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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  April 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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skies. wins in the 12 miles per hour. -- winds in the 12 miles per hour. the skies become a lot more sunny. its days when the. even colder tonight with concerns of a frost. more details coming out. now let's go to traffic pulse 11. >> good morning. not a bad start on the roads. it is closed at woodstock ave. other than that, we are looking at speeds of about 60 miles per hour. 75 to i-70 -- eastbound, a run 63 miles per hour. further south on 95, traveling towards howard county. we will update you on our camera. looking pretty good at the moment.
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a little wet out there on sunspots. 95 just south of shell road. we are problem-free, for mckinny tunnel looks good as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, how the university is dealing with two students -- the loss of two students. one was hit by a hit-and-run driver. >> police are offering a reward. we are live with that story. >> good morning. this is the first day back for many of the students since the tragedy of the weekend. the crash happened around 1:45 at the intersection of washington avenue and north road. bullies say he was walking when he was hit by a car traveling in the same -- police say he was
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walking when he was hit by a car traveling the same direction. >> everybody is in shock. you wake up the next morning and two kids are dead. >> again, a $2,000 reward that will lead to any information that will lead to the driver. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are also investigating another weekend that on the campus. 27-year-old -- was found by his roommate. he is believed to be an iraq war veteran. he had a cardiac arrest but the court are is still trying to determine exactly how he died. -- but the coroner is still try to determine exactly how he died. police requested -- police
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found the body of the 46-year- old line in the street. he was shot in the upper body but they have a release more information. after two deaths in a matter of weeks, they are rethinking their safety. >> it makes me feel creepy. i do not want to do nothing. even sending the kids to school. i want to stem the bus stop with them and be there when they get home. they are bringing them into the county. that is what is causing these mishaps. >> the investigation continues. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers. >> switching gears, what would you take a cut of that $600 million jackpot. that is what one maryland president is thinking this morning. they bought a winning ticket at
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the 7-eleven store. lottery officials are ready to process the claim whenever they come forward. it turns out it only takes one ticket to win. >> it was a quick pick and there was only one purchased tickets -- one ticket purchased by the player at that time. >> the 7-11 will get $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. two other tickets were sold and the winners will share that $600 million jackpot. >> tomorrow, voters go to the polls in wisconsin, washington, d.c., and right here in maryland. wisconsin is a chance for mitt romney to try to get the nomination. rick santorum is of vowing to fight on. >> heading into tomorrow's big primary in wisconsin, mitt romney has the polls on his side. and he has some heavyweight endorsements, too.
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>> i want to share with every conservative, i have spoken to mitt. >> ron johnson is backing romney and so is paul ryan. >> you know what i call that? she said domination. >> republicans are closing ranks behind romney. >> i think he will be an excellent candidate. i think the chances are overwhelming he will be our nominee. >> the stars are lining up behind rick santorum who needs wisconsin delegates and another state to win. >> all the endorsements and inevitability and all the phony math, yet here we are. >> newt gingrich agrees that it is not over until romney reaches the number of delegates for the nomination. but if romney winds wisconsin, the road to the nomination is getting shorter. >> after wisconsin, there's a three-week break and a showdown
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in santorum's state of pennsylvania. >> meanwhile, republican presidential candidate newt gingrich's reporting -- is returning to maryland today. he will appear in frederick for a rally at the frederick motor company. that he will speak to people at hood college. both events are free. >> the "the" -- "the today show" will have a new host tomorrow morning. sarah palin will co-host. >that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of sarah palin? send your responses. >> it will be interesting. >> it will be.
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it is at 5:06 still ahead. students return to class after a tornado ripped through their school. >> warmer than usual temperatures. record-breaking highs and recover the nation. >> a live look at traffic. we will keep you up-to-date on traffic pulse 11. traffic pulse 11.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. the time is 5:10. it is 50 degrees outside. we really do not have many clouds.
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any cuts we have are starting to clear on out. we wrapped up the month of march and a very warm note. the average highs and lows were 53.7 degrees -- 10 degrees above normal. very mild start to a spring season. we had nine days above 70. precipitation was normal at two inches. we need to catch up on the rain. we do not have many chances for that this week. temperatures does continue to stay mouth. if you like the warm weather you like this forecast. >> covering the nation this morning, students and hit by a tornado will finally had back to class today. the're less students out of classroom for nearly one month. the officials at the school year at a science park.
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the have a rental fee to use that space. the texas band -- man received the first full-face transplant. a new nose, lips, skin, muscle, and nerves from an unidentified and not -- donor. he recalled just last week a virginia man receive date face transplant at the university maryland medical center. >> cities across the country, including washington, d.c. set a record for the warmest march ever. a list of 41 cities compiled by weather channel meteorologist is only expected to grow. most of the city's reaching record status furnace southern and central part of the u.s. >> it was warmer than march. it seemed like it. >> it was great. >> the time is 5:11.
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many people are already planning their vacations. airlines not the only ones at a additional fees. >> high schoolers have their prom. how one company is helping the guys look sharper. >> we're checking on your morning commute. if you'll be traveling, this if you'll be traveling, this monday morning is shaping up m
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make your day bunches better. >> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. hopefully you're doing well this monday morning. the lanes are a little wet.
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just giving you a heads up on that. be careful there. 56 miles per hour on the west side. no problems to report on i-70 coming in towards the beltway. traveling on at 97, north and southbound are a nice start. wind and warnings are in a fact there. just letting you know. and live view of traffic shows you what is going on on the north side. moving without delay, but building. we will switch over to a live view of traffic to and from the harbor tunnel. traffic looks good as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. good morning. >> good morning. we have a delay on the five water 5, running 15 to 20
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minutes late. -- 505, running 15 to 20 minutes late. from the mta transit team, back to ava maire. >> it looks like the commute is doing better. you might see some wet pavement, but when you look to the radar, mostly all of the showers checking through central virginia down along the eastern part of their as well. a cold front that has come across the area over night and continues to push down. that means we continue to drag out. asre expecting more sunshine we had to the afternoon. we have the warm air coming in from the south. eventually, the storm system will be heading towards the atlantic.
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we probably will not see any substantial rain when it comes through. i do want to focus on the fact that front is so far up to the north, anywhere south of that, you could see the temperatures are already warmouth there. we were in that nineties -- in the 90's. that he is extending and it will start to push east into the next couple of days. currently, our temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. 45 in hagerstown. one of 40 degree temperature, that is oakland. forecast for the day -- to expect these guys to -- do expect the skies to clear out. we do expect temperatures mostly in the 50's everywhere. a few low 60's as you head south
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towards ocean city. clearly chilly tonight, a big change. if you have any plans planted are ready, you do want to think about covering them up as there maybe some patchy frost across the area tonight. the forecast brings us into the mid 60's over the next couple of days. that is mostly down to our south. opening day for the orioles. >> in this morning's consumer alert, a recall of 9000 toy trucks. the super car trucks came as bonus toys sold in stores and online between february and march. the manufacturer has one report of a fire and three reports of smoldering when the batteries were uncertain.
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consumers should call for a refund. from means it is time to dress to impress. the guys need to spruce up, too. a tuxedo rental would help. men's wear house has lost a prompt challenge. to win free talks rentals, itunes gift cards, and cash. another major player in the travel industry is beginning to at annoying fees and service charges. we have the details. >> some consumer experts say rental car companies have got as bad as the airlines at charging fees. >> the go to the counter anything to negotiate.0 they feed. and then there are all these ad -- you think you have negotiated a fee. and then there are all these
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add-ons. >> the obvious ones are easy. to not go gps or satellite radio and you'll producer bill as much as $20 per day. it isn't -- where the biggest piece easily avoided is the cdw. the collision damage waiver. >> you do not need it. your regular car insurance generally covers you. >> using your credit card also helps if you want to dispute any charges after the rental. but the newest piece some companies are charging has to do with gassing of before returning. >> if you fill up on your own, you have to have a receipt of a gas station within 10 miles were you rented the car. if not, you'll get another fee. >> be careful of returning that rental too early. there is now a fee for that. >> like airlines, rental companies are looking for new retinal screens. wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> americans say it does not make sense to get rid of the penny. we're joined live from the nyse- listed and the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. i am doing fine. the airlines may be charging more to fly, but maybe if you do get what you pay for. according to a report being released in the transportation department, air travelers were treated better, but less lost baggage, and got better service. american eagle had the best improvement. on a related note, expect to see those new southwest cavan's longer and more comfortable. the first set of boeing 757 jets -- arm wrestler at a more comfortable height and overhead bins are larger. the latest u.s. carrier is
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seeking bankruptcy protection. today, wall street it's a report on manufacturing. futures are very quiet. wall street closed the books on a solid first quarter. $3 trillion restored. finally, a penny for your thoughts. a poll released by americans said that over 2/3 of those surveyed are in favor of keeping the penny in circulation. why? americans are concerned of costly price rounding of the penny is eliminated. bloomberg news reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> what i've been waiting for all day. >> its is ice cream. and ben and jerry's. it is like a better than that.
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-- it does not get better than that. that is coming up in the next hour. >> appreciate it. >> 5:22, still to come. we all remember the popular movie, but it did not take long to break the big money record. >> our question of the day -- what do you think of sarah palin hosting "that they show" tomorrow? -- the today show t
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> "the hunger games" holds its number one spot to the -- in the
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box office. $250 millions. the second was the "wrath of the titans." "mirror mirror" came in third. >> go ahead. this is of the men's national championship. fans from all sides teamed up. mix with the sounds of street bands, looking for its eighth national title. set for just after 9:00 tonight.
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who do it is going to win, ava? >> ky. 5:26. still ahead in the next half- hour. >> autism awareness. >> today is the first to back on campus. that story and a live report. a trio of primaries on tuesday. coming up, we will tell you who is poised to take the prize. >> if i am a little sleep deprived, you know why -- watching that late game tonight. details in the forecast. >> you probably lasts about 15 minutes. looking good at the moment. is it you problems down here. is it you problems down here. we will update you on so
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it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. >> live, local, late-breaking.
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this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> the skies are quickly clearing out. we had a little bit of rain overnight. that is heading off shore. we're looking for the sunshine, but it will be breezy today. it feels a little cooler than that when you factor in the wins. -- the winds. i think those winds are definitely going to take a toll on the temperatures. >> not a bad morning commute. we do have actively we're tracking. as a result, you're going to take an alternate. 61 on the north side still
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moving well. 56 on the parkway and we're at 66 traveling southbound on a 97. traffic looking good despite the fact that wind warnings are still in effect. here's will sit on the expressway from the maryland line of the down to the beltway. the switchover to live view of traffic on 795. coming down towards the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> republican presidential hopefuls are out campaigning ahead of three gop primaries tomorrow. >> met romney is hoping this next round will help further his standing as the front-runner. good morning. >> good morning. with 42 delegates at stake,
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wisconsin is the big prize now. mitt romney is leading the way. >> i'm not counting the delegates before they hatch. >> been run is poised to take all of the wisconsin primary and tuesday. -- mitt romney is poised to take all of the wisconsin primary on tuesday. >> i hope i get a strong sendoff from wisconsin. >> mitt romney was given the thumbs up. >> he is ready, willing, and able to lead this nation -- unlike president obama. >> they also include washington, d.c. and maryland. the governor continues to get delegates. >> he is the best person to get behind, the person who will obviously be our nominee. >> we have not even such a half the delegates yet. he is not even halfway to that magic number. >> he has to learn 1144.
5:33 am
we will not concede until he does. >> i'm trying to win the nomination. votes have not been counted. >> mitt romney is also on top of the polls here in d.c. and maryland. >> obviously, the gop does not have the nominee. that person will likely go against president obama in the fall. >> as mitt romney gets closer and it's a lot more gop support, the obama administration is really ratcheting it up on that romney. this weekend, vice president biden called him out of touch with the middle class. i think we to expect to see a lot more honing on mitt romney. >> probably. live from washington, thank you. >> our big local store this morning, police are
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investigating two weekend deaths. one student killed in a hit-and- run accident. another found by his roommate. live with those a details. >> this is the first day back for many students after this weekend. many found out what their classmates that on facebook or twitter. >> everybody is really upset. mostly shocked. was this a fun night. you wake of the next morning, two kids are dead. police say the 20-year-old was walking northbound when he was hit by a car traveling in the same direction. the junior was pronounced dead at the scene. >> i was out from last time. i woke up this morning and heard about the one student. was shocking a first. and there was reports of another one. >> the body of a second suit was
5:35 am
found inside the unit just off of the campus. -- the second student was found inside the unit just off of the campus. the medical examiner is still trying to determine how he died. >> we have not anything like this happen for the past two years i've been here. >> both suits were active fraternity members. their deaths have shaken the entire greek community. >> 8 $2,000 reward is being offered for any information at least to the rest of the driver. -- a $2,000 reward is being offered for any information at least -- to the arrest of that driver. >> he will appear in for the county council tonight to answer questions about the investigation.
5:36 am
it is into the alleging misuse of security details for personal purposes. this comes one week after the police chief testified under oath in response to a subpoena. today is national autism awareness day. the city of baltimore is doing its part to light it up blue. april is autism awareness month. places all across the country will lead the blue for autism awareness. you can see it in this video, the world trade center at the inner harbor will also go blue. >> the farmers' market is officially back in business in baltimore. the 35th annual market kicks off sunday. the hours are from 7:00 a.m. to noon. you'll find items and crafts from local vendors. >> you can expect to see that same great produce that farmers
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bring in. from the green to the spices and herbs. >> the market also features prepared foods for breakfast and lunch. once again, it runs every sunday morning to the month of december. the host of "at the today show" will welcome a new edition tomorrow. sarah palin will cohost along side of matt lauer. that will be right here on wbal- tv 11. that brings us to our watch a clear question of the day -- what you think of sarah palin? you consider a response of our facebook page or send us an e- mail. the time now is 5:37. would you feel better going to work to do to bring your dog along? >> according to new research, the answer is yes. why your furry friend might make your life easier at the job.
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>> as far as your morning commute, we're checking on the area for you. area for you. will you know how monday is
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>> will come back to 11 news today. 10re starting off the day degrees above normal. this is in the entire trend for winter, spring, so warm. we average daily temperatures for the last month. they cannot 10 degrees above normal. we even had a couple of 80 degrees out there. that was close to some records. we have been very warm. this was the third warmest march
5:41 am
on record. we are still above normal as we had to the seven-day. details when we come back, stay tuned. >> in this morning's medical alert, doctors say they are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of young adults with skin cancer. >> using a database, research found that between 1970 and 2009 melanoma increased. they think tanning beds are to blame which are more popular for young adults. researchers at virginia commonwealth university has said that bringing your dog to work with you could make your day a whole lot better. >> recent studies found that bringing up man's best friend to work reduces stress and makes the job more satisfying. they allow their employees to bring their dogs to work. even employs about dogs say they enjoy taking out their
5:42 am
colleagues canines for a break. >> 5:41. a good diet and plenty of exercise. >> sometimes, the simplest steps are most effective. a few easy ways to keep your body running at full speed. >> ava says we should see the sun today, but the breeze to go with it could make it cooler. the you're the best mom ever. thank you, sweetie. oh... ♪
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. a look at your morning commute. the only problem we're tracking is in the city. 60 miles per hour on the north side. problem-free on the west side still.
5:45 am
still up to speed on the southbound and 95 towards howard county. let's get a look at traffic. here is what it looks like up there. southbound traffic. from the maryland line of lloyd to the beltway. let's switch to a live view of traffic. we're also looking at a pretty smooth ride coming down from there. southbound traffic going away from us. light buying towards the beltway, still. we will let you know there are new problems. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. as the delays and the buses and trains. >> good morning. we of the delay on the midline. trains are operating on schedule. 20-minute delay as well. metro's on time. the 22 bus diverting due to its -- due to construction. back to a the marie -- marie.
5:46 am
-- ava marie. >> the showers have ended. other than that, the stars and now pushing into eastern virginia. we are seeing a clearing conditions behind the latest cold front. some stronger winds as the fund goes down to the south. we will continue to of winds from the north and northwest today. warmer conditions today as this entire storm system shifts to the northeast. some warm wind coming from the south. that will be moving to the eastern half of the haitian -- of the nation. with temperatures going out to south dakota. places like omaha and many parts of kansas -- pretty warm for the start of april. it looks like we will not tip that warms. we'll see a tiny company
5:47 am
temperatures once that bubble heat and it's our way. -- hits our way. forecasts for ou today. high temperatures of struggle to get up near 60 degrees. that kind of combat see temperatures for the day -- the cold wind kind of combats the temperatures for the day. as we head into tonight, it gets even colder. we're talking temperatures a bit chilly up there -- mid 30's, even low-30's at some spots. keep in mind, you may want to cover the sensitive plant. another chance at some rain on wednesday. that hopefully does to our south. just a slight chance right now. from looking good -- orioles' opening today. mostly sunny skies. >> all right, ava, thank you.
5:48 am
we've all heard before -- dieting and exercise is good for your help. >> there are simple things you can do it along with eating and exercise to keep the body running better. >> eating right and keeping active in keeping the body going. but there are other tips you can do to stay healthier. at the top of the list is sleep. studies have shown that sleepless nights can lead to depression. >> sleep is when the body rebuilds and restores. is is an opportunity for the metabolic process to catch up. >> take care of your teeth. research's have found that plaque buildup and gum disease can lead to inflammation and heart problems. plus, as you age, that dental health and lead to major problems. >> i see a lot of patients who were meeting to extraction's, root canals, implants -- you david.
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>> and get moving. this doesn't mean jim work -- just move. it can help with arthritis and back problems. it improves the balance. it may improve cognitive function. and watch your vitamins. according to nutritionists, no need to pop a lot of pills. how a multivitamin daily is all you need. best to give your vitamins from food. >> speaking of exercise, first lady michelle obama will take a national efforts straight to wbal-tv it the network confirms a two-part of the several feature the fairest lady -- two- part episode of "the biggest loser" will feature the first lady. the episode will air tomorrow night and next tuesday, april
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10, right here on wbal-tv 11. >> it sounds like a lot of fun. 5:49. up next, we will look at your question of the day. >> and take a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> time to get to a couple of answers of our water clear question. >> we ask, what do the sarah palin hosting "the today show?" he writes -- i like "the today show" but i do not like sarah palin. most people do not know why they do not like sarah palin. she started off hosting. this makes sense. >> now, the 11 sports. with keep mills. >> good morning.
5:54 am
we begin with college basketball. the programs have combined for 10 n.c.a.a. championships. women's will play tomorrow night. britain with a huge game last night as the irish beat connecticut. -- brittany with a huge game last night as the irish beat connecticut. the scene near -- the senior, she squares up, knocks down the three. at notre dame. a few minutes later, takes it out. brittany squares up, and knocks it down again. notre dame with 83-75. they are 39-0. opening day for the orioles is friday. tonight and tomorrow against
5:55 am
college teams in florida. did the north played the aaa team on wednesday. good game against the blue jays. battling a sore shoulder -- not here. two home runs. he is ready for opening day. he has won here to make it 2-1. he had not won, not to, but three home runs yesterday. -- not one, not two, but three home runs yesterday. kentucky derby one month from saturday. you are likely to see the winner of yesterday's louisiana derby. in a major upset, a 100-one that
5:56 am
shot. -- a 100 to one shot. not quite the mega millions, but not a bad payoff. i like kentucky. no disrespect to ava. >> coming up in the next hour of 11 news today, is is not unusual for students or parents to take out loans to pay for college. it seems more parents are requesting those loans much earlier. >> something old, something new, something blue -- but nothing about a roller coaster. a thrill. >> you might be used to 10:00 and 2:00, but the new driving
5:57 am
standards offer a different approach. >> driving this morning, we have dry conditions. we'll talk but how that affects the forecast. >> we wanted to on what else is going on and some closures. that is next. mm, these artisan bagels are so tasty. hey, what do you think "artisan" means? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today.
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honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. >> police need help catching the driver of a hit-and-run and are willing to pay for it. >> a trio of primaries on tuesday. we will tell you who is poised to take the prize. >> is sarah palin looking for a new job? was the vice-presidential candidateil


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