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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  March 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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were getting bad guys with guns off the street. >> with assistance, they bust up what they are calling a gun ring that spanned from the city into baltimore county. the investigation began in january when they were arrested on gun charges and it spawned a three-month investigation that led to the mass of bust. they served five search warrants at a home and storage facility and came up with cash, heroin, 16 guns, bulletproof vests, and a gun making material. a string of $30,000. >> of rigging that goes hand-in- hand with the gun trade, everything pushing the violence in baltimore city. >> arrested were -- >> he seemed like a really nice guy. i spoke to him a couple of times outside.
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>> james lived above this dentist's office and he was last seen in january. he had some suspicious people working for him at the time. he was the first person arrested in this case. >> they were picking up trash outside and they looked sketchy. i thought there were doing something, but never thought it was what we heard. >> than ever confirmed what was found, only the names and photos. >> no quotas have been announced in the case from the city or federal case. more arrests could be coming. live outside baltimore city police headquarters, lowell melser berkman wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> falling breaking news right now on baltimore county. an accident on the outer loop tying up friday commute. let's go to capt. roy taylor. >> the outer loop ride that hammond's very road. they took the exit sign to get off. the fire department has just left. the back up now goes from here for at least 1.5-2 miles back to wilkins' ave. live in sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. >> police are learning more about this please let been involved crash that began with an attempted traffic stop. we were over this scene in the rosehill area. they tried to pull over a vehicle when the driver took off.
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the other vehicle rolled over and track a vehicle inside. the opposite of their return to pull over ---- the car they were trying to pull over got away. someone reported that the body of an infant was found in the trunk of their car. it was found thursday evening around 6:40 p.m. it's not clear who left the child there or if there is any connection to the parents -- the drivers of the car. the body has been taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. >> the police are saying a cabdriver was robbed overnight in severn on donald avenue. the driver told officers he picked a man up and he apparently pulled out a gun, took money from the driver, and
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took off. the suspect is a white man in his mid 20's with a thin to medium build. anyone with information is asked to call police immediately. >> stocks are closing modus lee higher today following the government -- modestly higher after the jobs report. up 5 points at 1370. analysts are pointing to renewed hope that the economy is back on track. in february alone, more than two ordered 25,000 jobs were added. we are in washington with the details. >> good news for american workers and president obama. more hiring last month. >> the economy remains strong. >> carmakers took on more workers with car sales up and three times as many workers got
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new jobs in health care and business services. 227,000 jobs added in january and the unemployment rate stayed at 8.3% because more americans were out looking for jobs. optimism is up. >> it is the confidence for better days ahead. >> romney fireback that obama had promised unemployment below 8%. >> this president has failed. that is why we will get rid of him in 2012. >> santorum agreed. >> we want the economy to keep growing but it's not realizing its potential because of itthe reasons i set o >> ut. he is a winger.
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>> the needs a win. >> a new england yankee in the deep south. >> i got started with a biscuit and cheesy grits. >> they want gingrich to drop out. president obama owants more reports like today's, a war thatning a republican should change the recovery. >> gov. martin o'malley confirmed he would likely be to legislation that would allow the use of medical marijuana. a spokesperson says the governor is concerned could violate federal law. david collins is in the comments come as they're considering federal -- several pieces of medical marijuana legislation. >> the veto threat is being met with both surprise and disappointment but it did not
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stop the medical marijuana bills from moving forward. gov. martin o'malley made a beeline when we requested a comment on why he would likely veto medical marijuana legislation. he is concerned about criminal liability. federal law prohibits the use, possession, distribution, and manufacture. it does not make exceptions for federal purposes medicall >> y. and no state has been a prosecutor. >> this would allow patients with a doctor's recommendation to purchase marijuana from a state licensed the spender -- dispensor. he wants to protect care giv >> ers. get some people out of the risk for taking care of a sick person
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at home. about compassion, >> in this previous bill calls for strictly monitored program. he says he is still philosophically in favor of the legislation but federal law makes it a remarkable. >> what has changed is the landscape >> in. bill allows individuals to grow pot. >> it is not pain but hunger an nausead. i have lost as a dividend amount of body weight. it saves me from starvation. >> they hearing is still going
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on. a number of young people with a variety of problems pleaded with the committee did treat this as a health issue. take it from that perspective rather than a legal one. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> anne arundel fire county is reacting to the surprising no- confidence vote. in a statement he says, "i have probably serve the citizens of anne arundel for 34 years. i believe my record of service stands for itself. i will work closely with members of the firefighters' union to resolve issues of contention they claim." the chief had ignored safety issues and failed to meet standards in some areas. the police union cast a vote of no-confidence in the county executive and chief of police.
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>> the high temperature today was around midnight and then a cold front came in dropping temperatures and bringing in gusting wind. temperatures have been running on the chilly side and it looks like it will get even cooler this weekend. mid 40's of towards frederick. d.c. in the low 50's. this chilly wind will continue over night. it so-called to lead no. unless you can actually see snow across parts of pennsylvania. cold that you can see snow to the nort >> h. suspect in a legal dogfighting rain is operating in anne arundel county. were the latest debate dog has turned up and why it is as suspicious. plus --
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"it's a worldwide internet campaign to capture an internet were lord has captured the world's attention. -- warlord. "kony2012" is down the fastest growing ire of the deal in history. >> posted online monday, the video, by thursday morning, and 20 million views. by friday morning, 70 million. the man who made the video credits young people and social media. "some people 25 and younger are saying we what you pay attention. >> this new documents the ergle exports -- exploits of joseph k and their reign of terror that included a kidnapping the
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children of a new gondola and three neighboring countries. >> turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers. >> it is called back because the goal is to catch him by the end of the year. celebrities have latched on as well as angelina jolie. >> i do not know anyone who cannot hate him. >> the children is what move this girl to organize friends of her los angeles high-school to raise awareness and money. >> i do not know what it was, but there was something about their tears and voices that i just could not stand. >> the money she raises will go to the group invisible children co-founded by a filmmaker and promoted in the video. its website tells the action kits with stickers and posters that supporters are urged to put up on street corners worldwide april 20th. there are critics of the group and the video. the most notable is the hogan
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then government who thinks -- ugandan government who thinks kony fled 8 years ago. >> what invisible children is doing is to replace africa on that continent where there is never-ending trouble. >> conditions are not as bad as they were when he started shooting documentary nine years ago. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, police in anne arundel county are investigating a possible dogfighting read it after finding a second dog suffering from severe wounds on with in its five mile brady is. princess is recovering which was found along ritchie highway last week with a gaping wounds akin to dogfighting injuries. they're being watched and
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another dog was also suspected of being used as a bait dog. anne arundel county police are working with groups to find the people responsible and there's a $2,500 reward that leads to rest. if you have any informations, you should call this number. >> at the maryland department of health and mental hygiene and calvert county health department are investigating a string of cases of severe respiratory illnesses. three out of four members of this immediate family died after confirmed cases of the h3n2 virus of influenza a. recommends all individuals over six months of age get vaccinated and take other precautions like washing hands
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and staying home with your sick. prescription drugs could soon be available over-the-counter. the fda have been seeking public comment about waiving prescription requirements for drugs used to treat diabetes at as much, in migraines to give people more access. dimon with drug companies to talk about ways they can help people understand the risks and side effects of these medications if there were go over the counter. they will have a meeting on this at the end of the month. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the almanac for our area will look a lot because it did not feel like it was 70 degrees for most of the day. that was right around midnight. the temperature was up around 70, but then a cold front came through moving is down a few hundredths of an inch. the end result is an afternoon
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chillier than the pre-on the earlier hours when we were still in the 65-70 range. the lows probably have not been set as the cooler air continues to come in. to our north, an indication of how cold it is with the late enhanced snow showers in the western new york state and they're catching some of those near scranton. skies are thinning out with some rain we picked up that is making its way off the coast early morning and skies are clearing as drier air filters in from the west. temperatures have been a lot chillier through the afternoon only in the 30's in western maryland 57 at richmond, up 59 in pittsburgh that cold will continue to come in with western maryland already down in the 30's. the only thing that will keep the temperature up is the brisk wind coming in keeping the atmosphere mixed.
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and the insta-weather futurecast rose, clear skies, but a bit of a breeze. some of these sheltered valleys could get down as low as 24 degrees. the sun sets this evening at 6:00 08 p.m. on sunday, daylight savings time. the sun will be setting an hour later, going down after 7:00 on sunday. the days are getting longer and the clock change will allow us to enjoy more of the sunshine. another reenforcing shot and cool air coming through tonight bringing us the chilly start to the week. high pressure will settle on in. look how warm it is on the west side of the west pressures sell. once the high begins to move away. the warmup will get underway again. it may be over by the end of the weekend. look for sunny skies on sunday and drop the day sunday. just a little bit of a chill tomorrow. monday, the next storm system will approach and it would get here monday night going into
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tuesday. tomorrow, only in the party's and cool. son up at 6:25 a.m. on the bay, a small crafted by is read continues for gusts that will top 20 knots. with diminishing in the afternoon. 39 on saturday, but look at this warmup. that will be spreading across the state for the second half of the weekend. the eastern shore getting back into the low 60's on sunday. right on the beach from the cooler ocean water will keep ocean city several degrees cooler. 40's tomorrow but 61 on sunday. cox moving forward to o'clock a.m. sunday morning. it stands for a shower and temperatures into the 60's. >> it looks like there is only room for one bar barge. why city officials say they are
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hitting the brakes. >> the labor markets showed signs of improvements. i niko
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>> construction on a second barge on the and our harbor was supposed to begin on monday. it looks like the expansion will be sidelined. the baltimore liquor line has cited in the opposition with the idea would have added another one. the owner said he proposed the project one month ago which cause them to raise concerns about more barge bars. they cite concerns about welfare. the original one still intends to open this april. >> passengers on american airlines fighter still in shock after a flight attendant gave a rambling 15 minute speech over the p.a. system. >> that culminated with people
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tackling her into the sea. >> the seats were upright and three tables stowed, but one of the flight attendants on the trip from chicago to dallas had a few more announcements to make. what she was talking to the pilot. but we think. she made a comment about the plane crashing. when she apparently continued to talk, at times referencing technical and mechanical issues, 9/11, and rambling for several minutes. what she was making references to wanting to get in the cockpit. are you hearing me? incoherent statements about trying to get in the cockpit. >> the jet returned to the gate with one crew member wrestling the microphone away from her. >> we restrain her. we grabbed her arms. there were about four or five of
5:27 pm
us. >> this passenger said became clear quickly about the problem was not with the plan. >> she seemed off, on edge, moody. did she have a mental breakdown? i thought when she is making incoherent statements that she was having a ministroke or something. >> it's unclear what caused her remarks. after finding a new crew, it left for chicago. >> thankfully we were not in the air. it could have been worse. >> they landed a bit late, but safely. >> how strange. >> i've never heard that kind of story before. the search for bodies continues one year after the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. >> we find a glimmer of hope. that's ahead at 5:30. quantized will students from 11 states and maryland are here at the baltimore city convention center for a robotics
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competition. i'm jennifer franciotti. details straight ahead.
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. >> new tonight, and she is a listening ear to hundreds of students. her time and talent has earned her a national award.
5:30 pm
they sort through challenges they face in and out of the classroom. >> tim tooten is live in the newsroom with the story. >> nowadays, students are forced to deal with issues like bullying and problems at home. she had been able to deal with all of them. you'll find her most days office. time in her >> this is a lunch bunch. i will do printer activities. we will do the can land a game. instead of colors come you talked about feeling. which helps them do it more
5:31 pm
serious issues. >> dealing with family problems like divorce, a french ship. >> she is one recognized by the council association which is why she is being honored for what she does on the job. >> have a counselor with the talent and skills has all the difference in meeting kids need. we are blessed. >> has there ever been a time you feel guilty about something that you have done? >> they complain about being bullied. >> is a really bullying? or is it just a student? these are avenues that they can follow.
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>> at the end of the day, but they want to make sure students leave for home feeling good about themselves and those around them. what the american school council association is a nonprofit based in northern virginia. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> breaking news in east baltimore. >> eased fayette street at north highland avenue, a crash between an mta bus and a vehicle. there is a personal-injury involved. the problem is westbound fayette. i'm capt. roy taylor.
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>> baltimore city police make a huge bust. since january they have worked with the department of homeland security to track the suspects. they warn that at 16 locations that they had heroin, 16 guns, cash, and a bulletproof vests. they are investigating this that apparently started with an attempted traffic stop. the driver pulled off. during the pursuit, they ran into another vehicle which rolled over trapping the driver inside. the driver of the transit van was taken in for treatment. the officer returned to pullover and they said that one got away. this morning, they have been
5:34 pm
paying respects at a public viewing from a girl killed in an accidental shooting. they have maintained it was not an accident than they are investigating a cover-up. >> its been 1 years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit japan. as ian williams tells us, there are still signs of hope. >> all along the battered coast, communities devastated by the tsunami are remembering the day with a terrible sadness. there is a determination to rebuild their lives. entire towns were obliterated when the raging waters swept in following the 9.0 root quake. 15,000 dead, 4000 still missing. >> my mother and wife were
5:35 pm
snatched away. they're still missing. i'm working with this group so that i am unemployed, but i get depressed when i'm alone. >> much of the mangled wreckage that littered the coast has been cleared. the council become barren wasteland. this does been piled into vast mountains of debris. this is equivalent to 19 years' worth of trash in the worst affected areas. while there has been plenty of talk, there is still wants to do. there are signs of hope. the disaster wiped out most of the region's fleet. they have been supported by a u.s. charity. there is no shortage of spirit.
5:36 pm
the to >> two months after the costa concordia, another blow. they're announcing just how much the crash caused in cold hard cash. >> it's not the ideal getaway vehicle, but leading police on a chase in the bus. chase in the bus. >> the company calls for
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klutz residents who say their wells were contaminated are not giving out. they're asking them to change their mind on a decision that would put this in half. some members improperly participated in the motion.
5:40 pm
households were affected by the gallons of gasoline. >> check out this morning police chase in new mexico. a stolen school bus speeding down the highway for one hour. they shot the driver and then took him to the hospital. no children were on the bus. >> the cruise ship disaster is costing carnival big bucks. the largest cruise operators reported a net loss in the first fiscal quarter. $29 million of that loss was because of the tragedy. their earnings could be trimmed by as much as 82%. it capsized off the coast of italy in july killing at least 11 people. >> there is a non-african american winner of the harriet
5:41 pm
tubman lifetime award, but senator barbara mikulski, the in the werserving woman senate. she's in the underground railroad is today is a road to economic achievement for america's young people. >> i have the pen of the first african-american president signing his first piece of legislation and it was about economic empowerment. >> at that time of year again. time to spring forward. >> what you need to know about daylight savings time before it's time to change the clock. >> gas prices have not jumped to
5:42 pm
hide this week. consumer analysts explain the price plateau. quit delivering a shot of chillier the start the weekend. the insta-
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>> coming up and 11 news at 6:00, good news for job-seekers as more employers seem to be hiring. what is fueling the trend? gov. martin o'malley is expected toss out legislation to allow the use of medical marijuana. the massive bus that went down in baltimore city and county in baltimore city and county but in the sleep number store, we hear it all the time.
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"as a baltimore company says its building the tallest indoor roller coaster for china. >> is one of the achievements. it has more on the fast track to china. >> the son of a bill been says baron and companies cigars, but they do not make cigar's tourre war. the business is roller-coaster is, spectacular roller-coaster is, once billed and assembled all over the world. >> we have done lots of attractions and non-roller- coastering as well.
5:46 pm
,e've built over 25 coasters design, build, installed. >> coming out of the aerospace industry, she is the technology to use magnetic roller-coaster is. >> we use magnetic pulses to exhilarate nine or 10-ton trains. we use that type of technology, the breaking technology. >> the newest project is the tallest in the world to be built in china. that's about all we can tell you. >> we're building the world's largest indoor roller coaster, designing, building, and a team going over to beijing to help install it. it will be located in one of the largest freestanding buildings.
5:47 pm
>> they designed the roller coasters and every. as a high-tech. >> they make very light components that the vehicle looks very different. >> the do not just design and build the road coasters. they're usually the first writers of the coasters. >> it's a great thing to be one of the first bomb there. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> who knew? this sunday as the start of daylight savings time. some, losing an hour is harder than gaining. a report published in the 2009 new england journal of medicine documented a 5% increase in the number of art attacks three
5:48 pm
years after we jumped ahead one hour. that because the most typical cop to reset is our internal one. >> it is not just the you get tired, but the rest of you, your home loans are altered, your metabolism, so it's not just a brain phenomenon but your entire body. >> not everyplace makes the switch. some exceptions are in hawaii, arizona, the virgin islands, and guam. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the fire department remind you that this is a good time to check your batteries in your smoke detectors. the sunspot activity making the headlines has remained active.
5:49 pm
it sent out another strong solar flare people -- flare. it think this could arrive late tomorrow night. astronomers down in nasa called this a hot flare-plasma, another way of looking at the sun. that sunspot is seven times. would that of earth. you could hit seven in this small area of the sun showing how massive the sun is. another flame came out aimed directly at the earth. there's the potential for strong activity when that arrives late tomorrow night. this time around, clear skies. the weather disturbance is producing snow showers and it will diminish as high pressure comes in. we get any activity that would
5:50 pm
perhaps give us a chance to see the northern lights and we will have a clear skies. if you look to the north, this will be filtering in our direction. 52 in cambridge right now. tonight around maryland, wind out of the northwest gradually diminishing. it will be a sunny day tomorrow, but the sector front will reinforce this one. i pressure will move through quickly and set the stage for the warming trend. most of next week, temperatures will be running above normal. skies are expected to be great until tomorrow afternoon. a very nice weekend headed our way. some of this wet weather could make it the baltimore going into tuesday of next week. tomorrow, sunday, 44-49.
5:51 pm
we're running a touch below normal. strong enough for a small craft advisory on the bay. only in the 30's for the highs in the mountains but popping up into the but the's. temperatures could be getting back up into the 60's. this to be much cooler than inland locations. they will hit 50 tomorrow and 60 later. cox will move forward an hour and then a nice sunny day. 64 monday. if you spotty showers monday and tuesday. what starbucks will soon be serving a single cup machine.
5:52 pm
it will start this fall. customers will be able to buy the machines on line, in some stores, and at selected retailers. espresso and brewed coffee pines will be available -- pods will be available. the price is still under rwaps. three years ago today, when you look at your stock portfolio, you were probably horrified. today is the anniversary of the height of the great depression. a $10,000 investment would only be worth $7,000 on that day and now we're double where we were on march 9th, 2009. it's all an opportunity for a lesson in patience in your portfolio. >> the key point to bear in mind is if you do own stocks you want
5:53 pm
to have an appropriately long time horizon. that is a minimum of 10 years. klutz if you have not touched or $10,000 investment after them come it would be worth more than $12,000 now. >> gas prices are a little lower this week after 39 straight days of increases. it could rise again this spring. the national average, $3.75, is down one penny since monday. they're still at the highest levels ever and prices have been dropping because suppliers are conducting the equivalent of a screen -- spring clearance. >> a late afternoon announcement from gov. martin o'malley on legalizing medical marijuana. after hours of hearings, the governor says he will shut down any legislation that would make it legal. details coming up at 6:00. >> march madness robot-style.
5:54 pm
a little freon reaction. high-school students from all of the country are getting their skills against 18 other. i'm jennifer brands do with the details next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> hundreds of high-school students are all across -- from all across the country are in baltimore.
5:57 pm
jennifer franciotti have the details. >> a robotic rumble hitting robots against robots. >> you can see robots competing against each other. it to a friendly environment. >> their spending two days of the baltimore convention center for the robotics competition in the idea is to get kids excited about science and technology. >> part of it is working together and teamwork. there with each other a real long time. they're connected over a lifetime. >> they have to problem solve in order to make as many baskets in agreement-- in 3 minutes. quite 6 exciting.
5:58 pm
it's a lot of fun. you get to work together. it takes a lot of time. what it works, it's the best feeling ever. >> this is considered the nfl draft for corporations looking to find the best and brightest. lockheed martin and northrop grumman are here. they're looking for future engineers. >> we want to outreach to the local hospitals -- high schools and offer them insights about what it's like to work in the real world. >> to be here is nirvana for the students to look forward to this all year. the winning team will get to the tip kinships next month in st. louis-- to the championships. >> here is a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> i'm nikole killion with the latest jobs numbers.
5:59 pm
what the governor is likely to be to any medical marijuana legislation. his reasoning and reaction straight ahead. >> police and federal agents break up a gun distribution ring. i'm will meltzer. 11 news at 6 begins now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute looking for au're job, it seems more employers are hiring. >> nearly 250,000 were added. nikole killion it is in washington with more. >> this is the strongest three months of growth we have seen since the great recession. a labor a lift for the u.s. economy. >> a good chance i will get something in the next


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