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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. onstar caldwell. breaking news. the maryland court of appeals will not reconsider controversial of will and about collecting dna samples. remember the high court said it was not constitutional for police to collect the samples from anyone arrested for violent crime. the attorney general has asked the court to reconsider that ruling. now that they have refused, he can appeal to the supreme court. a two-alarm fire in howard county. look at your screen if. fire crews battling the blaze. it is near bwi marshall airport
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if. this is a plastics manufacturing plant, apparently. no word on a cause or any reports of injury. the countdown to a preakness is drawing close. we are nearly 24 hours from the race. the fund is under way. we are taking a live look from pimlico race course. crews are putting the finishing touches on the weekend events. rob roblin is live at the race course. how are things looking? looking real good. this is black-eyed susan day, benefiting susan g. komen for the cure. they just took off as i was talking. i should've been watching the race. the horses are running. this is the first race of the day. it's very exciting. a lot of people are here already. everyone knows tomorrow is the preakness. preakness is looking good, and i understand. the weather is looking very good, also, not being a
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meteorologist. all the people are looking good at pimlico. this is the party before the big party that will be tomorrow. the gates has left and the horses are coming around. any minute now we should be seeing the horses come towards us. you can see the crowd, how big it is. i will tell you something, the infield looks fantastic. the hilltop looks really good. last minute touches today. everywhere you go, somebody is doing something or painting or carrying a table or chair, getting everything ready for the entire race track for all the fans. we are waiting for the horses to come around the bend. i did they are getting ready to come down the stretch. the fans are getting a little excited. i will step out of the way. this is the last race or rather the first race of the day at
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pimlico. here they come down -- down the line. at the that is the one i wagered on. the one in front is mine. quite a race. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. somebody is a winner. >> whenever we can have good weather, we are grateful. remember, is your press pass to the preakness, behind-the-scenes pictures, exclusive video, and video from years past. just click on preakness. >> as you could see from the pictures at the preakness, the sun is out. temperatures are in the '70s now. if looks like we will be holding steady for a while. there's a storm to the south of us. are watching carefully for the weekend, but right now the preakness looks good, the weather. there's a baseball game in
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washington. they're playing the nationals to night and this weekend. if tonight's game, and other sports event. the game starts a 7:00. it should be dry, clear, 71. by the end of the game, temperatures will be falling into the '60s. for any kind of sports activities and, things look terrific this weekend. we will have details on how the weather for the preakness will be, for the entire weekend and next week, coming up. >> violence in downtown baltimore is out of control according to a maryland delegate. now he says lawmakers need to take control. jennifer franciotti has more or words. >> pat is not pulling punches. he said that the mayor is not doing her job. >> when you have 100 and people in the middle of calvert street and not like in the evening fighting and battling and there's no police there, you have a problem. >> according to him, violent crime committed by mobs of black
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young people, as they are called, is out of control in d.c., citing evidence from the internet and more, he says, and the mayor has done nothing to stop it. >> it's my opinion that the mayor of baltimore is engaged in a cover-up and try to downplay this and she has no clue as to how to deal with it. >> baltimore city police are taking a fence to his comments, pointing out the city is safer than it has been in quite some time. >> we're making very hard to make multiple -- to make baltimore a safer city. >> andy suggested to governor o'malley -- and he suggested to governor o'malley to send state police to handle this. >> maybe the governor should go to the inner harbor and wake up. if >> the mayor's office responded that juvenile crime is
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down by 37% since 2009 and they released a statement saying that the delicate's sad and racially charged publicity stunt is not deserving of our response. wbal-tv 11 news. >> anne arundel county police are hoping the surveillance photographs will help track down a bank robbery suspect. take a look. investigators say this man robbed a suntrust banks wednesday in the safeway in pasadena. he did not display a weapon, but inside -- but implied that he had one. he is believed to be in his 20s with short brown hair and moustache. if anyone with information is 6 asked to call metro crime stoppers. closing arguments scheduled today in the trial of the man charged in a murder for hire of a glen burnie dentist. jeter is accused of killing a doctor in 2006. his cousin pleaded guilty to murdering the doctor in february. she stole insurance
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reimbursement checks from her boss. prosecutors in the case say that she was afraid of getting caught, so listed jeter and two other men to kill him $4,000. and in baltimore county, authorities say these two operators of the timonium pain clinic gave out prescriptions for oxycontidone. they said that the need was almost nonexistent and the doctors were hired to write prescriptions for addictive narcotics. but it's not a good idea. but in trial all the facts will be presented. >> more arrests are likely in this case. if you would like to read more about the the investigation into the pain clinic, visit our web site, the preakness is not the only
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big event around the state this weekend. president obama welcoming world leaders to camp david for the g- 8 summit. are told the european debt crisis is the top 30 of the meeting. the president is expected to recommend pro-growth stimulus measures to help jump-start the struggling global economy. after the g-8 he would go to chicago to discuss what is needed in afghanistan after the foreign troops leave that nation in 2014. the fate is in the hands of the jury. john edwards has a lot riding on their decision. the final stages of the trial against the former presidential candidate are happening right now. if we are tracking the latest. plus, check out this video from florida. it shows trayvon martin purchasing snacks just before he purchasing snacks just before he was gunned h [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. >> right now, deliberations under way in the case against former president attended a john edwards. in arguments finished yesterday in north carolina. edwards' attorney argued to the senator did not violate campaign finance laws. prosecutors argued edwards used money provided by wealthy donors to keep his affair secret. he could face 30 years behind bars if convicted. last known video of trayvon martin has been released. you can see the 17-year-old inside a 7-eleven convenience
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store in sanford. the purchased candy and a drink of every 25. the video was taken moments before he was shot and killed by george zimmerman, a community watch volunteer who he shot in self-defense. zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder in the death. facebook goes public. investors everywhere are watching wall street right now as the social web site makes history. but some are worried the company will not live up to all the hype. a closer look at the record ipo, straight ahead. mothers everywhere know it's easy to gain a little weight during pregnancy, but there's a new warning about how you should try to watch your weight even while pregnant. >> we have sunshine, there is a little stormy weather off to our east and south. we will watch that carefully for the weekend. details on that forecast for the race ahead. there's a shot at pimlico at noontime. plenty of sunshine. 71 downtown, 74 at the inner
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harbor. on tv
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>> welcome back. checking wall street at this hour. looks like the numbers are down. lots of people are watching the markets closely today. mostly because of the new stock in the mix, facebook. the company went public this morning. in this old of 200 million shares already and it's one of the biggest initial public offerings ever. can its success last? or not so sure. now this report. >> are you ready? >> from facebook headquarters, the founder opened the trading day on the nasdaq and his company's future as a publicly traded business.
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>> i need to do something substantial in order to get the attention of -- >> in the movie version, the harvard dormer project became a million-dollar idea. but today facebook's value tops $100 billion. shares started at $38 in the third biggest public offering in u.s. history. facebook and its earliest investors are collecting $16 billion, but investors expect a lot in return. social network as 900 million users. >> i am on facebook on my ipad, on my galaxy pad, on my cell phone, or on my laptop all day all the time. >> what about advertising for? >> i don't click on the ads, so i don't see it as being profitable in the long run. >> investors are betting facebook will find a way. it's as an advertiser, i could not knock down the idea that
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these people know more about more people than anybody. it has to be worth something. >> facebook connected with wall street and rewriting history again. sweeting today's deal for facebook, the scene billion dollar tax break. nbc news, washington. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> a close look at the radar and satellite compilation. not much going on on the radar, no clouds, clear as a bell. if there have been clouds for the past day and a half. a weather disturbance to our south. it is producing stormy weather. a lot of the stormy weather is out of the range of the radar, but there are showers and thunderstorms along the coast of the carolinas right now, if just far enough away from us that we are in pretty good shape. the pollen is active in the area. 14 in the low range for trees. high range for grass and low range for weed.
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mold, 813, also in the high range. the sunshine today is pushing the temperatures into the '70s. that's the yellow. some of the green means slightly cooler readings in the 60's. a lot of that near the bay and the lead to a close ninth where there's an ocean breeze. out to the west, readings in the '60s. here's the satellite image. we see the clouds swirling around from the upper level disturbance over the atlantic and the surface disturbance growing clouds and rain into the carolinas. we have no clouds here. there is the disturbance over the water. high-pressure moving into our area. this map will look very similar tomorrow. the stormy weather held to the south. keep your fingers crossed. storms out to the west not able to make much progress in our direction either. in the central part of the
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nation if there is warm, humid air. if our temperatures will rise. green and yellow shades, a little cooler on the clothesline, but they're really warm air is moving into the central part of the nation. -- a little cooler along the coastline. this pattern has repeated itself many times late winter and early spring. in the '70s for the high temperature, a northeast wind at 10 knots on the bay, a one- foot shot with water temperatures in the '60s. the storm continues to stall to our south. high-pressure over us of keeping the stormy weather away. that extends into sunday. by monday, things start drifting a little farther north and the rain chances increases. so, the preakness, a few clouds, pleasant, very nice, 73 to 77 while the race is going on. here's the seven-day forecast.
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76 today, 78 tomorrow. most of sunday looks fine, 74. the chance of rain mostly to the south of us. monday and tuesday, the highest chance of rain in the next seven days with temperatures in the '70s. >> thank you. people around world are remembering a disco legend today. donna summer has died. the five time grammy winner died thursday morning at her home in florida after a battle with breast cancer and lung cancer. she reached stardom in the 1970's with hits like "last dance." she is survived by a husband, three daughters, and four grandchildren. she was 63 years old. it can be hard to watch what we eat, but new research shows restricting calories during pregnancy can benefit mothers and babies. more than 40% of women gained more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy in a
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recent study. that increases the chances for health complications. british researchers found diet control is safe and was the most effective way to avoid weight gain in the expectant mothers. preventing preeclampsia, diabetes, and premature birth. another thing mothers should watch for is lead exposure. the cdc has lowered the recommended limit for exposure in children under the age of six. this means as many as 200,000 additional children are considered to have unsafe levels of lead in their blood. if children and highest risk for lead poisoning are those living in homes built before 1978. homes with lead plumbing as well and homes that contained imported items with lead. it will be a busy weekend in baltimore with the preakness tomorrow. if you are looking for even more to do, go to the movies. preview.cthe box office >> the un demands that you come
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to address them. >> we're going to america. >> and ironfisted tyrant comes to the land of the free. if sacha baron cohen plays a leader of a fictional public and comes to new york to address the united nations. when shady government forces kidnapped a general and stripped him of his role, he is left to fend for himself in the melting pot of america. the dictator is rated r. the navy catches something it probably should have thrown back in battleship. a u.s. destroyer comes under fire after finding an alien at sea. rihanna and the crew must lead the battle to save the earth before extraterrestrials with firepower destroy all of us. rated pg-13. >> want alex ready? >> reluctant husband gets cooled by an dads. he is married to jennifer lopez, who wants to adopt a baby.
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he is not so sure, if so she sends him to hang out with a fraternity of fathers who other own stories. what to expect when you are expecting is rated pg-13. that is the box office preview. marylandso>> next, your lottery numbers and another tech of the forecast with john as we take a live picture over pimlico. the countdown to preakness iso
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>> one day away from preakness 2012. we will have live coverage tonight. campaigns are launching a barrage of new ads. we find out which candidate is telling the truth. tonight and tomorrow, the leaders of the world's biggest economies are in frederick county, what is at the forefront of their discussions. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. and now the lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> it's a beautiful day. time sara with your pick 3 numbers. and the final
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number is 9. first, play the star spangled game. top prize of $10,000. if you can turn red, white, and blew into green. all set and ready to go with your pick 4 numbers. 3 for starters, followed by 2. the next number is -- 6. the last number is seven. 3,2,6,7. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> john is back with the forecast. >> and sent through the weekend. temperatures near 80 degrees. the rain should stay south of us until early next week. >> good deal. thank for joining us. >> watch tonight at 5:00. captioned by the national captioning institute [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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