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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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1 at the location while the deal with this action. >> the big story tonight is the ravens -- ravens will not be returning to westminster. >> pete gilbert joins us with details. >> rarely have the baltimore ravens delivered an announcement that france did not want to hear. up permanently ending the connection that fans have enjoyed and westminster stings. the practical realities do not favored teams that run training camps it way from home. the camp held build team chemistry and the players into shape. holding camp at home makes all the football cents in the world. ticking away something so important to fans regardless of the reason is tough for all
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involved. >> training camp has changed throughout the years. it is a new era. at such a great time, it was such a great time in westminster. we had 110,000 people come during camp. that is a connection we are not going to get anywhere else. what can we do to try to capture a little bit of that back? we are not sure but we are going to try. >> the decision to keep up camp at owings mills affects westminster. i imagine this is not received it too well. >> a lot of long defaces here. it is not exactly like the colts weaving in the middle of the back -- in the night but it is the big punch in the stomach. a lot of fans like to come here
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in the summer to watch the baltimore ravens. they bring into the economy anywhere from $1 million to $3 million ever summer. earlier we spoke to representatives from a panel college and westminster's mayor for the reaction. >> we respect everything they do. it has been a 15-year partnership and one that has served well for us. i am sure while they will have lots of opportunity for fans to continue to support them during the summer months. "was not terribly surprised, but i was terribly disappointed. they have been coming here since the days of the baltimore colts. obviously, the best western is not going to be happy with this. our college in town. some of the other businesses -- it made an impact. >> it will keep westminster off of the national map where every time a sportscasters will say
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westminster, maryland, we will lose that. we will have to find a another avenue for that to happen. >> there is a silver lining, albeit a small one concerning the story. if you read into a story of what they said, the reference westminster saying that the team wants to do something in westminster, they just did not know exactly what it would be. we will have to stay tuned to see exactly what they want to do for folks out here. we are live and westminster. lowell mesler. >> to move the practice of the reach of fans is not a good news. the ravens have brought great pride to baltimore. you can get updates on @ ravens news. >> the man at the center of a
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trial concerning robocalls took a stand in his own defense today. barry simms . this at the courthouse with what he had to say today. >> he was the campaign manager for bob ehrlich. today he told the jury he had nothing to hide. testifying in his own defense, he said he approved of the robocalls in 2010. he denied it was an attempt to keep voters home. they were written by a consultant hired by the ehrlrich campaign. was there any discussion of a voter suppression, the lawyer asked. no, we were trying to get 3000 to 4000 votes. we were trying to get people to leave their homes and go and vote. he said it was aimed at getting black crossover voters to vote for ehrlich.
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the call was fraudulent because it suggested the election was over before the polls have closed. he denied he told him to leave the authority on which should have identified the source of the call. prosecutors tried to attack on that point by showing any bill from -- and the bill from months earlier. >> do you think that he would have done something like this? "absolutely not. you are all familiar with who i am and where i pastor. he hung out on old york road with the brothers. i just do not see that in paul's make up. >> he now runs the church in dallas and works with juveniles there. he said he has always been above and should have not -- the case should not have been brought against him. >> having been a part of political campaigns, it is quite
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hilarious that these charges are being prompted knowing of some of the things that have occurred over the years. i think there is a lot of waste of resources in pursuing cases like this. >> the defense plans to present two more witnesses on monday, then there will be closing arguments. then the jury gets the case. >> and other news tonight, a queens and county man is dead after an afternoon fire in his home. the firefighters -- were called to a single-family home to queen ann drive. that is workers found the 47- year-old man's body. investigators are trying to find out what sparked the fire. >> there is some good news to that of the economy.
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strong hiring numbers, more than 100,000 new jobs and the biggest news is a smaller number -- 8.6% unemployment. that is the lowest in two. five years. >> gearing up for dinner in d.c., it is a new place. 24 new jobs for cooks and waitresses. the boss is excited. >> a good healthy national economy is beneficial for big business, small business, or any business. that adds to our optimism. >> this restaurant is part of a trend. because of hiring because of start-ups and firms, our nation i did jobs last month. "it feels like small businesses are kicking it. that is so vital to getting the job market moving forward. >> the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6%. president obama celebrated. >> the american economy has not created in the private sector
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jobs for the past 20 months -- 21 months in a row. that is nearly 3 million new jobs in all. >> people have given up looking for work were not counted. republicans still say the president has failed. >> the american people want action on jobs. they want it now. >> president obama and clinton argued today for middle-class tax cuts and a stimulus paid for by a tax hike on the rich. competing visions of how to get the nation hiring more workers. >> up here in congress, the competition between democrats and republicans on jobs and taxes has gone on to the payroll tax cut. >> it is kind of cold across the region this morning but it
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warmed up nicely with all of the sunshine. even by early december standards, a cold morning gave way to a relatively mild afternoon. temperatures were in the mid 20's all the way south to charlotte, north carolina. it was called across the ohio valley and the great lakes. we are holding at 57 in baltimore. 51 as far north as new york and boston is not too chilly for this time of year. these guys will be mostly clear tonight. winds will die down to scattered showers passing north. clear and calm and cold again. made it 20's in the suburbs, mid-30's downtown. it sets the stage for what looks like to be a pretty nice first weekend in december. >> the once in a decade when the storm that blew through the west coast has finally calmed down. not before leaving behind serious damage that is affecting series b -- that is affecting people.
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>> thousands are still without power. many streets, schools, and businesses remain closed in southern california today. >> this is one of the worst wind storms in a generation. >> the worst in at least a decade according to the national weather service which reported hurricane grade gusts at 97 miles per hour blasting through los angeles at the height of the storm. >> i asked for a continued patience on the part of angelenos as we recover from what has been a incredible display of the power of mother nature. >> the result is this. one dozen homes red tagged, millions of dollars of property destroyed. the same storm slammed it to mexico and in northern california blowdown tons of the bay area. >> it is almost like a hurricane. i was amazed from the stuff that
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was flying last night. >> today brought calm, but temporarily. weathercasters predicted another fierce windstorm to sweep through southern california this weekend. >> a another smash hit comes to the performing arts center. >> working up the holiday pounds and exotic locations without leaving your home. that is in tonight's medical alert. >> the time of -- the chip beck's think could make it more effective. we will explain why next.
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>> the hit musical "rock of ages" is it not to rock a baltimore. -- is it out to rock baltimore. two performances will also take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 tomorrow evening at 8:00. >> into its medical a lawyer, if
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you are looking for do was to work of the holiday pounds that are coming, you may be in luck. you can't go running in exotic places without ever having to leave the comfort -- you can go running in exotic places without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. just step onto this new interactive treadmill for a workout that will take you places without having to leave the comfort of your own home. >> you can actually be exercising some wear beautiful without any exercise requirement. you do not need any special equipment in your home. >> the 7.1 treadmill uses a small wireless media player that hooks tried up to your television. then you are off and running as high definition video is played on your tv. >> you are going quicker through the scenery. is pretty incredible. it is actually virtual.
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>> the treadmill's speed and inclined also change with the view. >> let's say as we are going up the stairs, it will make the incline a little bit steeper. he will see the automatic adjustments to compensate for the change in scenery. >> people in the video actually interact with you. >> is pretty interesting. >> for that you can walk or run through northern italy or the american southwest. more destinations are in the works. >> it will get a lot more interesting, right? >> of course. it is always interesting. you are not doing the same scene over and over again. >> a sports psychologist says making a workout fund helps people stick to their workout routine. >> all of us will enjoy doing things in a pleasant environment rather than a non pleasant environment. this can really help, too. >> it takes your mind off of the fact that you are actually training. >> that is the idea. how much will this new work out
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experience cost you? about $2,000. >> according to a new study, patients will be subjected to unnecessary scans of the doctor has -- ordered by two for practices in decent community. they found 86% more negative scans in the group with a financial interest. unnecessary imaging places patients at potential risk and contributes to the rising cost of health care. according to a another new study, the anti depressant prozac may help some adults with autism. it might help control repetitive compulsive behavior some time associated with autism. the study 36 autistic adults who were given prozac or a placebo for three months.
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this is one for parents. accents may be for it -- more effective if they are given in the afternoon. immunizations tickled more strongly when a baby sleeps for a long period after the injection. whether or not they were given any fever medication. infant? and they did in the afternoon slipped 70 minutes longer than those in the morning regardless of the weight, or medications. >> it was cold for sure, but it warm up pretty quickly. we ended up with another day with temperatures warmer and the afternoon. pretty typical when you have high-pressure and dry air and it basically light winds. you get a huge temperature
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swing. there is a good 33 degree swing on the thermometer in just a matter of hours. 60 degrees in downtown baltimore. the normal is only 50. the record high 72. dry weather, nothing in the bernanke today. do not expect anything throughout the weekend. it should be pleasant throughout the first weekend of december. headed north into southern pennsylvania and you get temperatures in the upper 40's. it will be a cold night for everybody in the outlying areas. the air is so dry some of their we have not seen any cloud cover. it was declared tonight. 36 degrees to the inner harbor. once becoming light and, overnight bank to high-pressure
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passing just to the south of us. all stormy weather over the next several days will step up to the western part of the country. denver expecting more snow over the weekend. temperatures in the 20's tomorrow afternoon. the ribbon of rain will state used -- just to the north of chicago. expect significant snowfall in the upper peninsula of michigan. winter storm warnings are in effect going into sunday and morning. skies are clear to the upper rockies. some rough weather remains out west. a stripe of snow heading north through the northern great lakes. iran here in the snow for the next several days. mostly sunny and cool -- school tomorrow.
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winds on the day. coming out of the northeast at 5-10 knots, waves averaging 1 foot. and western maryland it will be chilly. for this time of year, not too bad. 52 degrees on sunday. that to bed unless you are at a ski resort and you are hoping for cold weather. it will take some natural snow to get ski resorts cranking. none of that is in the picture this weekend. sunny skies on the eastern shore. highs are climbing back into the 50s over the weekend. temperatures will be closer to 60 on sunday but there will be an increasing cloudiness for the second half of the weekend. 51 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. rain chances a right but not until late in the evening on monday with a high of 56 degrees. temperatures will be near 60 degrees as showers and gusty
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winds will follow the storm. temperatures will fall around 50. >> chevrolet is offering to buy back one of its cars after threats it can catch fire in an accident. >> al qaeda is claiming they were behind the kidnapping of an american aid worker.
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>>robyn gardner disappeared in every but at many people presume she was dead. gary giordano speaks with dateline nbc. >> >> the note you are being
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widely portrayed as somebody who got a with murder. >> i am well aware of that. >> we are joined by from new york. gary is clearly showing quite a bit of the motion during the interview. what was your take away from your conversation with him? >> he was combated a couple of times. he did not like having the details of his story question. on the other hand, there are a lot of things that he did both before and after robin carter disappeared --robyn gardner disappeared at the police thought was suspicious. you have to make up your own minds as to whether or not he did a sufficient job at it. >> by the investigators still convinced that gardner died at the hands of giordano?
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>> in a aruba >ruba, he remains the prime suspect. they had to let him go for insufficient evidence, but guess he remains the prime suspect. there is a federal investigation going on in the united states. >> where does the kids go from here if anywhere? >> -- where does the case go from here if anywhere? >> there has not been any charges filed against him there are in the united states. aruba is going to continue the investigation and day say he remains the prime suspect. the fbi was involved here. they entered his house with a search warrant while he was in aruba. "i know you have much more on this tonight. you can see the special tonight
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at 10:00 right here on wban tv 11. >> we will take a look at top stories including a deadly fire on the eastern shore. >> from giant nutcrackers to model train layouts, the railroad museum is offering a lot of holiday fun this season. it will take you in for a look straight ahead. >> we are close to learning more about a possible merger with the university of maryland. the story is straight ahead.
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>>live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal tv 11 news
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at 5:00. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> we have more breaking news for you on route 40. what is happening? "we are at the baltimore county and howard county line. a car crashed at this location. one of the vehicles is in a precarious situation on the bridge. the problem is traffic. on the one line is able to go eastbound at this location which is backing it up. people are trying to go westbound, traffic is backed up all the way to the beltway. >> maryland university board of regents is one step closer to giving its final report on a possible school merger. >> the merger if it is recommended would involve
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merging it with the university of college park. tim tooten joins us live with an update. there have been other attempts at school mergers in maryland that did not happen. do you think as well? >> we should know in one week or so. there is enough evidence of paper to justify a merger. even then the decision could rest with state law makers. >> the board of regents has been poring over mounds of documents collected from public hearings and from the faculty and staff members from both schools. >> i cannot say what the outcome will be at this point because the board has some more thinking and study of all of the reports that have come back to the test that has been given a. >> they want to know the pros and cons of merging the university of maryland in baltimore with the state's flagship campus.
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>> the board takes this very seriously. i think it will come to a conclusion that is in the best interest of the system -- the state and all of maryland. >> they have made it known where they stand on the issue. but it is a win-win for everybody. >> i have serious concerns about the potential case -- pace and development, particularly on the west side. >> they have had little to say about a possible merger. >> it has been a very good exchange. i think it is good news that no matter what the regions decide, we already have a strong platform of cooperation and collaboration. it can only grow. >> the governor, college presidents, and the leadership of the general assembly will be among the first briefed on the final report before it is made
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public. >> the major report is due out on december 15. >> thank you. here's a look at some of the other top stories of this hour. baltimore county police of a man in custody charged with two home invasion. the first was along the 3100 block of smith avenue and the second was among the the 2600 block of willow bend drive. he is currently being held without bail. crews are investigating a deadly fire and queen anne's county. a 47-year-old victim was found in the home of queen anne's drive in stephenville. the victim has not been identified and no estimate of the damages. police are searching for two suspects in connection to the murder at y0ow brothers carryout. police have already arrested
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martel jones but are still looking for two suspects. freddie jones, jr. was shot and killed. if you get a closer look at the pictures on our web site, anybody with the permission to contact police. >> train gardens are very popular this time of year. families can enjoy trains of all sizes. this year's festival of toys and a trend toward giving families even more to do for the holiday season. >> gigantic nutcrackers preview in the historic 1884 roundhouse at the railroad a museum or the holiday spirit is alive with the festival of toys and trains. here you can learn the history of trains and visit the civil war exhibit. discover why trains at christmas time go hand in hand. >> trained guards in particular our duty to this area. it started out in firehouses and
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grew so that everybody underneath the tree had a train garden. that tradition has continued. that is one of the things our festival of trains and toys really shows. cox there are new train layouts every weekend through the holidays. kit can send a letter to santa claus the old-fashioned way -- by train. >> you can see your picture taken with santa, you can see him get a walk -- you can see him walk on the train. >> it is kind of special for the holidays. it is not just for kids. you can write it as well. >> bring in a two-way for toys for tots and you can kid in -- you can see some of the personal ornaments, his favorite toy is a young boy. some of his own childhood trains. >> when he was a little boy, his brother gave him transepts. you can tell they were very well
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loved and well used. around the tree you have on this side, and eyes on the other. >> all aboard for the holidays, wbal tv 11 news. >> you can better believe it lot of kids are going to be asking santa claus for a pat this christmas. >> there are plenty that parents should know before putting a four legged friend underneath the tree. >> her boyfriend was killed in a tragic accident. now, she cannot find her beloved dog. what he did before he died that has hurt desperately searching around for that. >> a texas woman got a shock when she opened her latest water bill. why the city says she needs to pay up as recover the nation next. next.
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>> we have more breaking news. >> mcallen avenue and old york
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road, there was heavy smoke coming from the second floor. baltimore city fire crews are making an aggressive attack at this location. as we get more information, we will update you. in >> al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the kidnapping of a 70-year old aid worker who has a home in rockville. he was taken from his home in pakistan back in august. he had been working in the nation for several years. al qaeda said it will release him if the u.s. stops air strikes on arab nations and reduces its television suspects. >> -- releases its talent and suspects. >> to put the dog with a friend while she was overseas. unfortunately, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. when the friend it did not hear from anyone for several months, she gave the dog to another
5:41 pm
family. when she came home, she found the family does not want to give luna up. the 70-year-old texas woman, a shock when she received a water bill. the water bill has averaged at $50 a month of her august and september bills show her using 45,000 gallons of water. the meter is working, and her son got a plumber to check for leaks and found none. the city says the bill is legit, but she says the bill is flawed. >> tonight, when auto maker is expanding a recall on cars because of faulty air bags. we will have details in tonight's consumer alert. >> the u.s. army jazz band ambassadors are rehearsing for a free concert series in our neck -- area. details are coming up. >> are ravens fans or about
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another letdown. that story is coming up. >> will have some clear cold nights ahead of us. we will see how long this nice december weather will last. the 74 cast is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement.
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this holiday deal is only for a limited time. so don't wait. get fios at this great price. act now and we'll add a special bonus -- $300 back. hurry, go to fios. a network ahead. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> we all know that the ravens occasionally stumble after beating a big team the night -- the week before. fans are optimistic this week. >> for baltimore ravens fans, it has been a season of big victories and disappointing defeats. >> out of the backfield, flacco at the last second -- touchdown. >> for all the talk of being
5:45 pm
super bowl contenders, there have been some losses to less than spectacular teams. with that in mind, with the ravens heading to cleveland on sunday, our fans concerned? >> i am not worried at all. i am 100% sure we are heading home with the victory. >> are you worried about the game? >> not at all. >> this is interesting. we drove all iran the area. except for one guy -- >> it worries me. we play good against teams we normally -- that we pull against teams we normally supposed to beat. >> most fans are confident. >> we have been off since thanksgiving. we will be able to handle it. >> we have a lot of speed out there. i am hoping they try to crush us and we get past them and take care of them. >> no letdowns? >> not this time. we had enough of that.
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>> here is hoping -- >> is a win. >> 50 has finally matured. he is going to come along. >> i am not worried. >> we will find out on sunday. >> we are going to win. >> break out the cell phones, it is time per hour raven's text question. how confident are you that the reagans will bring home a win it this weekend it? text the letter a. if you are extremely confident. the letter be if you are crushed -- cautiously optimistic. the letter see if you are worried about the game. we will reveal the results of our text poll tonight on a lebanese and 6:00. -- on wbaltv news at 6:00. >> there may be a little bit of ran around cleveland on sunday
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up to do. temperatures at kickoff will probably be around 50 degrees or so. relatively mild weather. we are expecting beautiful weekend here in baltimore. we are at dry conditions and temperatures are of little bit warmer than normal. it was considerably warmer than normal this afternoon after a cold up morning. 59 degrees in the afternoon at the airport. nine degrees warmer than a typical second day of december. start -- we hit the 60 degree mark in downtown baltimore. temperatures in the upper forties to low 50s. very cold around frederick this morning, but they are now at 48. 48 at parked in. most of howard county running in the lower 40's to lower 50's. chester town in eastern shore 51. it is a little chillier out west and western maryland. and 30's in oakland. it would like to see it colder
5:48 pm
for the ski resorts. unfortunately, no natural snow in the forecast for the next couple of days. rain and snow showers as in the northeast pennsylvania. that little weather disturbances passing north of us. the air is very dry here. high pressure will produce a clear sky. area of high pressure will hold strong for the next couple of days. this fraud is weakening and falling apart. real stormy weather is out west. parts of northern arizona and northern new mexico will probably get up to parts of denver over the weekend. part of the best weather will slide into west texas. that system will not impact our weather until maybe monday evening or so. snow in the rockies will stretch to the northeast has a chilly rain around chicago tomorrow. you can see most of the unsettled winter weather, west texas rockies and great lakes to
5:49 pm
our west, it draws the upcoming weekend. will not be until monday that before we have to deal with any precipitation around here. to the south of us, fairly significant step to the high elevations of the rockies. sunny skies and cool tomorrow, 49 degrees to 54 degrees. on the day, like to northeast winds, and a 1 inch chops. a little more cloud cover to finish the weekend. highs in the upper 40's 2050's. a partly cloudy weekend with highs in the 50's. the same basic scenario and ocean city. it may be getting close to 60 degrees to wrap up the weekend on sunday. our insta-weather +, first -- ran on monday evening. rain is likely on tuesday and maybe even link bring into the lunch hour on wednesday.
5:50 pm
turning 20 and cooler through the middle of next week with highs in the 40's on thursday into friday. >> the company says the air bags may be put with too much pressure injuring or even killing the driver. honda is free issuing the recall after discovering some of the recall their bags. the auto maker says it will mail letters to drivers whose vehicles are covered under the recall later this month. chevrolet is offering to buy back of the volt. the company will buy the electric car back from anyone who is afraid it will catch fire. the company is insisting the vehicle is safe. battery fires have been reported days after a crash tests. the city government did not
5:51 pm
restore the vehicles properly. the tests will at -- were extreme and there has not been any fires after real-world crashes. do not be surprised to see on a christmas wish list a request for you need to get to that could bring a whole lot of joy to your home. >> as christmas past, and dogs and cats of all types are expected to pop up underneath the christmas tree. there are a few words of caution from pat experts. >> this is like adding a child to a young family. it is going to take responsibility, especially if you take a puppy that is full of energy. the require food and veterinary care. it is the responsibility. >> he is president of the humane society of the united states, and he ends up matties fund a foundation focused on saving
5:52 pm
sheltered docks and cats. both are advocating animal shelters as the best and most economical place to find a pass to give it christmas. >> go to a place where there is an opportunity to save a life and get a great companion and a group lower cost. it is entreaties' are damaged goods. they are wonderful pets that just a loving home. >> the hazards for household pets grow like mistletoe. >> if you are bringing a new family -- a new pad into a house, you have to make sure it is peppers. -- pat to prove. >> that is not a myth about muscle so, it can be toxic to any pet that eat it. >> coming up, a top aide to bob ehrlich fixed the stand in his own defense.
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>> it was a spectacular finale for a monumental occasion. thousands of people ran in the holiday season with the 40th annual lighting of the national monument. musical guests perform an array of holiday favorites. that was capped off with a gorgeous display of fireworks.
5:56 pm
if you miss the special coverage or you would like to see it again, you can see videos and more than 100 photos on our web site, you can watch the video in its entirety at midnight and again on 8:00 a.m. you can watch it over and over again. you will never get tired of it. take a look at the beautiful christmas tree next to the city's skyline. in this next picture, a beautiful tree as well. santa makes a beautiful -- santa makes an appearance at the winter wonderland. of load your photos to ulocal at >> the look like you had a good time. but it is always nice to be done there. >> if you happen to be looking to get into the holiday spirit, look no further, the u.s. army gen as ambassadors have a series of holiday concert in and around
5:57 pm
the baltimore area. >> they are super. ♪ >> the u.s. army jazz ambassadors are rehearsing for a holiday concert. >> have been a professional musician my entire adult life. never of my best they can i play as well as in the of the guys in this band. we get the best of the best. >> these musicians trouble about 100 days out of the year performing for audiences around the united states and connecting american citizens to the soldier serving our country. >> it is heartwarming. the folks that come out and talk to us after words, telling us about relatives overseas or somebody who has served. it brings a tear to your eye. it makes the job even more special for me. >> starting saturday and over the next couple of weeks, they
5:58 pm
and the u.s. army field band have nine concerts' in the baltimore area. the shows will feature of the holiday favorites. >> our holiday shows are going to be full of songs by you know "and know "deck the halls" and "jingle bells." it will all be done in a jazz style and folks will tap their toes in feel like dancing in the aisle. you do have to reserve your space by printing off your ticket online. this is something the entire family can enjoy to get into the holiday spirit. >> it is a great chance to support the troops entered the best holiday banned in the world right here for free. >> you can find a link at our web site on >> in the back row, i saw at least two trombones. he did not hear trombone's very often. >> that is all for us at 5:00.
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>> a shocking announcement, the baltimore ravens and sever ties with when it -- when its master. >> also, the robocallfcase. what he told the jury coming up. >> the government reports a surprise visit -- a surprising dip in the unemployment rate grid a closer look coming up. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 newst at 6:00. >> there is major disappointment and westminster when they learned it would no longer play host to the raven's training camp. the announced today while it was a difficult decision to make, it is best for the team. >> it was probably not best for westminster and defense that look forward to watching practice. pete gilbert has more on


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