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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. it is a sunny 20th of april, 2012 in new york city. and on the plaza, 57 degrees, and hopefully this -- a little rain moving in. >> actually a lot of rain moving in. >> when you say a little, you mean a lot. >> one to three inches. >> i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. ann has one more day off. she'll be back on monday. al is here and tamron hall joins us. coming up we're going to talk more about that prostitution scandal involving members of the secret service. there could be more resignations tied to this today.
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>> we're also learning more details about the service members who are implicated in this scandal and the first photos as you see there emerging of a woman who some say is at the center of this investigation. and now they're also trying to track down and question all the colombian women who are involved. we'll get the very latest on all of this in a live report coming up. >> and then we are going to sit down with barbara corcoran. it's that time of the week where we find out what you can get, do a little house hunting for you from a 5,000 square foot massachusetts stunner to a seattle property with all the modern touches. she scoured both coasts and everywhere in between looking for great homes and even better deals. >> then practicing safe sunning. who wouldn't want to spend the day at the park or the beach on a day like today. i'm going to tell you there's an increase in skin cancer and savannah, especially among women. we're going to take a look at why that's happening. seen so many women these days and what can you do to prevent the problem. >> right out there. >> do you know something i don't? >> closer to the sun.
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>> like a jimmy dean commercial. >> let's go inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. natalie? >> good morning to you guys once again. we begin with the widening investigation into that prostitution scandal involving members of the secret service. nbc's mark potter is in cartagena, colombia. mark, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. officials say investigators have finished questioning maids and other workers at the hotel behind me, where the scandal unfolded. and are now trying to find the prostitutes, allegedly hired by members of the president's advance security team. facebook pictures have now been published in news reports that say she is one of the women that investigators are hoping to talk to. but because there is no official confirmation of that, nbc news is blurring her face. though information is sparse, some cartagena locals are talking. cartagena cab driver juan pena says he is, quote, pretty sure
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she is one of two women who were together in his car a week ago. after he was called to the hotel caribe to pick them up as they were being escorted out of the building. neighbors in the area where pena said he dropped her off confirmed the woman in the photo does live there. pena says the woman, whose tham we are not revealing, told him she'd had sex for money at the hotel with a man who said he worked on president obama's security detail. then argued with him over the price. she said she wanted $250. but the man only gave her $50 and shooed her out of his room. pena says the woman told him she pounded on the door and created a scene in the hallway. attracting hotel security, and the police. a u.s. official has told nbc news the scandal exploded after a prostitute who claimed she was shared by two agents got in a heated dispute over how much she should be paid. representative peter king is regularly briefed on the investigation. >> right now, they're trying to
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locate the 11 women. they have the names, the faces, addresses. >> reporter: two sources with knowledge of the investigation have identified two of the agents who are separating from the agency in the wake of the scandal as 48-year-old david randall chaney, and greg stokes. both high level managers based in washington. nbc news spoke with attorney lawrence berger who confirms he is representing both men. berger said he couldn't comment on why chaney was employing counsel, but he said stokes is going to vigorously defend himself in the administrative process that is available. berger said he still considers both men to be part of the secret service, and suggests they are leaving voluntarily but not under good circumstances. and he pointedly said, whoever is leaking the names from inside the secret service is probably breaking the law. and speaking of facebook, it turns out that one of those agents now separating from the secret service, david chaney, actually guarded sarah palin during the 2008 presidential
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campaign. he posted a photo on facebook and wrote this comment, i was really checking her out, if you know what i mean. last night on fox news palin responded saying, check this out, bodyguard, you're fired. natalie? >> all right. mark potter in cartagena, colombia. the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed unarmed teen trayvon martin appears in a florida courtroom today. this is a live picture of george zimmerman. he's charged with second degree murder in the shooting that he says was self-defense. his attorneys are asking that he be granted bail today. president obama has a six-point lead over presumptive republican candidate mitt romney in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. but that poll also shows the president's biggest weakness, the economy, is ronaldny's strong point. a tempting discover put an airport security screener to the test. tsa officer don williams found 95 $100 bills in an envelope at the dallas-ft. worth airport. he was able to contact the passenger who lost the money and returned it because he said, you
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can't live with yourself unless you do the right thing. and we think this kangaroo has been hitting the gym a little bit too much. take a look. the wild marsupial was hanging out by a hospital in australia when youtubers brian found it. even though it looks like he wanted a bite of brian's snack, really looks like it wants to bench press him. is that real? that's crazy. it is six minutes past the hour. over to al with a check of your weather. >> wow. >> almost seems like it was a fake suit. >> kangaroo version of the situation. i like that. all right. let's see -- >> if there is such a thing. >> there's a line there. anyway we've got a big storm coming up the east coast. first moved out of the gulf, brings rain there. then as we move on into saturday and sunday we're looking at heavy, soaking rain all the way up the east coast and in interior sections of pennsylvania and upstate new york. could see some snow out of this thing. the big story is going to be the rain, anywhere from three to four inches of rain locally from miami all the way up to new york
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city. we could be talking about seven inches of rain in some spots in the upper elevations. >> it looks like we will close out the work week with some nice weather. it is a little chilly it right now. high temperatures will climb into the 70's with a mix time now for "today's real estate." what can you get for under $500,000. our own brick house "today" real estate contributor barbara corcoran has some fantastic ideas. >> i do. >> this is really a great crop of houses.
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>> oh, it sure is. >> let's start off new bedford, mass, a six bedroom home priced at $419,000. >> new bedford was the whaling capital of the world. that's their claim to fame. this home reflects the wealth of this state. it has -- first of all built in 1896 on a granite foundation. with a domed window out front and a widow's walk that was used. the whole town has widow's walked used to watch the men come back in from the sea. it's an unbelievable 5,000 square feet. inside has been beautifully restored to preserve the original details like the columns, the crown molding, the wide baseboards in the entry. that is a stunning stair. been around for over 100 years. thank god nobody pulled that thing out. claiming hardwood floors throughout. the living room has wainscoting and a working fireplace. the dining room has leaded windows and a built in china cabinet and the kitchen has a granite tile island and even a chandeli
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chandelier. what a lovely house. you wouldn't know it's 100 years old. >> all right we're going to head over and get a four bedroom home, this one is in jacksonville, north carolina. on the market for $459,900. >> jacksonville is a town that people down south just love. this one is only 30 minutes from some of the carolina's most beautiful beaches. it's a classic brick home, cedar siding, plantation shutters and 3,000 square feet. the family room has a vaulted ceiling, stone fireplace, a wall of pretty arched windows and the dining room has a trayed ceiling with wood floors and chair rail. don't know what they're thinking putting that plant on the ceiling but each to their own. the kitchen has white cabinets, granite countertop and opens to a big breakfast area. the whole house sits on a big, grassy lot with mature trees, and very pretty house in every way. nothing wrong with this one. >> let's head out to the pacific northwest, seattle, washington, six bedroom home priced at
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$459,950. >> what's wonderful about seattle is the people who are there love living there. there is no real estate bubble. there's tons of jobs if you're smart to get them. a lot of technology jobs. this is an unconventional modern home with three stories. the living room has corner windows and a glossy wood floor. the dining room has a painted ceiling with sliding back doors to the back deck. the kitchen has maple cabinets, granite counters and a tile floor. the upstairs family room has windows on all sides and feels like you're nesting in the tree tops. that's a room i'm sure that family never leaves. and there's a huge pool out back which i'm sure is putting a lot of pressure on the poor kids to be olympian swimmers. what a pretty house. remember it's only $459,000. >> very nice. now let's head to illinois. this is glen ellyn. a home priced at $459,995.
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>> people see right through it. you don't fall for that baloney. this is settled around like ellyn which is a pristine lake. it's 3,000 square feet. it's a brand spanking new house. here's what you get. you get an open family room with a stone fireplace and recessed lighting. the dining room has decorative molding on the ceiling and the beautiful tall wainscoting. the kitchen is up to the minute in every way with wood cabinets and floors, granite counters, stainless steel appliances and a snazzy up to the moment tile back splash. and take a look at this master bedroom. it's elegant. trayed ceilings, wainscoting. it's huge. >> when you say trayed ceiling that's that cutout thing at the top? >> the cutout, the indentation in the ceiling. the same trayed ceiling the other lady ruined by putting all those plants on top. >> last home in maine, a four bedroom home listed at $485,000. >> if you're looking for a quiet
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life, north yarmouth is for you. there are no major businesses. they have a carriage museum, four parks and three cemeteries. perfect place, convenient to retire in. this pretty colonial has a large, welcoming front porch and sits on 1 1/2 acres. the open living room has a fireplace. oversized windows and gleaming wood floors. the dining room looks like the sunniest room in the house. i love the yellow with extra wide base boards and crown moldings. the kitchen is downright huge with cherry cabinets and granite countertops. there's a nice deck out back along with a brick patio and walkways. the bonus of owning this place is it's on conservation land. the beautiful woods you're looking at, you get to use all by yourself. >> maybe it's just me when you're talking retirement, i don't think you play up the four cemeterie cemeteries. >> al, that was just for you. >> barbara corcoran. have a great weekend. >> my pleasure. >> still ahead protecting your skin while you're having fun in the sun. what you need to know as you head into summer. later on, can you afford to go
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"today's daily dose" is brought to you by yoplait, it's so good. this morning on "today's daily dose," protecting your skin during summer. a study released earlier this month by the mayo clinic found women age 18 to 39 are eight times more likely to develop melanoma than they were 40 years ago. how do you minimize your risk? that's the big question. kate white is the editor in chief of cosmopolitan which took a look at this issue and dr. deborah wattenberg is a dermatologist. deborah i'll start off with you. these results are incredible, but this dramatic increase from what we would have seen 40 years ago, in a nutshell, what's the problem here? >> women in this age group tend to engage in behaviors that are considered risky. they want to be tan.
9:17 am
they go to the beach and don't wear sunscreen or try to lay out way too much. and they're also going to suntanning salons. and the rise in suntanning salons has been thought to be one of the reasons the incidence of melanoma is rising. what's interesting is while the incidence is rising the mortality rate is decreasing. and that's thought to be due to education and awareness. >> how much more dangerous are the indoor tanning beds than the natural sun? >> so a tan, however you get it is bad for your skin. there's no such thing as a healthy tan. suntanning salons are very dangerous and our organization has actually put uv light on to the list of cancer causing carcinogens. these rays are very concentrated and increase the risk of burning. they cause skin cancer, sun damage, brown spots and wrinkling. and people are just unaware of the effects of this. >> it's interesting. you think that people, women because we're talking specifically about women, are just unaware or do they just get intoxicated by this notion of a glowing tan? >> i think it's both. i think a lot of women know now
9:18 am
that sun burning is bad. but they think tanning is okay. also, tanning salons we found in our investigation that they lie to women and tell them these are safe rays. but at the same time, women sometimes override what they know because it feels good to be in the sun. they feel thinner when they're fan. all those factors. >> even though these women say it feels good one of the intriguing things in your study is that it can be addictive like cigarettes and other things that people fight to wean themselves off of. >> right. in some people the endorphin rush that you get from a tan is addictive and so when you're not tanning you may feel irritable, jittery. >> pulling you back in. >> right. you have to go cold turkey and just get out of the sun. >> obviously, you're a doctor, when you're talking about something that could be something that's an addiction for people, what's the best advice? >> you have to actually admit to yourself that tanning is bad. that's the first step to stopping the process. because if you think that it's
9:19 am
okay then you will continue to do id. >> flat-out bad completely. >> you have to be protected from the sun regardless of what your skin color is. it doesn't really matter. and you need to apply sunscreen regularly. if you engage in this behavior and continually lie out you're going to put yourself at risk. if you decide to make the change and decide you want to get rid of the sun damage there are so many different things that you can do that include topical agents like moisture aers and sunscreens and laser procedures and retinoids and products like that. >> it's interesting beyond the tanning booth or obvious exposure at the beach, even flying on a plane? >> right. very intense rays there. driving a car, studies show that cancer, skin cancer is more prove length on the left side of the body. even sitting outside under an umbrella, rays can bounce up from the sand, or the sidewalk, if you're in a sidewalk cafe. you just have to be wearing protection. when you're outdoors. >> because even if they're not in direct sunlight, deborah, so
9:20 am
many women wearing cosmetics, we've got spf 15 at a minimum in foundation even. >> yeah so the light that comes through the windows is dangerous. and people need to work on their skin all the time. people often get misled by the fact that they're putting on a moisturizer that has an spf in it or a makeup, because it's not necessarily enough. and you need to apply large quantities in order to get the -- >> slather it on. this is one thing we should overindulge in. and there are foods, as well, that can protect us. >> that's true. well tomatoes and chocolate, they have antioxidants, and that seem to lessen the absorption of the rays. but that doesn't make up for wearing protection. >> absolutely. start with protection and eat chocolate all the time. bad medical advice. >> the combination. >> it's an intriguing article certainly and no matter how dark or fair your skin is, advice you can always use. >> sunscreen for everyone. thank you kate, thank you deborah. coming up, stay stylish while going green. but up next, we may lock eyes,
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>> was it a tough transition? >> i think the hard part for us at first is she wasn't trained at all. so it was, you know, dealing with the house accidents every now and again. and she also, i don't think she had any idea what grass was. she'd been a shelter dog for a long time. we really had to just kind of indoctrinate her. >> she probably didn't have any idea what two boys are like. >> they love her so much. we have a little web extra on our website. and encourage you all, if you want to see more of the story and see how dara is doing. >> did you get a trainer? >> we did, laura gasher. she's willing to offer our viewers some help, as well. if you have any doggie issues or puppy issues at home. go to that link on our website she's willing to answer some of your questions, as well. >> i think it's fitting you got a dog with the name of a famous designer. >> she came with the name and i loved it so i kept it. she is a great member of our family. our kids love her. still to come this morning, jill
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> good morning. we had a little weather system in the west. still far enough west that we get a good day today. once this comes in, a pretty healthy rainmaker. today's forecast, all around the state, lots of sunshine, mild temperatures.>ç/0/0í8
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♪ there goes my baby oh, girl ♪ ♪ you don't know how good it feels to call you my girl ♪ >> you know summer's just around the corner when we announce our blockbuster summer concert series. kicking it all off, usher. stopping by the plaza. justin bieber. maroon 5. chris brown. and the list goes on and on. yeah. so get out your calendars. go over to for the full list. and then mark your calendars and come on down. >> i feel like a concert right now. i'm liking that. meanwhile just ahead greening your style doesn't have to be expensive from organic baby
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clothes to the perfect string bikini, running shoes made out of recycled material. jill martin is on that great bike. environmentally friendly. she's going to tell us more about what she has in store for us. >> environmentally friendly bikini. >> string bikini. >> all you need is string. >> and inspired dishes will change up your daily routine. but first lester holt and amy robach. lester in a string bikini is here to preview what's coming up. >> coming up, well, trayvon martin shooter in the florida courtroom this morning. we're going to have the latest on george zimmerman's bond hearing. and we loved her as mary poppins and maria von trapp. now julie andrews is back as an author. she'll talk about the latest installment of the very fairy princess. >> plus ghost the musical. the 1990s hit starring patrick swayze and demi moore has been
9:32 am
retooled for the stage. and jenna is live in philadelphia with hundreds of volunteers for comcast cares day from those famous cheesesteaks. she is enjoying that. to re-enacting scenes from rocky. there she goes. put the arms up. she's on a mission to find out why philly is known as the city of brotherly love. we'll have that and more when we see you on this weekend. >> she actually tried to fill in the crack with plastic. >> not going to work. >> thank you guys. >> now a check of the friday forecast. >> as far as our weekend is concerned for tomorrow the rain starts making its way from florida, where it's going to be heavy to showery -- and a few thunderstorms up into the mid-atlantic states. sunny and mild through the west. showers in the upper mississippi river valley. sunday, more heavy rain new england into the mid-atlantic states. we're talking before it's all over, three to four inches. in some areas even more. sunny and hot from the pacific northwest. into the southwest of texas. a few more showers lingering in the mid and upper mississippi river valley. that's what's going on around the country.e
9:33 am
>> good morning. it will be a beautiful friday. by this afternoon, the temperatures will climb into the 70's. >> an that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. before we go any further we do want to well camp jaleel white best known as urkel on the hit sitcom "family matters." >> he's now all grown up and the host of a new sci-fi reality show called total blackout. good to see you. >> how you doing? >> explain the concept of this thing. >> the show is great. the show is people basically
9:34 am
confronting their fears in total darkness. we film the show in night vision so the people who figure out, you know, identify objects in the fastest amount of time. they move on to the next round. and it's just hysterical. >> they're afraid of bras? what is that? >> they don't know what it is. so, in the first tank might be tarantulas, in the second tank might be a woman's bra. >> that's the worst nightmare. >> has anybody said i don't want to be a part of this? >> you know, what's really funny, it's not as fear factorish as people think. your imagination becomes your own worst enemy in the show. that's why you see people freaking out over a bra. >> and we've got to congratulate you. you have been just burning it up on "dancing with the stars." won the first duel. what's that been like for you? >> that duel was crazy. i felt like gladiator, really just yelling to the crowd, are you not entertained? i can't believe i survived it. it's like --
9:35 am
>> that's like -- >> it's like no feeling i ever had. i took two hours to learn that dance with kim. >> there was some tension? >> she's fine. that's the tabloids. that's the tabloids having too much fun with that show. and it's unfortunate they put a damper on what my early experience was with the show. i survived the dance duel. >> you look like you're having fun on your show. >> hey i'm doing the best i can. kim pushes me hard. she's here with me this week. i've been doing my whole training out here in new york, too. >> good luck. so great to see you. total blackout premieres wednesday, on our sister network syfy. up next jill's eco-friendly finds. i'm here with carol, flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change. and then there's you... why should i try it? my system gets out of sorts but that comes with age, right?
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this morning on "today" goes green a special eco-friendly edition of jill's fun finds. jill martin has some green goodies for every style and budget. good morning. >> good morning. >> becoming much more easy to go green these days. you can find stuff everywhere. >> first the face wash. >> let's start with the shower. this is great. this is $2.99 and up. 100% natural ingredients and biodegradable. that's a great way to start the day. and it may smell go, too. >> panties that are actually good for your skin? >> panties with a purpose. we love that. this is lazy
9:40 am
water based ink and also made in the usa. that's a great way to get products made in the u.s. >> excellent. these bangles are great. you're also wearing them. tell me about them. >> i love these. mango tree bangles dotcom, $1. these are from 100% natural organic mango trees in thailand. when they stop yielding truth fruit they cut down the trees and make these bangles. >> they are gorgeous. >> and $18. >> that's great. >> more jewelry over here. also with a green message. tell us about these. >> comes in this pouch and this card. this is also a beautiful gift to give someone or yourself. you get a number and then you're added to this global list to help save the planet. and then, a portion of the proceeds also goes to charity. $18 >> the symbols, this one is a globe. cool. >> okay. >> look how adorable.
9:41 am
organic clothing is. because a lot of parents are thinking about dressing their kids in a more organic way. >> organic cotton is also so soft. >> you can feel it. >> and i just went, i don't have kids but when you saw it. >> it's adorable. >> little aesop kids $20 and up. 100% organic cotton. >> and pajamas here. >> this is all wearing the t-shirt, the pajamas, they have the ipad cases. this is a lot to save doltcom and the bikinis, of course. made from post consumer plastic bottles. one t-shirt. >> same string bikini with a plastic bottle. >> a very small bottle. >> one t-shirt will save 60 bottles interesting into a landfill. what a beautiful way. >> and how soft. >> very cool. >> so they have everything. >> now i love this. >> these are great. >> tell me about these. >> 75% post consumer recycled materials. so like cds, old tires.
9:42 am
$90. >> super lightweight. >> and you love this. >> yes. >> and okay tom's has branched out as well. they're doing an organic line. >> the baby tom's. huge vegan friendly, no animal products, $29 and up if and for the whole family. >> fantastic. >> and what's this line here? >> this is a french company which is dedicated to raising awareness about global warming and about pollution. so it's around $100. but the stylish way to go green, and also give back. >> okay. are these leather? >> no, not leather. >> the whole idea -- >> not leather. >> okay over here. >> the pop phone. another version, and this actually reduces cell phone radiation by 99%. >> oh. >> keeping users from natural emissi emissions. >> you have to carry this big thing around. >> i know a lot of people that actually walk around with these and they're cute. >> it's kind of nice to have a real handle to hold onto. wattle bottles made actually glass but they're covered in
9:43 am
plastic. >> this is the biggest thing in hollywood, jessica alba, reese witherspoon. of course they're glass, so recycle them. $28. comes in all the styles and obviously great for your kids because they're covered and can't break. >> excellent. you're also encouraging everyone to get on their bikes. >> this is the obvious one to everyone, not only to be healthy but to be eco-friendly. this is a great new bicycle tamron hall almost like literally rode this out of the studio with a little basket in back. i just encourage you, i think this whole week, to be healthier when we do earth week and just to be more ecoconscious. >> all right, jill martin as always. great fun finds for us. thanks so much. for more on her green fun finds, be sure to pick up this week's issue of "us weekly." still to come this morning, not your ordinary chicken dinner. we're going to get a taste in today's kitchen. ell rings ] ♪
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nervous than handing over the car keys to their teens. no matter how much you warn and lecture you're never quite sure if your kids are going to follow the rules. >> our series my kid would never do that parents get a rear peek at what their kids are up to. >> you have to ask yourself is your teen texting and driving? would your kid get in a car with a driver who seemed drunk? we gave some parents the opportunity to watch their kids in action, and when the rubber met the road, some were stunned by what they saw. with the help of a special camera, called the drive cam, we've been following this teen, mitch, to see what he's been up to behind the wheel. in this case, he knows the camera is there. and will record any risky driving maneuvers. like these scary scenes collected by drive cam. here a teen, busy texting, swerves off the road and takes out a mailbox. or like this girl, so
9:48 am
dangerously distracted by her phone, that she runs off the road. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. so how did mitch do? four months ago, he told us he doesn't use his phone while driving. >> if i feel my phone vibrate in my pocket i just wait. >> he told his dad the same thing. do you think he's answering his phone, maybe texting? >> we believe that he's not doing that, because he's telling us he's not doing that. >> let's find out. a few times it's not his phone that's a distraction. it's his female passenger. >> whoa! >> yeah. >> watch here as mitch speeds into a turn, his passengers are not only wearing shirts, no one is wearing seat belts. >> [ bleep ] for you guys. >> reporter: but does he ever pull out his cell phone? here it is, pressed against his ear, and does a one-handed
9:49 am
u-turn across double yellow lines. >> this is probably illegal. >> oh. >> reporter: but the most disturbing event comes at 3:00 in the afternoon. he falls asleep behind the wheel. >> that shocks me. that could have been head-on. it could have been the end of our kid. >> reporter: and the testing continues. this time to see if the kids will get in a car with someone they think is drunk. joe is just acting the part. >> are you drunk, like actually? >> johnny, jordan and christina have just been told they'll be getting a ride from him. their parents, who have all predicted their kids won't go with him stare at the monitors. they all get up, but christina and jordan are reluctant to go. >> i don't think -- >> yeah, i don't think he should be driving. so -- >> with hearts racing their parents wait to see what will happen next. >> he's getting in the car. oh, boy.
9:50 am
>> yikes. >> we tell the group to come back to the school, where their parents are waiting to greet them. >> why did you get in that car? >> buddy, don't ever do that again. >> it's okay. it's okay. next time. >> it was really eye-opening for these parents. they thought they'd done enough to teach their kids how to be safe but they didn't factor in the power of peer pressure. we have lots of great parenting advice and we test many more teens in our report and you'll be happy to know sometimes the parents are pleasantly surprised in a couple of occasions. >> just so scary. more of natalie's report on my kid would never do that sunday night at 7:00, 6:00 central on nbc. >> up next, dinner. ç]!?>ç/0/0í8
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," what's for dinner? how about the flavors of israel. the owner of the hot restaurant
9:53 am
in philadelphia, michael, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i love the mediterranean flavors. >> we're going to do something really, really simple. we're taking dark meat chicken thighs and marinate them in a mango pickle. you ever had it before? >> i never had it. >> it's really, really amazing. pretty strong. >> oh, wow. >> it's like super, super pungent. really, really easy. we're going to chop up a little bit of chicken thighs. >> and you take the skin off. >> skin off. bone off. you just kind of throw them into a lowell. and hop over here. we've got some unnuns. a little bit of vegetable oil. a little bit of the amba >> how much? >> how much do you want to stink? that's really -- >> sting it up. >> the ranch, too. these you definitely don't find in israel but we have them all over in pennsylvania for the next six weeks. a little bit of salt. throw that on there. there you go. what kind of consistency do we
9:54 am
want? >> we're going to go kind of mete. we almost want it to look like a milk shaky with be really surprising. and we're going to throw it on the chicken and then you end up with this. i like to marinate for at least 24 hours. can you do six hours, that's fine. >> in the fridge. >> exactly. now the chicken is going to break down a little bit from the onion as well as the sugar. >> does that help to cook a little quicker? >> exactly. it tenderizes and makes it absolutely gorgeous. we're going to put this on like this. >> you're using metal skewers. can you use wood? >> you just want to be careful. because they incinerate. >> soak them in water first. >> we cook over open chore cole. we got stopped by security for bringing in a bag of charcoal. we're going to flip those guys over and let them cook. really nice and aromatic. >> back here we've got some great stuff. >> yeah, we do. now we've got cauliflower and a
9:55 am
little bit of lavnee sauce. a strained middle eastern yogurt. right on top. this actually makes a great like faux caesar salad. believe it or not. >> you've got some great hummus. >> this is like the -- when you get sal ass in israel you get a bunch of little salads. you don't get a giant romaine salad. beets, cucumber, pickles, fennel, okra, carrots, some of our bread. and then we wash it down with date and hazel nut stuffed cookies. >> rugalach. >> rugalach. >> thank you so much. >> nice. >> wonderful. >> still to come this morning the real housewives of new jersey. >> and maxi dresses for every age. >> have a great weekend everybody. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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