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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> he didn't want to show his face but this man had no problem showing outrage over a police-involved shooting that left a man dead in this west baltimore neighborhood saturday afternoon. >> he went to the country and had a government or state
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official execute him like that? i think it's wrong. >> neighbors identified him rudy bell sr. >> he didn't bother nobody. >> we're told he was a vietnam veteran in his mid-60's. he had been squating in a vacant row home on west lexington street. his friends say he suffered from schizophrenia. >> he was always a good guy. sometimes he forgot to take his medicine. >> at 12:30 p.m. saturday, police responded to a call from someone at the burglary at the house. police say several officeres go inside where they find a man charging at them with a knife or bottle. >> officer suffered laceration to his face. after that moment another officer discharged his service weapon in defense of that first officer sblfment the second officer fired multiple shots to the upper body of bell, who died at the scene. >> that man wasn't no threat at all. to shoot hit like that, they shoot first and ask questions later. >> a police spokesperson did not know if the officers had any
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other device that could have been used as an alternative. an investigation is now under way to determine if the shooting was justified, which is standard procedure in cases like these. meanwhile, the officer who was cut is said to be ok. >> the body of a missing woman whose remains are found in a missing area said she's devastated by the news. the victim is identified as 20-year-old jessica lynn lee. she went missing from her home in brooklyn park back in may. her mother ann is begging for someone to come forward with information about her daughter's death. she also has a message for the person responsible. >> whoever did this to my daughter, i hope you rot in hell. and be sentenced to death. you took my daughter from me. and my granddaughter's mother from her.
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we have to live with this for the rest of our lives. >> lee leaves behind a 16-month-old daughter. loved ones sent up a jessica lynn lee memorial page on facebook to share remembrances and hopefully find out more about what happened to her. police have not determined exact cause of death but investigatorses believe lee was murdered. update to a story we brought you yesterday involving a scam targeting the elderly. baltimore city police say two more seniors fell victim today. they say the woman is calling victims impersonating city tax official and tells him someone will come to their house to collect outstanding tax pavement. here's a look at the sketch resembling the suspect. authorities say in many cases he robs and attacks the victim. anyone with information should contact a special investigation check and fraud unit. the number is on your screen, 410-396-2400. baltimore county police are looking for the drive who struck
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and killed a pedestrian in essex last night. the victim, 55-year-old dennis flurry, was hit by a vehicle in old eastern avenue at 8:00. drivers found his body on the side of the road. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. investigators say the vehicle that struck him likely has damage to the lower front bumper. one of the top basketball recruits in the country faces charges of assaulting the mother of his child. city police say the former star guard for patterson high basketball team was arrested yesterday on two misdemeanors. the baltimore sun cites court records saying the 18-year-old guard threw his ex-girlfriend to the ground and kicked and punched her. karr led patterson to the class 3-a title game last season and committed to play for seton hall. >> in our commitment 2012
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update, the president's campaign did not take the weekend off for trading barbs over the future of medicare. >> they want a few years to bet a voucher to buy their own insurance. which could force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year for health care. their plan makes seniors play more so they can give another tax cut to million airs and billionaires. president obama made the remarks in the competitive state of new hampshire. this may have been a preemptive strike as mitt romney and paul ryan will campaign in the state monday. earlier today congressman ryan addressed the medicare debate, once spoke as a passionate defender and charged the president wants to take money from medicare to pay for his health care perform. >> medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for obama care. medicare should be the promise made to our current seniors period, end of story.
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>> congressman paul ryan. >> ryan brought his mother betty to today's event at a florida retirement community adding he be romney's plan would not affect current seniors. however, the 42-year-old congressman said the program needs to be overalled so his children will be able to count on medicare as well. tonight more bloodshed in syria's escalating civil war. latest violence involves a syrian warplane that bombed a small town near the turkish border killing eight and wounding at least 20 others. rebels say they made the united nations to impose a no-fly zone to protect them from president ba shar assad's superior air power. for now the arab league asked a former diplomat to come up with a solution to end syria's war. the baltimore man who spent months in a libyan prison and fought alongside rebels plans to fight next with the syrian rebels. it was nine months ago matthew van dyke returned home fighting those local to mohammedar
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qaddafi. he turned to film making to mene and we spoke by phone with him earlier this evening about why he's become such an activist. >> spent a lot of time in the region. i traveled all across north africa and the middle east. i made friends with people. i heard their stories, saw what life was like under the regimes. that laid a foundation. i saw victory in libya. i saw on the front line people fighting for their freedom. it's incredibly inspiring. i want to see that happen in syria, damascus. people need to be free to choose their own leaders. pursue hopes and dreams. >> van dyke plans to head to the area in the near future. he said no u.s. officials have contacted him about his intended travel. ahead on 11 news, faulty flush could be the least of your problems if you own a certain toilet. if you own this or a few other types of s.u.v.'s, why the
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carmakers want you to bring it in for a necessary fix. plus, move over, why it may pay to hand over your cell phone the next time you dine at twççñçñ
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>> in tonight's consumer alert, general motors and is sue zhu are recalling more than 258,000 s.u.v.'s in the u.s. due to a poem fire hazard. the company said the recall is to fix short circuits in power window and door lock switch that's can cause fires. the recall covers cher row lay trail blazer, g.m.c. envoy, is suze zoo and saab 97-x. all of those surf's are from the 2006 and 2007 model years. they were sold or registered in 20 states including maryland and in washington, d.c. dealers will replace power window switch for free. owners will get letters telling them when to schedule their appointments soon. this next alert could leave you with a nasty mess on your hands.
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toilets installed with flush mate systems are being recalled because they may actually cause an explosion. over 300 cases have been reported with injuries such as lacerations. the recall reflects the flush meat 3 series 503. they were sold at home depots and lowe's and made between 1997 and 2008. if you think you may have one of those units, head to the website on your screen for instructions. john has the quick weather update. more beautiful weather in store for the first start of the day. >> nice drine. plenty of sunshine. tonight's temperatures about the coolest we have seen so far this month. of course, august is a warm month so cool takes on its own meaning but temperatures dropped to 67 at the airport. inner harbor quite a difference at 78. see what happens tonight and tomorrow with the insta-weather-plus forecast insta-weather-plus forecast ahead.
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>> have you ever been out for dinner and notice your date can't stop looking at his other -- his or her cell phone? now an l.a. restaurant is offering a dell to look at fellow diners instead of phone screens. eva restaurant is giving 5% discount to customers would leave cell phones with staff
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once they're seated. servers make the offer to diners when they introduce themselves. owner said nearly half take advantage of the discount and many express gratitude at the opportunity to let go of their devices just for a little bit. michael phelps is fee tchurred in a new louis vuitton ad campaign but do the pictures leaked on the internet violate international olympic committee rules? i.o.c. prohibits athletes from promoting nonofficials sponsors during a period around the games. medals can be stripped from an offending athlete. but phelps' agent said he did nothing wrong since swimmer did not authorize use of the pics ahead of the actual ad launch date. baltimore city school children are ready to get back in the classroom thanks to help from walmart and baltimore raven. center matt burke and his height foundation came together with the walmart in rose dale to give away school supplies to deserving kids. the children were invited to the walmart store to meet burke and get the necessary school supplies to start the year. walmart also handed out 150 backpacks to students at today's
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event. >> outstanding day today. a little rain before sunrise but cleared out nicely. clouds and everything. mostly clear skies right now but can you see a ring here this is where the cool front wound up. look at the big storms down in the south that.s0 will be our next area of concern as far as the quality of our weekend weather. it will get close tore us by the time we're done through the weekend. how close, how fast? that's the question. we will try to answer in a minute. rainfall, predawn stuff this morning, .800 of an inch. so far this month, an inch and over two-thirds so that puts us below normal rainfall wise, about quarter inch. little better than that. year to date, over eight inches short on rainfall. so it's been a dry year here. although pass month or so has not been extremely dry. temperaturewise today, lot
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cooler than yesterday. 90's and today only 84 for the high. 64 the low and 85 typical temperature this time of year for high. 96 is the record for this date set back just a few years ago. we're fairly close to what's normal this time of year. temperatures this evening for dry air and clear skies and light winds dropped down to 75 in annapolis. cambridge 68 on the board walk. 65 parked in 64 along with westminster, frederick is down to 61 and it's in the 60's and 50's out in far western maryland. and some 50's might get close to us as far as overnight lows tonight. can you see lack of clouds around our area. few scattered clouds out in the mountains to the west. rain shower activity. southern portion of the outer banks and here's the front that went through early this morning. it -- itself won't be an issue with our forecast. but it tails out down in the south with kind of elongated, stalled-out frontal system and
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boundary. this will be coming our way as high pressure gives way during the day tomorrow. we will begin to see clouds move in and then eventually some of these rain chances might get close to us as well during the day tomorrow. so this little nice trend we have here for today will be kind of cut short tomorrow. key to tomorrow's forecast is how soon will all of that get in? you can see cooler air that's temporarily pushing into the area with all of the really warm muggy stuff pushed out to the south. hot weather out west. our forecast overnight, upper 50's, low 60's for lows with few scattered clouds and light north winds. that thunderstorm chance should be in there, all right t should be mostly clear overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow, increasing clouds, shower late and that's a possibility. but very slim chance at least until about sunset. then rain chances go up. 82 to 86 the high eefment-southeast winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. boaters in the bay, can you expect winds from the southeast tomorrow 5 to 10 knots, one-foot chop on the open waters of the bay.
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bay water temperatures are in the 80's. insta-weather future cast shows this moisture coming in during the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening rain chances go up. ocean city forecast, small chance during the day for isolated thunderstorm activity that increases tonight and monday high chance of rain for the board walk. our forecast the same, late in the day, we might see a shower but overnight sunday into monday, highest rain chances taper off tuesday. then we're try the rest of the week with temperatures 80's in the high for the highs and 6 ozz for the lows. >> john, thanks. let's talk about sports. orioles bounce back tonight. >> when opportunity knocks, must be ready to answer. zack briton did. we will tell you how next in sports. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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>> even though orioles and tigers share the same record in tonight's game hard to find believers outside of baltimore in the o's. game perfect view included a poll which fans vote they thought who would win. 87% said the tigers. never trust polling data. zach britton starting had something to do with the polling numbers. he pitched better than anyone
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could have thought. called up for the start. prince feerled looking at strike three. bottom six no score. two on, dell minute young. j.j. hardy tracks it down. 6-4-3, huge play to end the threat and inning. we go to the seventh, two on, nobody out. chris davis. he said afterwards he saw buck showalter would ask him to bunt. birdland happy he did not. three-run shot, 3-0, orioles. bottom seven, briton's still dealing. alex aviles down swinging. seven shutout innings. five k's. his best start of the year. eighth, 17 scoreless appearances in the row. that streak is done. peralta scores two. caught in the rundown. good fundamentals for orioles as they got the last out 3-2 and jim johnson to close, you know it's coming. one-run lead is enough for him. three up, three down. orioles won 3-2 and go for the series win sunday at 1:00.
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the cal ripken is world series u.s. championship game in aberdeen. montgomery county, maryland, taking on mid-atlanta. gets de la cruz swinging in the fourth. allowed only two hits. bottom half, maryland with the bases loaded, john paul walsh takes one for the club. hit by the pitch. tied 1-1. brady peer lays down a perfect bunt. scored the game-winning run. moptgomry county, maryland to face japan sunday for the international championship game. after the game last night against the lions, halfway through the spren we have a pretty good idea who locked up what position when it comes to starters anyway except for one, kicker. john harbaugh has a tough call to make about ma to do with billy cundiff. cundiff kicked well friday night 26789 for 2, and this one from 44. also good from 33. but there remains a question how cundiff will truly recover following the miss in the a.f.c.
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title game. and he's doing his best to make him ponder. more accurate in practice and perfect in the game so far, 50-yarder. kickoffs part of the equation. still too early to call a winner in this race. >> try to tell him we didn't want the ball kicked out of the end zone. we wanted to cover kicks as much as they could. and they were pulling back and took five-yard approaches and still pounding it to the back of the end zone. that was good to see if kickoff standpoint. make all of the field goals that was positive. they weren't gimmes. they were tougher ones. little further out and they both kicked good, straight balls. >> that one will come down to the wire, i believe. picking the right kicker can be tough. but randy would love to that to be his biggest problem. zero quarterback have ever taken a snap in a college game. starter c.j. brown tore his a.c.l. wednesday out for the year. etsel heads for the hills, nice pedigree, same high school as dan marino. big, strong. played well today in scrimmage at bird stadium.
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nice screen pass to kevin dorsey and he also has great target in stefan digs. one of the top recruits in the country. diggs scored three times today. maybe there's a little hope. >> everyone made me look good today. receivers catching every ball. linemen blocking and running backs running. everyone made me look good. >> terps open up against william and mary september 1. stay with us for a check of the weather.
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>> i made the mistake of going out to get dinner. >> almost didn't come back. >> oh, my goodness.
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beautiful day today. >> give us 24 hours, and we will see. tomorrow most of the day will be fine but towards the end of the day, towards sunset. rain chances begin to creep in a little bit. spike overnight noon monday. so we will see 80's for highs. rain chances trail off on tuesday. most of next week looks fine. tomorrow not a washout but there's a rain chance at the end of the day. >> beautiful. thank you for joining us. see you back here tomorrow. at 5:00 for 11 news sunday morning, "saturday night live" is next. have a great night, everybody. and now a message from the committee to elect mitt romney. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. hi there. hi there, america. you know me. i'm mitt romney. candidate for president, and the current leader in the polls for the republican nomination.


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