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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tirunesh dibaba. she's trying to put an exclamation point on it here in london. the first medals to be awarded on the track. and tirunesh dibaba of ethiopia is running away with it. here comes the line. and dibaba wins it decisive! kipyego will take second and cheruiyot third. >> top 62 seconds over the last lap. running well within herself. even while doing that. the fastest time in the world this year. and i guess she puts a exclamation point on that rivalry. as cheruiyot doesn't even manage to get the silver medal in this race. and you see the solidarity among the three ethiopians, happy with the victory. >> three americans, hastings,
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bawcom and uhl coming back to finish their race well back in the pack. as hastings tries to kick it in in the final meters. bawcom and uhl. what a move dibaba made. the bell sounded and that was like the bell opening on the starting gate for a race horse. >> well, actually move in to the lead, tom,ame around the last turn leading up to the stralgtaway. and as i said not textbook racing as you would normally wait until the straightaway to make the move. you are right. getting up to the bell, it was as if she was shot out of a gun. she really started sprinting with one lap to go and separated herself entirely from the rest of the field. >> so our first medals in track and field and it was a decisive victory to decide those first
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medals. dibaba of ethiopia winning the 10,000 meters with kipyego and cheruiyot of kenya getting the silver and the bronze. impressive performance by tirunesh dibaba in the 10,000. now let's go back to dan patrick. >> all right, tom. a dominant performance of day one of track and field and tomorrow is a day the host nation is waiting for for quite sometime. with mo farrah among the favorites in the men's 10,000 meters. we'll bring you that race live here on nbcment that's all for the daytime drew here in london. olympic prime time with bob costas coming up. for al michaels, i'm dan patrick. we'll talk to you tomorrow. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00. >> beginning tonight with breaking news. >> out of baltimore county, over the scene of it 8-vehicle accidents in colgate. let's got to attack and retailer really sky team 11. >> a vehicle to involved in serious crash. d, we have harmec counted at least five medics on the scene. we did not know the cause of the traffic, but expect major delays. live in this item 11, and capt.
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roy taylor. >> the big story tonight, after 12 years, michael phelps looked up at the jumbotron or the final time. >> we are about to tell you what you saw. if you do not want to know, take action now. >> let's get right to it. in a assyria's finish for the 100 meter butterfly, he won his 21st overall medal and his 17th and gold. russia and south africa tied for the silver. this gives him his second olympic threepeat. in north baltimore, we find will meltzer. were you there for the waste? -- lowell meltzer? were you there for teh race? >> i was.
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this is bittersweet because this is the last individual race that he will be in. it turned from disappointment to deafening cheers very quickly when he went from seventh to first to win gold in the 100- meter bonafide friday. >> and then i knew he was going to win. >> he just came on. and i was just like -- this is over! >> always thought it was going to win. >> eu knew it? >> a lot of proud phases that meadow brook in mount washington seeing him win the 17th. >> what an honor to even be able to watch and. it was a great race.
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>> i watched yesterday against ryan. it was great. i swim with him all the time, so i think a lot of us are too close to appreciate. >> it was bittersweet as this was his last individual event for his olympic career. they say it's going to be a very different place. seeing himed to practice every day. he comes in the front door. he jokes with us. we're really proud of everything that he is done. it's unbelievable. >> so many years. this is just a weird feeling, you know? it's sad. >> now he has just one more race to go, the four by 100 medley relay. everyone here is hoping that not
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only will he bring home number 22 but that it will be gold. live in mount washington, lowell melser come wbal-tv 11 news. >> four other maryland athletes compete today. question.e which area high school did he attend? north county? you can text to this number -- 88509. you'll see the correct answer later on 11 news. >> tickets for the final this coming sunday. the seats are filled for the first day of events in track and field. >> bill rogers of the latest on running, jumping, and throwing from london. >> good evening. we had intermountain --
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intermittant rain. >> it's the biggest to date yet. >> so exciting to be here. all three advanced in the 400 race. >> it is back down off the hook. >> beautiful. >> falling to the round of 16. remaining on target.
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>> i guess that is my second fastest time ever. >> a judah athlete from saudi arabia lasted only 82 seconds in the ring wearing headgear compromised or her scarf. this is a remote control version that retrieves shot puts and javelins. a new american superstar gets a cereal box. watch this. this is a starting pistol. you will no longer see an actual gun. this is the device they used to start every race. it fires a light for the crowd. they hear a sound behind every one of them. it it was determined that the
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runner in the outside lane was getting the gun shot a fraction of a second later than those on the inside putting them at a disadvantage. phil rodgers, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that's an interesting device. we're calling the potential for strong storms to pop up in the region. >> let's go to tom tasselmyer for the details. >> let's check it out on doppler radar. pretty good storm sitting there that had been wandering very slowly. it is drifting from south to north. not very fast out all.
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not very much rain associated. lots of rain. we had one storm in baltimore county and it has left us. does to the west of us outside of carol and frederick county. guess what? more in the week and forecasts. details in just a few. >> new developments tonight in the adoption of vi ripkin. for sun spoke publicly about the case and the impact is having on the family. >> cal ripken believes his mother is an auction was premeditated because he brought materials to bind him.
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they have uncovered evidence in ms. riplen's car. cal ripken jr. called the adoption -- abduction raw. >> it was the worst feeling you could imagine. it was about 9:00 p.m. my sister called me. there have been a report that a car with my mom's tags in it was reported with a woman tied up in the backseat of a car. they wanted to know if we knew where mom was. we could not find her. our worst fear was that it was her tied up in the back of the car. >> he drove around looking for her. he's making a personal plea to the public to help police find the person responsible. several digital billboards show
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a sketch of the suspect. he held her down with plastic of ties. they drove all over the area, as far north as southern pennsylvania. as far west as washington, d.c. at this wal-mart, the captors surveillance footage of the suspect. they stopped for a foot, bathroom breaks, and it took naps. police are not sure if he knew he had about the mother of baseball royalty. what she was treated civilly. she was checked on quite a bit. i'm thankful that she was returned home physically on heard. i think the mental part is still traumatic. >> he was -- she is described as tough and independent. "she's not home yet.
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emotionally, we have all changed how we you view our own security, her security. she is affected. >> his strong-willed than trying to gain normalcy. >> she is going to my granddaughter's softball games. she's continuing to live her life. she has gone to the beauty parlor. >> is mama doing pretty good but not ready to go home yet. a quick the main suspect in the disappearance -- >> the main suspect agains robin gardner has had the case dropped against them. it's illegal to be naked in public. he is also suspected in the disappearance of gardner who
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disappeared one year ago thursday. >> the fire had been done to this restaurant already. it had driver near edgewood pulling over to stop and watch this on the fold. >> a suspicious package found outside a day care center bringing the bomb squad to bringing the bomb squad to
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>> and tense moments today @ a howard county day care center as they investigate a bomb scare due to a suspicious package. we were over the scene about 10:00 a.m. on hand, local police and fire personnel. it took them about one hour to determine the abandoned suitcase was harmless inside. an accordion. >> there is now a massive hole in the roof of a denny's restaurant talk of 95 in harford county after a fire forced the evacuationf patrons. we were over the scene around 10:30 a.m. it took six departments about 60 minutes to get that fire under control. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer.
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>> dickies scattered thunderstorms popping up in our area. some of them strong, others drifting by. on the hd doppler, you will see the strongest storms moving across the area on the eastern shore into cecil county. let's switch our view. you can see the activity drifting from south to north. the one in cecil county and the delaware line seems to be the strongest in the area. there is a warning for cecil in new castle in northern delaware. not because of damaging wind but the dangerous lightning and heavy downpours accustoming -- accompanying that storm. it is hot and humid all around the baltimore area again. easton, cambridge, all in the low 90's. it is muggy in the atmosphere and it feels pretty sticky. 70-78 after the evening storms
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is allowed. partially cloudy skies and son set at 8:16 p.m. the bermuda high position cranks in the heat and humidity that will be with us through the weekend. you can temperatures in the 90's of the way back to chicago. tomorrow, 89-94. afternoon storms in a few locations. light southern wind, 9-10. generally when will be in the same direction tomorrow when not many problems until isolated late days from are popping up. scattered storms, 30 of 40% chance with ties in the upper -- with highs in the upper 90's. the best chance for storms over the weekend will be sunday. 87 tomorrow, 86 sunday. we continue to watch a tropical storm ernesto making its way
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into the caribbean. conditions are favorable for further strengthening. ernesto may become a category one hurricane as it bends its way through the yucatan peninsula through the gulf of mexico. low 90's around baltimore with typical summer thunderstorms. clearing out monday afternoon. >> anytime a driver gets hit with a red light government ticket, the government is supposed to make money. >> how much? a battle is brewing that could cost the town big bucks. also tonight -- >> and nikole killion with the president and romney taking two different tak
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>> the unemployment rate picking up again. >> dealing another raid -- fueling another debate between
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president obama and governor romney. >> each candidate trying to spin the numbers to their advantage. >> speaking at the same time, differing views from obama and romney on the jobs report. >> these are not just statistics. these are real poppel. -- real people. >> it's an extraordinary failure of policy, leadership, and a moral failure for a country as successful and prosperous as our own. >> we now credit four. -- we have now created 4.5 million new jobs. "these are our neighbors and family members finding work. it is the security that comes with work. let's acknowledge that we still have too many people out there
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who were looking for work. >> this a less than 100 days out from the election. cut the job than the economy are the single most important issue. it's the only thing import that voters talk about. >> both candidates have their work cut out for them. >> it's difficult to turn the economy around quickly with a clever idea. the challenges that they're facing far more significant than that. >> the challenges include a weak global economy and the so-called fiscal cliff when tax hikes and spending cuts are scheduled to take effect. some say the july job gain, the best in five months, are a relief for now. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 103 years old and she's still got it. >> it she has been around longer than the city sewage system.
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her secret to old life when we come back. >> we see what the new model teachers are doing to improve
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>> live a, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. stan stovall and donna hamilton. your forecast with tom tasselmyer and sky team 11 covering breaking news where you live. wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00
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continues now. >> they are among the cream of the crop, the top educators looking for ways to help improve in the classroom. it has been almost two years since the landmark contract. >> we meet the first group of model teachers who made the cut. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with that story. >> these are at the head of their class, model teachers to help students and fellow educators. >> these are some of the model educators, most of them teachers taking advantage of a clause to learn and earn more. >> these are the gray areas. >> they have spent the last few days away from the schoolhouse learning the benefits of reviewing the work of fellow teachers, those trying to become
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model educators. >> when you watched videos of these candidates, you're seeing some great practice. you can take a this or that back. >> is that the cause of my math achievement? it may very well correlate. >> at least 500 model teachers, that is what the union had in mind when they agreed to a new contract. >> there individuals in the school doing model work. they're not getting all of the recognition that they should. this is a way to help. >> its and honor. it pushes me to want to be better. i continue to grow and help my colleagues.
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>> that is what the administrators will tell you is that the heart of this new agreement. >> live in the newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here's a look at some of the other top stories. cal ripken, jr., speaks out since the first time his mother was of adopted. he says she is still too traumatized to return home. they're looking for the man who tied a rope and drove around in her car for hours. she was later found on armed -- on harmed physically. eight people hurt, one seriously, following this massive pileup in dundalk. when accidents involve was a tow
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truck. it is blocked in both directions near the accident. >> baltimore city police have issued some commands in the southwestern district because of an outbreak of violence. the latest, homicide detectives close the just before 1:30 when they found a 30-year-old man shot in the head pronounced dead. is the fourth murder in this area in the last seven days. they're making a number of staffing changes including a new major to the district and in a permanent director of education and training. >> it's not very often we do a story about someone's birthday, but this is special. when you were born in 1909, your birthday is a big deal. >> tomorrow is a big day. she will be 103 years old.
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the party was for this lady, mary. she will soon be 103. >> is a delightful charming lady. she has had some difficulties in the last couple of years with her health, but she has always been an incredibly cheerful, happy baltimorian. she is really a lovely, lovely person. you ppy birthday to >> 103 years as a long time. the people who know her say she is a wonderful person. >> very pleasant. she knows a lot of things. when she its launch, she puts her fork on the right side and
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her knife and spoon on the right side like she's been doing all her life. "she's a ball of life. she will come back with little tidbits of information. we really enjoy your being here. >> to got a special serenade. it's not every day you turn 103. what do think of your party? [laughter] ? she will be 103 years old. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what a nice party. happy birthday. a warning tonight from the cdc for the state fair season. >> a new strain of swine flu. >> charges of witness [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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on the porch! ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] mops can be a hassle, but swiffer wetjet's spray cleaner and absorbent pads can clean better in half the time so you don't miss a thing. swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. and for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. >> the effort is under way to get red light cameras operating again in frederick. there has been controversy about
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how much the government will get. the city of $44 of the fine. the new contract calls for the city to only get $33. they want to change vendors, but that would take time and the city would lose revenue during the transition. others want them to renew the contract even at the lower rate with the vendor and start collecting money right away. >> the controversy tonight over a susan g. komen ad they said was misleading because it only focused on the five-year survival rate for early diagnosis. 98% survived five years when it is diagnosed early versus 23% when it is not. they say those statistics are
5:40 pm
meaningless without context. for every life saved, some armed misdiagnosed and undergo unnecessary radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. the maryland state fair of later this month which is why the cbc is reminding fair goers to be careful around pigs. there is now a new strain of flu spreading from animals to people. the new strain is h3-n2 and it does not seem to fred -- spread very well from person to person. there have been 29 cases of the new flow affecting children mostly in people with underlying health problems. >> there's always concern for the potential of the virus to spread efficiently within humans. we do not see that yet, but we continue to monitor. with this year's flu shot but not protect against it. the best way to avoid it is to wash your hands, especially
5:41 pm
before and after contact with animals. >> it may be the height of cantaloupes season, but you may want to talk yours out following a warning from the fda. many of these melons being sold right here in maryland. that straight ahead in consumer alert. >> accused firms to track on the hd
5:42 pm
>> coming up, oriel hall of famer cal ripken, jr., about the abduction of his mother, vi. in a case of witness intimidation, those and
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>> time for our exceptional olympic moment of the day. team usa shirt they were the dream team last night against nigeria hitting 29 3-pointers in a blowout win. that is an olympic record. wbal light in tv 11 is your home for the olympic games. you can join jerry sandusky and die for -- and i for "the olympic zone." >> the ravens are back outside today. 11 sports pete gilbert joins us
5:45 pm
with the highlights from the day. >> a couple of guys that had not passed the conditioning test are back out now. he was an unexcused start training camp and getting fined $30,000 per day. he said he hurt his back. now he is back after passing a conditioning test and got it done. he also had the birth of a child on his mind. neither could practice today thanks to the new cba, where they have to have just two days off. there are mostly by standards. the sun is out earlier with cloud cover the most of the day. john harbaugh went 20 minutes
5:46 pm
longer than expected to, but it was cooler. it worked better. he was guilty about what they have coming up tomorrow. he says he cannot wait. >> ravens training camp in westminster always signaling the unofficial start of season but it's a tradition known more. >> very disappointing. we're used to going in and seeing guys get ready for this season. >> i have a lot of fun going in. i've been enjoying my time with family. >> i miss it. we have been every year. >> it's time to embrace a new tradition with a public practice saturday. it went so well that they're doing it again. it starts at 3:30 practice. >> all the players will be here
5:47 pm
and you can see them practicing. cut the event is free. you can sit in the stands, get a look at the players come here the coach's yelling, and there's plenty of do. >> we will have the junior training camp out to run drills. we will have the phobos, three characters. >> the ravens cheerleaders will be there in the stands. >> they will be mingling with the fans. >> and signing autographs. she is miss august in the brand new cheerleader calendar. >> it's our first calendar in two years. i'm so excited for everyone to see it. >> there is a new plaque in honor of johnny unitas. also new, $10 for practice parking, but all proceeds go to local kids in need. break out your purple on saturday and get ready for the new raven season ahead. >> even though i'm wearing purple and it's friday, today of not part of friday.
5:48 pm
the first official will be the friday before the start of the season, september 7th. market on your calendar. jennifer franciotti, go ravens. >> or insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> i think she always has some purple on. every day is for all day. >> this is good news. just southeast of northeast. only in maryland. it's very small as you can see. a few isolated storms. nothing at bwi marshall was for us rainbows. only a few spots to catch the rain. the zero in the precipitation column.
5:49 pm
this will put as that pretense of an inch below normal for the year and the double digits continue to grow. we will have a precipitation deficit for our region. 37 time today we have topped 90 degrees in baltimore. 86 is average for today. 100 is the record high back in 2006 and a cool 55 in august -- what would that feel like? that was back in 1998. you only get a breeze cool down with one of the showers or storms passing over. and then add in the monday ness of the atmosphere and it feels like almost 100 degrees in downtown baltimore with a heat index around 95. 96 in cambridge. 98 on the lower eastern shore. a warm and muggy night had of
5:50 pm
us. sun set at 8:16. this brings the moisture up the coast and today, 89-94. wind out of the south and pretty much the same forecast tomorrow. afternoon thunderstorms a little more numerous. this will go up a little bit sunday into monday. temperature is right on the beach in the mid to operate the's. the hurricane center is keeping a close eye on the fifth
5:51 pm
tropical storm tonight. the computer model is on a general west-northwest track. this may be in the gulf of mexico in about five days. conditions are favorable and will probably get stronger. wind is at 50 miles per hour and a to be a category one by the time and make the turn up the gulf. we do not want to see anybody get hit, but it will take some tropical moisture moving up to alleviate drought conditions that much of the nation is suffering from. warm and muggy, low 90's, 40% chance of a shower on monday, high of 88. sunshine tuesday. more storms the middle of next week. >> we begin tonight with an
5:52 pm
important recall. thousands of cantaloupe may be contaminated. here's what you need to know. they were shipped last month by burch equipment, llc. 4319 is the code. they have been sold in nine other states including pennsylvania and new jersey. the fda says you should throw them out. no illnesses reported so far. tax-free week and is just around the corner in many states. it is the next time -- next best time to shop other than black friday. tax-free items for clothing and shoes under $100. some accessory items like jewelry, scarves, and ties are not included. >> the week after, it comes out better. they have more sales, not things with a better percentage.
5:53 pm
you do better than just not paying tax. >>towson will have its first 500 shoppers next sunday at noon giving a special scratch off game card ranging from $10-$500. sunday august 12th for saturday august 18th. an american institution has not been tracking its money very well. they lost a whopping $833 million over the last 10 years as a result of selling food and beverages for less than a cost to make. the passengers paid $9.50 but it cost taxpayers $16. a pepsi sells for $2, but the treasury was forking over $3.40. the transportation company's food and beverage expenses was $206 million but they only took in about half of that in sales revenue.
5:54 pm
they're legally supposed to operate on a break-even basis. employers may be a bit more generous with pay raises next year. workers can expect an average raise of 2.9%, the biggest increase in over five years. surveying some 1500 employers and almost all of them said they planned on boosting salaries. to break it down by industry, oil and gas companies works were expected to have some of the biggest raises. they say they're boosting paid to get the best and brightest applicants and to hold on to their top employees. >> let's go talk to the boss after this. >> a case of witness intimidation may help solve a murder case that's nearly one- year-old. uncovering that in a live report now at 6:00. >> its home away from home. i will take you to the place where olympians families go to
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5:56 pm
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>> it may be the phelps family final olympic games. >> the london crew is uncovering a home away from home. >> this is a home for the families of olympians to eat, play come and watch the games live without spending a dime.
5:58 pm
>> getting some preflight pampering. diaz are spendign time at p & g house. >> they can come here whenever they feel like it. >> one of the most popular areas, friends and family can lounge on couches and pillows while watching favorite olympians compete. >> i would rather watch and hear. it's almost like a family. >> its awesome when you win a free tickets. for grandmother's scored a, what else? the swimming tickets. >> i could just hear this in my head. it was real. >> following an olympian around the world is not cheap. >> fund-raising, donating,
5:59 pm
helping how they can. thankfully we were able to raise enough money to get here. but they will take all the help they can get. wbal-tv 11 news. >> i hope they have a great time. here's a look what's coming up and at 6:00. >> cal ripken speaks out on his mother is a deduction and asks for your help define the man responsible. klaxon investigation leading to a case of witness intimidation. and now they're trying to determine this will have an impact on the violent crime in baltimore county. >> michael phelps races in his final individual event of his career. is it a gold and one? will melser and 11 news at 6:00 starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news at 6. this is 11 news at 6.


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