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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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arguing on the sideline. receiver desean jackson benched in the fourth quarter. mike vick missing two games and counting with broken ribs and they have to pack it all up and head to seattle on a short week for a thursday night game. >> back for a second, mike, to the houston situation. as dan patrick noted on "football night," brett favre will probably have to be retired for about five years before his name isn't mentioned any longer. inevitably it's going to be suggested that perhaps the texans should pick up the phone and contact brett favre. what do you say? >> peter king spoke to rick smith, the gm of the texans, and it sounds like they're not interested in the circus that goes with having brett favre and peter king texted with brett favre who seemed to be not interested in playing. it looks like it really is over. maybe. probably. it really is over. >> yeah. 99%. we never say 100% when the subject is brett favre. for an nfl films all access look
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with cris collinsworth, we'll head to next week. we don't know about ndamukong suh, whether he'll be suspended or not, there might be an appeal, we don't know. but we'll see the detroit lions next week for the first time since nbc took over this package in 2006. >> and they are still very much in the mix. of course it's not going to help with ndamukong suh after that -- whatever that was on thanksgiving day. that was pretty lame. but we're talking about a football team still very much in the hunt and one of the great players in calvin johnson that you're going to see during the course of the year. i'm excited about it. i think this is a legitimate team. >> going to the saints and the saints can't shake the falcons.
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about a month ago they looked like they were a little on the ropes but all of a sudden, you know, atlanta hanging right in there and up to the saints to stay in front of them. >> for the new orleans saints they're trying to stay in that hunt. they still have a possibility because they end up with one of the byes, one of the top seeds, you know. and so every game is important. now we're down to that fun time of year. you know, after thanksgiving, it all gets bigger each week as we go. and this is a big one next week. >> we have reached december. >> yes. >> we'll see if the big easy next sunday night when detroit takes on the saints. "football night" will get things started at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific time. one week from tonight. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, our gang saying good night from kansas city. city. -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> loved ones gathered to honor the lives of two teenagers killed in a car accident this holiday weekend. good evening, everyone. i am deborah weiner. thank you no staying with us. jonathan deckman and jeffrey ryan giles died after the car they were driving lost control and hit a tree. tonight loved ones gathered for
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a candlelight vigil. >> hundreds of people gathered out here to share fun stories about john and to pray for his parents. >> time 18 years ago i was preparing to give birth to my first child. and on thursday i am going to lay him to rest. >> with the support of her husband's arms around her waist. she spoke to the people who gathered at the church for the candle light vigil. >> i don't understand it, but i do know over 19 years i have been blessed to know john, to hold him and love him. >> they were riding in a car with a few other friends in howard county when the driver lost control and hit a tree. the driver is in critical condition, but john and jeffery died at the scene. >> one of my prayers were answered. i have been praying to god that he didn't suffer.
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i was told tonight that he went quickly. >> this was one of the survivors. >> trust me, none of us knew anything was going to lap that night. seeing all of you out here, how much he affected everybody, makes me wish i got more time to know him. >> i know that god had a purpose for taking him away. he came into my life, and i know he changed other people's lives while he was alive. >> john's 11-year-old brother showed amazing strength when he shared memories. >> i remembered all the good times when he would push me around in a laundry basket or something like that. it was just a good time, and he was the best thing i could ever ask for. >> i will love him forever, and the pain in my heart will probably never go away. but i'm so touched that he touched so many people. >> funeral services for jeff and john will be held at wednesday and thursday morning
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here. this is wbal-tv 11 news. >> new tonight, a man is dead after a motorcycle accident. investigators say 29-year-old adam wyatt was traveling around 11:00 this morning. that is when police say he was thrown from his bike after losing control and hit by an oncoming car. no word if charges would be filed. three people including three firefighters are recovering after a two-alarm blaze in pasadena. they were called to a house just after 5:00 this evening. we are told a 66-year-old woman and two others were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> a 6-year-old boy is dead after a house fire in privilege privilege. a third escaped unharmed. >> it is always a tragedy when
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someone dies in a fire. it is compounded when a child is involved, especially this time of the year. it takes a toll on our firefighters and paramedics to have to do that kind of work. >> the five suffered minor burns. the cause of that five remains under investigation. >> tonight, baltimore county police are looking for the persons responsible for vandalizing property in middle river. residents awoke to find swause -- swastikas painted in the area. they think it may be a group of teenagers they have seen around the area. >> these kids, there is a lot of better things you can to with your team than vandalizing other people's property. >> one single or double line painted across cars. no major damage. it generally comes off. it is more of an inconvenience
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than anything. >> police don't think the incident is hate related. anyone with information is urged to call the baltimore county police. >> in a big move today, the union leader newspaper of new hampshire endorsed newt gingrich. but in doing so, it delivered an unflattering assessment of the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney. brian moore has the commitment 2012 update. >> newt gingrich has gotten a big boost in new hampshire. the union leader newspaper endorseded the new g.o.p. front runner and snubbed mitt romney, say we would rather back someone with who we may sometimes disagree than someone who says what we want to hear. >> the main endorsement i am looking forward to is the one here in iowa on january 3rd in the caucuses.
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>> they are just over five weeks away. time is running out for the underdogs, but it has been a volatile race, and each is hoping for the surge that newt gingrich is seeing now. >> not long ago it was a to-man race. it was perry and rodman any. >> herman cain had his moment, and he is trying to get it back. >> obviously false accusations and confusion about some of my positions has contributed to it. >> for the g.o.p. presidential candidates, hope isn't running short, but time is. brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> to keep track of the candidates, go to the application page of the most talked about arrival at b.m.i. airport was a baby. a woman went into labor around 2:30 this afternoon shortly after stepping off a flight.
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a police officer helped the woman deliver a baby boy on the floor of a restroom on the floor of the airport's d concourse. the mother and healthy baby were taken to the baltimore washington medical center. >> it is not like anything wasn't going on today at the airport. officials at many of the nation's airports reported few delays as people moved quickly through checkpoints to get back home. hundreds of passengers packed the amtrak stations, and people were expected on the roads along the northeast corridor this weekend. here is a live look at i-92 at 32, where there has been all day a steady flow of traffic. we are moments away from the official start of the biggest online shopping day of the year, cybermonday. online sales on black friday increased by 26% over last year. big jumps or expected monday as
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shoppers take advantage of online deals on the first business day after thanksgiving. pete's here on day where we didn't have a game, but we are still excited. >> it is sunday, and we do "ravens wrap-up." an interesting story out of syracuse. they have made a change with their basketball assistant coach. we will talk about that coming up next in sports. >> we will look at the satellite radar and see a lot of rain to our west. it is not here and we are still veried mild. insta-weather plus forecast ahead. at the airport, 59, downtown, 60 degrees. [ female announcer ] at,
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>> accident gather today for the grand opening of the dr. benjamin carson reading room at the enoch pratt library. it serves as a tribute to the renowned surgeon's mother, who helped develop his love of reading. the new addition is one of 65 carson reading rooms across the country. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> we haven't seen much change in the weather over the past couple of days. nice and warm with rain to the weather. it is closer this evening,
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shower now getting into western west virginia and northwestern corner of pennsylvania. slowly that is coming our way. today it hit 71 at the airport for the high. at the inner harbor, 72 was the high. the early morning lows were all above freezing. friday it was 70, saturday, 70, today, 71. none of them are record highs. it fell short by a couple of degrees. typical high temperature this time of year is in the low 50's. we are above that now. temperatures are in the 50's to near 60 degrees, evenly distributed across the area. so everybody is relatively mild this evening. sheer a more telling map. these are temperatures around the region. we are in the 50's to 60's, and then you see an abrupt change to blue to the west. that is behind the cold front coming in, and it is driving the rain activity as well. but it is a very slow-moving
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front. it has to push into the high. the high has to go some place. it is dissolve itself and rethings itself. in the next 24 hours, we will see move in the rains, and we will see a change in temperatures as well. tonight, around 50 for the low. partly cloudy skies, south wind at 2-7 miles an hour. our futurecast shows the clouds in the area but little or no rain. a spinningle could crop up -- a sprinkle could crop up, but mostly cloudly. 64-68 the high. more clouds tomorrow. southeast winds at 5-10 miles an hour. boaters in the bay, south winds at 10-15 knots, two-foot chop on the waters of the bay. temperatures remaining in the low 50's. here is that storm spinning
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around. tuesday and wednesday going right overhead. a high chance for rain on tuesday, and then drawn in behind that storm will be colder air. actually temperatures get back to where they should be this time of year. 66 tomorrow, rain after dark. highest rain chances on tuesday. looks like everybody is going to get wet. 57 the high, and that is in the morning hours with falling temperatures in the afternoon. then the storm is out on wednesday. breezy behind that with variablely cloudy skies. in the 50's on wednesday, but 40's to around 50 for the rest of the week. a weak disturbance may produce a brief shower on friday. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> syracuse university tonight fired longtime basketball assistant bernie fine avenue allegationles of sexual abuse and an audio tape of fine's wife was released by espn where she reported she knew all about
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it. allegations by two former ball boys that they were abused by fine. jim boeheim blasted the allegations. tonight boeheim apologized for that and said the university was right. she said to the victim, you trusted the wrong man. in annapolis, navy hosting mount st. mary's. navy wins 64-56. j.v. aavila led scorer. the grounds had four players in double figures. at 4-1, the best start for them in six years. just e-mailed by ballot this week, the april top 25. nu number one, kentucky at the top spot. duke has moved up to two.
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the blue devils did have a great week in maui. ohio state, syracuse and former number one north carolina round out the top five. for my entire ballot go to our sports page at and click on gilbert's arena. i think it needs another name. >> i like it. stay with us. john is back with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> after tomorrow temperatures tumble. 66 tomorrow. then 57, then 54 and then the 40's to around 50. rain chances will be highest on tuesday. kind of blustery wednesday. >> good day to finish yard work tomorrow. >> you bet. >> we will see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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"ravens wrap-up" next. have a good night. >> the media crush before the game turned into a defensive slam during the harbaugh bowl. a break down of how the ravens' start to the thanksgiving season included stuffing. we never rest on sundays. >> from balance -- this is
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"ravens wrap-up." >> with thanksgiving behind them, the ravens turn their attention to december with complete control over making the playoffs and having home field advantage. welcome to "ravens wrap-up." alongside pete gilbert and qadry ismail, i am gerry sandusky. >> with the battle of the brothers behind them, the ravens refocus on a battle they have lost three times this season. a road trip against a team with a losing record. next stop, cleveland. >> which begs the question, how do they have a different outcome this time than say jacksonville, tennessee or seattle? >> make sure you know it is a division opponent and use the jedi mind trick to believe they are a brett goode football team. they have a good mix of pass and run. that set up a nice field goal. gnawed gnawed, -- haloti ngata, nine sacks. >> i love the way the defense confused smith all night.
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they were relentless. this one to ted ginn, which was a pent and came back. >> and luckily it did in a game that was decided by 10 points. that was a cut block. i don't know that that was an accurate call. >> they are going to err on the side of safety. when a guy is on you and another guy pushes you, they will call it every time. >> smith packed off by webb. he is having a pro bowl caliber season. >> absolutely. number 21 is going over to hawaii. >> third quarter, drive of the game. joe flacco fines pena on a third and 6 that moves the chains. five straight third down conversions in the second half. big difference maker. >> huge. >> excellent job by joe flacco of finding his targets. great job by his target of


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