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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  April 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm sarah caldwell. the big story is the destructive tornadoes in texas. residents are picking up the pieces of what is left of their homes. it is amazing no one was killed. >> first light reveals the magnitude of the damage.
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miles of splintered wood and shattered glass left behind by as many as a dozen tornadoes that ripped apart the metropolitan area of more than 6 million. >> ridiculous. my whole house is gone. >> somehow none of the residents are. no one was killed. >> it started rumbling and i started crying, to be honest with you. a miracle we are alive. >> incredible stories of survival. >> it knocked me down and i dove into my house and the front door was open and i just hit the deck. >> the bathroom, that is where we go. it is still standing. >> this is what is left of cliff wilson's home. >> my wife could have been in the bedroom and you see it is gone. my son could have been up in his room, and it is gone. >> i am still in shock. >> nicole lawrence and her son hit -- hit in a bathtub. she was on the phone with her
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husband. >> you know your whole family is in a house and you hear an explosion and you cannot get a hold of them. >> a feeling that so many lives through during the storms. but that is the key -- they are still alive. and now trying together the pieces while struggling to start a long and difficult recovery. a process that includes structural engineers and teams going through homes like this one across neighborhoods in north texas before those who lived here can come back in. nbc news, lancaster, texas. >> so scary to see all of those pictures out of texas. that same storm system is lifting to the east. we may even have a severe threat in the mid-atlantic later this afternoon. baltimore looked north of it. it is warming up. 72 is the current temperature.
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the winds, nw, 16 miles an hour. this afternoon, high temperatures in the mid 70's and maybe a few areas south will get near 80 degrees. clearing skies tonight. thunderstorms could be nearby, though, just to our south. >> in commitment 2012, a clean sweep tuesday four gop front runner mitt romney. maryland, washington, d.c., and wisconsin. he moves even closer to the republican nomination. tara reports as rivals have no plans to leave. >> mitt romney continues to pull ahead but three months into the process, four candidates remain. >> thank you to wisconsin, maryland, and washington, d.c. >> with three more wins and half
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the delegates under his belt, mitt romney is forging ahead. >> tonight i am asking the good people of pennsylvania, new york, rhode island, delaware, and connecticut, to join me -- join me in the next steps toward that destination of november 6. >> while newt gingrich and ron paul have scaled back their campaigns, a defiant rick santorum seems undaunted by a string of setbacks. his eye is on his home state of pennsylvania where he clings to the lead. >> half of the delegates in this process have been selected, and who is ready to charge out of the locker room in pennsylvania and for a strong second-half? >> of pressure is mounting for rivals to clear the way, the republican national committee chairs says the battle has benefits. >> we've got a republican primary process that has allowed us to accumulate more volunteers, more people got into caucuses, which will help us
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beat barack obama in november. >> the next round of contests it is april 24 win five more states had to the polls. >> thank you. tuesday's beautiful weather was not enough to bring voters to the polls. election officials say only about 10% of the state passed a registered voters turned out for the republican party. light turnout was expected because a democratic president is up for reelection in a state where democrats outnumber republicans 2-1. although those who did come up to believe it was of highest importance to cast a ballot. >> i have never not voted, since i was eligible to vote. i think it is important. i think it is part of being a citizen of the country. it is what enables me to have a say in government in to be able to influence it in somewhat -- some small way. >> early voting also failed to attract large crowds. election officials said only
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about 3% in baltimore city and surrounding counties participated. for a complete list of election results, local and national, visit we have a new interactive map to show how the county voted and how the state's bloated. -- states voted. in session 2012, the general assembly runs the risk of an extended session if they cannot agree on a budget. talks broke down in annapolis tuesday, forcing lawmakers to council afternoon session. negotiators are apparently too far apart on raising the personal income-tax rate. the senate would raise the bulk of revenue from across the board personal income tax increase. senate president miller said the gap is so wide the general assembly may have to extend the april 9 adjournment date. in annapolis, will push back on legislation to make prince
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george's county the sixth slots beignet end the state. -- location in the state. the house ways and means committee has not scheduled a vote on the bill. university of maryland college park police file additional charges against a student who posted online threats. police say 19-year-old alexander song was charged with misuse of email, disturbing the peace and other offenses. he was released on his own recognizance last month. he allegedly posted threats about going on a shooting rampage on line. still ahead -- which supermarket is your favorite? in consumer alert, a new report votes the best on the list and it includes several right here in maryland. talk about luckie, a woman buying a lottery ticket comes within inches of possibly losing heib
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consider this -- a mouthwash with maximum fluoride, strong enough to rebuild tooth enamel, yet gentle enough for sore mouths. new act sensitive. strong teeth, fresh breath. in a sensitive formula. >> take a look at this -- a close call for a customer at a connecticut convenience store. seconds after a woman stepped up to the counter to buy a lottery ticket, and suv came barreling through the window, forcing her
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to jump onto the counter. the driver was called a few blocks away and booked on suspicion of drunk driving. more than 30 students had to be treated by ems crews after police pepper spray them at a rally at a college in seven telephone. 200 students protested an increase in tuition at santa monica college. the school agreed to cover the medical expenses. a surfer is recovering after being didn't in the foot by a shark. -- bitten on his book by a shark. the 28-year-old was treated on the beach and taken to hospital. the shark was estimated at 10 feet long. still to come, we talk live to two of the contestants from the hit nbc show "the voice." and two new drugs to fight obesity. how they work and how soon they can hit the market. >> we are keeping an eye on the
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radar as showers inch toward the d.c. updates on the forecast, including a severe threat down to our south. a live look outdoors. beautiful shot at ocean city
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>> in today's consumer alert -- the best place to shop for groceries has locations all around the greater baltimore area. wegmans. rounding out the top five -- trader joe's, publix, costco.
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but there is still a common complaint over a shortage of checkout lines. at the bottom, pathmark and wal- mart supercenter. facebook users can share another detail -- energy usage. facebook and 16 u.s. utilities are behind it. it post your usage each month and compare your energy used to similar homes in your area. >> good afternoon. spectacular out there. pretty cloudy right now, but temperatures already pushing into the low to mid 70's. looking at the satellite cover, you can see the clouds are pretty thick moving toward hagerstown. more clouds pushing over baltimore, d.c. as well. sunshine out along the eastern shore, including ocean city.
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the radar picture is showing a lot of grain from d.c. westbound. i have to tell you, a lot of it is not reaching to the ground. the radar is pretty sensitive and it picks up raindrops' hite in the atmosphere which are never going to reach the ground. it is showing the atmosphere is beginning to saturate to the west but most of it will stay south, to baltimore. this area of low pressure is pushing off shore. behind it, a stationary front to the ohio valley and the actual driver, the area of low pressure of the planes, that is igniting the severe weather. right now, thunderstorms offshore -- within this area it can be pretty volatile, the biggest threat for severe weather. primary threat from louisiana all the way to mississippi and into kentucky -- well, they have a chance of thunderstorms that could bring maybe tornadoes, like what we saw yesterday in texas. this is a mere threat extends all the way into southern virginia, eastern north carolina, from norfolk to the
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outer banks. more of an isolated winthrop. it is all the way off the tip of delmarva so we are not in the main threat. we are not expecting any widespread severe but the outbreaks. temperatures around 72 both downtown and at bwi marshall. we are expecting temperatures to warm. don't be surprised if your car thermometer reads in the mid to upper 70's this afternoon. clearing skies tonight. the tent -- thunderstorms down to the south. commuting home from d.c., they may encounter a couple of downpours later on. all of those storms staying down to our south and really that is a trend with another storm friday. a good news for opening day for the orioles. for now, not expecting a major rain thread. it will just be much colder. damages only in the 60's and
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50's the next couple of days -- temperature's only in the 50's and the deposit the next couple of days and warming up for easter. >> competition is heating up on "voice." joining us are two of last night's winners lastjessie and chris. afternoon, a gentleman. the two of you have to be pretty sight when you woke up this morning. >> yes. dam it was a good morning, not going to lie. >> you are both on team christina. what is she like as a coach and what have you learned from her in the process? >> christina told me to justify it and justifymilk the moment. that is what i take on the stage and off the stage >> she told me to chrisify it. no, she did not say that.
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>> it has to be surreal to be led by someone of christina's caliber. >> i had her poster on my college dorm. there is no doubt christina is a pro and she knows exactly what she wants out of me and that is one thing i am thankful to her as a coach because he always won good guidance and she certainly has. is this how you envision it to play out? >> it is always something. you never really know until the night before. it is reality television. but it is really about preparing for what is to come. i have to bring the contemporary elements. but at the same time, really enjoying the moment of now, being here with you and chris. >> chris, how are you feeling about everything so far? >> i am having the time of my life.
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after we finish with you we will work with christina. hopping right into the next round. i have something interesting up my sleeve for the next round and excited to show a different side. so far doing a more standard and classical approach, which i am going to do but with a bit of a twist. stay tuned. >> i know you have a lot of fans in baltimore routing for you so we appreciate you being with us and wishing you the best of luck. >> thank you. appreciate you guys. >> you can see it right here on wbal-tv 11, we are here monday nights at 8:00 and tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. alert, newmedical drugs to treat obesity could soon be available to overweight patients. chris chan has that story. the two new obesity drugs could be just weeks away from hearing whether they are proved to -- to be sold in the united states. with one out of three in this
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country classified as obese, it could be very widely used. >> because we have not had a drug approved for over 10 years and we have had very few weight- loss drugs, both of these could be blockbusters. either one could do very well. >> the food and drug devastation is lit to warn it in two weeks. patients used the drug lost up to 10% of their weight, so a 300 pound person could lose up to 30 pounds. arena pharmaceuticals will meet with the fda next month for its drug. >> that drug has made the benchmark of what we call 5% responders. most patients will lose at least 5% of their weight. >> it does not mean people can start gobbling donuts and i screamed. the fda will likely require a be prescribed in conjunction with diet and exercise in hopes of preventing other illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. >> if you did do you do the two together, you could attend as
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15% of fifth loss, a lot more in health benefits and weight loss itself. >> caffeine and exercise and maybe a prescription for skin cancer prevention. researchers from rafters found mice given a dose of caffeine and exercise on a running we'll experience 60% fewer tumors. there was a benefit from caffeine and exercise alone but not as strong as the two factors combined. however, experts say the best way to prevent skin cancer is to wear sunscreen, of course, and protective clothing. when the nfl kicks off the 2012 season, all the teams will be done in new uniforms. nike has taken over all nfl apparel from reebok, meaning new looks. the league unveiled the new looks tuesday in new york city. ravens colors and look remains the same with just some slight changes to the color. coming up next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers and another check of the insta-weather plus forecast. first, a look at how wall street
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is performing at this hour.
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>> and easter bunny goes on an eggcellent the venture, hiding eggs in the sea floor of the florida keys national marine sanctuary that will be hidden until easter sunday when underwater hunters will search
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the eggs. organizers says real eggs and non-toxic coloring will be used to avoid harming the environment. it raises money for holiday gifts for needy children. tonight at 11 is at 5:00, testimony continues in the trial of two brothers accused of running a pit bull. witnesses are dropping like flies. and live report from the wic -- mitchell court house. for college graduates entering the work force, looking for a job -- how good are the chances? a new report highlights marilyn's top transportation priorities of the state wants to bounce back from the recession. those stories and more joining us at 11 news at 5:00. now maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> i am sarah from 98 rock and it is time to play pick 3. for starters, . 7 followed by that is 6 as printed on the ball.
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a final number is8. 768. we will get to your pick 4 in a moment -- you can select, compare, you and share your favorite lottery scratch-offs online, visit the new page at all set, ready to go with your pick 4 numbers. we've got a 5 for starters. the next number is 0. it followed by 4. your last number for your pick 4 game is 0. recapping -- 5040. at the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> ava is back with a last look of the forecasts. mostly drive boston -- maybe thunderstorms this afternoon. amid 70's this afternoon, pulling down thursday and friday and friday --
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>> thank you for joining us for >> thank you for joining us for 11
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