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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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adults and $10 for children. >> that's all for us that of a plot. here is a look at what is coming up new for us at 6. >> a tradition at the white house, but sources unveiled an uncomfortable moment. >> a man is charged with murder after human remains are found. >> on the day the mayor is a challenge to debate on resolving a huge crime, it seems attacked a federal worker downtown. details, just ahead. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news it 6:00. >> president barack obama often blames his predecessor for the state of the economy, but today he called for a timeout.
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>> sally kidd is live in washington with that story. >> i understand there was a private lunch before the corporate ceremony. not a lot is being said about what was talked about, but a spokesman said is best that they did not been a lot of time talking about election-year policies. >> the president and former president george w. bush or not exactly best buddies. >> we inherited an enormous deficit. >> criticized him and rejected tax cuts. >> it is fair to wonder where there might be awkward moments when the two came together at the white house.
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president obama presided over the unveiling of president portrait.icial >> they know exactly how to make small talk, but this is more important than that. what they are now part of, a very special club. >> president obama said "you are really love me of good sports package." >> when you are wondering these halls as to wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, "what would george do?" >> it will hang in a prominent location in the grand foyer in
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the white house in washington. >> i am glad he has not lost his sense of humor. this is a rare public appearance by the former president. >> it is. he does not make it out in public a lot. the last time he was seen was last year during the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. he was also seen at the white house in 2010 during the haiti earthquake relief efforts. >> now to a shocking story from harford county, a case of cannibalism. police a part of the remains discovered earlier this week gradually eaten. rob roblin joins us live at the sheriff's office in hartford county. >> it started out as a missing person's report, but it ended up as murder. police here in harford county say this is a crime of murder
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and cannibalism. police say this man not only killed his roommate with a knife, but he also ate the victim's heart and part of his brains. >> he stated that he consumed mr. cody's internal organs, specifically his heart and portions of his brain. the suspect then led detectives to a dumpster in joppa, where they did -- where they discovered what was the rest of the remains. >> they say he had gone jogging and never came home. police found body parts of the victims when they searched the homes. >> police say at this time and have no motive. >> we will have a lot of follow- up to do and some of that will be reinterviewing as the
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suspect. this point i cannot tell you one way or the other. >> this investigation is ongoing. the suspect is in jail and has been denied bail. >> the man reportedly -- state police say 28-year-old brian wilson -- ron lewis had taken to using his cell on inside area bathrooms. we are told the incidents happened between hours of noon and 4:00 p.m. on may 6 and there reportedly 11 victims. the search is on for man police say sexually assaulting a woman in the woods after offering her a ride in his truck. authorities are just releasing details tonight about the attack that happened over the weekend. but woman said the man driving a
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grey pick up assaulted her inside the truck. she said she broke free and ran into the woods area along general's highway. >> apparently this individual pulled over on the shoulder at some point and was assaulting her inside the victim. sheep let into a wooded area where she was sexually assaulted. >> detectives described the suspect as a white male. the war of words is escalating between patrick mcdonough and baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings lake. today he challenged the mayor to the debate in her office advised him to "go debate yourself." david collins joins us live from city hall with the latest. >> delicate mcdonough says he wants to work with the mayor,
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but he is prepared to proceed without her if necessary. he plans to enlist people like cal ripken jr., who wants to get his ideas of the drawing board. at the start of a business day, five boys and girls attack a duty-year-old federal employee at hopkins plaza. he is punched and kicked. police say nothing was stolen. wednesday, 7:30 a.m., a fight breaks out between two groups of juvenile. pat macdonald charges mayor stephanie rawlings lake is ignoring an escalating problem, and challenge her to a televised debate. >> some people in the media want to play the demonization card, and i want to play the let's fix the problem card. >> they supported cuts to the
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guns project . >> >> i have received over 2000 e-mails, letters, and phone calls of support, including from the black community. i get phone calls from the baltimore city police department telling me, keep up the pressure, we cannot do our job. administration is not serious about this problem. >> the st. patrick's day whipping and beat down of a tourist, along with the flash model of teenagers wreaking havoc at a downtown 7-eleven, have fueled the ire of delegate mcdonough. he has asked the government to declare and no traffic on until it is safe. the fund provides money for police used clubs, parental involvement, and neighborhood watch.
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>> we really have to have a plan for police deployment. we do not have it. she puts on an orioles jersey and parades around 200 cops on a weekend. that does not solve the problem. >> he says he plans to introduce legislation next year to create that give advocacy fund and calls on the print campaign to drum up support for its programs. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the security alert on the campus of umbc today after student said she saw man brandishing a gun and alerted students immediately. nadia is live with the latest. >> the suspect is now in custody. his identification will not be released until he is charged, which they expect to do by
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tomorrow. students are now relieve that things are back to normal, but said that more could have been done to keep them as they. >> the university of maryland baltimore county is known for supreme education. the campus was a but when authorities flooded the area, looking for gunmen. >> police say a female student called 911 early thursday morning to report that she saw a man who was an acquaintance un.playing begthe g police searched the campus extensively, looking for the man. they found what they believe is the weapon and say they do not believe the suspect is on campus. >> i was confused at first. it was very vague.
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>> the initial message that went out warned students about the suspect and to stay away from the area. the second alarm message dated there is strong evidence the suspect left the area. many felt the message was too vague. >> it said the at&t is gone. they never caught him. they found a weapon, apparently, in his or her car. >> university police said they are limited by the technology. >> one of the difficulties we experience and all institutions is that you are limited to 140 characters. makes it hard for you to put of information at any one time. -- makes it hard for you to put out a lot of information at any one time. >> he is expected to be charged tomorrow.
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>> in state college tuition increases. how much more of maryland students are wrong to have to pay. >> the orioles hoped the day off would give them a break from bad news. instead, they got news of a bad break. >> today is sunny, but tomorrow [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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what is 25 bus companies were shut down this week by the
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department transportation. it is the fifth largest safety crackdown in history. it is reported that transported out 1800 passengers a day along interstate 5 between new york and florida. a yearlong investigation focused on three companies. the bus company in maryland was tony's bus express line inc.. >> college tuition in the state of maryland will be increasing by 3% after the increase is approved by the board of regents today. the proposed $2 billion operating budget for 2013 included $5.30 billion in cuts, but there reportedly was not enough. the presidents of the campus will decide how to make the cut and the system will also face of $5 million reduction in its reserve fund.
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>> a pretty nice day out there. high pressure is in control so mostly sunny skies. a little breezy, but also quite warm. we got up to 84 degrees at bwi marshall. we were at 64 degrees this morning. well away from the record of 97 set last year on this date. 82 right now at the airport. look at that humidity, 31%. so dry that it feels quite comfortable out here, especially when compared to the high humidity of the last couple of days. the skies will stay mostly clear tonight as it will be slightly cooler by a couple of degrees. around 60 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall and 66 in the northwest suburbs. look at the satellite picture, hardly a cloud in the sky right now. the radar is completely clear as
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well. eventually a warm front will press in by tomorrow morning. that could be sparking off some isolated showers. the storm system that comes in behind that will be producing some severe weather. the storm system does leave east and many will continue to track that threat move toward the middle atlantic tomorrow. a store pushes over the ohio valley tomorrow, starting to affect western maryland. the best chance for thunderstorms in baltimore will be in the afternoon. the best chance for severe weather by the late evening hours. the low pressure system will lose back -- move back over the mid atlantic on sunday. saturday is likely to be the driest day of the weekend. there is a chance -- may be some
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isolated tornadoes. tomorrow, increasing clouds and thunderstorms that char's become more likely for the afternoon. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll have parlayed cloudy it -- we will have partly cloudy skies. mid-7's monday and tuesday. by wednesday we warm back up to 80 degrees. . >> this is 11 sports. >> when i talk about the orioles, i feel like an economist at the start of the recession. yes, i have more bad news. markakis suffered a broken bone in his wrist. he injured the wrist last week while sliding. he broke the small bone in his
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wrist. he will undergo surgery tomorrow and miss at least the next three-four weeks. tomorrow night that openness series in tampa. the orioles headed to that series on a five game losing streak. the next challenge for the orioles comes from the team having export offensive coordinator in the last five years. he became the colts' head coach after taking over for greg mattison. that kind of turn over at the core nader spot can leave problems. the ravens have maintained an extremely highly ranked defense. the dean marked as an assistant with his dad before becoming the coordinator. he brings with him a very easy to understand philosophy for the job.
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>> there are three things i expect of a defensive player. number one, you have to be tough to play defense. number two, you have to know what to do. >> number three, you have to give great effort. nowhere in their did i say anything about athletic ability. >> a triple crown hopeful "i'll have another". >> racing officials announced new rules for horses running in the belmont stakes and specific rules targeted at o'neal. a 45-dayaces suspension for alleged dumping of a horse. he cannot administer any treatment create that provide in the -- investigators with the daily record "for i have another." we certainly want you to tune in
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on friday night. we also want to warn you that the newest member of the abc sunday night broadcast team may want you to reach for the mute button at first. she will have a role as an analyst anarchic sunday night show. it is the night the ravens play in pittsburgh on sunday night football. yes, channel 11 is an nbc affiliate, but we don't have any say in who nbc puts on the broadcast team. stick around for the
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governor martin o'malley hosted a group who submitted an entry for the first every -- first- ever contest that highlighted maryland onto printers and small business owners. coming out on top was gb wallace, and beer giver. they do show it on their smart phone to the bartender and then is taken off their tab. >> 81 tomorrow, a chance for thunderstorms and evening, but that is it. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute [ jared ] uh, michael?
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