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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hagerstown. a stormy start to the evening and the threat of severe storms in the forecast for tomorrow. >> we will see you in a bid. it came coverage from annapolis, legislation to expand gaming in maryland is on the fast track. >> is meeting resistance and it is not the only game in town. we are in annapolis were activists are demanding protection for pitbulls. david collins is in the statehouse with the future of gambling in maryland. >> the gambling bill is meeting resistance from republicans and democrats. after a meeting with democratic leaders, the governor can only express hope that the measure will pass. >> we agree with those folks over there. at no backroom deals. that is what has gone on. >> of the state house is not a happy campus. the proposed bill to expand gaming has fawned many camps.
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there are much needed revenues for the state. he met privately with the democratic caucus and expressed confidence the measure will pass. the governor's chief legislative officer answered questions about the bill from a skeptical delegation. the largest casino opened back in june. maryland live at the baltimore city's casinos will get an additional 5% of the proceeds if voters let another casino opened in prince george's county. still, maryland live operators consider the legislation on fair because they have not been open long enough to measure performance. >> with a baltimore city only partially open, there is already dramatic cannibalization of the market. we believe not only for ourselves, but the taxpayers of the state, we will see not an incrase in revenues because of
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the next site, but a decline. >> hollywood casino experienced a 32% decline since the opening. it is not the only game in town. the legislation addressing gridlock is on the table. >> it will give the general assembly the authority to put transportation programs for investment, building the red line, fixing bridges, fixing the streets, to the voters. >> and another one calling pitbulls inherently dangerous. they call the special session about pitbulls. gop colleagues are trying to push job creation bills. it includes tax incentives that -- >> to create a stable tax environment for taxpayers whether they be individual businesses to be able to pursue job creation. >> late this afternoon, a senate
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committee passed the gambling bill. debate in the senate begins tomorrow. it is sharing spotlight with legislation addressing a court ruling that pitbulls are inherently dangerous. but sheldon has more outside the state house. >> people are fired up about that. the owners were upset by a controversial decision that declared those dogs inherently dangerous. they rallied outside of the state house to change that declaration. kim blackwall blames the media for the bad reputation. >> i have done them for 15 years, and the kids have grown up with the dogs. i never had any problems with them attacking anybody, getting loose or attacking children. >> outside of the state house, they gathered to show their support for the beloved breed.
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in response to the controversial court decision. in 2007, someone was injured after being attacked. in april, the court decided that the dogs were inherently dangerous and owners and landlords could be held liable. >> we should have equal treatment for dogs and they should not be discriminated against. therefore, that is why some of the signs indicate that it is a discriminatory law. >> it has created a crisis for maryland families. 77,000 rental units. >> it will set up rules for all breeds that won't make landlords strictly viable -- liable. as far as an immediate fix is concerned, they suggest returning to previous laws already on the box toward the decision -- before the decision.
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>> we need to get this thing properly. >> id past seven-two, the special session continues tomorrow. we are live tonight in annapolis. >> the death of a person whose remains were found in a wooded area in pasadena has been ruled a homicide. police say the remains discovered along the 8100 block of ritchie highway were that of a white female between 18 and 20 years old. she was about 5 ft 6 with brown hair. the victim suffered a trauma to the upper body and police have no idea who she is. >> they will canvass the area and look for additional evidence. reaching out to other jurisdictions to see of any dna matches or general records have been entered into the databases. whether that be in the region or beyond.
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>> anyone with information is asked to call police. >> one of london's most venerable venues was the scene of the 2012 olympics. the gold medal women's soccer match between the u.s. and japan. we have the latest from london. dodge the u.s. women believe they had history on their side. they lost the world cup to japan, but no nation has ever won a world cup and followed up with a lead that goal. the u.s. has come back three times from losses to capture the gold medal. >> i am excited we are getting another chance at japan. >> the u.s. women's basketball team also had a gold at its sites. they rallied in the second half to get past australia 86-73. how they reached the the gold medal game. mitchell broke his leg in the 400 meter relay but managed to
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finish his portion of the race. helping the u.s. advance to the final period this collision between -- to the final. this collision seemed to be real medal hopes. >> it is disappointing, it could have been a phenomenal time. >> south africa was reinstated to the final, but kenya was disqualified. after two hours, the marathon came down to a spreads. -- a sprint. they took the gold over hailey anderson iby .4 of a second. it is so grueling, they have to eat and drink during the event. >> what happened to waiting before going swimming. what best suits you? in running the 200 meter, 13%
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say they could be really good at hurdles, 52% say they're really would be their choice. -- the relay would be their choice. thyou can see the results later. hard to believe the first preseason game for the ravens is tonight. they will play the atlanta falcons. >> it has been a long summer without football. >> new ravens stuff for the game tonight, there is plenty available. one of the new sweatshirts, hats, and they are for sale. people that sell these things tell me that business is great. >> a lot of the hafts have been selling a lot of the -- selling. and a lot of grills. >> t-shirst, jerseys, business is good. >> there are no fans more loyal than raven's fans and they have
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been waiting all summer for football. i see that you have a purple shirt on and your ravens anhat. you are ready for football. >> i have been ready for -- [inaudible] [unintelligible] >> they have just about everything a fan could want except for what this guy has, a tattoo. you are real raven's sam, you have a tattoo. not many people have a tattoo. why? >> it means a lot. i am representative of baltimore. >> the first preseason game means they don't have to be on each other. the first preseason game for the fans mean that finally, football is back. >> a win, first of all. i love the spirit, the cheerleaders, baltimore city is
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crazy about ravens. everything is purple. it doesn't matter if it is preseason, it is fun to watch and get excited about it. >> ravens nation is everywhere. and we are looking for the biggest fan. and how do you watch the big game? showoff your purple pride on click on u-local. >> still much more ahead. >> including an update to an ongoing investigation. >> you just heard it, the preseason begins tonight in atlanta. atlanta. >>
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>> tonight, a new development in the case of the allegedly film el. >> a doctor finds his career on the line for his work at the pain clinic. >> as the case continues to grow, the i-team has learned that the board of physicians has suspended the license of daniel r. alexander. an internist and the first doctor to be suspended in connection to the pill mill. he worked part-time at the pain clinic and failed recognize obvious red flags. like people traveling long
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distances and paying cash only. the drug screen results were positive for illicit drugs and continued to prescribe a high- dose narcotics. there are eight patients and other investigative material. we spoke to the state medical society. >> there is a special trust and the public and if a doctor is not doing something they should be doing, they should be treated. >> a physician that worked at the clinic had her license suspended as well and the investigation is far from over. we tried to reach dr. alexander at work and home and were unsuccessful. the >> now, your forecast with tom tasselmayer. >> a warm and muggy august afternoon. a storm southwest of baltimore city is not moving very fast at all. it has been there for the better
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part of the hour it seems. it is just west of jessep, watch out for flooding low-lying areas. iran has been coming down steadily for quite some time. rte. 29 and 95, eastern howard county. some nasty weather going on with potential for hail and damaging winds. the weather service allows the severe thunderstorm warning to expire, but it does not mean that it is not a severe weather threshold. hail one hinch in -- one inch in diameter to qualify for severe. they thunderstorms, but nothing extremely severe right now. we are getting some beneficial rain there, hopefully not letting things too badly. hall is clear as far as the warnings go.
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eastern howard county, that is the strongest. bwi marshal, .2 inches there, about .25 inches of rain for august. the first time it was above 90 degrees, 101 the record set back in 1930. another very slow-moving cold front headed in this direction. it just cleared cleveland and probably won't get here until sometime tomorrow night or saturday morning. it is crawling across the mountains, so these storms popping up ahead of it are likely to be there during the day tomorrow. it could be severe weather again along the mid-atlantic. the storm system is moving slow and will generate a lot of cloudiness. that is compared the sunshine before the storms broke out. isolated storms, thunderstorms
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are likely. high temperatures will be held down to 82-87. the slightly cooler air will take some of the storms down below severe threshold. the small craft advisory for the day tomorrow, gusting to 20 knots and a much stronger storms developing. you will have to keep an eye on the sky. at ocean city, going into the weekend, the slow moving front will make its way through the beaches. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and saturday with sunshine on sunday. in the tropics, headlines being made with ernesto weakening inlan oved over mexico. the tropical depression is expected to become stronger and become a tropical storm gordon. it will make its way to the
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caribbean. the wind is 35 miles an hour, and if they pick up to 40, they will get the name gordon. the average for the season is 12, they expect 12-17. two hurricanes so far, at two or three maybe, major or in ttense. charis tapering off -- showers tapering off on sunday, and it will be sunny tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> this is 11 sports. hollander. for ravens fans, it has been a long of-season. they are in atlanta to pay the -- play the falcons. at 7:00 on wbal plus. it might be a quarter or it might be not at all for joe flacco.
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as he explains, the rookies are trying to make this team. >> go out there and have fun. it is a big test for those guys and it is important for tomorrow. if you have to enjoy yet and you have to be able to play and be your best. >> it continues tonight in downtown baltimore. the kansas city royals are in town for the mac for days and the birds are looking to -- for the next four days. tonight, the debut of the top condition and prospects and one of the top prospects is a shortstop by trade. and islay third, the youngest starter since 1996. he is only 20. >> every day, i practice and try to take a couple groundballs. i am pretty comfortable out
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there and i am looking forward to it. >> in london, the united states women's soccer team are gold medal winners, beating japan. the same team that beat the americans in the finals of the world cup just 12 months ago. the u.s. on the attack, she flies with the header. game-winner in the gold medal match four years ago. again, she gets a second gold, the u.s. capturing the third straight olympic gold in a row. in the second quarter of quarterfinal action, australia with the lead, 47-43 at the half. the u.s. would take over in the fourth quarter. [unintelligible] the united states beat australia 86-73, advancing to the
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semifinals. when we come back, a look at the seven-day
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better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you. >> here is a look at what we are working on tonight. the ravens fans get their first glimpse of the team on the
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field. we'll have reaction after the preseason opener against the dolphins. extra beach goers at the short today? what is behind the uptick in visitors. those stories f
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>> out the door half an hour ago, a little thunder and lightning. >> toward howard county, heading
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that way. we will see storms in our area tonight and tomorrow, maybe early saturday. the stuff triggering the storms is moving slowly and won't get past as until sometime on saturday. at 85 tomorrow, 87 saturday with showers tapering off. getting out side of the weather, it will be sunday. sunshine into monday and thunderstorms start to return on tuesday and wednesday. >> [talking over each other] >> all right. thanks for joining us, nbc nightly news with brian williams is next.
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better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you.


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