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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> on the one-year anniversary of her disappearance, family members gathered to remember felicia barnes. one year ago today the north carolina team a disappeared while visiting family members on holiday. those remembered her remember her at a pitch -- mitchell. >> it was an emotional day at memorial baptist church. it was not just a day to commemorate the life of felicia barnes. it was also to remember and bring awareness to the children missing tonight it. >> family members of a fully should kearns' gathered to remember and celebrate the life of a girl who went missing one year today and was later found a
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dead. >> it is great to show support. >> on december 28, 2010, a north carolina resident disappeared while a visiting relatives. in april her body was found in the river. authorities have classified her death as murder. no arrests have been made. >> they could not understand where felicia was at. we still do not know what happened. we still have the faith in what we have a served. >> the baltimore city police and a maryland state police detectives as well as the state attorney for hartford county were the teens body was discovered. >> there are a lot of dedicated people in this case. we are not going to be specific
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about what that is. again, nobody is giving up on this case. >> again, we have not stopped. >> back in north carolina at the very school police shot barnes attended, loved ones gathered and planted a memorial garden. >> i am very grateful that -- for all of the things union the academy has done for my family and the love they have for felicia. >> in addition to celebrating the legacy, the gathering was used for a call for action. >> we have to work on the harder. the call to action is to work with the police and vice versa. >> the family led a purple candles to commemorate her memory, they believe justice will prevail when date for the
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family. >> we hope and pray the book on scene. >> this is still an ongoing investigation. if you have at -- information, give maryland state police a call. >> tragedy when a boy is killed in a crash. happened just before 3:00 on i 93 where it meets the belly. the driver of an suv rear ended a car causing a chain reaction involving two other vehicles. 5-year-oldjake owens and alexandra owen were rushed to the hospital. alexandra remains and critical condition but is expected to
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recover. that comes on the heels of another crash on the beltway. three people including a baltimore county police officer were heard on the beltway near providence road. the officer is in stable condition. two others were taken to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. the crash remains under investigation tonight. a man is robert while waiting for a bus in brooklyn park. the victim says his attackers pepper spray him before taking his belongings including his shirt, pants, shoes. >> please call this a strange case. they are looking for three men who had a conversation with a tense and then attacked them. >> is still very early curie we are trying to gather more facts. >> that is where and a rebel
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county police say three men approached a pasadena man while he was quitting for a bus. one member of the trio ask a question and he was attacked with pepper spray. >> he indicated he did not have drugs. that is what he was pepper spray. the other two suspects got involved. >> the victim had his close taken. his shirt, his pants, his shoes. he had money that was also taken. >> the robbery happened just before midnight on wednesday. they fled toward the highway. they called in to report a man scantily dressed who had been robbed and needed help. police searched the area and cannot find the suspect.
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>> one more fact from police, the victims as of three men wore ski masks. police are not sure if this was a random act or if the victim was targeted. >> authorities in carroll county are asking for your help after an attack in westminster. investors hope -- he was harassed by african american males at 6:30 in the evening. one of the suspects, the victim on the suspect with one sharp object. police do not believe it was a random attack. anyone with information is asked to call the westminster police department. there is a $500 reward for any leads to the rest of the victim -- of the attacker.
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>> police say the shooting happened in the 1800 block of maryland avenue where a 26-year- old man was found suffering from gunshot wounds. the two other victims are found walking into a hospital for treatment. we are learning more about the indefinite layoffs that r.g. steel plant. they told state officials on friday about the furlough. they estimate as many as 2000 workers to be furloughed. the company has told that work would restart in the first quarter of next year. more bad news and maryland as the state releases new data for assessed homes. 91% of residential properties dropped in bali. >> out of about 750,000 homes
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that were assessed, the drop of about 70.1% when they came to their value. this is not all bad news, especially for folks whose homes are under water. >> residential property values have declined in maryland with 2010 being the highest drop of about 22%. >> 24 last reassessed three years ago, they had already shown some decline. now you have less decline, but also the positive side is in part -- certain communities, the properties the bottom out. >> authorities say there is a part of the population that will actually benefit from the press fall. those who are under water. >> they will see direct tax savings in their bills if they were a recent purchaser during
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the height of the market. >> and around all dropped 14.5%, baltimore county 10%. baltimore county 19%. carroll county 19%. howard county about 12%. >> assessed value doesn't have anything to do with sales price of a pond. >> area retailers are rushing off the no. sitting property numbers are being driven by demand. homes are still selling, especially those in desired neighborhoods. >> retail sales have been on somewhat of a decline the last couple of years. i would say volume and the price is starting to pick up here >> looking ahead, the state is looking for a flat market they had for 2012. >> we would hope there would be more communities were the property values have a flattened out and they are staying stable. they are not increasing but they
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are not decreasing again. >> the worst hit area was prince george's county the site dropped 1/3 to 65%. if you would like more assessment, you can log onto >> six days and counting before the lead of caucuses in iowa. campaigning in iowa is nonstop for republican white house hopefuls with many candidates on bus tours across the state. ron paul and mitt romney are leading the pack, pundits still say it is anybody's race. >> it is very difficult to tell who is gaining momentum and who is not. >> regardless of who wins the iowa caucuses, he or she does not necessarily when the state. in march, delegates attend the
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gop convention in florida. they can elect to ever the cheese. seafood also won the iowa caucuses but not the delegates on our web site. still ahead, the allegations made by two teen girls against the pennsylvania attorney. thousands of mourners brave the snow and ice to pay their final respects to a man they called dear leader. tonight a look at the dramatic farewell for kim jung il. this pattern is what you flip as we head into the new year. the seven-day forecast coming up. cloudy skies and a 32 at the airport.
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>> keep pennsylvania attorney is out on bail after two under age girls accused him of having sex with him. he coerced them instead of a motel where he asked for sex. he only acted as a counselor and croats to the team. >> i never had sex or any sexual contact of any kind with either of these girls. >> he this is two i counts of corruption.
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meanwhile, police are investigating and possible murder. a driver spotted a bag. the torso belongs to a man but police are not commenting on how the man died. he was killed at least three weeks before the body part was found. un believed to carry his father. many north koreans wheat. unseasonably warm weather in much of the county is delaying usual winter activities.
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from melted ice rinks to bear ski slopes, it has people wanting snow. >> what a difference a year makes. warm december temperatures are in stark contrast to what most of the nation experienced at this time last year. in 2010 parts of georgia sought a rare white christmas. this month has seen people swimming in the ocean. winter is hiding in ski country as well. they are missing an important element. >> are you missing the snow? >> so far this month the area has seen three inches of snow. it has been 13 years since there has been a big little snow in december. those who love the snow are holding out hope. >> it will be a super season. >> we are two from being opened. i am sure it is on its way.
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>> they are doing a different kind of skiing or the water temperature was a crisp 40 degrees. >> a mild winter has put a damper on two conn families. instead of a glistening sheet of ice, warm temperatures left them with a 1900 square-foot puddle. temperatures normal are causing thin ice and the dangerous conditions for animals. it is more of the same in minnesota were the point of this ice shelter was too much for the thin ice. so far this year west texas has seen more snow than buffalo new york. >> it is not the warmest winter we have had. in march of 1907, the western shore hit 23. 1921 brought the greatest 24 hours change.
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3 feet of snow fell in western maryland in 1924. in november 1995, temperatures rose to the 60's. >> i am impressed with your whether knowledge. >> i have been researching three target. >> i would like to think of these weather patterns in terms of a rubber band. if you pull it too far one way what will happen? it will send back the other way. we have pulled it too far to the one side and it will go back the other way. let's just a winter is not over. think about it. we pulled away for back to the one side. we will get a little taste of that in the beginning of the new year. the pattern-did but we will have a first boston arctic air can
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two dozen top pri is a little colder than it has been but i would not call it called for this time of the year. we do not have to calculate any when the shells. temperatures have dipped into the 20's in the northern suburbs. those who are watching in the northwest suburbs, when you wake up it will drop into the low 20's around the city and at south of town. because the wind has died down and these guys are relatively clear, we have cooling setting up here. there are some clouds in the southern suburbs. you can see that on satellite. he keeps things warmer than it would be otherwise. these clouds are so thin that we think we will have good cooling and a drop into the 20's by tomorrow morning. there is not a whole lot happening in the eastern half of the country right now. it is far enough away from this area of high pressure baby that
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is greedy and has released. with this little bubble of high pressure coming in thinks it's a quiet at least in the short term. once we get toward the end of the week we will see it that'll clippers storm come by. for the west of the nine is partly cloudy. temperatures will drop into the low 20s in the northern suburbs. during the day tomorrow there will be a clipper storm coming through. this will stay north of us. it will get through the great lakes. that should stay north of last. we will see a cloud cover on thursday. and temperatures will be around evarts this time of year in the low to mid 40's. sunrise at 7:26. this is still a big travel time. if you are getting out of town this is what is happening around the country.
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there is going to be mountain snow and and lower elevations there will be rain. quite in the south but chile. 67 in tampa. 64 as a high temperature in dallas. the next one that comes and will give us a couple of light rain showers. it may end as a brief but -- rain on saturday. new year's eve still looks dry. for all of you heading out to celebrate the new year, new year's day 47 and early next week we get a real arctic blast. a high of only 35 and it will dip down into the upper teens to iran to 20 at night. >> we are talking maryland basketball and a new player that is tall. >> a big debut, he is only 7 ft.
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1. there he is. we would check on him coming up next on sports. >> it is power ball. tonight you're jackpot is a guaranteed it $20 million per and which is $1 more you can add a power ball option. good luck everybody. 16, 27, 45, 41, 21. powerball is 14.
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>> 15 games into the season ended the baltimore ravens already have a playoff berth wrapped up. it is a very good team. one is still trying to figure out how to best clothes out again. the "baltimore ravens earned last week against cleveland. it dropped a pass is a big difference. flacco saw the issues with more about outlook. >> we did not play the way we wanted to in the second half. i think there have been dancer become out there with the ball because we are down. you guys have all complained about it. this week came out and we honestly like conservative. when we did not we missed a couple of plays. we must throw here. i wish you guys simply beyond a little bit and started complaining about playing too conservative. it put pressure on the coaches
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to not do that. >> i cannot wait until can camera tomorrow at a one smells. maryland hosting albany to give us a much-anticipated debut. he hopes to provide a major impact on 18 and needs help. you never know with a kid from a dead their country so young in the need to the scene. in the first half, get welcome to the comcast center. more maryland on the bridge. another freshman -- digital finished with 10 points off the bench for nick. geraldo led, 22 points. no answer and said for the income are. it is hard to stop that. 14 points and three blocked shots. he let it fly from three. six triples in the game. the first double-digit one of the season 83-72.
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everybody in the roster has the fifth ranked terrapins 84, 76. likewise on beaten delaware. high school holiday to permanent this week as we think of friends and family over the weekend but like to take a moment to think about the team from benjamin franklin. a new public school in baltimore. one with a heavy heart. season is dedicated to a headband to be the sixth man this season but was until this summer. the team has played very well in his honor. he led the way with 16 points. we will keep our eye on the bay hawks all season long. the military ball showcased teams all game long. they delivered at the where it
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-- reasons promise. tied at 28, working a drop to perfection. he makes the pick and he gets off running. he goes about 75 yards. it was worth it. late fourth inside a minute to play. thousands down one touchdown. defense tripping over themselves and walks in for the score. extra point. it is fake. he coughs it up well before the goal line accurate -- some air force players a little interested in the last place election. the gatorade shower. >> stay with
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>> quiet and 45. new year's eve will be dry and the next week it gets cold. >> that is all for a 11 news tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> have a good one.
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