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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the house speaker is that the senate is obsessed with a prince george's county gambling bill. it took only minutes on the last day of the session for state budget negotiators to realize talks are not going anywhere. the general assembly needs five hours to print, this to become discuss, and vote on whatever compromise is reached. the deadline is midnight. house leaders contend senate president mike miller is holding it up. >> if the budget of the state of maryland goes down and the senators are more concerned about the obsession with gaming and with school construction, school funding, hospitals, higher education money, then let them wear that when they go home and tell their constituents why they had to spend extra time in annapolis. >> the senate president denies the accusation. x i am not involved in trade talks. >> governor o'malley does not not want to take sides but says
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the house version looks more like the one he introduced back in january than the senate plan. >> i think governance by ultimatum is never a healthy exercise. >> budget negotiations are stalled over whether to reduce tax exemptions on people who earn less than $100,000 a year. the senate wants to cut the $3,200 exemption to $3,000 for three years. doing so generates $58 million. the goal of balancing the budget is to chop and half of billion dollar structural deficit. next the exemptions have an effect on how much tax people pay. >> the delegation is threatening to withhold its 18 votes unless $2.50 million is restored to the budget for the expansion of the city convention center. the delegation is seeking an increase and the city's bonding capacity to borrow more money for school construction and they want a casino bill amended to provide a cushion between the start of of prince george's
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county casino operation. >> a budget bill was signed, but if they cannot agree on the revenue package, the cuts go into effect and the only way to reverse that is to hold a special session. it gets them through without expanding the current section, but it gets complicated. the budget bill is still a work in progress. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> even though they don't have a budget, legislators have passed a number of bills this session, one being the same sex marriage bill. doubling the flush tax which will be used to clean up the chesapeake bay and a bill that builds the framework to establish health insurance marketplace for individuals and small businesses can purchase health care insurance. lastly, legislation that prohibits employers from firing are requesting employees or
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applicants to disclose their user name or password for social networking sites like facebook. crossfire in westminster has fire crews in carroll county busy tonight. it started around 2:00 this afternoon near a home in the 200 block of sullivan wrote. officials say the siting of the house melted from the heat. >> police in harford county responded to the areas committed the college this morning before an emotionally disturbed person. a student was near the school library and reportedly making dangerous threats. the suspect had no weapon, offered no resistance, and was transported to a hospital for evaluation. a far this week in baltimore city and three more homicides are added to the books. the first happened on north calhoun street. the victim died at shock trauma, a 37-year-old man. the second took place sunday evening on still more street. the 33-year-old male victim was pronounced dead at johns hopkins
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hospital. the fourth took place just before 11:00 sunday night. the unidentified victim was found shot inside a vehicle. he also died at johns hopkins hospital. there are no suspects or motives in any of the cases. >> the maryland attorney general's office said back in october a jury found three corrections officers negligent for failing to prevent the murder of philip parker jr.. he was reportedly strangled by another inmate during the bus ride. the state claims the officers are immune from liability because their public officials. testimony for the city police sergeant was heard in court today during the trial of twin brothers and travers and jermaine johnson. >> they are accused of setting a pitbull on fire back in may of 2009. lowell melser has the latest. >> the case has entered its second week and it is very slow
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going. we only heard from a handful of witnesses earlier today. testimony monday morning was taken up entirely by baltimore police sergeant in charge of the case who said that he was able to identify travers and tremayne johnson on police surveillance video. the sergeant told the court that the typical seen running away from a burning dog on the video or the johnson brothers. he said he knew so because of their mannerisms, which she was familiar with from his six years on patrol in the 1600 block of north gilmore were the burning occurred. the start and also testified that evidence was gathered from the scene, including a red- skinned and from the johnson's home, including two pairs of jeans, shoes, can the backpack. -- including a red-kan. teixeira a blended product was found on the jeans, indicating
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the possibility of the presence of a heavy petroleum distillates such as diesel or fuel oil. the bottom line, and inaudible substance was found on the johnson brothers clothing according to analysts. . we understand the defense has up to six witnesses that it can call. the case will continue tomorrow morning at 11:00. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> meanwhile tonight, they'll four men accused of dragging and raping a teenage girl in baltimore city -- bail for a man accused of drugging and raping a teenage girl in baltimore city has been denied. >> 26-year-old andre haney iii remains at central booking, being held on and no bail status. his family cannot believe the allegations against him.
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>> he says his stepson kurd himself then calling the accusation that he drugged and raped a 14-year-old girl over a span of three days. >> i don't see him holding her without her free will, even though he should have had better since. >> a 14-year-old claims she met 26-year-old andre haney and then walked with him to his house on long view avenue. there she claims he pours a small orange blot intermountain made her drink water so she would swallow it. she tells investigators to try to stop haney but could not. he forced himself on her and raped her. she also claims the next morning she woke up with a headache and feeling sleepy. on that day and the next, she said she was again given a pill and rate. >> i am just saying she was in my house, but the allegation as
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far as giving pills are drinking, i cannot tell you that. >> a girl tells detectives haney told her he had a gun. she said he she never saw it, but he said if i show it to you, i will have to kill you. >> she must have been here two days before i knew she was in the house. >> haiti step father said at that point they told merah she had to leave. prosecutors did not charge haney with rape. they said they considered the circumstances of the case and decide to charge him with third and fourth degree sex offenses and perverted practice. haney denies anything happen, telling investigators that only watched tv and talk. he denied having any sexual contact. >> haiti comes back to court on may 8 for a preliminary hearing. -- haney comes back to court on may 8. we have learnt the alleged victim was in the state's foster
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care system. we are told once they learn that a child is unaccounted for, an investigation is launched into possible child abuse and neglect by the foster parents. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a huge ship full of sugar arrive in baltimore today. the ship is 600 feet long and 100 feet wide and is loaded with 95.5 million pounds of raw sugar. the ship came from guatemala. a long job of unloading the sugar began today. two cranes are continually pulling sugar from the ship and dropping it onto a conveyor belt that carries it into the dominant plant for processing. >> this plant processes approximately 6.5 million pounds of sugar a day, so this inventory will keep us running approximately 14-18 operating days. it comes at a historic time for the plant. in about six weeks, we have our
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90th anniversary coming up for the baltimore plant. >> this is the largest single cargo of refined sugar to be brought to any port east of the mississippi. >> the national weather service issues a red flag warning in our area due to windy and dry conditions. what that means you, plus -- >> have your say in washington. coming up, find out how to get your 2 cents for the multimillion-dollar national mall renovations. >> i am pete gilbert, live at camden yards, getting ready to face the yankees are the orioles. that is later in sports. >> strong gusty winds bringing a few showers in on hd doppler, and some chilly air headed this way. the forecast is coming up. 63 at the airport, 66 downtown. 63 at the airport, 66 downtown. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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>> the busiest national park in the country may be getting a facelift, and you have a chance to weigh in on the new look. emily schmidt is in washington with a preview. >> per se yosemite, yellowstone, and the grand canyon are all huge tourist attraction, but the national mall with all -- its more visitors than all of those combined. even in death scene, you have not seen enough. some things in washington are too big to miss -- even if you have seen it, you have not seen enough. >> andy conaway and her family were walking toward the
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washington monument when they stumbled on constitution gardens. it is off the beaten path by circumstance more than by the design imagined in 1917. >> they ran out of money. there was supposed to be a restaurant there, and now we have the resources and the vision to recreate that place. and also to draw people in. >> the nonprofit group that supports the mall hopes to rejuvenate constitution gardens in this area by the washington monument, and here near the capital. plans are on display this week at the smithsonian, showing a vision of what could be. bathrooms and restaurant where there are currently none. >> i love all the greenery and the fountains. it looks very enticing. >> the trust for the national mall estimates one in every two americans will visit here at some point in their lives, taking in the history and now
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potentially having a small say in the future. the top designers will be chosen next month and then the fund raising begins. the goal is to break ground in two years and have finished project by 2016. >> the dry, windy weather has created some critical fire conditions. several jurisdictions have issued warnings. baltimore and howard counties have old and recreational burning. a red flag warning has been issued and of fire weather watch through tuesday evening. baltimore city fire chief kevin cartwright says people need to be especially cautious, especially smokers. >> we recommend and urged people not to click cigarette butts out your car window as you are driving down the roadway. they can be taken by the wind and rest in dry grass, and soon you have a full of burning oakfield fire. >> cartwright says operate propane and charcoal grills
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properly, and if you do have a charcoal fire going, keep a bucket of water nearby. >> making me hungry looking at that barbeque. you would be surprised how many brush fires start around here. we have not had a lot of rain recently. we are about 4 inches below normal in precipitation for the year. a little bit of rain would help. hd doppler is picking up on some scattered showers, a little rain trying to cross the pennsylvania line come down into northern frederick and carroll county. no substantial showers, maybe a few brief showers over in cambridge. the strongest on the radar screen or the showers in southwest pennsylvania. the potential is there for a little bit of rain, but emphasis on a little. light rain showers expected today and for the next couple of
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days. out here in garrett county, the height in amounts it will be cold enough it may mix with some wet snow. let's show you are almanacs today. 0 in the precipitation column. 68 today at the airport, 70 downtown. the normal is only 62 degrees and the record highs almost 90. there was almost an inch of snow on april 9 in 1985. it looks like up in the mountains they may get some of that. below normal precipitation, the ground is drying out, and a gust of 37 at the airport in the past hour. the winds and dry conditions produce the fire threat, so there is a red flag warning. higher risk of fire across the state from allegheny county right down to the coast. only garrett county is not in the warning area. to the west, 50's just west of baltimore and down to the coast.
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many areas will see freezing conditions out in amounts, especially the valleys in allegheny county where everything is in effect. isolated showers all because of the area of low pressure sitting in in eastern canada right now. " dry air drag out of canada through the legs and into baltimore. only 29 in international falls, minnesota right now. each time one of these areas of low pressure gets caught up in the flow and tracked through, and has the chance of kicking off a couple of scattered showers. late tomorrow afternoon, some should reduce scattered showers and sprinkle popup and on wednesday we are likely to see some scattered showers perhaps mixed with a little wet snow in the mounds. thursday and friday, high pressure coming in and we should get a good deal of sunshine by the end of the week. partly cloudy is the forecast tomorrow, cooler than today.
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a small craft advisory tomorrow, gusting to 25 nonce, those wins on the bay. a rain-no mixture in announced tuesday and wednesday. reconditions continue on the eastern shore tomorrow with a chance for sprinkel our brief shower vote tuesday and wednesday. gusts to 35 miles an hour at ocean city tomorrow with a high of 65 and then much cooler on wednesday. onr 50's tomorrow, mid-50's wednesday and dropping in june 30's for wednesday and thursday morning. a little bit of a warrant under way for the end of the week, and back into the low 70's on sunday. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is 11 sports. >> coming lie to you from camden yards on what is truly a rare and delightful day in baltimore, a day that sees the orioles in first place and the yankees in last. three games into the season, and
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that is fine. in the meantime, the orioles will enjoy it. kicking things off on opening day, it was bad innocent. giving up just two hits. that was followed the next night by thomas, seven shutout innings. he did give up six hits, but but of his way through as we would expect him to do. jason took a no-hitter into the seventh. he gave up just one run. orioles starting pitching has been spectacular. buck showalter was asked what it would take for them to continue. >> if something happens this year that does not make it groundhog day, i like where our guys are mentally and emotionally, but we will see. the competition is always there. we feel good about the work they
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have put in. >> work that has been rewarded indeed. bryan mattison had historically awful season last year kidder reclamation project in the off- season, he earned a spot in the rotation. it was a surprise to many to see how well that redemption worked against the yankees. many people are still talking about what we saw yesterday at augusta national golf club. but watson in one of the greatest shots in the history of major championship golf, at the most opportune time. this was on a day when his partner earlier had a double eagle. 40 yards out of the woods, set up a par that earned above his first green jacket, his first major championship.
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the emotions poured out, nothing like we had seen before. maybe when crenshaw won back in 1985. the motions that let loose were absolutely beautiful at augusta national. a check
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