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tv   Today  NBC  April 19, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ hey hey hey ♪ tonight we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, april 19th, 2012. that's train singing in our studio. the band will be back with more music on this program in just a little while. and one of my favorite groups, i'll be very honest with you. back in the day, train might have gotten their start on "american bandstand" with dick clark had they been around back in the day. and speaking of dick clark, that is who we're talking a lot about. i'm matt lauer along withguthri hall. of course, dick clark passed
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away wednesday at 82 after suffering a heart attack. he is a legend in pop culture in music, in television. his show "american bandstand," of course, those new year's rockin' eves for all those years and game shows and awards shows. we're going to be talking more about the legacy of dick clark coming up. >> he was in our lives for what seemed like forever, one of those people that everybody knows and has a fond memory of. and he was more than a tv host and music producer. he really had an impact on our culture, particularly integrating the music scene. and al roker talked about it a lot this morning. he had an impact on several generations of america. so we'll remember dick clark. and actually, we'll have the professionals here. we're going to ask them to share their memories. tamron's going to join the group as well. and we all have a fun topic to discuss. we just mentioned the lottery winner in red bud, illinois, came forward. >> right. >> what would you do? would you stay put in your hometown? >> yes. >> don't answer yes, tamron. she's going to join us. >> all righty. i'm joining the professionals. >> i'd still live in red bud,
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but i'd have a weekend place in monte carlo. >> keeping it real. thank you. coming up also, guys, saving money on spring cleaning. we'll show you some great sites to get coupons and discounts on spring cleaning products. give you some advice on how to spruce up your home. and i love this part, for free. you've got to clean, it should be free. >> the price is right. a lot to get to. let's go inside. natalie's standing by at the news desk with all the headlines. >> good morning again to you guys. more tributes this morning for music and tv icon dick clark who died of a heart attack wednesday at the age of 82. nbc's chris jansing has more from times square. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. dick clark was responsible for an astonishing 7500 hours of television programming including the legendary "american bandstand" and, of course, the ball drop here in times square. this morning america is remembering a pop culture icon.
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from flowers laid on the hollywood walk of fame to tributes to his hand-picked successor, ryan seacrest. >> we can't go forward without acknowledging a television pioneer and my dear friend, dick clark. >> reporter: generations of fans are remembering dick clark. an american original. >> live from philadelphia -- >> reporter: we welcomed him into our homes for more than five decades. >> this one's called "rock around the clock," bill haley. ♪ one two three o'clock >> reporter: often called america's oldest teenager, he seemed ageless, hosting "american bandstand" for more than 30 years. it started as a philadelphia teen music and dance show. that quickly turned into a national sensation, launching the careers of hundreds of artists from the supremes -- ♪ stop in the name of love >> reporter: -- to the beach boys -- ♪
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even a young michael jackson. ♪ oh baby give me one more chance ♪ >> reporter: dick clark was born richard wagstaff clark in 1929 in mt. vernon, new york. his first job after syracuse university was in radio, and music was his passion. he talked about it with matt on "today" in 1997. >> music underscores everything that happens to you. the good stuff and the bad stuff. >> reporter: a prolific entrepreneur, clark created the american music awards, produced the golden globes, game shows, and in 1972, launched this new year's eve tradition. >> eight, seven, six, five. >> reporter: then in 2004, his life took a dramatic turn. >> clark is recovering tonight from a stroke. >> reporter: he was hospitalized for seven weeks after that stroke. but a year later made a brave return to "rockin' new year's eve." >> it was a long, hard fight. my speech is not perfect, but i'm getting there. >> reporter: after that, clark didn't miss a new year's in new york, cohosting with ryan
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seacrest. >> dick, you've done this for the last 40 years. >> all right. and now, the big moment we've been waiting for. five, four, three, two, one. happy new year! >> reporter: welcoming in 2012, clark said good-bye to his loyal audience one last time. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. dick clark. >> reporter: standing here in times square, it's hard to imagine new year's eve without dick clark. smokey robinson said it best, quote, i loved dick clark. >> so many generations did. chris jansing in times square, thank you. today a court appearance for a woman of killing a mother and her newborn son. officials say she was desperate to find a baby after suffering a miscarriage. she is charged with capital murder. the baby was found safe hours after he was taken.
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new fallout from the secret service prostitution scandal. three secret service agents, part of president obama's advanced team in colombia, have been forced out. they include one supervisor who will retire, another who's been fired, and a nonsupervisor who has resigned. eight other secret service agents remain on administrative leave. the most successful college basketball coach in u.s. history has stepped down. pat summitt, head coach of the university of tennessee's lady vols for the last 38 years and led the team to eight national titles. her decision to step down came less than a year after she was diagnosed with early onset dementia. the mother of yeardley love smoke publicly wednesday for the first time since university of virginia lacrosse player george hughley was convicted of killing her daughter. speaking out about violence against women, sharon love said her family's lives will never be the same. and she thanked vice president biden for offering compassion and support. a noisy neighbor is ruffling feathers in one maryland
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community. the problem is pet peacocks including one named petey that apparently is pretty loud -- yeah, that could get annoying. well, some of the neighbors are complaining saying petey is not so pretty anymore. the local government is considering changes in a law that regulates animals. and if you're counting sheep, well, this one may keep you awake. it's a bouncing lamb now making the rounds on the internet. must be part kangaroo. wow, that's quite a kick. got some height there. all right. you're up to date now at seven minutes past the hour. let's go over to al in new orleans with a check of your weather. hey, mr. roker. >> reporter: hey, how are you, natalie? we've got a beautiful morning here in the big easy in jackson square. let's show you what we've got for today. we do have a risk of some strong storms in the midsection of the country from wichita falls, texas, all the way up to des moines, iowa. a few isolated tornadoes. mostly we're looking at heavy
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thunderstorms with large hail, damaging winds. we're already seeing some activity firing up from minnesota down into kansas. north of minneapolis, we're looking actually at some snow anywhere from about one to four inches of wet show. but rainfall amounts about one to two inches from des moines on into central minnesota. that's what's going on around the country. >> good morning. the further we go into the day, the better the forecast will get. it will become mostly sunny and pleasant >> reporter: and that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ and i be taking care of business ♪ ♪ every day
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and now to "today's professionals" where our panel of power players weighs in on the day's topics. you know them by now. we've got star jones, an attorney and author, donny deutsch, chairman of deutsche incorporated and special guest star tamron hall is filling in for dr. nancy today. >> without going into detail, i'm living a fantasy life. >> you really are. and i don't think you did anything to deserve this. okay, let's start with the passing of dick clark. i know you guys want to weigh in on what a wonderful man he was. tamron, you're first today because you're the new girl. >> all right. you know what, i was thinking last night, i fell in front with dick clark, madonna said she would rule the rule and you think about the chubby checker video, but nor me, i'm an '80s kid. i loved watching the show and loved hearing smokey robinson, diana ross, all walks of life. music is the sound track of our life. i cried in bed over a broken
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heart and sell bracelebrated wi friends. >> the first time i ever saw the jackson 5 was on "american bandstand." the jackson 5 is where i fell in love with music. i used to have arguments with my girlfriends over which one of us was going to get michael or jermaine. i'm telling you, dick clark brought so much joy. and then when he would be the producer of the daytime emmys, his comforting voice over the loudspeakers really did make people who participated feel like it was all going to be good. >> sometimes we overuse the word "icon." this is an icon. i so respect about the man, there are a lot of people who have success doing one thing. he was an entrepreneur, a showman, just as a guy watching somebody else, i have such respect for that man. and he's an artist. >> in this business for over a decade and be so universally beloved. >> the camera doesn't lie. you could tell that was a nice
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man. >> we'll move on. and we'll talk about the "bachelor" diversity. a potential class action by people who are upset that "the bachelor" has never, in 23 seasons, had a bachelor or bachelorette of color. do you think they have a case? >> when i first saw the topic, my instinct was to go, please, it's reality television. and then as you look at it, savannah, if they have some evidence that there was systematic discrimination going on, it is a real lawsuit. it's a real cause of action. if you can show that there's been some financial gain for the network and to the detriment of people of color, emotional distress, you can try to get punitive damages. there are some legitimate issues to be made. e-mail, meetings, that kind of thing. >> i want to hear what tamron has to say. >> i think it's absolutely nutty. we're talking about dick clark who incorporated all music. they realized white kids can
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dance to black music and vice versa. this is insanity. i'm not a fan of "the bachelor," i tuned in at the beginning, and they would have the white guy and there would be one or two black girls peppered in and i was, like, that will never happen. >> let me give you another side of it, okay? abc which is owned by disney is a business, okay? television shows are targeted at audiences. they obviously, because they're not working on -- have done research and for whatever reason that show has a tremendous appeal -- >> people don't want to see black people in love? >> it's not that they don't want to see. here's the reality. let's say you cast a black male. and let's say the group of women are white and black woman and let's say he chooses a white woman. oh, my god, are people going to freak out? or by the way, steve harvey as a movie coming out, it's an all-african-american cast. and 95% of the audience will be african-americans. has anyone on the show been over 50? >> they've pretty much failed.
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>> they are making a business decision that that is their audience. >> that's an antiquated excuse. >> by the way -- and you know me well. i'm about as liberal guy on the planet. we've got to stop going crazy when audiences sometimes target. here's the person over 50? reality. >> you're saying that your business model is discriminatory. and the law may allow for that. if you can show that there was a systematic plan -- in other words -- wait one second -- yes. if black people applied or latin people applied and there's an e-mail trail that says i don't think we really want to have somebody latin on. and that's the way that you prove the case. >> if we go through morning talk shows, how many hosts over a certain age, it's a harsh reality of this business. and it's a business. and i'm not condoning it. >> quickly, donny, going back to dick clark, he took a stand, and it proved to be lucrative and morally right.
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and that was six decades ago. >> you'll fall for anything. >> you are outnumbered, donny on that one. >> my fantasy just went up in smoke. >> let's get to another great topic, dr. google. how many of us are guilty of this? you get online to investigate your own potential medical illness, and you end up misdiagnosing yourself. do you guys in the crowd get online and look at symptoms? yeah? [ cheers and applause ] we all do it. do you think there's a problem of doing this? >> actually, i miss nancy for this specific topic because you can misdiagnose yourself, and you could end up in a lot of trouble. someone who's had heart disease can tell you, a lot of women don't even recognize the symptoms of heart disease which are different for women than for men. it's different than going to a medical website. you don't know who the heck dr. google is.
9:15 am
>> it's dangerous. yeah. >> dizzy, i won't say what i googled, but it comes back to -- >> where did dr. google go to school? do we know the university? >> guys, this is the theme. the internet is obviously game changing, but there's a dark underside to the other side of the coin. just like we've seen as far as privacy issues, just like we've seen in dating issues. this is one more example. >> apparently women do this more than men and women are embarrassed about some questions. >> also, people don't have insurance, you've got to pay to go see a doctor. if you don't have money for the co-pay, you go on, there are many layers to this. but people are doing it for a reason. and i know i'm one of the guilty parties. >> quickly? >> the last word is, go to your own doctor. go to a free clinic. don't get on dr. google. >> let's end on a fun one, okay? lottery winner fortune in red bud, illinois. a retired couple has come forward. they won their part of the mega millions jackpot. they say they're going to stay
9:16 am
in red bud which raises the question, if you won the lottery, would you stay where you were and in your job? >> for years, i did advertising for publisher's clearinghouse, and they would follow those people. the people that left their jobs, their lives blew up. the people that stayed the course were happy. it's a very interesting lesson. >> i brought my ipad because i wanted to prove to you, i actually have a full laid-out lottery plan should i win. $100 million, 150, 200, 250, everything to the amount i have to tithe to the church to how much my mother is getting, it's in the book. >> tamron, would i see you at work tomorrow? >> savannah, since we're the single ladies, i'd charter. >> charter. >> be gone. >> donny, you're not invited. >> he's got a plane. zbl ok >> star jones, donny deutsch and tamron hall, thanks. up next, spring cleaning for free? we'll tell you about that. sounds pretty good right now.
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"today's money" is brought to you by bank of america. ♪ >> this morning on "today's money," saving cash on spring cleaning. it's that time of year when people try to freshen up their homes but with a little polish here and a spray there, that can start to add up. lisa freeman is the editor in chief at "shop smart." she's got tips to save you money. >> good morning, natalie. >> i hate buying cleaning products. they cost so much and it's just not fun. >> go online. there's all these coupons. you can go to the usual sites like but for example i love swiffer, go to or whatever manufacturer website there is out there. you can often sign up for newsletters and get coupons.
9:20 am
also, sites like retailmenot can get you discounts on services so you can save on cleaning services, junk removal services. that's very good. >> even some of these products have facebook pages, too. >> that's right. go and sign up on facebook for seventh generation and other websites like that for particularly green products. >> everybody wants green products these days. so a good way to find those. you've got some other easy tips for us that don't really cost a lot. they can help you clean. let's start with the pet hair removal. >> a lot of manufacturers are -- or rather retailers are marking down all kinds of green products because earth day is coming up this weekend. target, for example, has a website, day. and you can get all kinds of great deals. coupons, they're giving giveaways in the store, reusable bags. >> now it's a great time to stock up. as you told us last time, stock up when things are on sale. so let's talk about things that we can use around the house. i mean, i have two cats and a dog. so this is what my furniture looks like sometimes.
9:21 am
not pretty. with the pet hair and the dust on it. >> well, everyone's got a lint remover around the house to get rid of lint on the clothes. it works great on pet hair. >> my best friend. >> also, another thing i love to use it for is dust on lamp shades. just go right over it. >> that easy. just pull off the tape and on to the next level. very easy. okay. everybody has socks as well. >> that's right. >> you can use the socks for dusting? >> that's right. everyone's got old socks around that have lost their mates. >> yes. >> you're looking for a reason to use them or keep them around. well, look for cotton ones. put it on your hand like a glove. >> right. >> and go around and you can clean the dust off the plants. >> right. >> use it. very gentle. you can also use this for chandeliers and blinds. >> free tool. >> free cleaner. >> new reason to keep all those sockless wonders. over here. those socks without their mates. we've got the microwave. you see all that caked-on yuck in there. >> pretty disgusting. >> you've got a way to clean that. >> instead of using a scrubby
9:22 am
sponge which can scratch, use an old credit card you're not using anymore. all you do is get in there. and you'll see it works really well. and it doesn't scratch the inside. yeah, requires a little elbow grease. but this is going to take some time, though. that's pretty bad. >> that's disgusting. let's close that. okay. and then granite countertops. they are so expensive, you want to keep them looking glor kriou and shiny like this. what can you do if you have caked-on spills? >> caked-on gunk is really tough to get off. you don't want to scrub it because you're going to scratch it. leftover terry cloth towels, put some hot water in a bowl, soak the towel in there. put it right on that gunk and leave it there for a few minutes. let it sit. and then it will easily loosen it up and it can wipe it right away. it's a really good tool. also, you can wrap the terry cloth towel around a screwdriver and use it to get in those yucky, slimy shower, you know, all those little crevices. >> we've got to go.
9:23 am
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coming up, home decorating inspiration from some of the top interior designers. >> recipes simple enough for any home chef. >> that sounds good. first, your local news. [ mocking tone ] i'm ms. brown. i'm soooo chocolatey. i'm giving away money to make people like me-eee --
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news update. >> one weather system is pulling away. we get sunshine back in the picture. we dry out a couple of days before the next system comes in. mixture of clouds and sunshine. milder temperatures than yesterday. mid-sixties to around 70.
9:29 am
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♪ so get up get out ♪ get out of my head well, we shut dunn our corner of midtown manhattan when one direction played the plaza last month. tomorrow on "today," we'll finally reveal who will be taking over our stage in our concert series all summer long right here on "today." the calendar is ready. get your notepads ready. get on the internet, prepare your travel. >> start calling savannah. just kidding. >> we'll get our concert t-shirts out. >> there you go. exciting. it's going to be a good one. meanwhile, changing subjects here, if you are planning on doing a little redecorating around the house, you don't really know where to start, you
9:31 am
may just need a little inspiration from some of the world's best designers. we've got great options to help you push the boundaries a little and even brighten the look of your home with some budget-conscious design ideas. also, floral prints are not just for your grandma's sofa anymore. >> your dress. >> i coordinated with the segment. flowers are one of the hottest trends from clothing, accessories to items even for your kitchen and your office. we'll show you some easy ways to get in on this blooming trend. >> you're always blooming. >> i had something to say, but i won't. >> don't go there, tamron. if al were here, he would say it. i've not coordinated my outfit with this segment, well, kind of. we're both wearing blue. seafood guys to keep it fresh and simple, then you'll never go wrong. in "today's kitchen," we're making oysters and blue fish with the master of seafood fresh ed brown. first, let's check in with mr. roker in the big easy this morning with a check of the
9:32 am
weather. hey, al. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. i'm actually here playing myself on "treme," the hbo critically acclaimed series. i'm working with one of the characters who's a chef, and things go horribly wrong. we'll let you know when that's going to be on. let's show you what we've got going on as far as the next couple of days. here in the big easy, gorgeous weather in new orleans. sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s. we do have a risk of strong storms texas on into iowa. wet weather along the pacific northwest coast. sunshine in the northeast. temperatures a little bit on the cool side. but not bad. going to be kind of wet in the gulf coast. look for a lot of rain from the great lakes down into the gulf tomorrow. rain in the pacific northwest. sunshine along the eastern seaboard. that's what's going on around the country. here's w >> good morning. the storm that give us the rain yesterday will take the clouds with it off the coast. decreasing clouds and becoming
9:33 am
mo >> reporter: and that's your latest weather. i'll see you guys back in new york tomorrow. >> have fun playing yourself. that's a stretch. >> you're going to have to dig deep for that one, al. >> reporter: it is. it is. >> all right. see you soon. coming up next, from your kitchen to your clothes, april showers bring may flowers right after this. and tamron hall to go along with it. i'm here with karen and her bffs
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♪ oh sometimes i get a good feeling ♪ this morning on "today's style," spring is in full bloom. florals are everywhere this season from clothes and accessories to items for the kitchen and office. here to show us to add a little flower power, correspondent for, good morning. >> good morning. >> we know we're right on trend, this is a coincidence, you're wearing a floral printed dress. it's beautiful. >> coincidence but also premeditated. nevertheless, fashion is the first place we can add the floral kiss to your life. >> that's right. you know, at, we're always on trend making sure that we're delivering to our audiences the biggest trends for the season. >> so how do we rock it? >> this is in your wardrobe. this is a simple dress we loved at the gap. and you can wear it simply just like this or you can put a cardigan or a jean jacket over it for a weekend, blazer for the office. >> now, do you recommend sometimes breaking it up with another belt so it doesn't look so uniform? >> yeah. but i really like to break this
9:39 am
up with, you know, a jacket or something like that. >> oh. >> i think that's really nice. i love just sort of the silhouette of it. i think there's something really feminine about having something head to toe in floral. >> okay. and the jeans. this to me looks pretty tough. >> you said you bought your first pair of floral jeans as well. >> and i've not worn them. >> the trick is to not look like you've just walked off the set of "little house on the prairie." pair it with something neutral and modern like the top. those jeans are from top shop. and you have sort of an '80s feel to it. you want to make sure it's not overly -- >> the sheer white blouse. >> absolutely. >> let's look at some of the other things. >> these are accessories beyond the clothing that you can really have fun with. and of course, we have a watch, we have a wallet there from urban outfitters. you can add a little floral to your wardrobe that way. >> these rain boots are awesome. >> yeah, the rain boots are great. those are from targeted, $19.99, as they say, april showers do
9:40 am
bring may flowers. we want to make sure we outfit the entire season with florals. the one item, the accessory that all the editors at daily candy s this umbrella. >> it's gorgeous. >> on a rainy day, it has a pop of sunshine. these are from isotoner. >> moving from to the kitchen. >> the kitchen. we've got you all covered with florals. i think that this is a really fun way to cook dinner. it's almost, you know, you bring a little glamour into the kitchen. it looks like a dress almost, it's so beautiful. that's from anthropologie, also these beautiful measuring cups. >> you can use these if you have a cocktail party. >> yeah. this is my favorite. this is a rose trivet. can you believe this? it looks like your grandma's sort of embroidery, but it's super high tech, obviously heat resistant. this is beautiful. >> very pretty. >> mary mecco is designing for
9:41 am
crate & barrel these napkins. i love these tumblers. these are handpainted from artisans in india made from recycled aluminum. >> i love that. >> as a tabletop, it looks like a garden party indoors. that's really what we wanted to bring into the kitchen. >> let's move to the office because it seems we spend more time in the office somedays than at home. >> there is no reason it can't be brightened up with florals. everything from tape dispensers to scissors we found on amazon. these are my favorite, thumbtacks covered in floral print there. and they say that sort of visual stimulation is sometimes the most creative way that you can work in the workplace. >> absolutely. >> and we have paper clips and really this really fun little mouse pad thing. and all along, you know, we just want to say have fun with this trend. you can bring it into every aspect of your life. and we have all this up on which is going through a brand-new spring makeover. >> oh, i love the site as it is so we'll love it more. congratulations on the baby coming this summer. we'll buy some kind of floral gift for you. >> it's a great summer and
9:42 am
spring gift. >> thank you so much. up next, get over your fear and become your own decorator to create the home of your dreams right after this. man, i'm glad aflac pays cash. aflac! ha! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac! or help pay the mortgage? quack! or child care? quack! aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at plegh! [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] i don't want a plunger anywhere near my coffee.
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beautiful, younger-looking skin, without those chemicals. that's puristics: the power of pure. this morning on "today's home," the secrets of top designers, creating a beautiful interior is all about getting inspired. and the new book "be your own decorator" is full of ideas that can get you started. "today" contributor susanna stock is the author. she's got great ideas. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're taking inspiration from everybody else that you've admired. >> that i've loved from my favorite rooms from the top designers empowering you. people get scared. use these images. take take-aways no matter the budget or space, you can do it. >> you can find great pieces. let's look at the first room inspired by bunny williams. >> she's incredible. we're going to show images from the book and then take-away
9:47 am
products for that spirit. use that great blue on the walls. no matter your space or size. i love how she pairs whimsy with classical shapes. >> those big prints, the whimsy. >> back to bunny on the living room, here's? ideas we can do really quickly on our own. that medallion throw from one kings lane. the texture looks like someone got it in morocco. throw it over your sofa. even if that's the only thing you do. she used these big, bold botanicals. but what i love is go for graphic and color, but i love how they don't overwhelm. >> right. >> so take your cue in that. the great chair. i love this. it's got the "x" the way she has on her chairs, classical and also a little bit different. and then she put these great ginger jars in the fireplace. these are from sea wonder. >> that's a great idea. >> even if you did that, different, special. >> when you're not using the fireplace, the perfect way to dress that space up. okay, next is we've got a really great room that has a lot of cheerfulness. this is the kitchen. everybody likes the kitchen.
9:48 am
>> it's always so great about doing homey and modern. look at this great chandelier. we would never think to do something this sophisticated in our kitchen. i love this coral and then the blue chairs. this is from mayfair. i love, again, kid color but having the combination with the modernness of the chandelier. >> you saw in that picture she had some benches. >> she actually put a picnic bench on one side and then she had a bright blue chair. >> cameos? >> modern silhouettes of the children. this is from andrea pettish. you can literally cut out the old-fashioned way. then she placed it on a bright blue background with the white frame. love how that's modern and traditional at the same time. >> and personal for your family. >> always be personal. exactly. >> okay. and then over here, speaking of personal, now, this is a way to combine tastes. in fact, in the room, the inspiration you're using, a husband and wife had very distinct tastes. one liked modern. >> she liked modern. he inherited a lot of antiques
9:49 am
from his grandfather, how to work them both together. what darrell carter did which i love is he, again, an historical portrait. this is from it costs nothing. and yet it kind of gives a nice significance to a room. >> right. >> and then, again, we have a wonderful, quiet oriental carpet from one kings lane. these are all under $300. it's, again, pairing kind of the elegance of tradition. >> and reupholsteing some pieces. it works. >> it works. it looks so fabulous. >> a good way to add glamour to a bedroom. >> it has a south of france appeal because she combined a yellow with gold accents. i love this. i love this starburst mirror, kind of a glamorous focal point above the bed. these gorgeous just simple yellow gauze curtains from urban outfitters. >> elegant touches, the lamp and the quilt. >> it sounds scary just to do
9:50 am
beige and yellow, but if you look at the picture, you see that it's only elegant. i love the sea gallery lamp. so personal and pretty. >> and lastly, you have a jonathan abner inspiration. >> he does such wows with his rooms. >> small room, orange and pink. >> go for it. use that image to give you confidence. look at this urban outfitters pink and orange, a wow, wow pattern. >> even though the space is small, make it have impact. >> go for it. i love the lamp. the orange kitschy lamp from mayfair. i found a white wicker elephant side table just like he had. have fun with it. susanna, than. >> thank you so much. next, seafood a cinch with easy tips for home chefs. first, this is "today" on nbc. >8
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ this morning on "today's kitchen," easy as 1-2-3 simple spring seafood. fish can be a little
9:53 am
intimidating, but chef ed brown of ed's chowder house and the new tavern in fiphiladelphia ha some secrets to success. good morning. >> good morning. >> we need your secrets. how do you know you're getting fresh fish and why do you like fluke? >> this is a whole one. you see the fillets are nice and wide and clean. you see the blood line. that is nice and red and indicates fresh. >> okay. >> i just sliced the fillets thinly. >> you're slicing on the bias. >> slicing at about a 45-degree angle, slicing them thin and putting them on a plate. any typical fish like this, lots of good olive oil, plenty. >> this is served raw. >> served raw. some sea salt, pink peppercorns, some radishes for crunch and flavor and some color. i've got dill and chives. >> wow. a little lemon zest. now, not all fish should be served raw, right? >> not all fish should be served raw.
9:54 am
fluke is a great one. that's realtime. that's a simple dish. >> even i could do that. as long as i don't have to skin the fish. now, this is a blue fish dish you're making. >> it's a blue fish. and i'm a jersey boy. and i love blue fish. it's an underutelized fish. there's plenty around. everybody think it's going to be strong in flavor. >> it doesn't get the respect that it deserves. >> in this case, we're cooking it with lime and lemon. finishing it with some beans. beans that i split. >> how long do you keep it on there? the hard part is not overcooking. >> the fish only cook for about 3 1/2 minutes total. >> okay. what's the sauce? >> i have shallots in there with the beans. >> yeah. >> and wine and lemon. sorry. >> that's all right. >> and this is -- >> yum. >> this is a dish that we cook at chowder house. >> how long will that take start to finish? >> start to finish, about six minutes. >> now, what's the sauce? >> this is an oyster pan roast. oysters, cream, bacon, shallots,
9:55 am
garlic. >> you're speaking my language. and you put it over a crusty bread, it looks like. >> put it over a crusty bread to soak up all that. this is something that will be great we'll be serving at rittenhouse tavern. >> my wife created this. it's called cracker jack and jack. vanilla ice cream coated with cracker jacks, a sauce made with jack daniel's and some sea salt in the caramel sauce. you eat it all together. this is a dish that we were enjoying some of those products one night. >> yeah. >> i was going to say. >> we love your wife. >> bring your wife by. >> next session. >> check out the new rittenhouse in philadelphia and on coming up, they cozy up with three eligible bachelors and the woman trying to find them love, eva longoria. >> "ambush makeovers" all after
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