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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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descending for the g-8 summit. >> local police are working around the block to protect the global leaders. we have the big story. >> police say only one demonstrator was out here but they are expecting a much bigger crowd when more demonstrators from occupied baltimore and other movements are expected to be here for the summit. police want to protect people's first amendment rights while keeping the area secure. of seven leading economies and russia are fl ying. >> it is overwhelming. >> as president obama and other heads of state arrive, deputies
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have increased their patrols. >> we have a lot more law- enforcement on hand that we do on a regular day. we are handling this business as usual. we do not expect or anticipating any violence. >> it will have help from federal law-enforcement agents and the state law enforcement council which will make its debut this weekend. the council has public safety officers who have been trained. >> things like dealing with people who are trespassing, people who are protesting. people who are causing disturbances that interfere with traffic or businesses. >> our role in this are to protect the first amendment rights and protect the citizens. >> is there a to see all the policemen around and the guards. i am thinking the president, they have got to be here.
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>> the summit is expected to conclude on saturday. >> while world leaders discuss the global economy, timothy geithner spoke to business leaders about job growth and expressed concerns the government was spending beyond its means. >> the only people think of about the government that is growing going forward is medicare, medicaid, and social security. those cost increases are being driven by the fact that more americans are retiring. they're driven by demography. you cannot repeal the aging of the population. >> he took time to answer questions about hot-button issues such as the massive jpmorgan tracchase trading loss.
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>> one maryland delegate believes that violent crime is out of control, caused by "gangs of black youth." he is calling on the governor to enlist the state police. >> it is my opinion the governor -- mayor is trying to downplay this and is engaged in a cover- up. she has no real clue as to how to deal with it. >> we're working very hard to make baltimore safer city and over the last five years we have proven ourselves and we will continue to prove ourselves progress police are taking offense to the delicate's, a point of the city has been safer. the police department have things unders control. >> there are some issues but the
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police to britain has a plan. there will help us calm those fears that people have. >> the mayor's office which says juvenile crime has been down released the following statement. his head and racially charged son is not deserving of a response and we're proud for the men and women of the place to rent for reducing crime to historic lows. the delegate wants the mayor to designate downtown a no-travels alone. >> a corporal in the anne arundel police force has been suspended for improperly accessing the police data base. the latest fallout on the investigation of john leopold. he is charged with misusing his police security detail to facilitate romantic encounters with a county employee and to run personal errands.
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he is accused of using police to collect information about political opponents. the suspension of the corporal is related to that part of the investigation. we're following the latest development of a pain clinic rate. a pair of entrepreneurs found themselves shackled in court, charged with running a baltimore county pill mill. the details began to emerge about-operation that authorities say was a medical sham. >> only the i-team was there as he walked out. also arrested, gerald wiseberg.
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as addicts from across the country looks for prescriptions for painkillers like oxycodone. >> he will plead not guilty and we're going to fight with the state as we always do. >> 79-year-old wiseberg who ran a clinic in florida reznikov in charge. the clinic brought in $36,000 a day as up to 30 patients a day sot so-called driven. they are accused of facilitating the abuse of of sit out -- oxycodone. why would maryland be fertile ground? it does not have a drug monitoring program open running. in other states is harder. which is why people from those other states found themselves
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waiting in aid to ammonium parking lot with cash in hand. quex annapolis police say suspicion over missing license plate led them to a big drug bust. it started when they pulled or a lincoln. the driver had a suspended license and his passenger had three bench warrants out for his arrest. the surprises did not stop there. they found residue and bogus prescriptions for painkillers and all that went down. police finish up and returned her keys and check out her car and found $16,000 worth of heroin. all three face multiple charges. >> police are investigating a bizarre dinner theater car crash with a vehicle ending up in a homeowner's yard. the cars slammed through a
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chain-link fence and went airborne. flipping over and crushing along this home on the 800 block of chester avenue. one person was taken to a nearby hospital. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. there was no visible damage to the house. here are some surveillance photos. this man robbed the suntrust banks when state inside the safe way on mountain road in pasadena. he did not display a weapon but he implied he had won. he is believed to be in his 20s with short brown hair and mustache. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. >> several residents in south baltimore come. -- continue the unimaginable clean up after several inches of sewage came spilling out into their home. the back of which affected several homes in the 3700 block was caused by a blockage in an
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age inch cigar line. dpw said their responsibility is limited when it comes to helping residents because of liability. >> where are responsible for pumping the water down. when we get that down to about an inch, the homeowners can call their insurance company. >> many people have made plans to or have filed claims with the city pose a lot department for things that were ruined like furniture and clothing. >> more documents made public in the trayvon martin shooting case. this is a never before seen image, george is a lemon with blood under his nose and a small cut on his hand. he said he acted in self-defense when he shot trayvon martin in february. also mentioned within the pages, the teenager's autopsy showing he had marijuana in his system that night he was killed and he suffered a gunshot wound to his chest from close range. jury deliberations are set to begin in the campaign finance trial of john edwards.
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he is accused of using $1 million to hide his prevent mistress. the defense said in closing edwards was guilty of sins, not crimes. if found guilty, he could face up to 30 years in prison. >> a new warning about a popular antibiotic that is used for bronchitis and other common infections. many ask for it by name, the z pack. the studied was the till. for patients who have risk factors, the drug could cause an abnormal or fatal heart rhythm. it will review the observational said the study and added that patient safety is the company's
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top priority. doctors wrote more than 5 million prescriptions last year. sales totaled $1.80 billion. several medical experts caution that additional research is needed. >> it is not quite powerball. there is frenzied anticipation on wall street. >> will you like a new facebook? the update on the company's potential. preakness prep reaches a new pitch. >> wet whether to the south. it is cooling off especially in the outlying areas. the inner harbor a
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as facebook will flex its muscle on wall street as it begins trading on the nasdaq at 11:00 a.m. it will be worth an estimated $104 billion. we're live in the newsroom with details on the anticipated facebook frenzy. shares 241 million available. >> facebook is hitting the stock market. >> it was the show.
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it was all about facebook today and whether you're getting shares or not. >> it is priced at $38 a share. >> my advice to most people is getting individual shares on the offering is next to impossible. it is being given to big institutions, insurance companies, mutual fund companies. you're not likely to get any shares at the offering price of $38. >> jonathan murray advises investors not to get caught up in the stock. he says it will be volatile. most casual investors will fall apart without doing anything. >> you on facebook through one of your mutual funds. all these have shares allocated to them in their mutual fund. chances are good that you are going to get ownership of facebook by only those mutual funds in your 401k. >> how will facebook make money
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long term? banking on ad revenue and there are a lot of questions yet to be answered. >> there are not into the mobile ad space yet. you can have content in your ipad or laptop with ads on the side. in your phone there's not room. facebook will have to take you on site and back -- off site and back on site. >> mark zuckerberg plans to sell 30 million shares and will pocket up to $1.50 billion. >> the way for the 137th running of the preakness is almost over. before the horses are in place, some tall tales are tossed about at the alibi breakfast. it is a lighthearted gathering of trainers to give allies about why their horses will not win.
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the breakfast has been around for more than six decades. it was not the only celebration held leading up to the big race. a crowd gathered at lexington market for the 22nd annual preakness crab derby. they battled for crustacean supremacy. others are busy at work making the blankets that will drive the winners and the black-eyed susan stakes. a group of kids learn how to ride and take care of course. >> this is another way of exposing children to the beauty of animals and an opportunity to do something that is enjoyable as well. >> he runs city branch, a program to get young people familiar with horses. where are your home for the
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137th running of the preakness stakes. we will carry the second leg of the triple crown live from pimlico this saturday, may 19. live coverage before and after the big race and online. make sure to tune in and capt. roy taylor will have updates on traffic. >> a beautiful spring day across the region. we should be able to repeat that friday and saturday as well. highs are comfortable. a little above 75. veloz, -- we are setting the lows as we go. other than the high amounts of
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pollen, a fantastic spring day. friday is looking gorgeous as well. thanks to a high-pressure selling in. the suburbs dropping to the 50's. 53 around park andton. -- parkton. mainly clear skies and a light breeze. and are harder at 70. most surrounding areas getting cold. frederick could be into the upper 30's. mainly clear skies. the only hint of cloudiness associated with the storm well to the south. clouds appear are cirrus clouds. sunrise should be mostly clear. a beautiful friday morning. 5:50 a.m. 55 near downtown baltimore. high pressure north of us into maryland should keep this storm
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away. the end result is a nice weather pattern. we will see if the storm tricare sorry but things look into -- will draft our way. tomorrow is sunny and pleasant day. highs of 74 to 79. the sun does not set until 8:16 p.m. some patchy fog in the morning and that will burn off. temperatures 75 to 80 degrees. east and northeast winds at 10 miles an hour. for light at 10 knots, with about 1 foot. called in the mountains. temperatures in the upper 30's to around 40. late friday night, saturday morning, cool air. a beautiful mount weekend shaping up. 60's and 70's 4 afternoon highs with lots of sunshine. all beautiful weather friday
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through sunday. high temperatures in the mid- to the upper 70's. at the coast and south, closer to that storm on the outer banks, more cloudiness. mostly sunny tomorrow and clouds moving in saturday and sunday. temperatures cooler because those east winds of the ocean gust up to 30 or 35 miles an hour. afternoon highs on the beach in the mid- to the upper 60's. 80 on sunday. a chance for showers monday and tuesday. > kentucky derby winner i'll have another may not have history on his side bu. hear why, next in sports. >> the maryland lottery. let yourself play. >> it is matt davis.
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tonight's jackpot is an estimated annuity of $725,000. here are the winning multi match numbers for thursday, may 17. 15, 22, 2, 26, 33, and 31. if matches all six numbers on any one ticket, they jackpot climbs up t. for the latest news and winning for the latest news and winning numbers, visit
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>> maybe it is because you can't spell [unintelligible] the o's did not have the best record in league. 2-nothing and coming from
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behind. they tried to call a time out. coming in to score. tieing up at three a piece. drops it into right field. ive-three. jim johnson has an automatic save. o's over the royals. we have not seen a triple crown winner. has have another changes -- a chance to change that
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saturday. they put in a beautiful morning workout. the trainer has ever seen a preakness race in person but in today's he will get his horse to -- try to get his horse to win. he likes his chances. >> i think he is gotten better since the derby. he just continues to impress us and he has got such a great attitude where he sleeps in the stall and pulls energy on the track. >> preakness does not have an o in it but you can see everything preakness before entering the race. for sayingaknack things in the off-season.
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he said he is not 100% committed to play in 2012. two months ago he talked about playing for four or five more years. he will make more than $7 million. he will enter the final season of his contract which may put all the other comments into context. townsend university continues to chart its path. the tigers face the challenge of belonging to a conference undergoing major changes. they won the ncaa football title last season but the future looks unpredictable. old dominion will join the commonwealth in leaving. the caa had become a significant sds conference in mid-may during basketball but the loss of two key universities
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will negatively impact the cachet. almost 70% of universities have often drawn some kind of conference change -- undergone some kind of conference change. you see the bigger conferences going after the best schools. >> and getting them. >> stay with us. ♪
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>> a great forecast. >> sunny skies tomorrow. 76 degrees. 78 on saturday. a beautiful preakness saturday. the storm will stay in the carolinas. 80 with partly cloudy skies sunday. a chance for rain on monday and tuesday. >> thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --wwst
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