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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> another termination. this time, the syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. another college coach fired amid sexual abuse allegations. the assistant coach was terminated overnight after evidence was released. more on this startling evidence that now ties and his wife to
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the investigation. overrnie fine's days are and search years. the assistant basketball coach accused of molesting two ball boys. there released a phone conversation, on one end, fine's wife theon the other, one ofth alleged ball boys. >> allegedly, she saw the abuse going on with bobby davis. she alleges it happend on tape. >> she says they edited the video. a third accuser has also come forward, but a 23-year-old boy. he is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a 14-year- old boy in maine.
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but he claims fine molested him. >> he has never gone to a game in pittsburgh. it is all fabricated. >> his attorneys released a statement saying he will not comment on newspaper stories beyond his initial statement. anything would only perpetuate ancient claims. his open for a credible and relevant review. -- he is hoping for a credible review. >> in touch has now dropped his defense and saying termination is appropriate. do an arrest in a month old rate case of a 13-year-old girl. she was walking to the store when a middle-aged man called her into a basement and allegedly attacked her. the suspect was linked to the crime through dna evidence on thanksgiving day.
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also new, the prime suspect in the aruba in this apparent to set to be released. after three months, prosecutors and investigators have been unable to find evidence linking him to her of it -- her disappearance. jury selection is underway in the trial of the aide to former bob ehrlich facing counts in the robocalling scandal aimed at deterring black voters during the gubernatorial election. jayne miller is following the trial and will have the latest tonight on 11 news at 5 and 6. residents in mill river want to know who is responsible for vandalizing their property. the culprit struck early and residents reported swastikas and other messages spray-painted on their cars. they believed a group of teenagers seen in the area are
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to blame. >> there are a lot of better things you can be doing with your time and vandalizing someone's property. but they will know what it is like to have someone run something they on. >> no major damage, one or two lines spread across the car. just an inconvenience. >> they do not think it is hate related. >> it's hard to complain about the spectacular whether we have seen for the holiday weekend and continuing into the work week. we have been above normal for the past four days and already above 63, 10 degrees above the normal high. you'll see the clouds of oil through the evening. we will stay mostly dry. the western mountains, however, could see a share this
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afternoon. we will time that out in the forecast. >> two people hospitalized after a morning fire. the flames broke out just before 9:00 a.m. on argyle ave in west baltimore. an elderly couple suffered serious burns and transported to johns hopkins bayview. codger people recovering following a two-alarm fire in pasadena. -- four people recovering. we're told a 66-year-old woman remains at baltimore washington medical with non-life- threatening injuries. no word yet on what sparked that blaze. lawmakers return to capitol hill today facing a big project. the super committee failed to come up with a plan to cut the deficit before the thanksgiving holiday. we are in washington with what is next.
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>> lawmakers are on their way back which means more haggling over pressing economic issues. congress returns to work this week, and topping the to do list -- extending the payroll tax cut. >> it would give middle-class families about $1,000 extra in their pockets. >> it reduced to the employees' share of the payroll tax by 2%. president obama is asking to extend the break is set to expire at the end of the year. >> of congress refuses to act, middle-class families will get hit with a tax increase at the worst possible time. >> an extension could cost the treasury an estimated $112 billion. many republicans are against it. >> the payroll tax holiday has not stimulated job creation. we do not think that is a good way to do it.
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>> democrats want to pay for it by raising taxes on the nation's top earners. >> let's help the american family struggling paycheck to paycheck and ask those well-off to pay a very small percentage in increased taxes. >> the idea does not sit well with republicans who want to cut the budget. >> by taxing the people who provide the jobs, you put off the day where we have an economic recovery and job creation. >> congress must also decide whether to extend jobless benefits for the nation's long- term unemployed. in washington, nbc news. >> coming up, but sent to protect your identity during today's huge holiday deals on line. >> a big newspaper endorsement for a gop presidential candidate means bad news for another.
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>> in this afternoon's commitment 2012 report, newt gingrich beat out safe candid it mitt romney for a new hampshire endorsement. brian mooar has details on the
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game changing move. >> newt gingrich is not the greatest candid it, but he is better than mitt romney. that is the bottom line of an editorial by the new hampshire "union leader" newspaper. >> if you could balance between mitt romney and gingrich, mitt romney is a very "play it safe" can did it. >> do you want a bonafide conservative who legislated a revolution in 1994, or do you want a middle-of-the-road candidate? >> newt gingrich is the latest to top the field. michele bachmann is shrugging it off. >> the main endorsement is the one here in iowa and on january 3rd. >> herman cain is struggling to regain momentum in do >> obviously false ids asians and confusions about some of my positions have contributed. >> jon huntsman is hoping for his turn. >> i am getting whiplashed
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watching these people go up and down. >> republican voters are still shopping around. for gingrich, more momentum means more money but also more scrutiny. brian more in washington. back to you. >> landmark elections. still to come come egypt getting its first taste of democracy in decades. a look at the chaotic boycott surrounding the elections. how your morning cup of joe could affect your risk for developing cancer. >> pretty soon, we will say goodbye to the mild weather. a big storm, mild and rainy weather on the way. here is a live look outdoors, quiet tranquil clouds, 63 at bwi marshall. 65 at the inner harbor.
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>> egyptian citizens are
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flocking to the polls to vote in the first elections since mubarak was ousted nine months ago. men and women waited in lines to participate in the process. we have the story from cairo. >> so far, voter turnout has been unexpectedly high and relatively peaceful despite concerns of widespread violence. what is significant is it who is voting and who is running. this is just the start of a political process over the next several months to electing a parliament. >> this is the beginning of a new era in egypt. this is democracy in action. not in theory, but in action. >> many of the demonstrators here say they will opt out. they are boycotting because they do not believe the egyptian military can be trusted to oversee a process that leads to more democracy.
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the muslim brotherhood, a party banned under mubarak, is taking part and is expected to do very well. nbc news, cairo. >> good news for email coffee drinkers. a recent harvard university study shows women who drank coffee lower their risk for endometrial cancer. women who consume two or 3 cups saw a 7% drop. do copy lower as insulin and estrogen levels, -- coffee it lowers insulin. the catch -- and no cream and sugar. they raise insulin levels. a new study shows babies too young to get the chicken pox vaccine can be protected if younger and older children around them get the shot.
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before the vaccine was introduced for kids over age 1 in 1995, infant or four times more likely to die from the disease. cases in those younger than 12 months have declined since then. >> your insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist favre marie. -- ave marie. >> this storm system is bringing in lot of rain in ohio, west virginia, and western north carolina, but holding off for the east. it will slowly be moving in tonight. out towards garrett county, there are some indications of white sprinkles and will be the progression heading in. the warm weather has been pretty amazing. 58 in annapolis. 72 along the eastern day.
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cambridge 72. ocean city 62. oakland at 52, cooler out in the mountains. temperatures have been 15-20 degrees above normal. since friday, hitting highs and much of the same expected to be in the upper 60's. all of this will change and already seeing the actual cool front starting to move in. this is drawing in some cooler air which will really be the main focus of the storm. i pressure will eventually follow, but cool weather in the end of the week. currently 37 right now in st. louis. 70's and 60's along the eastern seaboard. dropping down into the upper 40's and mid 50's tonight.
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showers possible. areas like oakland could see showers this afternoon. the chance for showers. notice how this starts to spin. this will drop in very cold air. seeing snow out there possible in national and snow that far south is possible through tuesday. there could even be some snow on the backside of this. for baltimore, this is just a rain event. rain moving in early tomorrow. could be a rainy day through tuesday. after the 70's this weekend, into the low 50's and back to normal for the end of the week. >> do not feel like dealing with
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the hassle of christmas shopping? this man in china sends his dog. he has trained him to go grocery stopping. -- shopping. the shopkeepers still the basket and sent him on home. he does not run errands for free. in exchange, he gets to enjoy his favorite foods. for those who do not have the convenience of a personal shopper, there is always the internet. it is cyber monday. millions are taking to the web to get a great deal on holiday gifts. chris clackum takes a look at how to keep your identity safe. >> the big theme for holiday shopping this year is mobile. i survey from mcafee supports that. 53% of it smartphone owners plan
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to shop using mobile devices. for cyber criminals, this is an opportunity. >> one click. press this button and purchase something. that is hacker heaven. >> stay with a pass word that stays with unpopular names -- from popular names. >> use numbers, special characters. >> be cafeul downloading innocent looking holiday apps. >> when they're trying to get a call for their kid or that' "it" gift, they are unlikely to think about it. >> to your new software core mobile devices is still far behind security for desktop
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computers. >> there is infinitely more opportunity for them to take advantage of all the things that hackers can do when they own one of your gadgets. >> they go where the money are. more so than this year, it means christmas shopping online. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> toyota unveiled their newest high-tech vehicle today, the fun-v, and one large it touch screen computer for the driver. you can design the car's body using interactive gadgets. it is still a concept car and they did not say when the new technology would be available to the public. they added it is possible to be in the works. >> that would not be distracting at all. >> coming up, your maryland picke 3 and 4 lottery numbersgo
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caldwell... the time is 8:26. now, let's get a final good morning, i'm sarah caldwell... the time is 8:26. now, let's get a final good m
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2 -- 2 -- 6 -- 3. maryland lottery. let yourself play. >> when is the cool down coming? >> in the few days. we were in the 70's this weekend. highs in the upper 60's today. a chance for rain in the west. rainy weather tomorrow on late in the 50's. still in the 40's possible and we will end the week back where we should be, which we may have a problem, but back in the look at the's. looking for dry weather into the weekend. captioned by the national captioning institute >> followed breaking news and weather anytime at and stay connected with us on
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