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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back now more of "today" on this friday morning, the 16th day of december, 2011, and we've got a great start for the weekend of sightseeing here in the big apple and we're glad that all of these lovely people decided to stop here on the plaza, say hello to us. i'm ann curry along with al roker and savannah guthrie. matt had to leave early on friday morning. coming up we'll have help with house hunting. >> that's right, we'll be shown how far your money can go from a charming lakefront property in georgia to a hip pad in downtown new york. >> i think of barbara cork ran i think of that. jill martin is here with her
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patented steals and deals, up to 80% off on a host of products, drinks are free but she's also got great lotion there from bliss and beautiful products. >> don't get those confused. >> we'll check in with jill in a little bit. >> we also have some flirty dresses. you'll be paying a lot of attention to bring in the new year on a budget. claire dane, star of a wonderful show on showtime. >> you are so great. >> claire, good morning to you. i am such a huge fan of the show, you've been nominated for a golden globe, co-star damien lewis, the show has been nominated. you've won two already. are you goingor the three-peat? >> i'm happy to be invited to the party. it's a great thrill and honor and we just basically finished filming so it's wonderful to have this immediate response and appreciation, so no, i couldn't be happier. >> i love how i guess to some
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degree how your character is and the storyline is one that gets a lot of sort of notes. did you know it is one of president barack obama's favorite shows on television? >> i heard that. >> what is your reaction to that? >> that means -- what? i mean, what! he's in the opening credits so maybe that's why. if i were in the opening credits of the show i would have to tune in. it's amazing honor. >> and you guys just finished filming your finale, just finished the finale. now you have season two coming back. >> yes. >> any tips, hints you can give us? >> they won't even tell me. i'm in the dark as much as anybody else. >> come on, claire. >> you could work here. >> they're trying to figure out where they're going to take the show as well, so it's a mystery to all. >> season finale on sunday, all questions will be answered? >> more questions will be answered and other questions
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will be posed. >> you are immensely talented. thank you. >> i love watching you. thank you so much. by the way we should mention "homeland" airs -- >> sunday nights on showtime. i can tell you that by heart, i'm a huge fan. now a check of the news from natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, ann, al and saravannah and everyone. two former state penn officials head to face charges they did not respond correctly to charges jerry sandusky was molest young boys. assistant coach mike mcqueary alifd rrived at the courthouse. his allegations are the at the center of the investigation. one of the attorneys is offering an explanation why the disgraced coach was showers with disadvantaged young boys, he said sandusky may have been teaching them proper hygiene. gop presidential front-runner newt gingrich was the prime suspect at the last
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debate before the official launch of the 2012 election season in iowa, taking particularly sharp aim last night was minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann accusing gingrich of being a washington lobbyist for accepting payments from freddie mac. gingrich fought off criticism from rival mitt romney that he's too zany to be president and rick perry said he's hoping to be the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. an 11th hour deal has been reached to avoid a government shutcounsel ahead of today's midnight deadline. congressional negotiators reached a compromise on a $1 trillion spending bill and also pushing to renew a payroll tax cut. just in kad, senate majority leader harry reid are proposing a plan b for a two-month extensi
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extension. firefighters had to dismantle part of a chimney so jorge could go free to face his mom. don't try that one at home. five minutes past the hour, let's go back to al for a check of the weather. >> nice. okay, thanks, natalie. let's check it out and see what's happening for today. we've got a storm system getting itself together riding up a cold front into the midwest, that's going to bring some rain. we've got a few clouds making that are way into the pacific northwest, all in all not a bad one today, windy conditions in the northeast, we've got that rain where we actually use it, parts of southern texas, santa ana winds will be firing up later today in southern california. we continue with air stagnation problems for the pacific northwest. that's what's going on in the country. heon
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♪ she's a brick house time for out "today's real estate" what you can get for under 400,000 bucks, from georgia to washington state, barbara corcoran is here with stunning homes on the market now. good to see you. >> nice to see you, too, al. >> we head to georgia, thomasville, i had, to, charming small town, large traditional five bedroom. >> this is a town that everybody likes each other, they live next door, a lot of mom and pop type businesses and a friendly town but this is one big house with more roofs than dogs have fleas. nine peaks in total. that's a lot of snow to plow off there. the snow sits -- pardon me, the house sits over an acre of
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lakefront, dramatic two-story entry wane with waynes coating and natural light. kitchen is elegant, granite counters and breakfast nook walks out to the porch. i love the high glass which can knick table in the dining room. simple, neat, makes you want to look down and i love the floor to ceiling windows. what a difference the foot makes on the bottom of the windows. the great room has a cathedral ceiling and marble fireplace. the sunroom you'll see in a moment is as sunny as they get, and it looks out onto a fish pond and the southern pines that lead you down to the lake. that's a lakefront front and if you don't want to swim in the lake it also has its own big saltwater pool in the backyard. not bad for $309,000. >> that's pretty darned good. let's stay in the south, ft. mill, south carolina, got a southern style double decker porch with a five-bedroom home attached to it. >> a lot to get out of that mouth of yours, right? the ft. mill makes the claim to
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have some of the best schools in the state. i checked that out, that's entirely true. this home has that double decker that is hard to find anywhere else but the south. the southerners love, i think anybody would love to have two porches. cherry cabinets and corian counters. i like the wood floors with crown moulding and the chair rails. the living room has the classic nine over nine windows people like, it has gleaming wood floors and very formal looking dining room. what do you think about the red chair? i loved it in the corner, went by. the master bedroom has a dramatic trade ceiling and recessed lighting and the private fenced backyard has a pretty patio with its own fire pit and charming fence that knocks it off from the rest of the yard. >> one-bedroom apartment located in the trendy new york neighborhood downtown manhattan. on a tree lined street. >> what do you get for 379 in new york city? a small one-bedroom in the east village surrounded by crazy
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people with a lot of fun in the evening hours. >> you live near there? >> no, i used to live there. it's a great place to live. >> crazy people. >> whoa, not very nice! inside there's a kitchen that in new york city is an amazing kitchen, even has that little dining area there, considered an eat-in kitchen new york city style, modern wood cabinets and corian counters. the living room has blond hardwood floors, french doors and recessed lighting. there's a nice roof deck you have on the top of your building that's not yours, you share it with your crazy neighbors but it has terrific cityscape views and the maintenance on this little apartment is terrific. it's only $450 a month, typically $650 to maybe $800 in any other part of the city. >> tacoma, washington, a kind of a dollhouse version. >> so different. you can get a lot more here for $388, you get an 1890 queen anne
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victorian, almost impossible to find and hard to pick the right green color but these owners managed to do it. the wraparound staircase goes up two floors, all of the beautiful original detail has been left intact. what a nice shot of that, right? the kitchen has granite counters, stainless steel appliances and striped window, i don't know what happened, it fell down or something, should be raised about two feet but other than that it's a perfect kitchen. the dining room, wood floors, fir fireplace in the corner, the corner fireplace in the living room converted from coal to gas with an ornate mantle left intact and there's a piano room with ten-foot ceilings, pocket doors and bay windows and the master bathroom has a vertable almost spa of its own, soaking tub, separate shower and lots of beautiful finishes. the master bedroom is up in the turret of the house which i love, windows on every side.
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>> and pulaski, new york, a nice house there. >> here we have the world famous place for the best fishing in the world for sharks, penguins, porpoises, only kidding, actually salmon but the adirondack style retreat sits on its own seven acres and has almost 300 feet of river frontage if you're a fisherman. it has a metal roof that can easily handle the snow, there's the darling little side porch perfect for a corn cobb pipe smoking, i can picture you there, al, 24-foot high ceilings, i got that out, and everything is tongue and groove pine throughout the entire house. the kitchen is fully equipped with gas stove, oversized refrigerator and hidden laundry closet and the fancy stair railing was designed by a local new england artist and the second story space is open and easily converted to another two bedrooms, it's a giant open loft space. >> beautiful. >> that's a big house. >> pulaski right near us in new
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york. >> nice up there. dry hands to chapped lips we'll help you wipe away the inwither it skin. sailing away on a carnival vacation to skin care and diamonds, jill martin has the often duplicated never equalled holiday steals and deals.
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bisquick makes amazing pancakes... and pizza... chicken tenders... even strawberry shortcake. unleash the hidden power of bisquick. ♪ baby i like it, the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby i like it this morning another holiday edition of "jill's steals and deals" from omaha steaks to a four-night carnival cruise for all of you last-minute shoppers. jill martin is here to take us through it. >> good morning. >> blockbuster deals once again. a quick explanation how this works. >> go on right now. this is our best line ever so logon right now. we have so much, so much quantity, but i know it's going to fly. >> it will get there, all of
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this by the holidays in time for christmas. >> all of this in time for christmas. >> first a new one from bliss. this is amazing. >> so fabulous, guys and girls are ready to steal. orange peel set, the fabulous fivesome they're calling it, retail $95, the set includes soapy suds, body scrub, mini for travel, body butter mini, blood orange fragrance, retail $95, the deal $23.75, that's 75% off and this is the biggest deal the company has ever done. >> that is amazing and these products are so hot, so it's great. okay next, diamond very near studs from say hello diamonds. they look like real diamonds. >> they do, i'm wearing them right now. the retail is $195. i wore them around to see if people thought, they're two carats made from 100% real diamond particles. the particles are dusted on to a cz stone creating a sparkling
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diamond veneer. the retail $195, the deal is $49, that's 75% off. >> they are beautiful. >> that's great for a whom who needs a classic stud but can't afford the real thing. >> exactly. next this is the sure to thrill gift assortment from omaha steaks. they were one of our first steals and deals and the phones are ringing right now. >> my friend mark texted me last night, can i have the secret code now so i can get in on it? >> no, mark, you can't. >> the shortest thrill gift assortment, retail $185. the four five-ounce bacon wrapped filet mignon, four ounce center cut pork chops, four ounce boneless chick breast, steak burgers, baked potatoes, caramel apple tarts and gift cards for future purchases. the retail is $185, the deal
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$39.99 for all of this, that's 78% off. >> wow and last time we had this deal, i think me and all of the crew, we all got on and ordered right away. make sure you do it as well. next the teleflora bouquet, every mom, grandma lofrsz loves to get flowers. retail is $70.94. teleflora, the largest network of local florists with over 15,000 shops around the country so everyone can get in on this, choice of three, all is bright centerpiece, the you and me bouquet and candy cane christmas, order through the 31st, so the retail is $70.94 to $75.94, the deal is $32.49 and that includes delivery, hand delivery, up to 57% off. >> for the sharp dressed man a suit utility kit from indo
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chino. >> retail $148, created popular suit accessories, 100% silk skinny black necktie, pocket square monogrammed and cufflinks and free shipping. >> free shipping a big deal there. >> the deal is $29, 80% off. >> and free shipping again. and finally for the ultimate gift we move over to our cruise set. imagine this could be you on a carnival cruise. >> it could be you drinking away, cheers. >> with a better backdrop. what's the deal? >> from carnival cruise, retail $1,200, these guys are having fun, four days, four nights out of your choice of four different ports so miami, port canaveral, new orleans and long beach to destinations in the bahamas, western caribbean or baja, mexico, for two people and two nights hotel accommodations in
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the port you choose to enjoy, the city before or after you return, the retail $1,200, the deal $549 for two people, that's 54% off, and you have a year to book this. >> so get on it right now. jill martin, great job, great deals for us, a big blockbuster holiday deal. again the products are a bliss beauty set, say hello diamonds, omaha steaks, teleflora, tweet us us@todayshow. first these messages. progresso. it fits!
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claire danes, good enough to be our helper today. >> a lot of folks come down and go the extra mile. cindy monroe, good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having us. >> thank you for being here. >> we're excited, we donated over 250,000 of our thermal lunch bags, satchel backpacks for kids and teens across america. >> so cute. our affiliate in albany, georgia, did a little story on some of the work that you all have been able to do. you work for 36 charities in 24 states? >> we did, we got smiles and we're so excited to partner with "today." >> you did give one get one. if you bought a purse and got to give one away, too. >> yes, we got our consultants involved to do more. >> that's great. thank you so much. >> by the way if you want to continue to give to our toy drive, continues through december 21st.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> scattered clouds this morning. temperatures in the 40's. about as good as it is going to get. cold front has passed through temperatures falling by this afternoon. there is a weather development to the south. forecast for today is a variably
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this personal life, anything you chose not to disclose? >> nothing that warranted inclusion. >> well that is just a taste of one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, "the girl with the dragon tattoo" based on the best selling book and actress rooney mara will share her experience on the film monday on "today." >> this is going to be good. also coming up from the dry heat inside to the whipping winds outside, your hair, face and skin really take a beating during the harsh winter months so we'll tell you what you can do to protect your skin from head to toe. and then you'll look good from head to toe with one of these smashing party dresses to ring in the new year.
9:31 am
we've got the hottest looks of the season for every budget. 'tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. all of the indulging can leave you anything but merry when you step on the scale. >> buzzkill. >> okay, debbie downer. >> you just go pig out and see what happens for the new year, all right? jenna wolfe is here. >> she won't. >> what is coming up on "weekend today"? >> big show. more than 1.5 million americans served in iraq since 2003, we're live as the last of the troops leave that country. then what is your new year's resolution, from a stress-free holiday season to putting your finances in order, to not wanting to step on the scale because you overate for the holidays, we'll tell you how to make it all work. after playing peter pan on stage for over 20 years, kathy rigby shares what it's like to be almost 60 and still playing the boy who grew up. that is a split -- won't grow
9:32 am
up. all that and more. >> she never grows up. she looks fantastic. >> she is peter pan. i saw the show the other day, i cannot believe what she does. >> she's young, she is the perfect person to play the character. >> she's got an amazing voice to go along. >> a lot of fun. >> she makes her own costumes. >> that, too. a check of the weather? >> let's show you what's happening for your weekend. for tomorrow we expect to see plenty of sunshine along the east coast, a few morning showers mid-atlantic coast, a few clouds move into the pacific northwest, showers in extreme southwest which will continue on sunday on into southern texas, we're looking at a few showers along the southeastern coast of florida, fridge ed and cold in
9:33 am
>> and of course you know, sunday the most important night of the week, because it's sunday night, football night in america. that's right, and we got a good one for you, the baltimore ravens go flying to see the san diego chargers, fly little bird, fly! partly cloudy, cool, temperatures mid to upper 50s, sunday night, football night in america. i think i hurt something. >> our ears, ow. thanks, al. coming up next, head to toe tips to help you cope with dry, itchy, wintry skin. right after this. eggland's best eggs.
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"today's daily dose" is brought to you by progresso, 40 soups, 100 calories or less. ♪ and the sky is a hasty shade of winter ♪ this morning, wiping away winter skin. the cold, harsh weather can take its toll but dermatologist deborah wattenburg has tips on how to keep your skin healthy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what's an all-over representation for moisture as we head into the winter months?
9:38 am
>> you want to prevent. prevention is key. if you let your skin get out of control this winter there's no return. you want to be sure that you don't let the moisture seep out and you start itching and getting really uncomfortable. so the key to that is to shorten your showers, don't use scalding hot water. that will rip the natural barriers out of your skin. apply moisturizer, consider using these two-in-one body moisturizers which clean your skin and leave a thin film of moisturizer on and apply moisturizer to wet skin. it will seal some of the moisture and prevent some of the skin problems that develop. >> and drink water. how do you recommend keeping hair shiny and moist? >> hair is complicated. in the winter your scalp dries out so you get the dry flaky scales on your scalp, it feels itchy and your hair dries out from a combination of overprocessing too much heat, too many blow dries.
9:39 am
you need to use a salycylic acid, look for a shampoo for dry scalp or seborrhea, about you those hamper the dry hair conditions so condition with shea but thor it or moroccan oil. >> the face, a lot of women put moisturizer on our face. >> for the face change your routine as you change your wardrobe. you need to adjust if you're using products that contain a lot of benzoperoxide or salycylic acid. don't use a toner every single day or switch from a lotion or cream or oil. >> a lot of people get excema. >> for those you want to treat
9:40 am
the pack, cortisone cream, and progresses that are fragrant free. if they don't get better see a doctor. >> the lips you can't cover them up generally speaking. >> for lips prevent the problem from occurring, apply a fragrant free lip balm every day. i recommend putting an emollient onto your lips, vaseline, or favorite lip balm before bed even in your lips are not chapped. >> hands, the thinnest skin we have. what do you suggest? >> protect them from the elements inside and out. you can have issues from the cold weather, wear gloves, outdoors, gloves indoors, cotton lined rubber gloves are great, avoid using hand sanitizers, they worsen the dry skin condition and keep tons of moisturizer by the sink. >> after you wash put the moisturizer on. what about for feet? >> you want to protect your feet from the cold, wet environment, use a pumice stone when you get
9:41 am
out of the shower for two minutes on your heels and put moisturize moisturizers, you can wrap them in saran wrap and put socks on. that holds the moisture in. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next are you going to a new year's bash? we have perfect party dresses for every budget coming after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] let betty crocker do the measuring and get a head start
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delightful ♪ this morning on "today's style" new year's eve fashion from sequins and lace to chiffon and jeweled tones the stores are filled with glamorous looks. isabel, good morning. >> thank you. >> what is the trick to dressing for the whole days and doing it without blowing your budget? >> keep in mind where you're going, what type of event but look for fabrics and colors that are inherently dressy, jewel tones, metallics, chiffons, these are things that will bring a sense of formality and the good news is there are options for every budget. >> let's get started, first with we're going to have all these different looks first we've got the red look and we've got our highs and lows and red really makes a statement. >> red is inherently dramatic. >> girls now we bring out the models. >> marie on the right is wearing more of a raspberry version red, a dressily cynthia vincent, $295, and it's in crepe,
9:46 am
elegant, easy to dress up and you can see it lends itself well to a grecian elegant draping. >> flattering on any figure and you have the lower priced option which is equally as gorgeous. >> diane is wearing a wonderful dress from victoria's secret, about $100. we love this dress, it can be worn five different ways and we've styled it "today" as a strapless dress and a lot of women who are a bit busty feel they can't wear a strapless dress but this dress lends itself to strapless. it's a great option if you love this look and it's beautiful with the gold accents which again give it a sense of luxury. >> gets them extra little bling to it exactly with great shoes as well, and they look glamorous and gorgeous and you wouldn't know which outfit was more expensive. thank you so much. you look great. next let's bring out lace, because i think lace is something that we're seeing all over the place right now, huge trend, and a great way to dress up any option, any outfit. >> that's right, lace is
9:47 am
inherently feminine so it brings something very special to the occasion, and we have -- >> love these dresses. >> they have haji in a dress for $295, a retrosilhouette, a longer hemline. we've modernized it with a bold, bright shoe. >> i love the pink shoes. >> great bold earrings. >> the lower priced option? >> our lower priced option is from forever 21, it's $25. >> what? >> significantly lower. >> wow! >> you would never guess, it's got the beautiful veil of lace on the arms and this is a mini skirt version so we've elongated her legs with beautiful shoes from steve madden. >> thank you so much. now our romantic look and this is great for any night out as well, and it's something that you could wear to a party or to afterwards. come on out ladies. >> chiffon lends itself to the sense of airiness and lightness, it's an inherently formal fabric. on the right we have heather wearing a max and cleo dress
9:48 am
$180 from bloomingdales. what we love when you're we pete, draping and the rouching and volume, accentuates the waist. >> we have the lower priced option as well. >> melanie is wearing a dress from arc and company, $65, and this version of the dress is more matt so it works well during the day if you were to wear it without the necklace let's say and a great black jacket and black tie. >> add the bling and you're out for a night on the town. appreciate it. okay, and then finally, speaking of bling, sequins, doesn't make any more bling than sequins. come on out. gorgeous dresses. >> this is really all you need. >> right. you don't need a lot with accessories when it comes to a dress like this.
9:49 am
>> you want to play off the sequin dresses with subtle accessories. we have lauren in a beautiful armani exchange dress, about $200. the real selling point is the bow on the back. >> so pretty. >> sweet and which we've accented with the bow on her shoe. >> kept the shoes neutral, very vibrant and then you've got a lower priced option as well. >> we have a lower priced option from black label $95, it's a great price and we've modernized this look and this vibrant electric blue, you can't go wrong if you want to have a party and dance all night long and to anchor it we put her in black tights. >> ladies, one final look here, great outfits to all and good job finding highs and lows. >> thank you. >> lots of options out there. thank you ladies. we'll take a look by the way at some easy food swaps coming up on another note, you don't ruin your diet during the holidays, that's next. first this is "today" on nbc.
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this morning on "eat smart today" surviving the holidays. studies show all of us gain an extra pound or two during the season and the extra weight is hard to take off in the new year. today madelyn fernstrom is here to show us smart swaps we can use to help us maintain your waistline. good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> you have nine different food swaps and you do this, you could lose a pound. >> just one time, these are small things. you often think it's all or nothing, black and white thinking in terms of calories. these are teenie things and starts with something isn't the food. >> what you use to serve the food. >> take a typical big serving spoon you get a half cup of macaroni and cheese. use a smaller spoon to serve yourself. >> instead of a dinner plate use a salad plate. >> plates now are gargantuan so
9:53 am
you'll save a lot of calories, 350 calories you save just by downsizing the portion, the food is exactly the same, creamed spinach, all the things you love. >> let's start with the food swaps. typical holiday breakfast. >> you think let's indulge. we swapped out egg whites instead of eggs, instead of extra cheese, tons of veggies and feta cheese, swapped out the lean erica nadian bacon instead of fatty bacon and ditched the potatoes for some fruit instead of buttery toast we have fruit spread so if this looks good it's a lot of food, the crew is going a lot of food, you save 400. >> drinking. for our director definitely. >> yes indeed. this is something where you just want to alternate, get the spritzers and things like that, have a drink and have some club soda with some lime. no one will know what you're drinking. if you swap that twice you'll save 500 calories and that's for a leaner drink, like a martini. if you have the fruity drinks
9:54 am
you can save 500, 600 calories or more. >> swapping out nuts for popcorn. >> right, you look at this container of nuts, this is just a couple of big handfuls, that's 850 calories. if you swa. it for some air popped popcorn you save 800 calories. this is a big savings, you start to drink you're going well this looks good, nuts are healthy. nuts are a great food >> they're protein. >> heart healthy fats but they have tons of calories. >> all right, now the dips. >> this is a dip, this is easy to do because we see a lot of cheese dips and there's either chips or vegetables but also salsa around and you save a lot just by swapping these out. 200 calories replacing the salsa with some of the cheese sauce. these are easy things to do. >> do you see baked tortia chips? >> you save about 100 calories but it's the number of chips that you're having. >> right. boy french onion soup. >> who doesn't want that, right? you have a big steaming bowl covered with cheese, that gives you a little hint. if you swap this out one time
9:55 am
you'll save 600 calories if you choose a big bowl of vegetable soup. these are things you can really do. they're not painful, not terrible and you do them now and then to be mindful. >> mashed poe dapotatoes. >> puree cauliflower, add butter and milk and you'll save 350 calories in this portion. >> does it help if you really want potatoes, sweet potatoes instead of white? >> sweet potatoes are great, too. >> dessert? >> who doesn't love this? before you say oh we're going to swap out apple pie and have a baked apple this is a great choice or if you don't want to do this, just eat the filling. you save 200 calories there. >> very nice. >> good ideas. thank you. >> savannah, as she eats the bacon. >> coming up -- >> that
9:56 am
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