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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  May 13, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute clogs good morning. happy mother's day. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i miss a robinson. let's take a look outside. >> temperatures are mild. we will have a little bit of sunshine this morning and more
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clouds building in towards the afternoon. 68 at bwi marshall. wind out of the west that 8 miles per hour. that is helping to bring in the warmer weather. expecting temperatures to be pretty mild. warm with a high near 79 in baltimore and around the metro ranging from 76-81. a slight chance for a shower after 2:00 p.m. better rain chances in the mountains and in baltimore for tonight. quite a bit of rain could be on the way. just how much? in the fall forecast. >> a good nose. the orioles bring home another run victory. >> those are not as good for the team but for the local economy. the r rating big on the winning record. here is sheldon dutes. >> the orioles are perched atop the al east, and there is
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plenty of orange and black. >> they are doing better this year. you can see this just by the color of warren john game days. - ocolor of orange. >> downtown businesses and may seek direct effects. >> the busier you are, the more money you make. we're proud to be a part of baltimore. >> with its prime location across the street from the stadium, so far this season, they sit there is seeing even more fans than usual. >> sales are up. tips are up. people are coming to the ballpark. >> they have had to increase their staff to meet the higher demand. >> we have been bringing in people more often this year.
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>> it was standing room only in people were spilling out onto the sidewalk while watching the caps take on the rangers in game 7 band and local businesses hope they can keep this going through the season. >> we have a lot of fair weather fans. we're doing well. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> please looking for clues in two early morning shootings. one was on a redwood lange. a man showed up at an area hospitals suffering gunshot wounds. two hours later, officers were called to a drive-by shooting on east warden pkwy it found a woman suffering from multiple
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gunshot wounds. she was stopped at a red light in her vehicle when a car pulled up beside duran fired shots. we are told she was taken to an area hospital and is expected to survive. >> romney sounding off on gay marriage yesterday on one of the biggest conservative stages. brian mooar has details on this commitment 2012 report. >> the next president of united states, gov. mitt romney. >> of the largest christian evangelical university, he underscored his stance against gay marriage. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [applause] >> that line was a guaranteed crowd pleaser it liberty university founded by jerry falwell and located in the battleground state of virginia. the presumptive republican
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nominee's appearances a step in winning the ultraconservatives that have shunned him. >> if you compare him to obama, yes. by all means, we will side with him. >> president obama made history by publicly supporting gay marriage and was honoring the nation's top cops. with the people are alive today only because of these people. >> talking about civil rights but comparing >> we all know there are many serious injustice is crying out for our attention. we know this. >> two campaigns sharpening their lives in the fight for the website -- white house
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>> what will happen in this weekend's preakness? >> them live at the historic harbor house for what made the war of 1812 such a pivotal moment in our country. >> the temperatures keep on warming. warming. the changes
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>> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with the meteorologist dave memory. >> a live look outdoors at pimlico where the preakness is one week away. 68 at bwi marshall. we have seen more sunshine breaking out over the last few hours. we started out mostly cloudy. clouds will be moving back in heading into the afternoon. if you want to see sunshine, now is the time to do it.
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happy mother's day. not about forecast in store. here is our mother's day graphic. mostly cloudy, but a few patches of sunshine, a slight chance for showers especially after 2:00 p.m. we should be near 80 by the end of the afternoon. 79 in southern maryland. upper 70's along the eastern shore. it is the western areas that are clouding up much quicker and getting a chance for showers. showers and storms in the mountains and a slight chance in baltimore by the afternoon. better rain chances tonight. it's small craft advisory on the base south of san the point. wind south 5-10 feet.
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cloudy and chances of shower is increasing as a storm pushes in the mid atlantic. here's a look at the current weather pattern. but they're definitely showing up over ocean city right now and it is the right over baltimore into d.c. that is seeing this move in. this is a head of a cold front that is now sinking in. all plenty of rain showers and thunderstorms from georgia all the way to southern ohio. this will make it a damp forecast over the next 72 hours. through wednesday morning, notice how the rain comes from the west to the northeast and these areas that are really getting hit the hardest. the shading you see from frederick and garrett county, that is upwards of four inches of rain in the next 72 hours.
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higher amounts north and west of the city. the rest of the rain will be coming in western areas tonight, tomorrow, and into tuesday. we're keeping an eye on preakness weekend with increasing clouds on saturday. >> baltimore's commemorating the 200 anniversary of the war of 1812 by highlighting the people and places important to the conflict. >> you can take a tour today. germany is live is robert. what can we expect today? -- joining me live. >> today, you can expect to see 13 different houses on the historic harbor house tour of bell point. we have a selective type of route but you can start river you want. the best place to start is at the visitors' center.
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>> there are a lot of different homes. tell us as a victory by some of them in the gardens we might see. >> three of the house as long this jury and this has been on the tour. you will see a penthouse. these are all causes that have been restored. you will get to see that. you can see all types of houses. >> tickets are $20. happy mother's day to you. >> happy mother's day to you,
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too. the perfect gifts making sure your finances are in order. help you find the address to pair with your preakness have. >> there is a look at some of the events going on around town. ♪
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>> saying "i love you, mom" can cost alot. it is those two rise to one and ended $52 -- $152 per gift this years. good morning. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> we will be preparing the men of the family to cook for the ladies. >> but not necessarily spending
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a lot of money and breaking the bank. >> the first thing i want to do is give a gifting tip. >> to the boil down to just getting a gift, but what do mom's really want? they want to hear from us. guys have trouble emopting, but give them something more. i should put my money where my mouth is and say i want to honor you this morning. >> everyone should take that hand from here. >> making sure your will is completed. somem's are sensitive to
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financial topics that guys have a tendency to push off. men think they are invincible. >> moms have more intuitive sense of protecting the family unit in they will be more inclined to think about it. moms have a tendency to think more about the important topics like making your will and estate planning is done as well as your life insurance. >> tarp bad investments that are not too aggressive. >> guys have a tendency to want to take risk and often times take too much. we need to temper the enthusiasm with conservative is a much as darkly will benefit u.s. as well. >> and education. we also need to keep that in mind. >> we want kids to have that education solely to make sure
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they do some education planning. >> and they can always get your book for some more tips. >> education, life insurance, estate planning. >> good luck with your plans today. there are some deals out there. redbox has a free rental. free breakfast at ikea until 11. ruby tuesdays, a free cookbook. at dennys, if you send her a gift card, you will both get a coupon. >> you know what? the jalapeno is considered pretty hot. >> this scorpion pepper is 100 times hotter than a jalapeno. >> that could be dangerous. we will talk about [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin.
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it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights.
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>> did morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. we are at valley view farms and it is that time of year. >> and we're going to talk red tomatoes and peppers. all your trust is gone. >> it was never a concern at all. >> all sorts of tomatoes and peppers and those of the two crops people look forward to planning. determine what you want out of them.
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these are great for containers. they will still get you nice good tomatoes. this is the all-around favorite. sweet all of is new. if you like a little tomato- fruit. >> it is great in shape, more all live. >> that kind of gets to be all around big and a lot of the heirlooms. .ou'll see a lot of these >> are these as a hybrid as these? >> they are not. >> they may need more work. >> if you take this seed from an heirloom you get the same tomato. if you go to a hybridized variety, you will not get the same one. >> thereupon to do. >> they really are.
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>> we grow a lot of different pepper varieties. i think we are up to 40 now. just a reminder for some people. green are immature and red when mature. klutzy can pick a lot of them at the green stage and let the last one goes to read. >> does it change the taste or flavor? >> in bell peppers, they're definitely sweeter. not a lot of heat to that. they get hot. >> people are crazy. they like hot peppers. >> i like some of the holier -- hottier ones. paprika pepper. hungary is famous for them.
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>> these are the bombs. 10, 20? >> the scorpion pepper. the hottest peppers tested to come from this one in the united states. >> this and the red a ghost pepper? >> that holds the guinness book of world records, but that changes regularly. i could not possibly eat one of these. >> even a little bit. >> no, no. >> wear gloves when you handle it? >> when we are visby's for seeds, the guys have to wear masks. >> you will see different leaf shapes and obviously different fruit tastes in a lot of them. >> it is fun to do the challenge for the hot peppers in
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some of the heirloom and regular tomatoes, they're easy and fun to grow. >> like most of your garden, walk around. they do get some insects and stink bugs. keep an eye on it. sometimes you can just click them off. there are new insecticides available. >> and their safety is on edible plants. >> and plant them earlier to get some variety. >> that way they are out before the insect. >> it's a great way to keep a gardening journal to see when things happen. >> the internet is a wonderful resource. i'm ready. we talked about pete says. now we're talking about peppers. i'm ready to go. thank you for joining us this morning. next sunday, more about your garden. see you then. >> of the of the question, send
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it in to -- or he was ready. >> 68 degrees and minutes away from our sit down with the secretary of racing. >> what to wear to preakness. iwill help you find a perfect dress. >> in the next half-hour, checking the forecast for today and moving into greek this weekend.
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with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning. >> we will take another look outside. how is mother's day shaping up? >> patches of sunshine and cloud year. clouds will increase into the afternoon. currently 68 and bwi marshall. wind out of the southwest that 8 miles per hour. they're bringing in the warmer air which helps us warm things up into the afternoon. high temperatures into the upper 70's to low 80's. a slight chance for a shower after to o'clock p.m. better chances in the mountains.
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we can see quite a bit of rain through this storm system and we will continue to detail that in a few minutes. >> time for the sunday morning q&a. joining us is georgann hale. less than one week away from preakness and there is a new entertainment ad. who is coming to the infield? >> the assembly line will play oon 5. marro >> it was based on a craigsli st ad? >> i think so. >> maroon 5, wiz khalifa, mr. green jeans. >> they played last year. >> little big town, country.
9:32 am
the darkness. >> we have music for everybody. you're really worked hard to take it -- find a lot of entertainment. >> we wanted to spruce up the infield. >> he said he was getting to be known as the guy who killed the preakness. these and slowly but surely they are catching on out to the way of doing things. >> they stopped the alcohol and it has paid off now. we got and used quite a bit on line about "killing the preakness," but it looks to be a nice, quiet event. >> but more members. that is what you're hoping for. >> they will not be afraid to
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come in to the infield. now families will come in and we have all kinds of entertainment. >> not just everyone can play volleyball. wille men's olympic team play a match there. >> getting back to the alcohol issues, there are $2 drafts from 8:00 type and noon but you were trying to do things to encourage things they do not need to bring or alcohol in. >> it is certainly worth the money for the ticket price. draft beers are cheap and so people can afford it. they're making it soever one can afford it. >> on preakness day everyone
9:34 am
likes to think of themselves as horseracing experts, but people will go in to learn about bettings. >> we have a handicapping tent and they teach you to handicap races to win money. >> what are you suggesting for parking? >> it will be an issue. we have sold so many tickets. the best is to do buses or cabs, because we are full in our lots. >> what is that like immediately after the race as people tried to get out? >> we have the traffic flow and we have changed streets, so it is better leaving their now. >> for years, everyone has been
9:35 am
saying we may lose the preakness, can we keep it? i have not heard that this year. why do you think that is? >> the preakness is huge. if they left, there be a huge loss. when we were up for sale, they did not know who was going to buy. it brings a lot of money into baltimore and maryland and to pimlico. >> if people want to see the lineup of the concerts' so they can plan their day, where should they go? >> >> georgianna hale, thanks. wbal-tv 11 news is your home for the 137th running and we will carry the second round live on the 19th plus live team coverage
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before and after the big race. do not go away. we will be right back with more news. here is david gregory for a look at meet the press. >> coming up, jpmorgan chase's news of a $2 billion loss following risky trading, new fears about whether wall street is truly reformed and house and the like this can still happen. with me this morning, the bank's ceo jamie dimon. more on the same sex today that started last week when vice president biden came out in favor. the president followed suit the losing his own support for gay marriage on wednesday. how will this affect the campaign? the chairman of the gop, raise the chairman of the gop, raise paribas.
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>> or 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> and live look at pimlico preparing for preakness next weekend. the browns are thin with a few areas of blue skies. currently, 68 and bwi marshall. 69 in vienna harbor. the wind out of the southwest that 8 miles per hour. they're coming in ahead of the storm system and are increasing our temperatures and sharing the storm coming in to from the west. drive from baltimore all the way down to ocean city but some rainshowers starting to push across the pennsylvania turnpike right now. some sprinkles moving in to board garrett county. this is all coming in from the west and this will be
9:40 am
increasing west to east through the rest of sunday. temperature-why is come up for 60's currently. -- temperature-wise, up in the 60's currently. frederick and westminster. the western areas are going to stay cooler today with all the clouds. charles and thunderstorms increasing in the mountains through the day. the they have a bit of a wet, dreary day in a store. 82 with a slight chance of showers. eastern shore staying dry. the forecast for tonight -- cloudy skies to a shower is increasing dropping into the 50's and 60's overnight. current weather patterns showing
9:41 am
the satellite broken up with clear skies across the northern counties. finan clouds along the lower eastern shore. patches of blue skies and clouds. this will be the trend going through the day. a cold front pushing down into the plains. this will enhance our area of low pressure, so how much rain are we talking. this is the futurecast through wednesday morning. of lives of four inches of rain. metro. does not save -- the metro will not see much rain. 7-day forecast -- rain tonight
9:42 am
into tomorwow. -- tomorrow. 80 on thursday. sunshine on friay , high og 77. on saturday, increasing clouds and we will time that out for the big race. >> nice to see you this mo rning. get ultimate retail updates. this a be a tough decision. >> some and that is wearing a gorgeous single-shoulder dress from white house black market had. poppa of color at the waist.
9:43 am
these slides, also black house white market. this dress has pockets if you don't want to have a purse. isn't that great? danielle is wearing a dress from bcbg max azria collection. this has the color blocking and gunmetal straps adding nice definition. check out the killer shoes. >> where did they come from? >> also bcbg. fun accessory. a stand out for mayc's by guess with a bold floral print.
9:44 am
gold zipper in the front -- and if you could turn? a surprise cut out. 40% off right now. the hat is in macy's. the shoes? >> not from macy's. >> samantha's hat is from macy's as well. >> do not go away. we will be in the kitchen for sunday brunch in combat. -- when we come back.
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>> welcome for a special mother's day brunch. good morning. you're making one of your mother's own favorites at? >> softshell crabs. this is for you. than one way.ore wh >> these are nice and fresh that
9:48 am
have already been cleaned and dressed. i dredge them in a little flour. you can fry them. everything is great fried. a little old bay, salt, pepper. the classic. add a little oil to the pan, and a little butter. you want the butter flavor but you want to bring up the smoking point? >> not to sound -- >> you want to have a realy high heat because you want to cook them quick.
9:49 am
it brings up the heat. stay away. be careful. what happens with water and hot oil? it doesn't mix. get one of those splatter screens for bacon. [laughter] i usualyl just stand back. >> asparagus over here. >> farmer's market. beautiful this year. all the recipes are on the website. >> we can send you one in a stamped how long do you cook? ." -- >> about 2 minutes on each
9:50 am
side. i use mango, honey, sherry vinegar, brown butter. this must be done in a blende rand it's so good.
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agents, be on the lookout for aliens. [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. >> 11 sport with pete gilbert. >> how long will it last? the orioles play has been downright on so far. we know it goes through and out to mother's day. they keep finding a way to get a win even with buck showalter not knowing all the names.
9:53 am
down the line to left, just fair. bringing in adam jones. a little bauble. allows matt wieters to score. luke scott, swing and they miss. only two earned runs allowed. bottom of the five, adam jones back in the box with a pair of hits. bringing in the breeze as busy demand j.j. hardy making it -- luis esposito making it 4- 1.advantage orioles. bottom of the 8, bill hall. had a 5:30 a/m. flight, started, hit a homer to right. johnson closing it out for his 11th save. final 5-3 and billing for this
9:54 am
week later today. loyola, first round of the n.c.a.a. tournament. off to a good start. defensive player of the year. the golden griffins, what a goal. 4-3 at the half. came out well in the 2nd half. winning it, 17-5. and a credible run for the caps. game 7 against the rangers. that shotnow how got through. 0 rangers.lot -- 20- a knuckleball finds the back of
9:55 am
the net. rangers win 2-1 and take the series 4 games to 3. a final round of the players championship coming up here on tv 11. maybe watch it with your mom. pay attention to your mother today. it is mother's day. >> and it popped and we ran. >> a better range chances for the next couple of days. drying out for the preakness. let's look at this finished product. >> it's beautiful. >> thank you. happy mother's day. everybody enjoy. >> where is the spotter screen? we needed. it got fired. >> we ran under the table. >> have a great day.
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial. >> on the time of determine just what the commissioners legacy will be the baltimore city and its police department. with the announcement of his retirement, there has been praised for his more than three
9:57 am
decades of service. it to grab the top spot in 2007 during a time of record-setting homicides and growing disillusionment about public safety. it was not an enviable position but he did not shy away from the challenge implementing a strategy to reduce homicides and shootings to get criminals off the street -- and it succeeded. he weathered the storm of corruption. by his own admission, problem officers remain on the force and the continued to deal with them. whomever takes over that role has two priorities -- to continue bielefeld's success and to weed out those that employees. changing culture is never easy. changing perception can be just as hard. commissioner beall failed maitre city safe. his successor will hopefully lead the courageous men and women with a strategy that proves successful. we share his hope that the last five years of the beginning of
9:58 am
making baltimore is a person before all. before all. our
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