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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> when you have gangs battling in the street and no police, something is wrong. >> citing evidence he has said is all over the internet and others, nothing has been done to stop the cammisa. >> the mayor is trying to cover this up and has no real idea to do with it. >> they pointed out the city has been safer than it has been in a long time. >> we're working hard to make baltimore a safer city. we will continue to prove ourselves. >> the police department has things under control. >> i think the issues are
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overblown. the police department has a plan. i am confident they plan to address these and calm the fears people have. >> o'malley responded by telling a delegate to go to the inner harbor himself. >> i was down at the annenberg and we were 100 feet away from an attack. maybe the governor should go to the inner harbor and wake up. >> the sad and racially charged publicity stunt is sad. delegate says he asked the governor to declare the in the robert a note troubles known
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until the mail can guaranteed via herber is safe. -- enter harbour is safe. >> police of looking for a gunman after shooting in southwest baltimore. he was rushed to shop, where he died. no word on the suspect or a possible motive. this happened wednesday along the 4200 block. take a look at this picture. this is the suspect police are looking for. he is described as being in his 20's with short brown mustache. anyone with information on the case is asked to call crime stoppers. >> bail was set at $50,000 cash
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each for the two men accused of running a baltimore county pill mill. details were made public about their alleged record of cash business. >> the operator walked out of a baltimore detention center after posting bond. a lot of cash but not when you consider the amount of money that flowed to the pain clinic every day. >> michael reznikov is accused of running a pill mill. gerald wiseberg was the manager. >> he indicated he will plead not guilty.
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we're going to fight with the state as we always do. >> four months the dea tracked the team. the state says it was a lucrative cash on a and prescription shams medical business where doctors earned $1,200 a day writing countless prescriptions for the addictive painkiller oxycodone with barely a medical exam in exchange. gerry wiseberg allegedly set up the business and place reznikov in charge. while revnikov earned enough money to buy a number of homes and according to some accounts has $1 million in cash ready.
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reznikov is a citizen. there is a warrant for his wife. his adult children were in court today. one is preparing for law school and the other is set to graduate from medical school. the focus is conspiracy charges that carry 20 years in prison if convicted. >> the boys who were admitted to accidentally shooting of a girl before hiding her body in a trash bag in an alley was sentenced. the older boy will be placed in a treatment facility. the younger boy who said he helped move the body will be court-monitored while living with relatives. both sentences are for an indefinite period of time. >> sewage spilling into several
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homes in brooklyn leaving behind quite a mess. they at least know what caused the backup. >> public-works crews saw it was a break in the sewer line. something was walking that line. that problem is fixed but homeowners are dealing with a lot of cleanup. >> black stuff came shooting up in the air. >> the basement looks better than it did wednesday when four inches of sewage cover the floor. >> i know it was a mess and i have never dealt with anything like this. this is my first exposure -- experience with raw sewage. >> several residents with sewage backed up inside. it is due to a blockage of an eight-inch ssu arpaio. >> we have a big truck, essentially. it is a super power washer. that goes down to the line and
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it blows what ever it is in an el. >> even though the line is clear, dpw crews were out thursday putting a camera through to make sure there are no more blockages or cracks. dpw says their responsibility is limited. >> we're responsible with the equipment. >> sewage was gone but there is a lot of damage. >> my insurance has been wonderful. they sent a cleaning crew here to clean up stuff and sanitize everything. i have an adjuster coming tomorrow. i have a lot of loss in the basement. >> she had some of her neighbors plan to file a claim but the city -- with the city law
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department because of that damage. >> high pressure building in with spring weather across the mid atlantic and the northeast. temperatures this morning were quite chilly. many areas in eastern ohio and western maryland in the 30's. those ducker blue shades, 29 degrees this morning. some of that clear skies and cool errors filtering into the mid-atlantic. a few thin clouds over southern maryland. most locations in the 40's by morning. it should be another beautiful day tomorrow. we will see of this weather pattern lasts into the weekend. >> over 48 hours until the 137th winning of the preakness stakes.
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they had their shot at the podium today. >> the alibi breakfast is part of the unique atmosphere surrounding the preakness. it is the only major sporting event where the allies come before the event. today is about breakfast and bragging, a little collegial atmosphere. it will be all about competition on saturday. >> a tradition that stems from the 1930's. nobody is sure when it began. the breakfast crew from a modest gathering to trash talk into a sizable morning party to celebrate the preakness and horace granhorseracing. >> it is a casual setting. it tells the story of how they got here. about why they're not going to when or why they're going to
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win, hands the alibi. this goes back 60 years. avorite isental f tiger walk. he will have a lot of excuses. they said the best in america -- these are the best in america. >> they get together and share some stories. >> it seems like in the other two legs were spread out, not as close. even the ownership here is wonderful. it is kind of a relaxed atmosphere. we will kid each other here today. >> for those taking in the spectacle this is priceless. >> we have more of these and it is good for the game. everything is good.
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we need more of this. >> we get a little bit of how they have come back or how they like the track at pimlico. it felt a little old school. maybe it is the sign of a special saturday on the way. >> thank you. we had a chance to spend some time with doug o'neill, trainer of i'll have another. why they do not think they will need an alibi at the preakness saturday. >> i do not know that anyone wears and hat better than him. you might have one more reason to make a stop at the white
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marsh hall. >> part of a plan to bring new life and new tenants to the shopping facility. who is moving in and when. >> the death of the queen of disco. donna
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>> the queen of disco has passed
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away. donna summer lost her battle with cancer. with a string of hits, summer remained popular even after the disco era faded. we have more on the life and legacy of donna summer. ♪ ♪ last dance >> this was the beginning of a career that skyrocketed the boston native to massive success in the 1970's and 1980's. ♪on the radio >> her music to find a style. >> she was as big as they come. she was the madonna and the moorad carry and -- mariah car ey and lady gaga. >> she told the today show it
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helped her career later. >> i approach it in the form of an actress. that affected the way i sing. >> when disco died, she switched gears. her album "bad girls" and two hits. also "hot stuff." >> it is exciting when people listen to something and the associated -- the associate it with a good memory. >> she had been battling breast and lung cancer when she died in florida early thursday at age 63. >> a warning for state health officials. do not eat any fresh or frozen
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mollusks from south korea. and includes fresh or frozen oysters, clams or mussels from south korea. also roe on scallops. crabs and shrimp are not on the west. anything grown or produced in maryland is safety. health officials issued the warning because the fda is calling south korea and shellfish are unsafe. your best bet, asked about the country of origin. a promising development in the field of breast cancer research. a vaccine has been shown to cut the risk of a recurrence by nearly half. that comes out of a clinical trial. the vaccine is derived from the h.e.r.2 protein.
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the results were extraordinary. >> it will teach the t-cells to recognize the protein. if a tumor cell were to come back, the immune system could identify it and attack and destroy it. >> doctors want to remind patients this does not replace chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. it is about being proactive but it does have the potential to help some 70% of breast cancer patients. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> to look at low temperatures around the nation. you can see the pocket of cool air at the great lakes. indicating some temperatures that were chilly. 20's, 30's, and 40's.
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it was 39 around deep creek lake. 34 degrees. that dark blue shaded area in pittsburgh, you are normally one of the cold spots of these. 29 degrees, but below freezing in northwestern pennsylvania. this cool air mass, that is pushing east tonight and it will be on the southern -- we will be on the southern fringe of it. expect some cooler air. skies will stay mostly clear. coolerw humidity and close temperatures. with a few high and then clouds, mostly clear conditions expected in points west. it was -- like wind and mainly clear skies. 55 at the inner harbor. the sun goes down add to 8:15
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p.m. that will keep this messy weather down here over the east carolina's to the south. some of the high clouds will be brushing across southern maryland over the next couple of days. the height to the north will be strong enough to keep that storm out of here as we go into brick as we can. some showers pushing offshore toward virginia beach to the outer banks. the skies remain clear. it should be a repeat of today. beautiful spring conditions and some wispy clouds in the area saturday. tomorrow, i enjoyed it. a beautiful friday. sunny skies and low humidity. northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. the sun does not set until 8:16 p.m. for preakness saturday, mostly sunny skies after patchy morning fog. we will see some higher in thin
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clouds. the high at 75 to 80 degrees. it should be and i saturday. waves averaging around 1 foot. a water temperatures in the 60's and lo 70's. in deep creek this morning they were down to about 70. some 30's and 40's in the mountains but warming up during the afternoon with highs of 65 to 70. tomorrow looks great. 77 on the eastern shore. bill looks like the lower eastern shore will be closer to that outer banks system. thickening clouds on saturday. maybe some rain heading to the latter part of the weekend. for our region it looks nice. sunny friday, 76. 78 on preakness sunday.
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some storms butter is in the upper 70's. >> a great title fight. the jury has to decide. >> the governor sets the table >> the governor sets the table i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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>> some new developments out of orlando. evidence has been released in the trayvon martin shooting. one brochures george zimmerman with a bloody nose. no images were released until moments ago. zimmerman is charged with killing martin. the images could determine whether the shooting was in self-defense as he claims.
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john edwards defense team made their final points to the jury. >> a final chapter in the legal, political, and personal soap opera. >> the final round in this high- stakes, high-profile case was an epic legal battle. >> it was like a great title fight. it felt like ali vs. frazier. >> they were told he had planted the "seeds of destruction." the government's lawyers painted a picture of a gritty, ego driven politician who "clearly knew the law and decided to violate it in order to salvage his campaign." and said they alleged campaign was cooked up to satisfy his ambitions. >> it did not focus on criminal intent.
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it made clear that edwards had to have known that this type of money would violate the limit. >> the defense got their turn with the jury. >> their case relied on enter young and the government had a legal standard they could not me. there were never able to show that john edwards knew he was violating the law. >> stressing the campaign compliance officer and election chair testified they did not think that money frodid not havo be reported as campaign donations. now the focus shifts to the jury. >> the has never been a case like this before. >> issues that will from the decision on john edwards's future and freedom. the jury will be isolated and on their own as the begin deliberations tomorrow morning.
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>> leaders from theight of the world's biggest economy iour meeting. >> health care plan is making maryland history. >> he is getting up to $1 million to go to college. to
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at five in hd. with stan stovall, donna hamiliton and tom tasselmyer.
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11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> it is not your ordinary college academic scholarship. just ask this high-school student who is about to cash in on $1 million. you heard me right. trevor queen is an ambitious student. i>> this was the bill and melinda gates foundation. he was one of 24,000 students to apply and one of 1000 picked to receive the award. >> his principal and counselors will tell you this is just an example of how hard work and commitment can pay off. >> i wanted to gain lawful right somewhere. and in order to do that i've tried to be involved in as many extracurricular activities as i could in order to achieve that goal. bill looks like it paid off.
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>> the annapolis high school senior has a 4.0 grade point average. he has up to $1 million to pay for his undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. >> definitely a lot of money. this was my goal, to get a full scholarship, not $1 million. i am speechless. >> no one was surprised he is getting so much national attention and money, especially his principal and school counselor who nominated him for the scholarship. >> he is a prime example of hard work and a can-do attitude. all his dreams will come true. quex are you surprised? >> now with trevor. he is a great young man and he works very hard. for this to happen, this is a great accomplishment but no, not with trevor. >> he gives credit to this
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family. >> i wanted to give my mom back something. she was a single mom. all my life. i wanted this opportunity to give back to her and my grandma who has been pressuring me. >> trevor said he will take advantage of the scholarship which will pave the way for a career in law which he plans to pursue at morehouse college. he is joining an elite group of scholars who are receiving financial help from the gates foundation. >> congratulation. here's a look at our other top stories. amount of violenten events, a delegate is saying he feels there is a major cover-up going on at city hall concerning violent attacks by "roving gangs of black youths."
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bail has been set at $50,000 each for two men accused of operating a pill mill. the group in to ammonium remained closed. the business was shut down and it appeared that it catered to prescription drug addicts. gerald wiseberg and michael reznikov were arrested. they pulled in $9 million a year. monae boys anwho shot turnage have been sentenced. the younger boy who said he helped move the body will be court-monitored while living
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with relatives. family members say the punishment is an injustice to her. a new team of public safety officers will work together during the group of eight meeting in frederick county. the maryland state police said they coordinating council will be in the county until sunday working with state troopers, county deputies, and police officers between firman and frederick. gov. o'malley signed an order to grant state police powers when working outside of their jurisdiction. >> census figures show racial and ethnic minorities make up the majority of new births in this country. killion joins us with what it all means. >> good to see you. minorities make up 37% of the u.s. population, a number that is expected to grow based on these findings. malini johnson is almost do.
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waiting for one last check up before the baby arrives. >> i am waiting for the presidency to be over. >> morgan be among a new generation of newborns. morgan will be among a new generation of newborns. >> all you have to do is look around playgrounds and schoolyards in places where young families are. things are changing in this country. not the 1950's and 1960's ozzie and harriet any more. >> one of the factors driving the changes age. >> it is because of that aging
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of the white population and aging of women out of their childbearing years. that will continue over time. >> some places have shifted to a majority-minority populations including here in nation's capital and four other states. >> president martin o'malley? it has a ring to it. more speculation that the governor is eyeing 2016. >> where he is heading next month that has political loggers a buzz. >> this is shaping up to be one of the largest in history. how much clients will be paying for a share in the social network.
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>> gov. martin o'malley is generating talk about a possible bid for president in 2016. he is headed to new hampshire. the party talks about the governors were to pass the same- sex marriage law.
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he has been appearing in a number of national talk shows in the past few months. the governor has brushed off most speculation about presidential ambition. >> let's get to a commitment 2012. after a day of back and forth on major political issues, we're learning more money could be thrown into the mix for a attacks a going after president obama for his association with reverend wright. romney's response came this afternoon in florida. >> our approach was to make the price more successful. the purpose of the ads are not
5:41 pm
to describe success and failure but to suggest i am not a good person or not a good guy. >> he said he will run his first tv ad in a couple of days. his campaign says he has $61 million in cash on hand. the president has $104 million in the bank at the end of ma rch. >> the perfect president for the -- present for a man cave. yankee candles has a catchy line of man candles. >> thunderstorms in the mountains to the west and down in the carolinas to the south. in the carolinas to the south. we will see if any of til [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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>> tonight, new developments in the case of an alleged pill mill in baltimore county. new details about the operation. the millions they rake in. no sooner than lawmakers, with a budget deal, they are preparing for a second special session. how the landscape of gambling in maryland could soon be changing. we will have a stories
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>> the store is expected to open in october at the same occupation -- at the same place it occupied four years ago. the new deal is part of the plan to refresh the moll. >> the economy is getting stronger but americans still faces some tough challenges. that is the message from tim geithner. who spoke to business leaders this morning in baltimore. >> americans are saving more than they did before the crisis. our fiscal deficits have declined. we're borrowing much less from the rest of the world. >> in front of a packed crowd downtown, a u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner addressed the crowd. >> the future -- it is important
5:46 pm
to strengthen growth now. the most effective way to get more americans back to work is to strengthen economic growth today. congress acted this week to -- which helps businesses to export around the world. congress needs to act to prevent interest rates on certain loans from doubling. they could act to pass a transportation bill. >> a perfect opportunity to hear from a true insider about his perspective about the economy. we know what goes on in europe will affect us. >> they played host to the secretary who answered questions about everything from the jpmorgan losses to what he called the misconception the government is overspending and continuing to grow. part that is growing
5:47 pm
going forward is medicare, medicaid, and social security. those cost increases are being driven by the fact that more americans are retiring. they are driven by demography. you cannot repeal the aging of the population. >> the secretary talked about economic development and the need for job growth which is foremost on the minds of most of those here. >> he outlined the growth that is occurring and has occurred since the recession and the economic past four. i thought it was very upbeat. >> business people are not sure which way things are going. they are not willing to take that next leap to add new people to the workforce, to buy additional pieces of equipment. they do not know what policies will be in the future. >> i am hopeful. we will get some of the investments he is talking about, infrastructure and education investments.
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that is how we will stay competitive. >> this is part of a nationwide tour to have about the president does economic plan. three weeks ago, he was on the west coast. >> cold front went through class in early this morning. temperatures cooled off. we ended up with the warmer day. we hit 75. that is the official weather station for this area. 59 in the morning. tomorrow will be a little chilly air. many of the al lang suburbs will dip into the 40's. tree pollen count in the moderate range. if you suffer from grass pollen allergies, and maybe you started to feel a little. that is becoming the more dominant pollen in the atmosphere. in a little bit of wheat pollen
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for a total count of 84. we do have a storm system in the outer banks and we have some high, thin clouds from that system across central and eastern maryland. that will be the weather player as fellas -- as far as unsettled weather conditions go. also in the mountains of western virginia on the wv border, showers and thunderstorms have developed. that east wind is pushing moisture into the mountains. that aslope flow is producing scattered storms and thundershowers. points north and west, it has been a gorgeous spring day. 71 in hagerstown. 60's in the mountains. baltimore tonight, clear skies and a northeast wind. 45 in the cold outlying suburbs. the sun does not set until 8:15
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p.m. clear skies around baltimore and toward cleveland and the great lakes and across the ohio valley. the storm will be spinning its wheels down there for the next couple of days. clouds and showers, we could use some wet weather down there. they're picking up some beneficial rain. this area of high pressure will stay strong enough to keep that storm away. that is what you'll see on the futurecast. other than occasional high clouds, we stayed dry and comfortable here where the stormy weather is further south. a sunny friday. northeast wind at 10. for the preakness, mostly sunny and some patchy morning fog that will burn off. temperatures reaching the 70's and maybe 18 at downtown baltimore. whether conditions look nice. a for 70's on saturday. 80 and sunday. a chance for showers and storms on monday and tuesday. high temperatures in the mid- to
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the upper 70's. seeing recordare stayin low mortgage rates. dipping to a low of reports 79%. the decline has made home buying and refinancing more affordable for those who can qualify. low mortgage rates have boosted builder confidence which rose to a five-year high. home construction has improved in six months, a reflection of increase in confidence. there is frenzied anticipation on wall street for the launch of the sale of facebook stock. $100 billion. the value facebook could have after its initial public offering of stock which could make it one of the biggest losses ever. toole hundred 41 million shares are up for sale. costing institutional investors $38 per share. should individual investors try
5:52 pm
to jump in on the bandwagon? >> almost every single deal that has been public has descended, gone down after the first day and you get burned if you come in behind. >> mark zuckerberg will become even richer on friday. some of his employes because they hold company's stock will become millionaires overnight. just in time for father's day. the yankee candle company is rolling out a line of sense made for man. -- scents for men. very clever. the new line is not too far- fetched. men make up 30% of their customers. they may buy candles for others
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in their lives. >> it may have been a gamble. lawmakers are going at it once again in the special second session. what they plan to tackle and when coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> all kinds of presented activities going on all around town. a live report coming next. a live report coming next.
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>> the sound of the trumpets.
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the 137th running of the preakness is so close, you can almost taste it. how are things shaping up tonight? >> billups of outstanding. it is beautiful. a beautiful day to day as far as the weather is concerned. freshly painted and flowers everywhere. it is impressive. the preakness race is a horse race. it is a big deal. for us in maryland in baltimore, and is a week-long series of all kinds of happenings. at lexington market, it was the preakness crab derby. the idea is to get your crap to be the first to cross the crab finish line. -- your crab to be the first to cross the crab finish line.
5:57 pm
>> they were making the floor blankets that will winners. >> we put this inside the matting and lock it in. then we put a backing on it. >> some young people were running about horses. >> she runs city rance, a program to get the young people familiar with horses. >> they learn a lot. >> absolutely. there is 1000 questions they ask. why is he standing with his foot like that? >> there were all kinds of
5:58 pm
activities for the kids from grooming of course to planning its hooves and saddling up and finally writiy riding. this is their first time they have been around horses. >> i like brushing him. at first i was scared of him. i want a farm. >> now this is a connection. i wantridden a horse, to go to the preakness or see some horse racing. >> the young folks were having a ball. this saturday, the preakness and a lot of folks will be having fun at the hilltop. >> it definitely looks beautiful
5:59 pm
out there. it is time for voting. here is your second option. b for this one and c if you like the blue. and d if you prefer to see this hat. 8509. standard text messaging rates apply. -- 88509. >> from the top of their game to shackled in court. the latest on the pill mill investigation. >> a maryland delegate make some controversial remarks about baltimore city and youth crime. quex before convening a second special session, the governor seeks expert guidance. we know what he has in mind. 11 news st


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