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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> a baltimore neighborhood is cleaning up after vandals spray- painted a swastika and other messages. it happened overnight in the middle river area. police are still on the lookout for the person responsible. sheldon dutes is live at police headquarters in towson.
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>> police say the damage does not appear to be a hate-based or racial. the family got up to get ready for church and saw the swastika painted on the side of their fence. apparently, a vandal struck overnight in the mill river area. most of the damage is blue and red spray-painted lines on cars and fences. it is hard to know how many people were vandalized because some cleaned up without reporting it to police. police are only saying a number of cars and fences were damaged. they think it may be a group of teenagers that have been seen in the area. >> there are better things to do then analyzing an property.
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>> one line was painted across our car. it was no major damage. it was an inconvenience. >> police do not think it was hate-based. the search continues for the suspect. if you have information, call baltimore police. >> a prayer vigil will be held for the teen killed in the howard county accident that claimed the lives of two others. family and friends are joining together to remember jonathan deckman. he lost his life on friday night. investigators say the driver lost control of the car and hit a tree. he remains in critical condition at shock trauma. >> we do believe that speed may have been a factor. the tip of deceased people were not wearing seat belts. that could have contributed to their deaths -- two deceased
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people were not wearing seat belts. that could have contributed to their deaths. >> two others were treated and released. two people are in serious but stable condition after shooting in charles village. the man and woman were in a car on east 22nd street when they were shot yesterday morning. there is no word on the suspect or a possible motive. police believe the victims were targeted. in inmates charged in a robbery spree across three counties have been found dead. -- and inmates charged in a robbery spree across three counties has been found dead. he was found and responsive in his cell on friday night. he was being held without bond awaiting trial on six robberies. officials say there were no signs of self play -- ball play. the boy is dead after a house fire in prince george's county. it happened around 4:00 this
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morning. two the memo -- fino relatives were taken to the hospital. a third the escaped unharmed. the cause remains under investigation. >> we did it again today. there was more sun than yesterday. that allowed the mild temperatures to go up again. the high at the airport was 71. downtown los 72. the record is 74 for the state. -- downtown was 72 degrees. the normal high is 52 degrees. we have to wonder when reality will sink in. it is coming up this week as a cold front comes our way. we will be talking about that coming up in a few minutes. >> today's bid news for -- good news for new gingrich is bad news for mitt romney.
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the paper delivered an unflattering assessment of mitt romney. here is the update from washington. >> newt gingrich has just gotten a big boost in new hampshire. the union leader newspaper endorsed the gop front-runner and snubbed mitt romney saying they would rather that someone with whom they disagree than someone who tells them what he thinks we want to hear. other candidates are shrugging off the endorsement. >> the only one i am looking for is the one in iowa in the caucuses. but the caucuses are five weeks away. time is running out for the underdogs. it has been a volatile race. each one is hoping for a surge like the one it gingrich is seen now. >> not long ago, it was a two- man race with rick perry and mitt romney.
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herman cain had his moment. he is trying to get it back. >> false accusations and confusion about my positions have contributed. >> if hope is not running short, time is. mitt romney may be second in the polls. he has money the other candidate cannot match. -- candidates cannot match. >> you can keep track of the canada -- candidates at drastic cuts are on the rise and after the congressional super committee failed to reach a deal. senator schumer and the president of americans for tax reform weighed in on the issue this morning. >> the purpose of what was put in place in july with the debt ceiling vote was to have sharp knives hanging over the heads of
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each party. >> house passed a responsible budget that cuts spending and is not raise taxes. >> senator schumer says he believes an agreement can be reached next year. on the eve of parliamentary elections, demonstrators continued to fill tahrir square. we will have the latest on the protest in egypt. >> is a really good feeling. i am glad to be with my family. >> the last of three students arrested during the cairo protests is back on american soil. those details as we cover the
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>> protests continued in egypt today. people camped in front of the are part ofbuilding an
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the ongoing demonstration in tahrir square. they are demanding an end to military rule. they said they have no faith in the new prime minister. elections will be held over three months. the third americans did arrested in egypt during the protests is back home. luke gates landed in indianapolis last night. he is the third of three americans to return home after being accused by egyptian officials of throwing bombs near tahrir square. >> it is really nice. it is a really good feeling. i am glad to be with my family. i want to go home and have thanksgiving. >> one of the other students is denying all allegations and they were not on the rooftop and there were arrested. in less than six hours, occupy protesters in los angeles will be evicted. los angeles please plan to shut down the camp at midnight tonight.
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officers passed out notices yesterday to demonstrators sang they have to leave the park --. many say they plan on defying the order in know they will be arrested. the camp was set up as part of the occupy wall street movement. there's more ahead. we're taking a live look at 50. people are heading back home after the extended holiday weekend. >> we have had a good run with the weather. there is a big storm out west. insta-weather plus forecast is coming up. right now, we have partly cloudy skies. it is 59 at the airport and 62 downtown. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]te
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>> the busiest travel season concludes this weekend. thousands had back home after the thanksgiving holiday. we're taking a live look at the 695. it looks as so far. it was a mild day. what will the commuters face later tonight? >> we are doing just fine as far as the weather is concerned. temperatures are almost warm. we're on our way to christmas and hit 70. we have some clouds drifting. we had fewer clouds today than yesterday. the southerly breeze helped to warmus up into the 70's. the rain that has been out west to the past couple days is
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closer but still not in a hurry to get here. a couple showers in garrett county a couple of hours ago. it has given up. there are now showers on the ohio-west virginia line. it will get closer tomorrow. it will be in here by tuesday. the bright green are the warmest temperatures from the bait westward. it is still -- from the bay of westward. it is still in the 60's. there's more cloud cover in western maryland. here is the satellite picture. the cold front is approaching slowly but surely. we have high pressure over the atlantic. we have the front to the west. that gives us the flow of nice,
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milder air. let's hope this happens in january. a big storm will be developing on the front as it goes through. tuesday could be unsettled. that might be an understatement. the cold front is west of the mountains. it is a sharp change. readings are only 26 at international falls right now. tonight we will see partly cloudy skies and chile. south wins 2 miles to 7 miles an hour. there could be a sprinkle. the daytime tomorrow looks dry. we have the forecast calls and some tomorrow. the clouds will be getting thicker -- we have a forecast of clouds and sun tomorrow.
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the clouds will be getting thicker. we will be above average again. the future forecast shows the storm. it even has some snow in the mountains. tuesday is the target date for rain. after that, if it's cold. 66 tomorrow. the chances for rain go up on tuesday. 57 will be the high. 54 on wednesday with isolated showers. we will stay cool into next weekend. there could be some showers late in the day on friday. >> pete is here. >> ravens fans are able to what cincinnati and cleveland. sports is next.
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>> from the susquehanna bay sports center, this is 11 sports. >> it is an enjoyable situation for the ravens today. this is late in the second quarter. he coughs it up deep in bengals territory. they take advantage. recovered by cleveland. 17-7. in the third quarter, dalton undaunted. the tight in held on -- tight
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end held on. he is back from his knee injury and wreaking havoc. a 51-yard pass catch set up nugent for the game-winners. 23-20. bills and jets in jersey. this is the second quarter. fitzpatrick to johnson. a celebration. he is a scarecrow in search of a brain. mark sanchez fires over the middle. tied at 14. the fourth quarter, 24-21. 16 yards, the bills so for her.
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again. jets people alive, 28-24. matt shaw is done for the season. this is the first quarter. he fumbles. ashton shakes it 38 yards for the touchdown. foster, that is more like what we have come to expect from number 23. he goes for 43 to set up his own touchdown. tied at 7. not the most dazzling throw, but effective. the texans when 20-14. he has a broken collarbone. houston improves but is in search of a quarterback. the gulf coast continues its
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visit to the beltway. at loyola today, they hold off a late charge. loyola improved on the season. the next up is a conference game on thursday at home. late last night championship for the las vegas invitational. anthony marshall is making a poster of john hanson. he was not intimidated. the tar heels are up by seven. unlv knocks off no. 1 north carolina. kentucky is likely to take over the top spot on monday. please stay with us for another check on the forecast.
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>> we are loving it but note it will end. >> it cannot go on for ever. we will try to get one more day out of it. we will get a lot of clouds monday night into tuesday. there may be some showers on tuesday and wednesday. we will be in the 50's and eventually the 40's.
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>> thank you. that is it for 11 news at 6:00. lightly news is next. we will see you back here after the game. >> this is a tv 11 editorial from president and general manager dan joerres. as we celebrate thanksgiving, we give thanks for those who make our community a special place to live. we're thankful for the ravens and encourage children to get involved in sports. the want of the young fans understand the benefits of
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exercise and a healthy lifestyle. kudos to professor race brought international recognition to baltimore for the nobel prize. he will share his prize with two and other scientists. broadway across america announced a new fund to support performances by nonprofits. the new fund makes the historical side theater a hub for local arts groups and a signature venue for touring artists and productions. we're thankful for the disability matinee. on any given night, there are 4000 homeless people in baltimore were thankful for journey home. it is the mayor's 10-year initiative to end a homelessness in baltimore city. the collaborative efforts of the public and private agencies to provide shelter, health care, and human services to those
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struggling hard to survive adverse circumstances. we think shirley barbaer for providing to rally in place to call home. we offer you our best wishes for a safe,
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