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tv   11 News  NBC  May 5, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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can he live up to his name? the first test comes in two weeks at the preakness. tom? >> and, bob, there's nothing quite like seeing first-time derby winners enjoy the moment. >> so nice to see paul reddam win the derby. now we look at it analytically. mile and a quarter, 2:01.83, not xaep exceptionally fast for this racetrack surface. i was especially impressed with bodemeister. to hang on as well as he did running on the inside of the racetrack, which probably wasn't the best place to be. a couple other horses, calvin borel's horse, take charge indy and daddy long legs, were last and next-to-last running on the rail. i think bodemeister will be the favorite for pimlico for the preakness without trinniberg to have to deal with. i think he'll be the horse to beat. >> well, i know that we have to respect the winner i'll have another. he's going to have the fans behind him. he's only lost two times. those were both last year after traveling cross-country. he hasn't been beat since then. he thinks he's unbeatable and he's got the right style. this horse has got speed. he should be able to handle
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everything. we already know he handles the big crowds. it's going to be interesting to see what we have. let's hope they both aren't too tired from today's efforts and we get to see a rematch in a couple weeks. >> i'll have another also goes into the preakness fresh. >> yeah. >> with only races in february and april and now the kentucky derby. >> neither horse has been raced much at all so they should have plenty left in the tank as they head over to baltimore. and of course i was struck by mario gutierrez. what a story for him, from the minor leagues, so to speak, to the big time, winning the kentucky derby and becoming the first rookie derby rider to win since stuart elliott back in 2004. so don't forget, for more derby coverage, head over to the nbc sports network for our postrace show. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news. tonight at 11:30, 10:30 central, an all new "saturday night live" with host eli manning and musical guest rihanna. so, bodemeister in only his
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fifth career start set fast early fractions but tires in the stretch. and i'll have another comes charging down the lane to take the run for the roses. -- captions by vitac -- >> i'll have another on the skrout side is closing in! i'll have another! has won the kentucky derby! >> so now i'll have another sets his sights on baltimore and the second leg of the triple crown, the 137th preakness stakes at pimlico racecourse two weeks from today on nbc. and if they can find victory there, they'll go to new york for the belmont stakes in hopes of making history and becoming the first in 34 years to win horse racing's elusive triple crown. for our entire nbc sports team, tom hammond saying so long for now. we'll see you in two weeks at pimlico.
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>> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> we begin with a live look at pimlico race track on a beautiful day. turn. weeks it's o ur cinco de mayo celebrations. are we going to get wet tonight? >> it does not look like it. a cold front is moving across the area. there is some rain showing up. rain to our south. it is hardly touching st. mary's county at this time. what we may get are a few
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sprinkles and clouds of around the baltimore area this evening. it looks like we will hang on to clouds overnight tonight. we will talk about tomorrow. there should be a guarantee of a brighter day. we will see what happens. a lot of clouds. >> well, 138 years strong. the kentucky derby back at churchill downs. this race did not disappoint. the race ended a short time ago. it was very dramatic as you can see. >> fantastic. spectacular. to win the run for the roses you need talent. handicapping the field for the kentucky derby proved hard. no favorite. everything came together for "i'll have another".
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a clean start, then down the stretch it was bodemeister who tried to hold down after it -- called on after leading most of the way. "i'll have another" made up ground all the way to win. the chestnut colt with mario draghi areas on board -- mario gutierrez on board. "i'll have another". here in two weeks. >> the kentucky derby, 1/3 of the big races. baltimore is the home to the preakness. we are at pimlico were racing fans have been celebrating all evening. >> the crowd is starting to empty out of the stands at
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pimlico. we have some people with happy faces, others with longer faces. all eyes are on pimlico now. it may be hundreds of miles from churchill downs. >> come on, javier. >> but local racing and desist were just as excited. they got a glimpse at one of the races -- resources that may raise at preakness. >> he had the 21st slot in the derby. he's racing today. he hopes to have enough to raise enough preakness. excitement is already building. even amongst the youngest of spectators. >> let's see who wins the derby. >> i love seeing the horses run. if it is exciting trying to figure out which one will win. >> these ladies know which hats they will were. >> i will probably go with a purple-lavender one.
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>> mine is pink. >> it's has gold in it. >> the horses are a big draw, but there is other entertainment heard >> on the infield, we have more room 5. -- maroon 5. we have olympic volleyball. it is a great day. >> the ladies have their hats. if you have picked out your hat we would love to see it. head to our website at and click on ulocal. >> thank yo9u. u. wbal is your home for the preakness. live on may 19. new details about the shooting in an ellicott city church. an angry homeless man who was living in the woods nearby shot
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and killed a church worker and critically wounded a second at st. peter's episcopal church thursday. 59-year-old brenda was pronounced dead at the scene. the co-rector is in critical condition. she is on life support. after shooting the two women, the 56-year-old douglas franklin took his own life. >> we do not believe these victims were specifically targeted. we think he may have been frustrated with the church. and these two staff members happen to be there. >> police say jones had become angry with staff members after they told him not to come around anymore. one person has been arrested after a student in pre-k brought a gun to school. the student's teacher found the gun and notified officials. the child is a student at northward elementary school in baltimore.
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the school was put on lockdown following the incident. parents were notified. an overnight crash in anne arundel county left one man dead and another at the hospital. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. along i-695. a saturn was stopped in the road and a pickup had it. the driver was killed at the scene. the driver of the pickup was taken to washington medical center. with his eyes on retirement, baltimore city police commissioner fred bealefeld is reflecting on his decision to leave. he has been commissioner for five years. he presided over drop in the city's homicide. and over cases of corruption and scandal. he says it is time to move on. going real stories -- i'm to be 50 and august.
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people keep saying, you are this young kid. but i have been doing this for 31 years. i do not feel like a young kid. >> he steps down from his post august 1. they are accused of planning the 9/11 attacks, but a group of men get their day in court. it is may 5, cinco de mayo. if you're planning to head out, we ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ >> it was a test run for the london summer olympics. the main stadium officially opened. people all ride to see a university athletic sport in the stadium. this is an important day for olympic preparation to make sure athletes have everything they need and organizers can cope with what is expected to be huge crowds. proceedings started in the trial against the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.
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journalists entered the court room at camp justice in guantanamo bay. sheik mohammed are being arraigned on charges or 976 counts of murder. this is the second attempt to start the trial against the group. a special edition tonight. >> i will have another look at the kentucky derby. so, the orioles. there is something special going on right now. i will tell you what adam jones it did today. we will check on the birds next. >> you had fun. clouds during the day today. a couple of sprinkles. most of the rain is pushing southward. we will see what happens for the rest of the weekend. an interesting forecast just ahead. there we are, pimlico -- overcast skies.
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69. downtown, 71.
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>> if cinco de mayo plans have you out on the town, tickseed taxi is a back to make sure that you are getting home safely. -- tipsy taxi. the service starts at 4:00 a.m. and in 4:00 p.m. this afternoon -- 1-877-962-taxi. patrons will have to pay for any ride over $50. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> there it is. what wasst year, called a super moon as it was a visible back in march, 201211. this year, it is happening tonight. but we have some in the clouds
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in the area i am not sure we will be able to see it. the moon rises at 7:55 this evening. ocean city is closed in with fog. there will be pictures of it tomorrow. the cloud cover felt threatening around here. a raider showing no rain of here. we have a few sprinkles. if you see another movement, it is pushing to the south. our rain thread is not that high the rest of the evening. it might pick up a sprinkle or two this afternoon. the temperatures made it to 80 for the high at the airport. less than 1/10 of an inch of rain before sunrise. leftover rain from yesterday. let's take a look at the current temperatures. the temperatures have been held down. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 60's. the yellow as we get close to
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the potomac river, west of the bay. few clouds. so temperatures now are just in the low 70's. everybody is cooling down into the 60's and 50's tonight during the evening. the situation will continue to change and this storms will move further to the south. my computer seems to be stuck here. we see a couple of good storm clusters and the carolinas. these are complexes ahead of the cool front. we can see. let me see if i can get this going. those storm clusters is where most of the action will be. we have these eastern winds that is bringing in more sure from the atlantic. overnight tonight, we will see a
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lot of clouds. a sprinkle or showers early in the evening and probably more of a sprinkel, 55-60 for the overnight low. that super moon rises at 7:55. the moon is going to be over 22,000 miles away. that is considered close. clouds and sunshine tomorrow. it looks like the clouds may be dominant tomorrow. maybe a couple sprinkles. 68-72 for the high. east wins for the voters, 5-10 knots. no rain chances until we get that to tuesday. showers and thunderstorms will taper off and extend into wednesday. all week, our temperatures will be and the low to mid 70's, which is close to normal for this time of year. >> from the susquehanna banks
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sports center, this is a 11 sports. conditioned ton employees' skepticism at orioles success. the occasional upswing. but this? a 13-inning victory. jason hammel struck out. top 3 was a monster inning. adam jones just rocked over the green monster. his seventh home run of the season. the orioles take a 4-0 lead. mark reynolds continues. the first home run tonight, the second inning yesterday it -- yesterday, the second today. up 2 runs.ll game uve bottom 8.
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that saves a run. the orioles win i 8-2. buck showalter shared his praise for jason hammell. >> after they scored two, after the seven spot, -- we were trying not to let it get away from us. he was good. it was good stuff. >> the washington capitals suffered a cut punched loss in triple overtime. the caps -- game 4 against new york today at verizon center. ovechkin alone with the points. second period, washington caught napping. we go to the third. same score. fiersres, game winner. caps lead the series 2-2.
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in game 5 is on monday. the tough 2 for jen adams in syracuse. feed to sydney thomas. putting loyola on the board. payton drives and scores, one of for three on the day. goes on to win the big east championship, 13-7. hopkins men wrapping up their regular-season playing host to army today. straight power. beautiful shots. oying withr just tyoin everyone. what was that? 5 goals. johns hopkins ends with back-to-
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back wins, 13-6. lee weiss continues to miss practices for the reagans. the running back spent this afternoon hosting and anti- bullying rally. all of the kids could sign this giant mural. stories of teen suicide grab his attention. he put this event together. there is help if you needed and that they are not alone. >> i want these kids to know they are not alone. i genuinely care about them. i care about these kids not getting bullied. >> ray rice, a young man understanding the extent of his power and putting it to good use. >> he is the next archbishop of baltimore and has some big shoes to fill. he talks to 11 news about his
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new role and his plans for the church. >> you can walk herself forward. >> yoga with a twist. sarah caldwell has all the details straight ahead. do you ever wish you could make some things just disappear? ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ]
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>> moving art is always a terrific event. we stopped by the 14th annual kinetic sculpture raise this morning. the concept is simple but not easy. people designed art to travel on land, water and mud. some of the winners got art as a prize. the baltimore clarion is making some changes. now you can see the dolphins anytime you want and for as long as you like with the price of general admission. as part of golf in discovery, you can sit in on training sessions behind the scenes -- as part of dolphin discovery. but there is a bit of a trade- off. took it prices are up $4 for adults and $1 for children. kentucky derby excitement stretta aight ahead. >> the debrty is over.
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>> wbal tv 11 news continues. >> "i'll have another", of course with the name fitting for cinco de mayo came on of nowhere to win the kentucky derby this afternoon. it was a busy day full of activity. a good race. for while it looked like bodemeister had it in the bag. with 300 yards to go "i'll have another" made a moe. bodemeister was the favorite. tonight marks the 138 kentucky derby. lots of interest around baltimore. as we get ready for the preakness. sheldon is live from pimlico. >> the weather was a little muddy earlier but folks were in
7:32 pm
the stands watching local races. now that the derby is over, all eyes are on pimlico and baltimore. as i mentioned, folks came out to pimlico to watch local races earlier and a bet on those races. the winner has been crowned and everyone turning their attention to pimlico. it is about so much more than the horses. there's a lot more entertainment on deck. >> in the infield, we've got maroon 5, little big town, and the olympic volleyball. it is a great day. >> i am going with a purple- lavender hat. >> mine is pink. >> it is going to have to have gold in it. >> well, those ladies are already ready for the race here at pimlico in two weeks. as you are shopping around and trying on hats, we would love to
7:33 pm
see pictures. head to our website at >> cow in down already. preparations are underway for the 137th running of the preakness. wbal has covered. we will carry the second leg of the triple crown live from pimlico on may 19. live team coverage before and after the race on wbal tv 11. now taking a look at some of this weekend's top stories. the second victim of a church shooting is on life support. police say an angry homeless man who was living in the woods nearby shot and killed a church worker and critically wounded a second at st. peter's episcopal church thursday. 59-year-old brand of burlington was pronounced dead at the scene. the co-rector is on life
7:34 pm
support. student brought a gun to school. the details are limited but the child as a student at north point elementary school in northeast baltimore. the school was put on lockdown following the incident. the parents were notified through a letter sent home by school officials. police commissioner fred bealefeld will be stepping down. he went on to say it was a very tough decision for him but he is looking forward to spending time with his family. for many friends and colleagues, the announcement came as a surprise. on may 16, william lori will become the 16th archbishop of baltimore. we got to know more about the 60-year-old who spoke about his commitment to the catholic
7:35 pm
church and what he sees as his mission as the next leader of the archdiocese of baltimore. gary sims with the story. >> the incoming archbishop's says he is excited and humbled because this is an historic and vital arched arses, one with challenges, needs and strength. -- archdioses. >> my desire is for unity in the church. >> as he prepares to become the new spiritual leader of the catholic church in baltimore, lori describes himself as a nice guy. the priesthood, preaching the gospel, saying mass, being with the sick. those are the things that bring me the greatest joy. those are the things i want to promote. >> after learning the pope chose him to become the 16th
7:36 pm
archbishop of baltimore, lori participated in an afternoon mess. someone described him as ultraconservative. he says he is not one that wants to turn the clock back. he wants to make sure the teachings and traditions play a key role in the present heard >> i would describe myself as a person who recognizes we have need and challenges of all sorts. but most especially, a large cultural challenge. and i think we address that in the most creative and life- giving way. >> another challenge for lori-- coming to maryland where the past same-sex marriage. lori says he looks forward to meeting with the governor. but they will work together to get voters to toss it out. >> we will pray within the spirit of charity and a lot of determination.
7:37 pm
>> he is a strong defender of religious liberty. he believes in religious freedom -- and it has eroded over time because of court decisions and legislation. >> we may or may not agree with everything the church teaches, but one thing we know -- we do not want the government messing on the inside of any church, whether the catholic or baptist church, or a mormon church or the muslim faith. >> he comes to baltimore after serving as bishop of bridgeport, connecticut. he will be installed as the archbishop on may 16. >> and in less than two weeks, wbal tv will ere the installation of the archbishop is because it is -- as he becomes the leader of the archdiocese. you can watch the event on wednesday, may 16, on channel 11-2, comcast channel 208.
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people do all kinds of things when they are trying to lose weight. sometimes that means doing yoga in the air. sarah caldwell took a spin to show us how it works. >> we are testing out a new fitness program. fitness program. i am
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>> there is a new fitness trend taking baltimore by strom. the boot camp workout has staying power. >> i decided to try it out after i had my second baby and facing the prospect of losing 40 pounds. >> five, four, three, two -- in ch worm. >> if you are looking for an
7:41 pm
intense workout, the warm up almost scared me of the first time i came to class. but i stuck with it because i was intrigued by the science behind it. >> combining strength training, cardio all into one work out. you are getting a metabolic conditioning workout. you will burn a lot of fat. >> each workout is broken up into 36 exercises for one minute. you realize how slowly time passes when you are pushing a 100 pound sled. the workout is different every day. i come a few times a week which is enough to keep my metabolism firing all week. >> 5, 4, 3 and swing. the afterburner effect, you increase your metabolism for three days after your workout. you burn calories even when you are not working out. >> the variety of the workout prevents you from plateauing.
7:42 pm
our aid is proof. >> i was trapped, in a funk. i did not know what to do to lose the way because i had been overweight my entire life. was to the call for me to get motivated. >> laura says that she knew her sedentary lifestyle was setting her up for problems carr. she thought the group at mr. would make her more comfortable. >> i came because of the variety and the camaraderie of the people. it is more motivating for me to come here and hang out with my friends and work out with my friends for an hour than go to the gym by myself. >> she lost 100 pounds in two years. she celebrated by running at 10 capered >> my goal is to have an athletic figure. that is something that has to be
7:43 pm
maintained. >> by bernd of the baby weighed i gained during my pregnancy. by her first birthday, i increased my muscle mass and cut my body fat. if i admit it was a struggle to make it through a 62nd set. laura col. said the booty up -- the beauty of the camp. you can always add more weight or work harder to challenge yourself. >> it is not possible to master it because the change everything. >> the matter how long you have been coming, there is -- you hear these words. >> 5, 4, 3 and quit. >> kerry looks amazing. there are a number of boot camps that meet outdoors. if you want to give that a try, go to to find out how free.n get the ecced for wowza.
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>> the kentucky derby. 138th running. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> a new trend in yoga makes us feel like you are flying. they put gravity to the test is to try out aerial yoga. >> walk yourself forward.
7:46 pm
>> you have seen them separately, but the combination of aerial and yoga is catching on. >> when i was teaching ariel dance, some of them would get anxiety when it would take their feet off the ground. >> she put more emphasis on the principles of yoga to help them. she adapted the holsters. a beautiful blend of yoga and dance. >i joined the group. weeks, buteen a few he says his flexibility and frame of mind have improved. >> you get rid of all of your stress from the day. i even stopped going to my regular joe class because you get the benefit here. >> another class puts less pressure on the spine.
7:47 pm
>> it's different in that it is non-compression. >> he began to rise your legs up as we are breathing and move slowly. you're getting the same stretching but you can go deeper into some of the stretches because you're using gravity. >> for many, it is the closest they will come to flying. the sky is the limit. >> you need to trust the fabric will support you. and that you are going to explore something new and different. you want to make sure -- >> it could make to approach life from a different angle. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> kind of an on-again off-again day today. a lot of clouds. sunshine. we also had sprinkles this afternoon. the main rain to the south of us were the cold front has been.
7:48 pm
the rain throughout the rest of this evening is not all that high. today, despite the clouds, we made it to 80 for the high at the airport. the inner harbor, 82. the rain is measured before daybreak. temperatures write no more -- around the bay, covering the eastern half of the state, in the 60's to near 70. the yellow shade closer to the potomac river, temperatures in the 70's at this hour. they had more sunshine in the picture today. it has been colder to the south because of the areas of rain. here is the satellite image. a couple of storm clusters over cape hatteras in north carolina. the clouds will fan out as you move towards the maryland- pennsylvania line. here is the front moving further south. the situation is we are going to develop and had developed an east wind. that will persist through
7:49 pm
tomorrow. if that will bring moisture in from the atlantic. it may be hard to get rid of all of the clouds. a lot of clout in this tonight and tomorrow. as sprinkle or shower early this evening is a possibility. the weather is fairly nice out there right now except for the clouds. 55-60 for the overnight low. the super moon starts at 7:55, but with all these clouds it may be tough to see. where and it is close to the horizon, it will be big-looking. at its closese point just before midnight tonight. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. what we had today, similar tomorrow. minimal rain chances. northeast winds at 5-10 miles an hour. the rain chance is dissipating. the clouds persist into tomorrow. if they begin to thin out during the afternoon on sunday. that may be our best chance at some sunshine.
7:50 pm
monday looks dry. 72 the high. rain chances pickup on tuesday and wednesday. all week long, temperatures will be in the 70's. >> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is a 11 sports. >> long time maryland trainer hamilton smith on his first trip to the kentucky derby. no magic upset for the long shot. "i'll have another" stole the show with a perfect trip around churchill downs. 155,000 on hand for the festivities. the pot in circumstance continues to grow. no room to run. overall, a fast, dry track under the sunshine. there is controversy in the front. a little too hard too early. "i'll have another", trained by doug oniel had the blast for the
7:51 pm
last 200 yards. >> so hot today. he was on his toes. we got more confident as we watched him handle things. such a mature colt. at that point, i had a good feeling because he is trained so good. the two races this year have been incredible. i cannot believe he did it. >> two weeks from saturday, we get the preakness. both teams 18-9. go figure. the orioles moving within a half-game of first with the win this afternoon at fenway. that ain't bad. jason hammel struck out. now we knew mark reynolds would turn back into 4. that young man gets hot, wow. the second homer in as many days.
7:52 pm
a pair of doubles per the orioles go to the sweep of boston on sunday. 2000 people are expected to run in the maryland half marathon tomorrow. if the proceeds benefit the university of maryland's cancer center. kim basie has the story. >> erin was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma three years ago. she has had two transplants and chemotherapy at the university of maryland cancer center. she says she would not get her treatment anywhere else. >> i am not a number. i am name. they know me. i like to think i am part of the family here. that is one of the best things in the world, to be known as a name and have your name known instead of them looking at the chart every time. >> she will be at the finish line handing out medals at the half marathon on sunday. it starts at 8:00 in howard county. all the proceeds will go directly to the cancer center.
7:53 pm
>> we see more than 3000 people from all over the state of maryland. the research that goes on here that is supported by the maryland half marathon has spent breakthrough treatment for cancer and a large but other diseases occurred >> anyone who donates $50, will get a stuffed animal of the unofficial mascot of the race. >> he broke free from his invisible fence at mile 5 and ran the last 8 miiles of the race. the last 8 miles, you'll get a split time for running dozer's dash. his mom is a 22-year survivor. in the last three years, they raised $750,000. this year, they are hoping to top $1 million. 2000 runners are expected. >> one day i hope to be able to
7:54 pm
say that i am a survivor and i ran the race. >> good thoughts for her. you say now -- >> the skies have cleared. in the next hour, you may be able to see the super moon. dry tomorrow and monday but a lot of clout. rain chances tuesday and wednesday. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us tonight. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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did nothing to help the boy. previously, the victim would have to prove that the owner knew the dog was dangerous to be held liable. while the ruling has some animal advocacy groups discouraged, there is no question the court wants to make sure negligent owners are held accountable. some pit bull owners say the new law is unfair and discriminatory against the parade. they cite the number of severe injuries victims have received when attacked. more than any other breed. while this may catch responsible owners, you cannot argue the idea of responsible pet ownership to the safety of us all. for more information, go to and click on
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