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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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maryland sometime this summer. >> i move the house stands adjourned. >> the special session accomplished in two and half days with regular session could not. legislators passed a balanced budget protecting funding for education, public safety and other services. >> we've not only been able to make the cut, do the tough things on revenue to balance the budget but we have been able to protect our priorities. >> the package generated a grueling debate every step of the way. the minority leader warned democrats they will fight continuously on the issue. >> we have an $18 billion unfunded pension system. we are here today with these bills -- to start addressing the problem of underfunding the pension system -- we are going to raise taxes and spend money. >> the tax package raises the
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income tax rate on individuals making $100 a year and couples earning $150,000. personal deductions will also be lowered. >> there are two agendas are written in stone in this general assembly. one is to spend. the other agenda is to tax. >> the revenue package raises levies on commercial real-estate deals and increases the sales tax on little cigars to 70% and other tobacco products other than cigarettes to 30%. the package contains a cost-of- living increase to state employees. those opposed argue for letting the doomsday budget cut stand. >> public safety we need to vote for it. we need to do all these things and i still don't see it. >> the public trust is gone because the money that has been collected directly from their pockets has never been used for the purpose that it has been stated it would be used for. >> the budget packet's shifts
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the cost to local jurisdictions over four years. republicans say will cause counties to raise local taxes. >> we have led the citizens to believe we're doing is legitimate and it's all been open and transparent. >> it will hurt job creation and force people to move out of the state of maryland. >> it's likely the governor will sign the revenue package next tuesday. no firm date yet on when the special section will be -- special session will begin. >> thank you. in other news, a city police officer faces charges for allegedly lying to get a warrant to raid a baltimore home. we first reported on this investigation and we go live now for story on the people targeted. >> the outgoing police commissioner warned that more
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cases were coming. the result in this case was a scary encounter with a swat team. >> that was the sergeant. >> that is mary johnson identifying the 14-year veteran of the city police department now charged with perjury and misconduct. she and her friend and never forget. it is the one who led the raid on the house they were staying in a few days after christmas. >> it was like a swat team. they get shields and guns and they had their weapons drawn. >> they say the sergeant lied to get the war and justified. though warren has clear a irregularities. one place, he says he watched an informant by marijuana from the
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house but in another, he says the house was being used to sell cocaine, suggesting he cut and pasted text from another case. the result of the allegedly fudge a warrant was a pre-dawn raid which was frightening and humiliating. >> my son and his friends, they started taking pictures and -- >> a rifle to the house looking for drugs and guns. instead, they found a small amount of marijuana and they said they did not need a raid to get that. >> when they came in, i said the only thing is that and -- >> how much marijuana was there?
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>> 8 time bag. >> and that is? >> it $10. >> so there were to $10 bags of marijuana? >> correct. >> police left a destructive calling card showing the christmas guests in the house apparently trashed. >> they just trashed my room there were unwrapped christmas presents open and broken up. i get a sledgehammer and it brought it back in. >> that a sledgehammer? >> yes they had a sledgehammer. >> the sergeant is accused of lying about the informant's reliability. another person was arrested during the raid and charges against each have been dropped. the sergeant was suspended at
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the end of march. >> the baltimore catholic church officially has a new bishop tonight. william lori was installed in to the honorable position. we have more on today's installation ceremony. >> archbishop william lori says he's anxious to begin. nearly 2000 people gathered to welcome the new spiritual leader of baltimore's catholic church. the procession was extensive and it was all part of the celebration as william lori became the 16th archbishop of baltimore. his parents were part of the people who attended. >> he got to be vicious, my daughter said we're going to have to get a rhone jar. i said what on earth is that?
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she said we can't go to rome on $129. >> after a letter from the pope was read calling on him to accept the assignment, he took the steps at-the position of responsibility in the baltimore catholic church. >> it is a privilege to have him as our archbishop. we believe we need somebody who will shepherd the flock of god's people. >> he was ordained in 1977 and served on high-profile committees for the church involving the sexual abuse of children, anti-abortion and defense of marriage. he is a strong defender of church liberty and preached about it during wednesday's our money. >> let's never imagine the faith we profess with such personal conviction is just a private matter. by its nature, faces public. for phase is meant to be spread far and wide and acted upon through church institutions and
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in the witness of individual believers. >> he succeeds cardinal o'brien who is now based in rome. just a few minutes ago, he finished greeting well-wishers year. >> thank you. a group of kids watched the installation of the archbishop today. he will oversee more than 28,000 students in 70 catholic schools in the archdiocese. excitingnk it's very to see it live. >> it's neat to see the archbishop being installed. you actually get to see what it looks like. if you are in his place, you'll get to see how it feels and you never know of gynecology. >> students say they -- you'll
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never know if got a call issue. >> with the 137th preakness stakes approaching, the post position is now underway. but go live now for an update. >> the post position draw party is well underway. we now know that the no. 8 spot will go to daddy knows best. in the 11th spot -- we are under way now. everyone will draw and there are 11 horses a share, not 14. we will find out what the odds are. the trainer of of the kentucky derby champ is checking and and would probably like to go for the sixth pole.
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coming up later, we will check again on one entry in the preakness. >> we will get you ready for this weekend's preakness race all day on saturday. your home for the 137th running of the preakness stakes tonight. i just got a tweaked -- oppose crossed we get a good spot. -- >> yesterday, a pill mill was raided. >> they went undercover to get information. more on the report straight ahead. >> we will talk with an old school trainer about his hope for a little bit of luck to
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visit his team today getting ready for saturday's preakness. >> a cold front moving in this way theory a few showers along fe
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>> but the owner and operator of a pain clinic are in jail tonight accused of operating a pill mill. >> it has been under investigation for months attracting clients from across
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the country. but still live to the studio for war. >> the case involves everyone from all local doctors to a businessman from florida who guided customers here after his clinic was rated in florida. the operator and owner of the clinic has been arrested following a raid last night. it's believed he operates the clinic with his wife, a cash only clinic that has produced so many prescriptions for a toxic totem that area pharmacists won't fill anything coming from the clinic. but the clinic didn't know was undercover agents had been posing as would-be patients and federal agents were provided with large quantities of narcotics without a legitimate need. we spoke with a west virginia man who drove through the night
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to get his oxy from the clinic. >> its highly addictive. it will definitely make you come after it. >> it was surprising how honor here -- how honesty was with us. this man was also arrested. the affidavit that he had a formula for how to establish a passing click that included making a paper trail that would give the appearance of being legitimate. but this clinic is out of business tonight. see what happened before the lights went out. >> a warm afternoon with temperatures the '80s and hazy sunshine. nothing around baltimore right now but around midnight, we will be able to give it the all clear because i like a showers
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stretching across pennsylvania and is dropping 7 and east and could likely impact us this evening. thunderstorms rolling through parts of new england were the strongest storms may be this evening. a warmer than normal day with a typical high of 74. 83 degrees. 85 at the inner harbor. the record was 92. the record low was 37 and 1973. on the shore of the day, a little cooler. a sea breeze that an ocean city, '80s and around it sells very. by 8:00 or 9:00, getting into frederick and carroll counties. then rolling through baltimore and the i-95 corridor.
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past midnight, the storms fall apart and high-pressure comes in behind and there should be clear skies by morning and a good deal of sunshine and-clout to the south thursday afternoon. thunderstorms possible until the front can clear the area. the wins will shift to the north and a low 50s in the suburbs, the sun set this evening at a quarter past eight. tomorrow, the front will be passed us. sixties in chicago. the key is behind this front, the atmosphere is drier and much less humid. that should do the trick to keep the nice weather going for thursday, friday and saturday. keeping an eye on this stalled out front. we may see some unsettled weather for the next couple of days but it looks like it stays
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safely to the south going into preakness' weekend. these severe thunderstorm threat is up there in parts of maine. a severe thunderstorm watch with a couple of warnings being issued. alas stormy and a shower tonight and the sunshine tomorrow. a small craft advisory tomorrow. in western maryland, look at that beautiful sunshine. cool and comfortable going into the weekend. sunny skies and a little on of breezy side. that will keep temperatures a little cooler. enjoy the weather thursday and friday. a nice looking saturday and sunday with partly cloudy skies. >> we are getting set for
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saturday's running of the preakness stakes. it is an 11-horse field set for that race. luck has a major factor but it's not shining on at the triple crown winner, who will break from the no. 9 position that has only produced three winners and 137 previous races. i will -- the first triple crown winner since '78. >> if we would not have won the bob lewis, he would not be as fresh. we were able to give him nine weeks between the second start and i think we see the fruits of that right now because he hasn't had three starts and if anything he is thriving right now. like every other sport, you have to state injury free. he stays injury free and healthy, he's the type force that could do it.
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>> , four more horses arrive this afternoon, including the second place finisher in the derby. optimize your finished 11th in the derby and will break in the no. 10 post position. the long shot but for the strainer, he does not only the odds and ankles but knows the post draw is critical to a long shot. >> it mattered in the derby. it killed us. i just wanted to throw up, but what are you going to do. it's a random draw. i don't think anybody is palming the pills. we would like to be, as yet 12, i think that the number is. 12 or 11, i would rather be on the six on out. >> he does from the no. 10 post
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position. it's a spot that has only produced two preakness winners in the past. a sad note from orioles history -- a left handed mr. -- left- handed pitcher from 1989, only 56 years old. as for the orioles, a rough draft pick -- they wrapped up a successful home stand and turn their attention back to the road where they will take on the kansas city royals. starting a five-game romp -- five-day road trip. the orioles will try to cool off the red-hot royals' team. they get started tonight and it will be tommy hunter on the mound for the orioles. a tie with tampa bay for first place in the american league east. east.
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>> here is what we are working on for 11 days night -- too young boys sentenced in the death of a girl found dead and an ally -- the punishment they face. and a baltimore grand prix -- why the new man in charge will be a difference maker this time around. around.
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>> your forecast for the weekend looks great. >> once this front goes through tonight, it clears out nicely with sunny skies thursday and friday. cloud the golan but sunday but if the pattern says like this, it should be a gorgeous preakness saturday. >> it has to hold. thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news with brian williams is next.
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