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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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going above the speed limit but wt brought it off the tracks remains a mystery. here is a look at the scene. crews are still working to clean up " was left behind. -- what was left behind. it is also causing problems on main street. >> we are certainly starting -- i was saying, bir singh the financial of facts downtown main street -- we are starting to see the financial a facts on downtown main street. repairing a lot of the damage down here after a number of the cars have been removed as the investigation continues. main street could be closed until the weekend, which is hurting area merchants. >> this is a well orchestrated, industrial ballet.
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>> crews continue their investigation into the trail of agreement that took the lives of -- train derailment that took the lives of elizabeth nass and rose mayr. they were being interviewed and that the engineer in trading was in control and traveling at 25 miles an hour at the time of the derailment. the only facts gathered so far came from the event recorders aboard the train. >> there was a break in the airline. what it was, i am not sure. but when that happens, that reaction goes to the emergency brake. >> crews continued to remove cars from the tracks and replace the damaged track with new. by noon, 18 of the 21 cars had been removed. the other 59 had been cleared,
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but it means street remained closed. >> i wanted to open yesterday but i understand there is heavy equipment that needs to be moved. >> some businesses were reporting sales were down day- by-day by more than 50%. they are worried it may not be open til the weekend. many are worried it could get worse. >> right now, it is going to be slower. >> i had a genuine the bond moment when i heard it might be another 48 hours. i was like, oh, no. >> that is the bad news out here. officials tell us that they expect to have this extension of rail open sometime tomorrow but as you heard as far as me street is concerned, it could be at least 48 hours, which is not good news for those merchants.
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wbal tv 11 news. >> two teenagers are killed in a crash. they attended can what high school. sheldon dutes is in the newsroom with what police know about the incident. >> the cause is still under investigation by police know that alcohol was not a factor but speed may have been. alex and ryan, both seniors, were killed in the early morning accident. a third passenger in the back seat was taken to the hospital for his injuries. alex was driving north are around 1:30 this morning. police say he was speeding in could not navigate a curve in the road. that is when his car crossed -- crossed into the center line and went off the road and hit two utility poles. alex and ryan were pronounced dead at the scene. a third passengers was taken to
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the hospital. the start of the school year is just around the corner and officials say these boys had promising future. friends and classmates expressed their sorrow and they're well wishes. "my heart goes out to the family. imagine having to bury your son." "rest in peace. you will be missed." his sister appears to have a tremendous amount to strength. she has been updating her followers about the accident and thanking them for her support. here is what she wrote, "thank you for everyone who is sending paris to my brother and family." -- prayer to my brother and family." sheldon dutes, wbal tv 11 news. >> the death of a 19 year-old in baltimore city. police say last night the teenager was found suffering from a gunshot wound.
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we are told he was taken to the hospital and died later. no word on a motive for possible suspects. prosecutors in the murder case of a 7 11 store clerk have dropped charges against one of two teenagers involved. authorities say sean johnson has been cleared because of lack of physical evidence against him. he and another were accused in the murder. he is serving a double life sentence. charges were dropped against johnson they he is serving 50 years for his involvement in another armed robbery in november of the same year. that led to the death of a 20- year-old. >> it was an unspeakable crime, a 90 year-old man beaten by his caretaker. the woman fled the country and it appears she will be back in baltimore to face surcharges. some of what you are about to
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see could be disturbing. >> disappointed in the system. >> that was jackie taylor in 2007. she was expressing anger that the woman you see here, a kenyan national, charged with beating her father, as he lay helpless in bed, was able to elude authorities and leave the country without being prosecuted for her crimes. >> this woman came into our country, beat on my dad, and the system said it was ok to do that. >> a jury indicted her on multiple counts of assault, abuse, and reckless endangerment. police say before she was going to stand trial, she ran. detectives began searching for her. she was able to get on a plane and fly home. for the last five years, the fbi has been working to bring her
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back. she is expected back some time on thursday. john taylor has since passed away. that has not stopped to jackie from seeking justice. she has been on the case since the abuse came to light. >> this is a well man who sat in my dining room and supposedly -- well men who sat in my dining room and supposedly read the bible. >> she is expected to be extradited later tonight. >> an influx of animals after letters were sent in east baltimore. the managers have informed residents that have pit bulls that they must be removed from the property immediately. this stems from a ruling from the court of appeals the claims pit bulls are inherently dangerous. managers say they do not want to be held accountable for a tax. >> after receiving complaints about rats, code enforcement
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inspectors and exterminators took to the streets to get rid of the rodents. today they look for signs of rats. exterminator save residents can help prevent rosa -- rodents by keeping trash in a garbage can. >> pickup animal feces daley, if not immediately. remove any food stores like that hass, fruit fallen on the ground. junk and trash, anything that provides a place for rats. >> exterminators use a dust to get rid of the rats. they injected in the place where the rodents live. it goes directly into the ground and is not scatter. the hope is to finish this week. the presidential race is in a
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dead heat as the parties prepare for back-to-back national conventions. >> sally is in washington with tonight's report. >> the president and mitt romney took aim at one another to day again as campaigns continue to focus on the battleground states. at a rally in las vegas, president obama slammed mitt romney and education saying his plan wld cut education by 20%. >> he is not making these cuts because he wants to create jobs are paid down the deficit. he wants a new five trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthiest americans. >> the campaign is out with a new advertisement appearing in virginia and ohio. >> mitt romney says class sizes do not matter. >> he said the president can help students by creating jobs and cutting the deficit.
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>> let me tell you what you need to do, you need to make sure that our schools are getting better. that is number one. not just talk, but getting better. >> he attacked the president on the new health care a lot. with less than three months ago, the race remains in a dead heat. according to a new poll, -- >> most voters have made up their minds. you will see it go up a little bit. that will make the difference. >> the economy remains the numberne concern for voters. even so, abortion is dominating the political conversation. questions -- he defended his use and said he is proud of his record on abortion. rod and lisa.
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>> the convention is next week in tampa. democrats hold there is next week in charlotte. barbara mikulski will speak next month. she will lead the program hiving -- highlighting women candidates. a record number of 12 women are running. she is the longest serving in the history of congress. a number of west nile virus cases. we will show you which states are at the top of the list. >> swine flu on the rise and how health officials are taking action. >> another site, and other star for the orioles. those stories later in sports. >> a few showers in our area and >> a few showers in our area and the latest on
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bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> the recent outbreak is the largest ever seen in the united states. more than 11 hundred cases in 38 states have been reported, most of them in texas, mississippi, and south -- they say that it has killed 41 people. they are not sure why the epidemic is happening but warm weather could have fostered conditions for the disease. >> the state fair begins on friday and with the six cases of swine flu, officials are not taking any chances. officials will be monitoring the
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swine barn are around the clock and inspectors will be checking the pigs. 230 human cases have been reported. it is a different strain than a few years ago. officials say the best defense is hand washing and that is why you will find plenty of soap and water at the barnes this year. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a very pleasant afternoon. a little bit of rain to contend with. a couple of isolated thunderstorms developing in the past few hours across pennsylvania. they have weekend quite a bit going into lancaster county. south along the potomac river, pushing into parts of montgomery. some isolated showers. a thunderstorm or two around that way. around baltimore, it has been a dry day.
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that is technically above normal. for the month of august, at least. we are still running almost at 8 inches below normal. just over 19 inches of precipitation for the year. for the fifth day, a cooler than normal day. 61 for the low. the normal is 85 and 65. at -- outside it is still pleasant. 70's in the mountains to the west of us and it will stay nice to the evening. mostly clear, some patchy areas of fog may form. clear skies and calm winds. high pressure from the west is producing summer weather. it will be with us throughout the rest of the workweek into the early part of the weekend. it will drift off toward new england and set there. then it will produce an easterly wind and that will bring in no
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mr. and may result in some early morning fog. -- bring in a moisture and may result in some early morning fog. a good day to be on the bay. weighs less than a foot. -- waves less than a foot. sunny skies into the weekend. the eastern shore locations, 84 tomorrow. 86 on friday. the beaches will enjoy a nice weather. 83 on friday. it is in the tropics or all of the problems are. two systems, this is a depression that may strengthen into tropical storm joyce. but as it is making his way west bound into the caribbean. -- but isaac is making his way west bound into the caribbean.
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all lot of clouds and showers and storms. the center is expected to move into puerto ric and then toward haiti as a category one hurricane. that is the potential. crossing land, it may help to week and the storm. you can see the potential on either side of this cone. right now with the more probable line on the west side of florida. that is five days down the road. we will just have to wait and see. the seven day forecast, 84 tomorrow. patchy fog over the weekend. pleasant weather continuing. a chance for a thunderstorm next week. >> this is 11 sports. >> dress rehearsal for the ravens. seeing if they can execute well.
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lockdowns starting positions and stay healthy. watching the offense, it is their base. joe 5 go has rarely gather for a huddle. he takes time, changing blocking schemes. it makes defensive changes a greater challenge. he says he is happy with it. it also helps the defense. >> everything is on the move. everything is click, click, click. you have to be clicking the same way. in this week, a bunch of us are going to that up-temple pace. a lot of people do not do it as much. but i think it is great work. >> pre-game coverage begins at 5:00. the orioles go for a seventh straight win tonight in taxes. -- texas.
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got a great start from a guy who spent most of the season in the minors. equally amazing. for the offense, his career revived with the orioles. a wild pitch sent one deep into the -- look at this wing. gorgeous. sitting during his three weeks as a bird in plain great defense. another night, another star, just the way they like it. they are a half-game in front of oakland. they have another series in september. they will not have to play against the pitcher who played well against them. 50 games today for violating the policy after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone. he revived his career in oakland
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with 10 wins. he pitched against baltimore this season allowing two runs. he issued an apology and admitted that he did what he was charged. that is it for sports.
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>> as the cleanup continues, what some say is necessary to prevent future tragedies. the o's are making plans for october. what season-ticket holders will start getting as soon as tomorrow. we'll have the
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>> another beautiful august day. >> it was nice today. we are going to keep it going into the weekend. it is cool at night. sunny skies on thursday and friday. the next chance for a shower is not until tuesday and then toward the end of next week, we will see where tropical storm isaac goes. hopefully into the drought parched areas in the middle of the country. >> the fans and the players will like the weather for thursday night. >> absolutely. the game at 7:30. >> very good. thank you for joining us. the nightly news is next. >> see you at 11 o'clock.
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