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tv   Today  NBC  July 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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special day, july 27th, 2012. welcome you back to london olympic park. just a few hours, the eyes of the world will be on the olympic stadium. they are going to see the pomp and the pageantry othe opening ceremony. we are so excited. >> can't wait. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside natalie morales. al is at the u.s. ambassador's residence. he's hanging out with the first lady. matt is busy preparing. >> got a big job. everywhere we go we see the briefing he carries, probably
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weighs 10 pounds. >> we joke about it but it's a lot. >> all the athletes and stories. more than 60,000 people will be inside that stadium including presidential hopeful mitt romney who joined us here earlier this morning. we're going to hear from the governor on the games and some of the controversy over his criticism of london's readiness. >> of course we introduced you to the u.s. gymnastic team this morning led by jordyn wieber and gabby douglas. coming up we're going to talk to their beautiful and very proud moms. >> i have to imagine nervous as well. we'll get a sneak peek at the fashions the athletes will be wearing in london, including the speedos. >> who is going to model the speedo, that is the question. first the top of the morning stories. natalie, we'll join you for that. >> presidential hopeful mitt romney is trying to stop a firestorm he sparked when he questioned whether london is prepared for the olympic games.
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peter alexander with more. >> reporter: for mitt romney, be very clear. this was supposed to be a risk averse trip overseas as campaign advisers put it to us, this is a chance for romney to listen and learn. again this morning romney is getting it in the ear loud and clear. from the british folks. they were not impressed with his comments about the preparedness for the games. check this out in local headlines. it reads mitt the twit. as romney wraps up his stop here in the uk, he's hoping tonight's festivities will wash away some of the hard feelings. as mitt romney looks forward to tonight's opening ceremony -- >> governor, did you intend to criticize the way london prepared for these games. >> reporter: he's hoping to avert the political firestorm he sparked when he spoke with brian williams and was asked if london is ready for the olympic games.
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>> it's hard to know how it will turn out. it's disconcerting the story about the private security game not having enough people, the strike of the customs official. that's not encouraging. >> british reporters pounced. >> mitt romney turned on his charm by visiting britain, questioning the country's ability to host the olympic games. >> the message he wanted to get out on this trip has been obscured. >> if he's here to make friends, he's got a funny way of showing it. >> from the telegraph, this editorial. mitt romney is perhaps the only politician who could start a trip that was supposed to be a charm offensive by being utterly devoid of charm. even the prime minister pushed back. >> we are holding the olympic games in one of the busiest and most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. of course it's easier if you hold olympic games in the middle of nowhere. >> reporter: that middle of nowhere phrase and to be a not so subtle shot at salt lake city
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where romney oversaw 2002 games. he responded with a statement saying cameron can stop by any time. we're happy to have him and happy to send a map so he doesn't have any trouble locating the middle of nowhere. london's outspoken mayor fired back. >> mitt romney wants to know whether we're ready. he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready? are we ready? yes, we are. >> reporter: early on today he told matt he had a new outlook on the games. >> after being here a couple days, it looks to me like london is ready. >> reporter: and back in washington, d.c., the white house tried to capitalize on romney's gaffe, the spokesperson jay carney saying very clearly the president has the utmost confidence in our friend and ally united kingdom hosting the olympic games. mitt romney heading to israel tomorrow. >> i know you're heading there
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with him. peter alexander, thanks so much. one of the alleged victims of accused sex abuser jerry sandusky has come forward as he filed suit against penn state. this as the attorney released two voice mails they say are from sandusky to their client. the attorneys say they were left months before he was arrested. in the message, he tells victim number two he loves him and invites him to a penn state football game. ford is recalling 485,000, 2001 to 2004 ford escape suvs that can cause sticking gas pedals that can cause crashes. they have had 68 complaints, 13 crashes, nine injuries and one death. this is the third recall in just two weeks for the top selling escape. wild storms slammed new york last night. in elmira, witnesses report add tornado. the governor declared a state of emergency in the surrounding county. while the clouds over the manhattan skyline were pretty
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ominous, the twitters sphere responded loading pictures. if they ever allow dogs on the team actor kevin bacon could go for the gold. there he is with his pit bull lilly ready to take the plunge. off they go. perfect timing. it may not be a perfect ten but gets thumbs-up from his wife kyra sedgwick off camera there. >> i give him a ten. >> then did it again. natalie, thanks. let's get a check of the weather from al over at the winfield house. hi, al. >> thanks so much. the u.s. ambassador opened up his backyard for a great event with the first lady. we'll have more on that a little later. we've got severe storms possibly cropping up in the city, i should say much of the country. first let's show you the u.s. -- i should say the olympic games,
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the opening ceremony. tonight we are looking at cloudy skies, just a 20% chance of a shower. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. so i think things are going to go off without a hitch. we are keeping our fingers crossed. let's show you at least as far as severe storms we're talking about from mid-atlantic states into the southeast, also mid mississippi river valley and ohio river valley, risk of >> another hot and humid day. expecting highs in the mid 90's today. it will feel like the low 100 the last couple of days in london it feels like a vacation. all of a sudden today being in
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the olympic park, it's becoming very real. >> becoming very real. >> for you, natalie? your daughter, they have been working hard their entire lives for this very moment. what does it mean for them to be here? >> i know for gabriel it's a dream come true. she's been working for this moment so long. to have it culminate and be here in the athlete village, meeting other athletes makes it more real, even though it's like a dream. we've been skyping. she's been telling me how excited she's been. an amazing spirit. >> you say you've been skyping. looft people think, you're here, don't you get to see your daughters. the reality is they are training, in game mode. >> we're used to that, the way it is when they travel internationally. it feels good to be in the same country. i felt good when i was in london, five, ten minutes away
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from her. we've been talking on the phone and texting daily. >> are they nervous? natalie, do you feel like gabby is pretty cool? >> she's calm. that surprised me. i thought she would be more on edge. no, she's like oh, my gosh, mom, i'm so excited. i think the excitement is suppressing the nervousness for right now. i don't know what it will look like on competition today. but she's absolutely in wonderful spirits right now. >> clearly there's such a huge buildup and such huge expectations on these very young girls' shoulders. do you worry about the pressure, rita? >> i think any mom would kind of -- i just want the best for them. i don't want to see any tears of sadness. i want them to do their best and pull this off for the u.s. so yeah, i feel it. i know they are well prepared. >> yeah, this team, everybody is expecting amazing things. what are your expectations, or do you even dare to dream about goals at this point in time, natalie. >> i do now. we were a little hesitant at
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first to say, okay, going to be an olympian. but now that she's achieved that huge dream and gotten over that hurdle, i just think that anything is possible now. so i'm confident. like rita said, i just believe they are well prepared. they are in a good place. they have great training. their coaches are awesome. so i just think that they are ready for this moment. i'm excited to see them. >> what is, as the mom in the stands watching your daughters, the most nerve-racking moment? what event really is hard for you guys to take? rita. >> used to be the beam, because you can fall off the beam. as jordyn has progressed into the harder skills, it's every event i get nervous on. but beam is the worst because every single thing they do is on a four-inch piece of wood. >> a slip or fall. my goodness. natalie, how about you? >> beam. >> gabby douglas, your daughter is the flying squirrel, we know she's got those uneven bars
9:11 am
down. do you get nervous and see her flying and doing things nobody can imagine doing what she does. >> sometimes i do. i wonder, she gets so high in the air. i wonder, is she going to catch that thing when she comes down. every time like clock work. you don't want to get relaxed and say every time she's got it because sometimes you don't know. beam is the worst for me. >> not only is their pressure to compete as the team, there is the individual pressure as well. they are up against each other. there has been much said in the press about friendly rivalry between gabby and jordyn. what do you tell your girls to keep it in perspective? >> i just tell jordyn i'm proud of her no matter what happens. i know she's going to go out there and do her best. they are all friends. they want each other to do their best and they want to do their best. >> they are a team. >> natalie? >> we grew up together in the sport. they have done similar programs.
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i've seen jordyn in the pictures with gabrielle. they have known each other since they were little girl. it's not like they are just quai acquainted each other. i tell her this is what you've grown up to do. enjoy it. have fun. enjoy every moment, pay attention to the details. >> soak it up. >> soak it up. >> rita wieber, natalie hawkins, thanks so much for spending the moment with us. we're so excited for your girls. good luck to them. so much to come from london, including all the gear that team usa will be sporting right after this. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid.
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more than a billion worldwide will watch tonight's opening ceremony. all eyes on the athletes and what they are wearing. fashion editor for harper's bazaar. good morning. >> good morning. >> the truth is, what the athletes wear does matter. >> we're here at the olympic ceremony, it's all about fashion. there's so much of it everywhere, from the clocks that tell us who won the game to the designers designing all the outfits and competitive wear, too. it's literally everywhere. >> let's start with team usa. i know i've seen the opening ceremony outfits. we had them on the show. what do you think of the ralph lauren design.
9:17 am
>> here is the thing, red, white, blue, screams american luxury sportswear. hey, it doesn't get much better than that. it's one of our best designers, fabulous. >> right here we have looks for nike. nike is doing basketball, metal stand outfits and also some for the track sprinters. what do you think of these outfits. >> a lot of the competitive wear from nike. lebron james dream team outfit. not only does it look great but one of those that's terribly fashion chic, too. i have to say i'm complimenting you on your mannequin. looks just like a basketball player. >> i like the bright shoes. speedo doing the swimsuit, not just fashionable looking but high-tech. >> holds to the body and reduces drag by 2.7%, which is terrific. ryan lochte said it makes him feel invincible. our wonderful swimmers are so incredibly -- have that edge
9:18 am
because of the all the things, technology. what can we say, michael phelps, says it gives him an extra boost of confidence. >> let's talk about great britain. for the open ceremony they will be in a design house that's sort of like the gap. >> kate middleton going to the high street retailer. next they are very understated look for the opening ceremony. a bit of gossip saying there might be bling in the jackets, which is very unusual for the brits. >> we like bring for sure. >> yes. >> stella mccartney, british royalty, the daughter of paul mccartney designing athletic wear for athletes. >> she's doing competitive wear. she slightly changed the log okay, flag coloration. we've got one of our best designers producing competitive wear. fabulous for us. >> got to say if you're an italian athlete you're in great shape in the fashion department.
9:19 am
arma armani. armani they will be wearing coming into the opening ceremony. if you're an italian sailor, you're wearing prada, flying the best for italian luxury brands. >> really cool. jamaica is another interesting one. the daughter of bob marley designed some of the sportswear. >> she's the daughter of reggae legend which is fabulous. the colors of the jamaican flag, leaf present, yellow, exotic, slight touch of military, too. usain bolt will look gorgeous walking in. >> some fashions cause a little controversy. here is one from spain. number one is a russian designer. some of the athletes tweeted photos of themselves wearing the designs. i guess to be diplomatic about it, they don't love these designs. what do you think? >> it's a russian designer. very blingy red color. there's a bit of controversy in spain. they do have fabulous designers
9:20 am
in spain. i think it cost a little less for the team outfits by going to another designer. still quite a punch coming into the ceremonies. >> being in the olympics is cool no matter what you're wearing. >> no matter what. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> the duel in the pool. matt talks to ryan lochtee coming up after these messages. his teen face. because i didn't just get him a pair of nikes, i got him the pair of nikes. look - he can barely control himself. (in her head) i'm amazing. the styles they'll totally freak over for back to school are here. famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours. these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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little crowd here at olympic park. thanks for showing up. some are summer interns. >> usa gymnasts. >> the park is closed. obviously they are gearing up for tonight's opening ceremony happening in that building over there. security is intense getting through. >> it will be packed. we'll be back in a minute. but first your local news. ♪ ♪
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> heat advisory in affect down to the lower eastern shore. the combination of the heat and humidity could make it feel like the low 100 today. there's a chance for thunderstorms at any point, but especially towards the afternoon. more storms possible tomorrow.
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just a small taste of what you can expect during the olympics opening ceremony later tonight really is about all we're able to show you from the big event, final rehearsal, 16,000 people got to see it. they are keeping quiet today. they put up around the stadium the whole savior the surprise hashtag on twitter. i'm natalie morales with savannah guthrie enjoying it. it was raining this morning, the sun is shining.
9:31 am
>> we have our fake phone booth here. >> we should mention of a the opening ceremony gets under way 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central. you'll see more than the 30 seconds. you'll see the whole thing, all will be revealed. >> like a hollywood production, danny boyle, pomp and circumstance. >> moved to tears, meredith. >> ryan. >> the best matchup or one of the best match-ups at the olympics, michael phelps and ryan lochte, the showdown, duel in the pool, matt talks to them in a few minutes. >> the guide to the british isle with help from team usa athletes as well. >> all right. first we want to say hello to two of the women's boxing team. good morning. trying to shake. >> no. get with it.
9:32 am
>> this is so exciting. the first time women's boxing has been in the olympics. how do you feel about that. you've got to be so proud. >> excited. ready to roll. >> ready to hit somebody. >> i've been training hard back home. got here a little earlier. we're ready to put on a show for usa. >> you didn't know you really made the team until just about a month ago. is that right? you didn't qualify at the world championships and they called and said they needed you. >> they needed me. made it happen. i'm ready to give my all. >> i heard when your sister called you and said they added women's boxing you didn't believe it at first. >> i didn't think she knew what she was talking about. i was asleep when she called. i wasn't going to answer. she said like, you're in the games. i was like, no, you're deciding. she's like, no, it's all over the internet. i jumped out of bed. sure enough. i was really excited. it was definitely an honor. >> for those who know boxing, what is the difference between
9:33 am
women's boxing and men's boxing. >> the actual boxes is no different. >> different rounds. >> just learned something. >> is it fun to have this experience together? to get to go to the olympics together. >> we have been doing everything together for the last five years. we're like roommates, everything. we have to do everything. >> sparring partners? >> no. look at those guns. >> come on, savannah, show your guns. >> okay. >> do we need gloves or without gloves. okay. what are the basics. >> do the jab. >> y'all are both right-handed. >> i'm a leftie. >> savannah. >> be a leftie. >> so step. >> i'm scared.
9:34 am
>> i'll give you, same hand, same leg. >> we're ready. >> let me try. >> have you ever taken a kickboxing class, savannah? >> no. >> okay. >> hands up. keep your hands up. >> leftie. >> go. >> then what happens? there we go. >> she can hit me. >> come on. >> no mercy. no mercy. >> how do we look. >> float like a butterfly. >> all right. let's shake on it. time to go home with the weather.
9:35 am
>> we're so proud of you guys. you make us proud. >> keep doing this. >> get out some aggression. >> your blue ones actually match. maybe we can trade after this. let's get al with the weather. >> wow. it's like a female version of rock 'em, sock 'em robots. let's look at the weekend. starting today, risk of strong storms along the southeast atlantic coast, upper ohio river valley, beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow we're looking at a risk of strong storms. not all that bad tomorrow. but we do see hit and miss showers and thunderstorms in the northeast and new england. the rest of the country sizzling from the plains all the way down into texas. hot in the southwest, beautiful and mild in the northwest. sunday -- sunday! -- hit and miss thunderstorms.
9:36 am
>> we are starting off today with muggy conditions and some sprinkles. we'll have partly cloudy skies. like aly ali and frasier all over again. >> we're still besties. >> team usa right after these messages. ahhh, i love how clean and healthy my mouth is right now. i wish i could keep it this way. [ dentist ] even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque... it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other
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to your kids' wet skin. neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. welcome back to london's olympic park. what are the sights to see while we're here in london, nbc
9:40 am
olympics late night host got advice from members of team usa as the mayor of london. >> i'm really, really happy the olympics are in london because i'm kind of obsessed with the brits. >> when you say london, i just feel comfortable. >> when i'm in london, i definitely want to see big ben. >> the most famous miami in england, right? >> i'm definitely going to try to get the digits of the prince. >> london bridge is falling down. >> i road the eye. >> they have some good shopping there. >> that's crazy to be that close to history. i love it. >> london bridge is falling down. ♪ what's the rest of it? >> president one day in london -- >> arrive from heathrow, attended, a high bike, new style
9:41 am
bike for conservative men. they go down to british museum. might take one of the new buses. will that take them in the right direction? they go down the river, take a thames clippers down the river. splendor. to greenwich where they can have a picnic. >> the lasting impression you want your global visitors to have of london is what, sir? >> the biggest, greenest city. we have more restaurants than paris. twice the number. >> might not be true. >> certainly true. twice the number of book shops, more theater and it rains more in rome. there you go. >> bye-bye. see you. >> and mary is here. welcome. what a character. we love him. >> he's hilarious. the country, royalty, prime
9:42 am
minister, then -- >> he's a real person, on a bike nonetheless. you got to see some sights. first the world of ian fleming. you just need to know one character here, bond, james bond. >> the 50th anniversary of james bond on film. we were so lucky. i got to do this. in a car. >> beyond reason. yes. >> how fast are you going? >> 2,000 miles an hour or so i assert, as the mayor of london would say. very, very fast. >> no bike rides. >> not at all. >> wow, lunch before hand? that could have been bad. >> it was something. >> you went to wales. >> i went to wales. >> you've been to wales, too. >> unbelievable gorgeous. >> you know how physically beautiful it is. it really is. i did a bunch of different things in wales, including this. natalie, this is frog new york ling. this is not an olympic event. no. you're not allowed to use -- this guy is great, tom shanklin,
9:43 am
a welch rugby player that tried to teach me rugby. that didn't go well either. >> what do you see in the bog? >> not a lot. it's dark and disgusting, but i did it. the mother ship. >> i give you props for that. you also had a little more lady like experience here. everybody knows you come to london, you've got to experience high tea. >> high tea is great. >> you did high tea at the twining tea shop. >> the famous family. this guy, again, tremendous character. i learned why, in fact, tea is the second most popular beverage in the world and why it got so big in this country. very good. i drank up the whole tea store. >> i can't wait to see more. you can see all of these stories throughout nbc's olympic coverage starting with tonight's opening ceremony at 7:30, 6:30
9:44 am
central time. coming up next, the rivalry everyone will be watching and talking about, ryan lochte versus michael phelps right after this. it's olive garden's 2 for $25.
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back now in london with one of the hottest rivalries of the game. michael phelps trying to become the most decorated olympian of all time but he faces serious competition from his teammate ryan lochte. >> olympic gold. >> they are two of swimming's greatest stars ever. >> it is lochte. >> together they make one of the greatest rivalries to date. >> race each other, man against man. >> i don't think michael would be the swimmer he is today unless he had a ryan lochte. >> .29 separate lochte and
9:48 am
phelps. >> the same for ryan and what he's been able to do for the last two or three years. i think it's solely because of michael. he got tired of being second. >> out of the pool, the two are reportedly friendly but couldn't be more different. michael is seen as a machine, intense, focused, unstoppable. >> when he gets really serious about it, no one is more competitive than he is. >> ryan, while fiercely competitive in the pool, is more of a free spirit, more laid back. >> he does a pretty good job of enjoying life. when he's happy, he swims well. >> lochte held off phelps. >> while lochte has dominated the swimming world in recent years, phelps still owns the olympics. >> phelps knows how to get up for the olympic games. until lochte takes phelps down there, phelps is always going to be the guy on top. >> both have taken extreme
9:49 am
measures this past year to find an edge. ryan taking on strong man training techniques. michael sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber to increase his lung capacity. >> i think they are just trying to one up each other, especially michael. he loves to plant those little seeds. >> both believe the advantage belongs to them. >> to me michael is just another swimmer. it's just another person i've got to go up against and race. when i go on the blocks, i always feel like i can win. >> when i jump in the pool, you see what happens. that's all i need to say. >> if you can write the headlines, ryan, for what's about to happen in london, what's your headline going to be? >> ryan lochte takes over. >> how do you feel about that headline? >> i don't say anything to that. i don't need to say anything to it. my talking is done in the pool.
9:50 am
>> rivalry gets under way tomorrow with the 400 individual medley. coming up next, the u.s. women's shooting team. first these messages. [ barks ]c ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ]
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we are back with three women hoping to make their mark, literally, on u.s. olympics shooting team. kim, amanda, ladies, good to have you here. kim, you are the veteran of the bunch. these are your fifth olympics. >> fifth olympics, going for another gold. >> another medal. >> if you medal, one more medal is all you need, i understand, to have five consecutive olympic appearances. i think that's the first ever. >> the first person to ever go five consecutive medals in five consecutive games in an individual sport. no pressure, right?
9:53 am
>> no. how are you feeling about that? >> just a little weight on the shoulders. i'm taking it really good just focusing on my practice. i'm ready. i'm excited for it to be over. >> corey, you got bronze in beijing. >> i did. >> i hear you revamped your shooting style since then. >> i have. i've definitely learned a lot over the last four years, worked on my technique. really developed as a shooter. really doing myself as one of the best in the world. >> you guys are really renaissance women. as i understand it, not only are you obviously olympic shooters, you make homemade pasta, a cook, you restore muscle cars or both of you do? >> yes. >> i went to cooking school in italy and studied there for a while and worked in a cooking school for two years. >> second career perhaps. >> maybe, possibly. >> i just purchased my 14th car the week prior to coming here, a 1928 model a roadster. >> wow. >> you guys are too cool. >> a lot of work to be done on a 1928 car, probably?
9:54 am
>> amanda, this is your olympic debut here. how is it for you to be a part of this team? >> it's so exciting. not just to be a part of usa olympic team but team usa as a whole. we're all the same level, the best in our sport, some of the best in the world. it's an honor to be here. i'm so excited. >> have you thought about walking tonight in the opening ceremony and what that's going to feel like? >> i'm scared it's going to be a huge rush of emotions. everybody says it's the moment you feel like a true olympian. i can't wait to feel that. >> i understand you're a part time barista for starbucks. >> that was in the past. i was 16. i'm 21 now. >> ancient home. >> making a no foam latte. >> i can make cappuccinos. my main career is shooting now. >> good luck. >> her goal now is to win a medal. ladies, thank you for being here. >> final reminder, opening ceremony 7:30, 6:30 central time right here on nbc. have a great weekend. hmmm, i don't think i took my pill today.
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