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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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man and then eating his heart and brain. >> david collins reports on violence involving teenagers downtown. a bizarre story with rob roblin. >> please do not have a motive in this case, but these are the charging document -- police do not have a motive. the suspect in this case tells police that he not only killed the victim but he also ate the victim's heart and portions of his brain. harford county police say this man, 21-year-old alexander kenu not only kill the dead man, but he also ate his heart and part of his brains. >> the suspect then led detectives to a dumpster in the
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job of where they recovered what remained of mr. cody's body. -- a dumpster in joppa. >> the deceased were reported to have gone jogging and he never came home. >> the investigation predicament investigation division came out and interview people and there was a problem with consistencies of stories. >> last night when police searched the victim and suspect home, they found body parts of the victim, specifically a human head and to human hands. >> jah reid confronted his brother who is 21 years of age. he denied that the remains were human. >> police in harford county say the investigation is ongoing at this time, they have no motive in this case.
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the suspect is in jail and has been denied bail. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a security scare at the university of maryland baltimore county where earlier today, police were searching for a man who was spotted with a gun. nadia, we understand that police are questioning that man out. >> i am sure many here are relieved to hear this news. but just gone out a few moments ago that the suspect is now in custody -- we just found out. and they found him in timonium and he gave up willingly. this time, they are not identifying who he is until he is officially charged, but they expect to do that by tomorrow. they believe more could have been done to keep them safe. >> it is business as usual at the university of maryland baltimore county. a stark contrast earlier this morning when authorities flooded area looking for gunman.
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police say a female student called 911 early thursday morning to report that she saw man displaying a gun while they were in his car at the north squadron of campus near some apartments. police said some point the suspect, who is also a student, took off on foot. police searched the campus extensively looking for the man. they believe what they -- that found what they believe is the weapon and said they do not believe the suspect is on campus. >> i received the text message and i was confused at first. >> didn't receive text messages from the university about the incident. the initial message warned the students about the suspect and to stay away from the area. the second alarm message stated there is strong evidence the suspect left the area. a weapon was recovered, and to resume normal and activities. many felt the message was too vague. >> they said that the search was
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completed because they believe he is gone. it did not seem like it was all safe because he is gone. >> university police said they are limited by the technology. >> one of the difficulties we experience in all institutions with the text alerts technology is that you are limited to 140 characters. it makes it hard for you to put out a lot of information at any one time. >> another concern students tavistock -- is that not every student on campus was aware of the situation. in order to get emergency text messages, you have to sign up for the university tells us there are many ways that the campus systematically informs students of the text messages service. when we do have situations where it is necessary to provide campus said the large, we follow
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it up with the reminder memo to the community to sign up to the campus alerts. >> the suspect is now in custody here behind me at the police department and they are not releasing his name or information at this point until he is officially charged. they expect to do that by tomorrow. >> police say a suspect got from police and crashed into a vehicle head-on. the driver was transported to the hospital and we are told the injuries are not life- threatening. it is reported that morgan state university was shut down during the investigation and cleanup. >> just as baltimore county -- mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is being challenged to debate. the mayor says the delegate
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should pose a debate himself. >> they said that he should debate himself and his republican colleagues for supporting budget cuts that could have heard city policing. sadly, this escalating feud has not led to any action. city youth run amok. at the start of a business day, five boys and a girl attacked a 50-year-old federal employee at hopkins plaza. he is punched and kicked. police say nothing was stolen. wednesday, 7:30 a.m. a fight breaks out between two groups of juveniles. and baltimore county delegate matt mcdonough charges mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is ignoring an escalating problem, and challenged her to a televised debate. >> there too busy engaged in name-calling. some people in the media, not tv, want to play the
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demonization card, and i want to play the lex fix the problem card. >> he should make himself and his republican colleagues is supported deep cuts to the police department. mcdonnell says public opinion is on his side. >> i have received over 2000 e- mails, letters, and phone calls of support, including from the black community, and i get phone calls from the baltimore city police department telling me keep up the pressure, we cannot do our jobs. the administration is not serious about this problem. >> the st. patrick's day weekend be down and stood in of a tourist, reports of out of control youths roaming the inner harbor area, has fuelled the ire of delegate:edano. he has already asked the governor to declare the inner harbor and no traffic ron kirk until it is safe.
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a fund provides money for police uniforms, and a neighborhood watch. >> we really have to have a plan for police. she goes down to the harbor, she descends from a private box at camden yards, puts on an orioles jersey and parade the realm of 200 cops on the weekend. that does not solve the problem. texted delegate says he is looking into buying 30 minutes of tv time to detail the goals of his solutions summit, with or without the mayor. and it collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, state police a man has been taking unlawful pictures of children at at least to maryland rest stops in cecil and harford counties. is currently out of jail after posting $35,000 bond. police say he has taken videos of the least 11 children using area bathrooms with his cellphone.
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this all happened between the hours of noon and 4:00 p.m. back on may 6. authorities are asking anyone who may have information on these incidents to contact them. >> police in anne arundel county looking for the man who sexually assaulted a woman in the woods after offering her right in his truck. authorities are just releasing details tonight about the attack that happened over the weekend. >> a woman said a man driving a grey pick up over her right -- offered her a ride. >> apparently this individual pulled over on the shoulder at some point, and according to the victim was assaulting her inside the vehicle. she fled into a wooded area where she was sexually assaulted. >> the man is about 6 feet tall with blond hair. anyone with information should contact the police.
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the search is on for a suspicious man who may have approached a 9-year-old girl three times, asking where she was going. >> police said on tuesday night they responded to ritchie highway in brooklyn park. the victim said she was walking at the time of the incident, and in all of the cases, she ran off quickly. the latest to she said was the same man, but the first -- he was wearing black slippers. in love with him permission should call the northern district. -- anyone with information. >> so far turned up to be beautiful day. he had mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures. on the warm side of normal, which is 78 degrees this time of year. 64 degrees this morning at b.w.i. thurgood marshall, 84 at the airport for high.
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well below the record temperatures. way below the 90 that was all over the memorial day holiday. 82 at the airport and 85 downtown, only in the 7's in westminster. los nedney's in western maryland. as we head into tonight -- low 70's in western maryland. dropping down to around 60 degrees at the airport. details coming up in the forecast. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg is cracking down on the obesity epidemic, starting with the banning super sized sodas. >> we will take a closer look at the issue in our medical alert. >> construction on the capital beltway. where to avoid and win, when we come back. >> teachers in harford county say a pay hike is way overdue. i am tim
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>> the power should be back on at this hour for an estimated 3000 customers affected by an outage this afternoon. it affected nearly all of the annapolis area just before 12:30 this afternoon.
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emergency management crews helped handle the situation. if you decided to use the capital beltway this weekend, here is a heads up. avoid the stretch near the woodrow wilson bridge. one lane of the inner loop will be shut down between the bridge and telegraph road. it is expected to last until 5:00 a.m. on monday. >> if you plan on visiting the big apple anytime soon, you might not be able to buy one of those super sized schurick beverages. mayor michael bloomberg reject one of those super sized sugary beverages. it would include foundering sold at convenience stores, movie theaters and other places. some say his intentions are misguided. >> mr. bloomberg, do what you
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want, but for the rest of us, don't legislate. >> if it is a bigger container, you will eat more. >> the new york city beverage association refers to the proposed ban as part of an unhealthy obsession with attacking soft drinks. a controversial bill would make a federal crime to have an abortion based on the gender of the fetus. while that issue is quite rare in the united states, it is common in some asian countries. today the effort to pass that bill fell short. nikole killion has the details from washington. >> the measure was struck down, but not without a divisive debate over women's rights. >> the bill is not passed. >> house rejected a measure to ban abortions based on the sex of an unborn child. >> sex selection is violence against women and the truth kind of war against women.
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>> the bill would have made it a federal offense punishable with up to five years in prison for those who perform gender based abortion. >> it is criminalizing a doctor and the relationship between a patient and a physician. in this country, we have the right of choice. greg some lawmakers argue they are growing evidence of so- called sex selection in the united states. >> this undercover video was taken by an undercover group. >> i am not fooled and american women are not fooled. >> many democrats said they also opposed gender discrimination but accuse republicans of playing politics with women's rights. the house speaker said this issue deserves a fair hearing. >> most americans find it repulsive.
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our members feel strongly about. >> the white house had been opposed to the legislation from the start. it said the government should not intrude in medical decisions or private family matters in this way. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> high-pressure in control of our weather right now. has been sunny and mild. heading into the eastern u.s., collier thunderstorm watch is out from western kentucky all the way down into mississippi with that powerful line of storms. a cold front will eventually move into our area by tomorrow. it could bring severe weather, even in maryland. we will keep an eye on that. let's look at the current temperature is right now, pretty mild. normal temperature this time of year is in the upper 70's.
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we are not too far off from that. 85 at the inner harbor and 82 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. in the 7's writedowns we had through western maryland. -- low 70'st now right now. 81 degrees right now in salisbury. he is not so bad. unless you factor -- the heat is not so bad unless you factor in the humidity. a little more humid in ocean city at 66, but the dewpoints are in the upper 40's right now. any time they are below the 50's, it feels extremely dry out. a pleasant afternoon and it will shake up to be a pleasant night. the forecast for tonight is slightly cooler conditions. a around 60 degrees near bwi and 56 as you get toward the western
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suburbs. as you look at the current weather patterns, you can see hardly a cloud in the sky. a cold front sneaking down to the south but a warm front will push it overnight. that will help increase the clouds tomorrow and increase the chance of severe weather. here is a look at that storm system right now. the entire line of storms from louisiana all the way up in to indiana. very heavy downpours and possibly hail and may be some isolated tornadoes. we will talk about that threat as the cold front moves in. a big contrast in the temperatures along the front. 49 degrees in chicago, 59 in st. louis. that contrast is what helps fuel the thunderstorms. as the front moves our way, we will have the warm air had a bit and the cold air behind. that brings the possibility of severe weather.
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for baltimore in the evening hours, we have a chance for some stronger thundershowers, possibly severe. possible wind gust over 60 miles an hour, strong enough to cause some damage. we will keep an eye on those especially by tomorrow evening. the best bet for severe weather in baltimore is anytime after 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. it will taper off by about midnight as the front moves onshore. low 80's today but tomorrow we are moving into the 70's. it will be a little cooler. or rather, 81 tomorrow. by sunday there is a slight chance for showers. show hours are possible each and every day. >> researchers say hundreds of lives could be saved if just a few changes are made to teenagers licenses.
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>> police say a motorcyclist killed in a deadly collision in howard county was wearing a helmet at the time. it happened just before 10:00 last night. police say as he was slowing down for traffic, his motorcycle hit the back of a car. officials are still investigating the crash. no one inside the car was injured. maryland's aaa officials say deadly car crashes involving teenagers could be cut dramatically by raising the license age to 17. the agency says raising the age for a license by one year would reduce fatal accidents by 13%. they say not allowing teams to drive at night could lower
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deadly car crashes by least 20%. if every state adopted all five of the loss of the nation, more than 500 lives could be saved each year. the baltimore community foundation spoke about passing on the importance of hard work of being accountable to others, and finding a purpose in life. the scholarship is offered to graduating students from baltimore's digital harbor high school. more than two dozen curbside company shut down. >> it is being called a hazard to public safety. >> teachers say they deserve better and they are fighting for a pay raise. a pay raise.
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[ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 and hd with dan stovall, donna hamilton, your forecast with chief meteorologist tom
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tasselmyer. >> frustrated harford county schoolteachers try to gather public support in their fight for more money, but county leaders are not budging. teachers in a half-dozen harford county schools are working -- refusing to print any extra time before or after school. >> tim tooten is live in the newsroom with the story. >> teachers say they are turning up the heat on the very people who control the purse strings. that is top county school officials and the government. >> it has been a long time since they have felt respected in the classroom. >> and in their paychecks. teacher salaries have been frozen for more than three years. right now, beginning harford county teachers are a little more than $41,000 a year. that is more than $4,000 less than teachers are getting paid in places like howard county.
5:30 pm
this is how they are fighting back. almost a week ago they walked out of an elementary school and tried to drum up public support. >> they will start their day at the beginning of the workday. they will walk in a few minutes early in order to be in their classrooms at the start of the day, and 20 minutes after the students leave, they vacate the building. >> the teacher pay fight is already a hot topic on the streets of bellaire. residents are weighing in. >> i think any time the teachers are dealing with children and they do an awesome job, they should be compensated for it, no matter what. >> i think they said it has been about three years since they had a pay raise. as conservative as i am, i think we should consider some changes for them. >> there are teachers that make a difference. i have a 15 year-old, a ninth grader, and a third grader who just turned 9.
5:31 pm
the night and day difference up from the teachers one has had over the others means all the world. >> we find ourselves responsible to pay $5.5 million next year into a pension system in which we still have no control. he hinted, that money could have been earmarked for pay raises. meantime, teachers say they are running out of patience. >> the union says expect to see more teachers picking up between now and the last day of school. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. a grisly murder in harford county. authorities say a man killed his roommate, cut him up, and then a part of his dismembered remains. police say he admitted to the murder. we are told he a part of his brain and heart. police are not revealing a motive or why the remains were
5:32 pm
devoured. the latest violence in baltimore city early this morning at hopkins plaza. police said five boys and a girl attacked a federal played, punching and kicking him, though nothing was stolen. there was another incident yesterday morning between two groups of juveniles. delegate pat mcdonough is challenging mayor stephanie rawlings-blake to a debate. police have in custody and are questioning the person who they say ignited a security scare at the umbc campus at catonsville. authorities responded to a 911 call early this morning from a student who said she saw men displaying a gun in his car on the northern part of the campus. police are not releasing the name of the suspect because he has not yet been charged with anything. grace the u.s. department of transportation is shutting down
5:33 pm
dozens of what are being called curbside bus companies. at least one of those companies was operating in the state of maryland. brian moore has details. >> after a series of deadly crashes talks the federal government slamming the brakes on more than two dozen bus companies. is the largest crackdown in history. >> by ignoring safety rules, these operators killed zero passengers and other motorists, and shutting them down will save lives. >> new york city chuck schumer has introduced legislation to make it harder for roby carriers to operate. >> did you put profit ahead of passenger safety, you will get caught and you'll get shut down. >> the announcement comes one year to the day after a new -- after a bus crashed at sutter
5:34 pm
richmond, killing four people and injuring 50 others. and that accident happened, the government was in the process of ordering sky express off the road, but the company was appealing. two months earlier, 15 people were killed in a similar bus accident in the bronx. an estimated 1800 parents right low-cost buses every day along the i-95 corridor from florida to new york. an industry group says the bargains they come at a price. >> they perform all the proper maintenance on equipment and do all the right things. the bad companies cut corners and unfortunately, they kill people. >> and then there were nine. >> the final rounds of the national spelling bee, and they are bringing their competitive fire. we will look at the semifinals, coming up.
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>> the judge declares a mistrial in the corruption case against john edwards. >> over four thousand tons of dirt, and that means muenster jam -- monster dam is just a few days away. some of the biggest drug you'll ever see or hear. --
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x a local marine, just 22 years old and already a purple heart recipient is killed in afghanistan. he was killed on memorial day. sergeant chase was stationed in open now, japan, and was in afghanistan for a second tour back in november. >> we would like to update you on that breaking news we first told you about at the top of the hour. we are now hearing from former presidential candidate john edwards whose corruption trial ended this afternoon. the verdict, not guilty on one count and a missed call on all the others. >> a win for john edwards in his
5:39 pm
campaign corruption trial. the jury finding him not guilty on one of six charges he faced, and deadlocked on the other five. judge catherine eagle has declared a mistrial, and for now, edwards is free again. >> thank god and we live in the country that has the kind of system that we have. >> the jury decision came after a bizarre twist earlier in the day. after telling the judge they had reached a verdict, the jury surprised the court room with the announcement that only had a unanimous decision on one count. edwards lawyers immediately ask for mistral, citing injuries inability to reach a unanimous verdict on the other charges. the judge disagreed and gave them more time, sending them back for what turned out to be another hour of deliberations before the final decision to acquit on the one count and deadlocked on the others.
5:40 pm
edwards was charged with using nearly $1 million secretly provided by two wealthy donors during the 2008 democratic presidential primaries to hide his mistress and illegitimate child. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news pierre >> according to secretary of state hillary clinton, there is not enough international support for military action in syria to lessen the violence there. she said russia and china would have to be on or before the u.s. and other nations engage in what could be a protracted conflict. syria is now blaming 800 rebel fighters for the massacre that brought immediate worldwide condemnation. witnesses say fighters who operate on behalf of the assad regime were the killers. the latest incentive target for baltimore city. you could save thousands of dollars.
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>> the latest trend in fitness has nothing to do with heavy weights. >> a cold front approaching from the west.
5:42 pm
>> attribute from president obama as he reveals an official portrait of former president george bush. we will have details on the event and the reason behind it. more details surface about the human remains discovered this week in harford county and it is really gruesome. a case of human cannibalism. those stories ande
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>> hundreds of kids started the national spelling bee but tonight there will only be three in the final competition. it has been real world, difficult round so far. it brought tears and squeals of delight from contestants who mated to the semifinals. some have come back year after year. -- who made it to the semifinals. >> m-a-s-c-a-l-a-g-e.
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[applause] >> the final round for the final three contestants will start tonight at 8:00. >> for many people, exercise is part of their daily routine, but what about training for the brain? just like any other part of the body, the brain can be trained to perform more effectively. there was a memory boot camp this weekend at the maryland science center. paul lowell melser has more. >> we have all heard about exercising our body, but what about our brain? if you are looking to train your brain, then the maryland science center is a place to be. this weekend that will be holding a memory boot camp. >> just like you can tone of your biceps, you can tone of your brain with training your mind. >> the doctor, who heads the neurology institute for rain health and fitness in luther real, is on a mission for help your brains, which he says begins with maximizing your memory.
5:46 pm
>> the memory part of your brain to have the highest potential to grow. >> he says to do this, you need to make sure to exercise, reduce stress, and improve your memory by train yourself to remember names and phone numbers. >> simple exercises such as memorizing names, are excellent. >> the doctor has with a u.s. memory champ's to bring a six- hour bid camp on june 2. you'll learn how to maximize your memory, which the doctor says. >> the second thing is how you can improve your brain and brain help so that you reduce the risk for dementia decades later. >> we have provided some helpful links on our website,
5:47 pm lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it has shaped up to be a beautiful afternoon, on the warm side. we have brought down to 82 at bwi marshall. only a few thin clouds, the wind out of the north at 6 miles an hour. 30% humidity and the dewpoint have dropped into the 40's. 85 right now downtown, until you get toward the water, 71 at ocean city. 71 right now and frostburg. tonight the skies will stay mostly clear as a high-pressure takes control. it will be slightly cooler than last night, maybe just by few degrees. 65 downtown and 60 out in the northwest suburbs.
5:48 pm
the satellite is completely clear, no rain on the radar as well. a cold front is pushing down to the southwest, helping create a couple of those. eventually all warm front will build in a new over the area late tonight into tomorrow morning, increasing clouds tomorrow and increasing our chance for a thunderstorm and severe weather. here is the powerful storm system coming in from the west, which already has severe weather all the way from indiana down to the gulf coast. heavy downpours, damaging winds, and a threat for isolated tornadoes. we will track the storm system as it moves east, and it could bring severe weather to the atlantic. mid afternoon is the best potential for those wins to be at their strongest. baltimore's best chance for the evening hours. we cannot rule out isolated
5:49 pm
rotation or an isolated tornado as well. tracking the storm system across the ohio valley tomorrow, eventually heading for the baltimore metro area by the afternoon and evening hours. thunderstorms could pop up at any time in the afternoon. the storm system heads for the coast by saturday morning and that could bring some showers to ocean city. for the most part it should dry out on saturday until we tracked the second piece of the storm, the actual area of low pressure that will be moving back into the atlantic by sunday. that could bring showers, but not necessarily severe weather. maybe heavy downpours tomorrow, cooler on saturday. around the bay it will be near 80 degrees and 74 on saturday with sunny skies.
5:50 pm
the forecast of 81 tomorrow, 75 saturday. a great kick off for the weekend. a chance for showers on sunday and into the early part of next week. we will not see any major heat wave any time soon. >> we have some breaking news from annapolis that involves traffic after an accident. let's go live to captain roy taylor in skyteam 11 para >> a major traffic alert on route 50, right at west road here in annapolis, just south of the annapolis mall. injuries are serious enough that maryland state troopers say they are getting ready to load the patient. traffic was down is backed up
5:51 pm
way past 97. >> imagine buying a new house and paying less than $10 when you close? baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings lake along with key officials took a tour of new homes this evening while addressing new element of the maryland mortgage program. the seller was able to combine that weight with some offers from an employer, and she got twice the deal. >> i would say that closing i paid $7 and some change. that was the only part that was out of my pocket. everything else was agreed between hawkins and the city. >> that was such a deal.
5:52 pm
if you are not looking to buy in baltimore city, it does include incentives to buyers of 80 short sale property or foreclosed property. we have more information on that our website, bankruptcy, one week after the company said it was running short of liquidity. workers were told in letters the company would stop operations at that location and for other locations in the country. an increase in the price of in- state tuition, approved by the state university system's board of regents today after a long fight with then the general synod -- within the general assembly.
5:53 pm
under the new plan, the president will decide how to implement the cuts and the system will face of $5 million reduction in its in certification funds. governor martin o'malley hosted a group of people for the first- ever business pitch. 10 images were presented during the event. coming in on top, g. b. wallace, and beer giver. the second place winners were awarded ipad. >> not bad at all. >> will there be any -- the obama campaign has been playing -- president's
5:54 pm
>> if this was started here, that can mean only one bank, monster jam. i am jennifer franciotti, and the details are next. s
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>> the always beautiful beach. a nice, quiet scene at the boardwalk right now, but in a few days that city will be transformed. for the first time, ravens are hosting an ocean city beach bash this weekend and you are invited to attend. we can include the family fun night at the jolly roger amusement park, the first ocean city edition of the purple caravan, and even a big football tournament. >> it will be fun hanging out with the fans and interacting with the ocean city committee. i have renamed for the weekend
5:58 pm
and it will be called ravens town. >> expect a little more traffic than usual. it will attract tourists from all across the state. >> you would not recognize the field at m&t bank stadium right now. this weekend is the monster dam. jennifer franciotti has more. >> you have 15 of the best trucks and drivers in the world. >> monster jam kicks off its .ath of destruction to our >> we feed off that energy. we can see that when we are driving our trucks around, but we can actually hear them when they get that loud.
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it is going to be awesome. >> fans of all ages are invited to the pit party from 2:00-5:30. >> would try to make sure that we take care of the fans. we'll wait here at the end of the show and do an autograph for everybody wants one. >> in charge of building the car, he is the dirk crew supervisor. as you can see, it takes a lot of work. truckload of truckloads of dirt, some 4000 square yards of it. >> saturday night after the show, we'll start taking it down immediately. when you come back sunday evening, you will never know it was here. >> there are still plenty of tickets available, starting at tickets available, starting at $25 for


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