suspect is a hospital employee. tens of thousands of protesters are packed in tahrir square a day after students were released. today many young activists are protesting the army's choice of a political veteran in his late 70s to form a new civilian government. j.k. rowlings gave testimony in the uk phone hacking scandal. she told a london courtroom she felt under steej from intrucive journalists who staked out her home and slipped a letter into his 5-year-old daughter's school bag. 40 beagles used for experiments in an animal testing laboratory in spain have been rescued. they were flown to los angeles where they were set free from their cages for the first time on thanksgiving night. you see their faces there, and they're exploring like beagles
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do. it is 4 past the hour. now back to maria. you're hanging solo there? >> i am. >> the not really. there are tons of people behind you. >> and i invited a couple friends out here. speaking of friends, this is what being a bff is all about. >> where did you go to school sdm. >> i went to bowling green but i'm going to michigan tomorrow. >> we have great match-ups this weekend, but today we have showers through the mid-sekzcti but the big weather is in the cascades. look out for winds 40 to 50 miles per hour as well. the east coast is looking great today. we have 60s from boston to d.c. down to atlanta. >> high pressure dominates today, making it a great shopping day. 65 degrees.
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savannah, back inside to you. maria, thank you. this morning on "today's consumer," the black friday rush is well under way. if you haven't hit the stores yet, you may miss out on good days. courtney regan is at the green shopping center this morning. >> reporter: good morning. things are actually going really well. a lot of experts were a little worried because folks are very aware of the tough economic conditions. at least so far that negative sentiment has been shelved and replaced with holiday cheer. lots of shoppers out today, heavy traffic, and the folks i'm talking to, savannah, are
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spending a couple hundred dollars. estimates for the entire weekend were for the average consumer to spend about 225. we could actually be topping that fairly early. i think retailers are happy. shoppers seem to be happy, and there are lots of deals in these bags walking out of the stores around me. >> courtney regan, you better get in there. thank you. >> i will. thank you. what do you need to know if you want to find the best deals? we turn to vera gibbons. good morning. good to see you. what kind of numbers do we expect in the stores this weekend? >> they're all over the map. some say as many as 225 million shoppers will be out spending on average $385. that's more than twice the total holiday budgets. black friday counts for 10% to 11% of sales. >> even if you miss the doorbusters, because a lot might be gone by 9:00 in the morning.
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>> people camped out for them. they had their generators. >> it's like a bieber concert. >> limited quantities, those are gone and the doorbusters are gone. there's plenty of other deals. >> the first tip is research, research. >> you have to look beyond the circulars. these days you have to have a game plan. you want to go to the designated black friday site, and find out who has what at price points and compare prices on sites like fatwallet or pricegrabber. look what people are saying about the products. you can do that on amazon, because there's a lot of products that aren't necessarily name brands this year in particular. you want to get the best product at the best price and the product is decent and more buying. >> it's not just about price. you say also consider the extras. >> there's a lot of extras out there. laptops might have a printer. the xbox might come with a game that nobody wants. might come with a gift card.
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might come with nothing at all. you have to look at the bundling. generally speaking it's better for the retailer than consumer. >> the next tip is a catchy one, shop with a purpose. >> have a game plan here. look what happened in california with the pepper spray. people are very aggressive on this day. without a game plan, you get tram pemed on. divvy up the responsibilities. one person hang with the shopping cart by the check out and the other person get the items. put a cap on how much time you spend per store and put a value on your time. you want to stand in line for two, three hours for a $15 item? probably not. >> your time might be more valuable especially this time of year. don't forget the small stuff. what do you mean by na? >> some people are focused on the big ticket item, the home theater systems and flat screens, those type of items and tend to overlook the smaller items significantly discounted. memory cards, blu-ray players. you have leapfrog games for
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$125. you ha -- $15, you have select dolls under $5. a good time for basics. the gap has jeans for $19, old navy for $15. don't fixate on the big ticket items, look beyond that. >> some retail stores have 40% off everything in the store. there's great deals. >> there's great deals. >> let's say you're afraid and see the black friday crowds and say not me. online shopping is huge. >> you avoid the aggressiveness by shopping online, too. the good thing about shopping online is most of the in-store deals are available in larger quantities online. typically free shipping, maybe no sales tax. the tricky part is know when the sales go live, but there are apps to help you get started. start with tgicybermonday for example and take it from there. >> thank you so much. coming up next, maybe you're shopping for a new house this
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black friday. it's a big ticket item. bar ra barbara is here to show you. more on the british phone hacking scandal. first, these messages. [ female announcer ] at ...thanksgiving day from home... ...or in store friday from 4am. find over 500 black friday deals... sleepwear for the whole family... and the helicopter he'll love for $18.99. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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♪ high score! yeah! yeah! introducing nook tablet. books, the best in hd entertainment, facebook, apps, magazines, and more. this morning on "today's real estate," what can you get for under 400,000 doll? barbara scoured the country and she's here to show us what she came up with. happy post-thanksgiving. >> thank you. going to buy a new house now. >> that would be very nice. >> you start out with palm springs, california.
9:16 am
an artisan restretrearetreat? >> it not only comes with a beautiful house but 330 days of sunshine a year and it's a playground for the rich and famous in palm springs. people love it. this is not a rich and famous house. it's a whacky kind of house. it's a huff and tumble hillside home. i think it works. it looks like an alpine chalet than a desert home. the inside is in keeping, but inside there's a barrel vaulted ceiling, barrel vaulted walls. everywhere you look. that is the kitchen. very streamlined and not to everyone's taste. if you like that thing, they did it really well. >> it's an acquired taste. >> you either like it or don't. it's like a giant sauna inside, but at least they're true to the vision there. the main living area has cool floors and a spiral stair kais. very youthful. you have to have good energy to live there.
9:17 am
there you can appreciate it. you feel like you're inside the hull of a ship of some kind. it's a cute house. it has a lot ft and cozy wood burning fireplaces. >> let's go to atlanta, georgia in a four-bedroom bungalow. >> it's in atlanta. >> that's pretty. >> i love the wonderful porch. it says come on home. what's wrong with that? give me iced tea, sweet please. it's not too big or small. it's a porch you really use. inside the living room has an original brick fireplace, very clean white walls and oversized sunny windows. that's a well presented room. a lovely house. the kitchen is completely new. it has stylish counters and a back splash. it's opposite to the house before in every way. the backyard has a small stone
9:18 am
patio that's about right, but it's about a block away from the big duck pond this whole neighborhood loves. >> that's very nice. let's go to seattle, washington. let's see what we get for under 400,000. >> everybody likes seattle, washington fosh a lr a lot of r. it makes it's claim for the first shopping mall that opened in 1950. it's still there. the outside of the house is a classic brick tudor on the outside but inside it's different. the living room has great details with wood floors and i like the green tile fireplace. the dining room is one of the best dining rooms i've seen. it's delicious with a high coat ceiling and an oversized arriveway and huge picture wind co windows. the window galley kitchen is fresh and modern, simple with a honeycomb tile counter. look at the small breakfast area outside the archway. not too big. not enough room to fit two
9:19 am
chairs frankly, but it's pretty to look at. the bedrooms are all simple and peaceful with big windows throughout all the rooms, simply designed and the fully fenced backyard has the right sized brick patio. please, buy new furniture. that hardly looks like it goes with the house. my god. why did they stop at the backyard. get some new furniture and um brel la brel las. >> they have grate windows. >> madison, new york nearly on three acres of land. >> 3 1/2 acres to be exact. you have to ask where is madison? it's smack in the middle of new york state, five hours from new york city. not an easy commute if you want to work here. this is a 1802 federal style house built by a prominent big shot in the town named general cleveland. had to be important with na name from the civil war. the house is 3,000 square feet big, it has a mini brick on the outside that we just saw that makes it quite charming.
9:20 am
the formal dining room is ornate with 10-foot ceilings and original wood floors and a kavred mantle. it looks like you should entertain thomas jefferson himself with the elaborate crown moldings. the kitchen is a bit odd. on one side it's old-fashioned storage, but then on the other side, the same kitchen and room has a cooking area completely refurbished like odd fellows you have modern and old in one room. >> let's go to sanitta fe, new mexico. it won a parade of homes competition. >> that's right. it's a hacienda style, something built around a court yard. it's a style to live with in that part of the country. it has maple wood floors and beam kreeceilings. that's a grand piano in the back corner. this is an amazing brick court yard where people live all the time with a beehive fireplace
9:21 am
and fountain. there's a kichl with a weird shaped counter that should be taken out. that's an easy change. the backyard looks plain out lonely. that backyard needs a little help. some new chairs but it's suitable to the area. you have to appreciate outside that fence you have beautiful countryside. >> that's a great list, barbara. >> all very different. >> i like that. still ahead, exciting new ways to turn your thanksgiving leftovers into delicious new dishes. but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can. ♪ it's a small change that can make a big difference. ♪
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> it is going to be a great day to do shopping. we are under the influence of high pressure. mostly sunny skies, mile. winds out of the west, southwest, 5 mi. per hour. tomorrow, a mirror image of today. a little bit cooler. system moves in on sunday and monday.
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note better watch out ♪ ♪ you better not cry ♪ you better not pout i'm telling you why ♪ ♪ because santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ oh if that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will, single michael bueble with "santa claus is coming to town" he'll be here for a live performance monday on "today." coming up later, we have new details on that tabloid phone
9:31 am
hacking scandal that rocked england. sienna miller and j.k. rowlings testified on thursday. we'll have details on how they say the scandal has personally affected their lives. also ahead, throwing small business a bone. get it? we'll tell you about two sisters who started a business that started with -- those pictures don't match. they started a dog biscuit company. we'll talk to them about how they did it, maybe the taste buds of those dogs. >> i kind of saw that in the notes. >> you can do it, carl. and then from waffles to gumbo, how to take that thanksgiving dinner and turn it into amazing leftovers all weekend long. some delicious new meals coming up. first, amy row barobach is here. >> we're going to talk about black friday mania, and then, of course, there's cyber monday.
9:32 am
so much shopping and so little time. we're talking about all the deals you can find over the weekend, and it's one of the most intriguing unsolved mysteries. 40 years ago d.b. cooper hijacked a plane and parachuted into the night sky and vanished. investigators are coming closer together to try and solve the case. we'll have the details. debbie reynolds is auctioning off her historic collection of hollywood memorabilia. we'll show you what's inside her treasure trove when you see it this weekend here on "today." lots of marilyn stuff. it's sold for millions and millions of dollars. a ton of money. >> i thought i saw something from "singing in the rain." >> yes. >> i thought i saw a green mermaid outfit. >> you did, yes. >> christmas shopping, carl. thank you so much. we'll get a check on the weather. maria laroa rosa is in for al today. >> good morning, guys. we're so thankful for everyone enjoying a nice, cool morning in
9:33 am
new york city. here's what we expect heading into the weekend. we have the sunshine hanging or for the east coast. the system pushes from the great lakes to the gulf coast with rain and wind. things quiet down in the west, but pacific northwest looks at showers and mountain snow into sunday. still mild for the mid-section. we're talking temperatures well above average. that rain catches up with the entire east coast. if that's your big travel day, expect to slow >> things are looking spectacular foyer black friday. into tomorrow, a carbon copy of today. the >> and, of course, coming up
9:34 am
this weekend, a by night, sunday nitd, that is "football night in america." we look at the big match-up. we have the pittsburgh steelers comes in against the kansas city chiefs at arrowhead stadium. mostly clear and cold. temperatures will be chilly for the tailgaters, into the mid-30s. savannah, back over to you. >> all right, maria, thank you. coming up next the actress sienna miller and harry potter author j.k. rowlings slam the tabloids into the phone hacking scandal. new ways to reinvent the thanksgiving leftovers. first, these messages. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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an inquiry in england. michelle kosinski is in london with details. good morning. >> reporter: hi, tamryn. bad behavior by the press is what they've heard about in these jaw-dropping stories from celebrities. it's not easy to feel sorry for superstars and billionaires, but their accounts make you feel some of the frustration and helplessness they felt trying to stop this stuff. how low will tabloids go? well, stop the presses. now in britain it's the paper's own scandalous deeds that have celebrities lining up to tell all. >> it's really terrifying running down a dark street on my own with ten big men chasing me. the fact that they had cameras in their hands meant tls legal. >> she said photographers would spit at her for a reaction. then at a charity event for sick children. >> there was a very sick child i
9:39 am
was playing with in a corner of the room who was pretending to shoot me, and i was pretending to die, which was -- we were playing a game. somebody took a photograph in the mirror cut the boy out of the photograph and said that i was drunk. by that point, the damage is done. >> reporter: they showed her the evidence that "news of the world" had hacked her voice mail. >> all my telephone numbers i changed in three months and my access numbers, p.i.n. numbers, my password and e-mail that was used to make a hacked e-mail in 2008. >> billionaire harry potter j.k. rowlings who was not a victim of hacking battled tabloids for years. >> such a sense of invasion. it's difficult to explain to people who haven't experienced it what that feels like. the twist in the stomach as you wonder, what do they want? what do they think they've got? draw your sword might and help us reach our goal.
9:40 am
>> reporter: it almost reads like a weird fantasy novel. the paper's publisher addresses took photos of her kids and found a note from a reporter inside her first grade daughter's book bag and got a stolen copy of book five and ran stories saying her child revealed the ending to seven and the bad guy was based on her ex-husband. >> bring him to me. >> that misinformation caused real emotional hurt. >> reporter: which still affects these big stars, saying something should change. they left to flashbulbs. there are privacy laws and restrictions on the press here, but there's a fine line between imposing more standards and actually preventing the press from exposing things in the public interest. it's interesting to see what the government does. it's true that penalties here aren't always a deterrent. tamryn. >> michelle kosinski, thank you. up next, how two sisters two
9:41 am
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"maul small business today" is brought to you by american express. sometimes the greatest ideas come from a simple beginning, and for two sisters a dog's love for treats and their love of cooking turned into a dog biscuit company worth barking
9:44 am
over. you can hear it, too. >> meet a 4 1/2-year-old poodle whooz appetite inspired an all natural organic dog biscuit company run by two sisters. >> i started to make doing treats after i discovered he was overweight. i took it upon myself to make him a healthy treat. >> my sister said you know those biscuits i baked for him all that time. people are loving them, and i think i'll take them to the store and see if they buy them. one store ordered ten bags, and i didn't even know what to do. i was so excited. that's two weeks after they ordered. they said we want to get 20 bags now. and that's when i knew it was a business. my sister would start coming down from boston every single weekend that summer and we would bake friday night to sunday night nonsfop in our little tiny apartment kitchen. >> when we were little we would bake together, we always go apple picking and strawberry picking and we've always been in
9:45 am
the kitchen together. this is the tiny kitchen where it all started. i don't know how we cooked as long as we did. >> today the sisters work side by side developing a growing line of dog biscuits for a variety of canine cravings including chicken cordon bleu and peanut butter and jelly. >> we're selling 20,000 to 30,000 treats a month which exceeded any expectation where th we thought we'd be. whole foods is our biggest client. >> it afforded them a chance to rent space in a commercial kitchen and operate on a much larger scale going from this mixer to this one. and though they now have baking help, each biscuit is still hand cut so they can maintain quality while producing thousands of biscuits a day. >> if you have a good product, you need to focus on that. people will find it. >> if the customers can't find you, take your business to the
9:46 am
streets say the tovar sisters. >> this summer was really excited. we launched our biscuit bike, which is the first treat cart for dogs in new york city. we worked with the new york city parks department and we're in the parks all summer. i think the reward you get from just having your own company and seeing it grow are beyond anything that i had in my corporate job before. knowing that you've created something and it's growing based on your hard work, that's the biggest reward for us. >> they're here with us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> what impresses me more than the biscuits, the fact you two sisters work together all day long and get along. >> thank you. >> we love it. >> we have a great time. we're always together all day. >> did you believe your idea would lead to all this? >> i don't think so. i don't think anything would have told us we got to the size we are now and just baking treats for my dog would become a business. >> i know your dog is the chief
9:47 am
taste tester, but we brought in others. tamryn and carl are bringing them out. hi, guys. they are so excited. they are going to tate some of these. as they do, you worked in retail before this. you were an engineer. i mean, what a switch to change your life this way. >> it's a huge switch. i mean, nothing would have prepared you for having your own business. you're doing everything from the baking to the selling and marketing, but we love it. it's very rewarding and to see the dogs love the biscuits. >> they do love them. tamryn is popular right now. >> what do you say to other that is have an idea and want to start a small business? >> definitely start small and make sure the product is focused and everything goes after that. as long as the product is great and the dogs come back, that's the most important part. >> what about startup capital? did you have to start with a bunch of money? >> you can start very small. you don't need to buy 10,000
9:48 am
packages to start a business. you can start with one or two and go to a few stores and like it. >> are these good enough for humans. >> i'm going for it. >> let's do it. >> this is pbj. peanut butter and blueberries. >> one, two, three, go. i'm not eing a dog biscuit. no way. i learned that from matt lauer. thank you so much. i got it from matt. thanks so much. thank you. >> they're not bad. coming up next, how to make a delicious new meal out of thanksgiving leftovers with dog biscuits sprinkled right on top. this is "today" on nbc. what kind of goldfish sandwich are you?
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i'm a pb and j goldfish sandwich. yeah, me too. i'm a tuna fish goldfish sandwich! that freaks me out! yeah, me too! [ male announcer ] baked with the goodness of fiber or whole grain. goldfish bread! this morning on "today's holiday kitchen" we're reinventing the your
9:51 am
thanksgiving leftovers. there's still plenty of turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing in the refrigerator. what do you do with them today? norman king is the professional the at "southern living" magazine. you're from the south, right? >> yes. >> how would you jazz it up in ways others might not? >> get all of your leftovers out and onto the table so we can free up some of the valuable refrigerator real estate. >> refrigerator real estate. >> a lot of things that don't get play is sweet potato casserole. we're trying to use it. we made some waffles. we have waffle bart and topped it with blackberry butter, something a little bit different. >> great idea. >> no let's get on the main course here. you'regumbo. >> it's a spicy sftew. it's just flour. to make a rue, it takes a little time and patience and 20 minutes, and you'll be pretty
9:52 am
much done. we add some hot oil and flour here that i've been cooking for a good 20 minutes, and wait until this gets to a camel color. once it gets to this point, we add in some of our vegetables here. >> and there's some peppers and celery. >> this is a great way to clear out that extra stuff you had leftover. >> so many people are doing celery and onions. it's a good idea. >> we add some sausage here and leftover turkey, if we have it. >> great. kind of cut up in cubes. >> if you want to, you can throw the whole piece of leftover ny thigh in there. pour that right in. dump that in, it's cayenne pepper. >> got to have that in gumbo. >> that's the difference between cajun and creole. you have to pick up cajun.
9:53 am
>> when you say be patient, you need to be patient for the rue. >> be southern for a day. calm down and relax. >> are we talking hours? >> no, maximum 30 minutes hands-on time. hour and a half just for simmering, but you have to pay attention. >> just for the rue. once that's done, it's hands-off. this is what you get. a nice aroma. >> what do you serve it over? >> over roasted potatoes. this is a southern secret that helps you to stretch the meal and also take away from some of the spiciness you have here. >> impatient northerners. >> yeah. a little bit of bacon and some parsley. >> that looks amazing. >> if you want extra spice, awesome. >> i love that. what do we have back here? did i hear you right? fried pecan pie? >> i'm from the south, but i've never heard of fried pecan pie. >> this is a great way to get it all done. we cut up pecan pie in thin
9:54 am
slices and kotcoat it in flour use molasses and butter. the twist that we added was pork rinds. pork cracklings. they're pork skin with fat on them that's fried. i know it's excessive. we're already frying it. put the pork on there. >> so we slide it into 350-degree oil for about 20 to 30 seconds. we let that kind of sizzle up. take some time there. this is our finished product. i couldn't let you get away without adding bourbon to it. adding some bourbon whipped cream on top. >> here you go. >> thank you. >> even things like cranberry you will recycle? >> the cranberry old-fashioned. you make your typical old-fashioned with the orange and bitters and load it up with a little bit of sugar.
9:55 am
add your ice, and just about when you're ready to stir in your bourbon, you add a couple tablespoons. >> can we find the whole pie later? >> just take it in. it's very rich. >> this is insane and criminal. >> we love your style. thank you so much. >> coming up, a special performance from susan boyle plus the results of our ambush makeovers. we'll need a makeover. >> time for your local news and weather. >> i did try the dog biscuits. >> whatever. >> i did try the dog biscuits. >> whatever. >> have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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