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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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what provoked this man to shatter innocent lives is the question a nation wants answered tonight. >> police in colorado state james holmes concocted this scheme as the new batman movie played on the screen. some believed it was a stunt for the summer blockbuster. instead, the 24-year-old threw gas canisters and unloaded a barrage of bullets. 70 people fell victim to holmes's assault. james holmes's rain of terror is not over. his apartment is a booby trap and they are trying to figure out how to disarm all of the devices. the entire complex has been
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evacuated. we have team coverage tonight of the shooting inside of the theatre. jay grey as th -- has the latest. >> investigators and a shattered community continued to search for answers for the questions of how and why the massacre happened. and stickers could be hidden behind an intricate web of explosive that the suspect had in his apartment. more tonight about the fire storm unleashed inside this movie theater. >> it is an act that defies description. >> james holmes was draft -- dressed in full body armor when he burst through an exit door during the premier of the movie the "dark knight rises." >> he was going up the stairs and shooting everybody at random. he did not have an agenda other
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than to kill people. >> he had a shotgun and pistol purchased within the last 60 days. holmes had ordered more than 6000 rounds of ammunition. >> he could have gotten off 50 or 60 even if it were semi- automatic, within one minute. it was a rapid pace of fire. >> chaos erupted with that gun fire, victims scattered across the theatre. others trying to escape. a scene that rattled even see the end officers. >> are cops went through a lot. as i told you, they rush to people out of that teeter in to police cars -- of that theater into police cars. >> of people were dead, 58 injured. >> he was on loading into the crowd. -- unloading into the crowd.
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it seemed to be purposeful. >> holmes surrendered without putting up a fight. he told officers he was the joker from the batman series and warned his apartment was a rigged with explosives. >> it is a vexing problem have to enter that apartment safely. we have never seen anything like what the pictures show us. >> many say they have never seen anything like the horror that unfolded here over night. all of the victims have been removed tonight. police begin the difficult task of identification and meeting with family members. back to you. >> shootings brought back some painful memories for family and friends of the baltimore county man. paul schrum was randomly shot to
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death in a movie theater. the similarities do not stop there. we spoke to one of his friends tonight. >> because of the shooting, those who came to see the movie tonight were faced with heightened security, including here at the rotunda in north baltimore. that does not compared to so much family -- families had to face. >> this person is still scarred from the movie theater of his friends six years ago. even changed the way he watches movies. >> i try to go to the end just to make sure i can see what is going on. >> he remembers like it was yesterday when his friend were shot to death as he watched an x-men movie inside the now closed center 9. >> i was petrified. i did not know what to think. >> he perked up when he heard it happened again, the gunman entered a movie theater and
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started firing at the audience, killing a dozen people. >> i thought to myself, this is something similar to what happened to paul. >> he was struck by the similar circumstances of both shootings. schrum's shooter was a medical student in his 20's. he waited for police to arrive at the movie theater to handcuff him. >> right away i am starting to think that this incident almost sounds like someone of a -- somewhat of a copycat. >> in a statement about the >> maybe they should have some kind of detectors to get somebody with a knife or a gun. s we spoke with paul schrum'
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wife and says she is grieving for those in colorado. this has been a tough day for her because she has had to relive her husband's murder all over again. >> president obama has ordered that all u.s. flags be lowered to half staff as a sign of respect for the victims. all public buildings and military installations will remain at half staff until sunset next wednesday. president obama and mitt romney pause to their campaigns to offer their respects to the victims. the president cut short a trip in florida while romney made a statement from new hampshire. >> there will be justice for those responsible but there it -- that is another matter for another date. today is a day to remember. >> what we will remember at the end of the day will be those we love, and what we did for others. that is why we are here. >> as both contenders put aside
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their differences, their campaigns against all of their television spots from colorado. some outbreaks on and our smartphone apps. you can see profiles of some of those who lost their lives and how the community rallied in the aftermath. click on national news. authorities in six states, including maryland, are investigating whether a traveling technician, accused of infecting 30 people with hepatitis, infected earlier patients. david kwiatkowski is known to been affected since june of 2010. he was arrested yesterday, accused of stealing syringes from may powerful anesthetic and he would inject himself and refill them with saline that
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were later used on patients. kwiatkowski worked at the a veteran center, a johns hopkins, and maryland general hospital from may 2008-march 2010. >> he knew he had hepatitis as of june 2010. he continued to divert drugs and permit he did it syringes to be used on patients in his care. >> at least 30 have been infected with hepatitis. health officials say hospitals will notify patients who may have been exposed. the fda is warning about the shellfish distributed in the state. raw shellfish from the new york post survey may contain bacteria that these two elements. symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.
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regulators advised consumers to check the tax on their shellfish if they were harvested in new york on or after june 1. they should be thrown out. a runner will make his olympic debut next month. matt will compete in the 1,500 meters with his parents cheering him on. kai reed said down with the soon-to-be olympians mom. >> re exciting. there are signs of lumber his neighborhood -- all over his neighborhood. they are ready to cheer matthew on in a big way and his parents are beaming with excitement. >> i remember going like this -- [laughter] when he hit the line. >> there are proud moments in every mom's life. for beverly, watching her son matthew finished third in the
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world championships last year and qualify for the olympics was nothing short of spectacular. >> i have moments where i think, wow, it is happening. i am going to be there to see it. there is another part that says, did this really happened? >> matthew is a graduate in anne arundel county. he is following a natural leader. dad competed in the 1976 olympics and qualified for the games in 1980. his room as posters of the runners he idolized as a kid. >> he slapped it, ate it, talked about it. he would talk about his father for hours. what did you do when you are my age? how did you focus? how did you prepared? >> mom and dad will join him in london for the games.
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mom says he sounds focused and confident. >> he says i have not had sufficient chips but i love the peach cobbler. >> he it is attempting to be the first american to medal since 1968. she is excited to watch is routine and cheer him on on the big stage of his life. >> he has a corss i got for him -- cross i got for him. you will see him touch it and he is ready to go. probably one of the best experiences of my life and i do not think you can duplicate it again. >> beverly planned a trip to this year's olympics two years ago not knowing that he would make the team. she called it a leap of faith. his first race is on august 3. >> i am so excited for herartscape 2012 is under way.
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-- for her. artscape 2012 is under way. >> we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. what you can expect for the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. a little bit of light rain
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>> the job market is not a sizzling this summer. the department of labor reports that merrill lynch and 11,000 jobs last month, -- maryland lost 11,000 jobs last month.
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the silver lining, the agency result -- revise the main findings say 2900 jobs were cut rather than 7500 as reported. the federal government is comparing the student loan crisis to the subprime mortgage crisis which caused so many people to lose their homes. students of more than $150 billion in outstanding private loans. tim has details on attempts to fix the problem. >> these students are tying up some loose ends. they are signing up for classes and trying to figure out how they will pay their college bills. >> the lot of students are having trouble paying off their private loans. >> more and more schools are urging them to weigh their options. >> the federal loans almost always offer much lower interest rates and private loans. >> the u.s. department of
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education is looking to help ease the pain. it is recommending lenders do more to involve schools in the process. take a look at how they may be discharged bankruptcy and to make sure that consumers understand the terms of those loans before they sign on the dotted line. >> if you cannot afford it, you should be allowed to ask for the money but you have to pay it back. >> we have been looking into scholarships and grants. it is all going to come in handy. >> parents help pick up the tabs of some of those loans. but it is a bird and most are willing to bear. >> it is a struggle but it is worth it because our children are our investment in the future. >> everybody is struggling in doing what they can. education is mandatory to get anywhere nowadays. we have to work it out on making it works for the young kids.
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>> counselors say that is more the reason to graduate on time. >> you can read more about that proposal on our website and we will also connect you to a new web site which will help students navigate the complicated financial aid process. click on education alert. the on and off rain showers did not stop people from going into artscape. features's artscape unique displays like this he aren't covered port dejon -- port- --- yard covered port-o- john. >> it makes a great fruit bowl or a nice decorative piece. >> that is beautiful. artscape includes music and the
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contras began this evening. it runs through sunday night. more than 300,000 people are expected to visit. although whether dried up for the start of the weekend, yesterday was a different story. rain storms began at about 7:00 in caused major problems for motorists. trees were down and flooded was reported throughout the downtown area. state transportation officials warned people not to drive through standing water. >> a lot of people do not realize that manhole covers can dislodge and you can step into one and fall in. that is a dangerous situation. >> a terrifying thought. the storms dumped up to four inches in cost over 7000 power outages. most of them have been restored. >> now your into whether plus forecast with tony pann.
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>> the kings were busy in the weather department. -- things were busy in the weather department. 3.5 inches in the inner harbor and then it tapers off in the northern suburbs. three point to 5 inches. when we saw these thundershowers in the mountains earlier this evening, we were concerned but i knew the atmosphere was stable so i was hoping they would fall apart and that is what happened. some on -- some showers and a few thunderstorms northwest of hagerstown. they should fall apart into this cooler more stable air mass. because of that, all of the flood watches and advisories have been dropped. there is still activity at the jersey shore and in parts of delaware but around baltimore, it is not likely we will see any
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flooding overnight tonight although we have some rain and a forecast. the cloud cover did a number on the temperatures. 104 yesterday. 95 today. the high temperature was 79. that is unusual for this time of year to get the temperatures below 80 degrees. the average height is 87. the record 102. temperatures have dropped into the 60's in the mid-atlantic region. we have not seen that for several days. it feels more comfortable out there. 69 at the airport. 64 degrees in westminster and the temperatures will be in the 60's tomorrow morning. one impulse in the jet stream. that is the one triggering the showers. i think most of the weekend is going to be dry and with the jet stream into the carolinas, it will push all of the seat back
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into the midwest and we will enjoy temperatures at or below average. mostly cloudy for the rest of tonight. maybe a rumble of thunder. temperatures will hold into the 60's. during the day, of variable clouds. a 30% chance for rain showers in the morning. the high temperatures will be into the low were 80's. the average is 87. 86 on sunday. monday tuesday gets a little warmer. the high temperatures in to the low 90's but we expect another front on tuesday and that should not be temperatures back into the mid-80 by next week. not a bad seven day forecast. >> tonight he did it in almost -- killed himself. that story coming up next in sports.
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>> was up, america? it is friday, july 20 and tonight's jackpot is an estimated $37 million. you must match these five balls and the gold made a ball. let's see if we can make you a billionaire. 50, 2, 44, 48 and 52. mega ball 3. if no one matches all six numbers,
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>> the orioles have enjoyed many wins this season syria they got no. 49 tonight. this was different.
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a cruise control victory on all fronts. they have won the game by eight or more runs for the second time. the third straight game with a quality start. gonzalez is having a bit -- he gets to work. it is a solo shot. 28 pitches the first. then they opened up a can. with the bases loaded, mark reynolds, yes, it is. the orioles take a four run lead. the ending is not a bunch. flarrety goes to write and they are fired up. seven-one. a tip of the cap to johnny damon. with no regard to life, limb, or be aired -- or beard.
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609 -- the orioles make it three straight. 10-2. >> our guys to a great job of staying in the moment and do not get caught up in the unrealistic things and realize the challenges on the field out there. weather yesterday was good or bad, they have an opportunity to control things. >> i am willing to bet sting in be aoment -- will challenge for this person who has a lead. he is 10 under. tied for the lowest total in the open's history. he is playing great. adam is right on his heels.
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this approach shot nestles. count tiger woods among those attacking. 18, from a bunker, what day signature moment. -- what a signature moment. it is the kind of shot we expect from the greatest golfer of a generation. a one-shot lead over adam scott going into the weekend. given the weather, one cannot sit on a lead. but he seems ready to do that while tiger is ready to stock. -- stalk. >> i am pleased for him. we are at the halfway and i am in the middle. >> you have to play pretty good golf, but not the best of
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everybody. that is nice to have. >> speaking of past, a fund- raiser toward men for multiple sclerosis. my teammates almost got an eagle. you saw the ball mark on the edge of the cup. she out drove us all day to as well. always tumbling to play with that young lady. >> that is maddening to see the ball right there. >> it landed on the edge of the cup. in for eagle. >> amazing. lucky or good? >> she is good. >> tony is next with a look at the forecast.
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>> time for a final check on the weather. >> still not a bad forecast. 82 tomorrow. a 36% chance for showers in the morning. 90% of the weekend is going to be fine. i am trying to say it is going to be decent. >> i get nervous when you do percentages. that is all for a 11 news tonight. see you b
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the watch," ben stiller, from "damages," actress


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