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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  August 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we had kind of a hint yesterday. kind of nice. there is what is left of isaac in the midwest giving them some much-needed rain after the disaster in the gulf coast region. we may have to share and that that could affect the latter portion of our weekend. all the rain way out to the west. most falling in arkansas and southern missouri right now. thunderstorms along the mississippi river just west of jackson. we're in the upper right in maryland.
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dry as a bone. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> the big traffic story is the grand parade and the closures associated with it -- the grand prix. closures on light street between lombard and lee. all the traffic is diverted onto mlk boulevard. we do expect a backup. 295 will be a problem. paca street is closed. avoid the downtown area if you can. monument street is closed near patterson park. that is for the sinkhole. that continues this morning. no big surprises. this is the beltway at greenspring every new. looking good on the inner and
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the outer loops -- greenspring avenue. we expect backups along 395. conway street and howard street are closed. you have to take mlk to get into the city. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> mitt romney made his case to the american people as he except to the republican national nomination. >> he touched on a range of topics. tara mergener is live with our report. good morning. >> good morning. it is much anticipated speech, mitt romney promised to restore america, his tone both political and personal. chanting and cheers for mitt
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romney, now the official republican nominee. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> in an address that followed three days of testimony as, that romney said he understands americans are struggling. >> the majority of americans now doubt our children will have a better future. >> he promised to deliver on promises that president obama has not. >> his promises gave way to division. this is not something we have to excel. now is the moment we can do something. >> he got personal about his family. >> my mom and dad give their kids the greatest gift of all. the gift of unconditional love. >> and his faith. >> we are mormons. i don't remember it that way. >> he insists it is time for a
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fresh start. >> the time has come to turn the page. for us to put the disappointments of the last four years behind us. to put behind the divisiveness. to forget about what might have been and to look ahead to what could be. >> mitt romney starts will likely be the most challenging 67 days of the campaign. >> tara mergener, thank you. mitt romney accepted the nomination for president. a different speaker provided one of the most memorable moments from the convention. clint eastwood conducted a mock interview with president obama. take a listen. >> what do you want me to tell rumomney? i cannot do tha
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t. you are crazy. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what did you think of clint eastwood's comments at the republican national convention? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> a judge senses george huguely to 23 years in prison for murdering yeardley love. lowell melser as has more from charlottesville. >> charlottesville circuit court judge decided to reduce george huguely's cents from 26 to 23 years. the judge took the jury recommended 25 years for second- degree murder and dropped it to 23 years and one year for grand larceny will run concurrent.
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he highlighted his fallen behavior. a doctor was called to the stand. they said he was a leader and was an all-around good person. george huguely did address the love family saying, i am sorry for your loss. the state of virginia band per roll back in 1995. with good behavior, he will have to serve about 85% of his prison sentence which comes out to about 20 years. he has served two years in prison. once he is out, he will remain on three years' probation. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have the decision to reduce the sentence on our website, >> we're entering the start of the labor day weekend. >> for many, the grand prix of
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baltimore is the main attraction. jennifer franciotti is live downtown with a preview. >> fans can expect to hear the roar of the engines. racing begins this morning at 8:00 a.m. pratt andhe corner of eutaw street. the track cleaners or out and about. race on llc has taken over the five-year agreement to host the baltimore grand pararix. michael andretti has heard the complaints about last year's grand prix and already has a plan in motion. >> just improve on some of the things, some of the complaints that some of the people had. like the traffic patterns and so
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the pedestrian traffic was a little backed up and we will do things to help relieve that. >> there is also more sun is in in some of the streets remained open. eutaw street is open. we're expecting some of the race courses to be buttoned up around 7:00 a.m. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. 68 degrees on tv hill. a warning to the author of a new book claiming he reached -- breached a military agreement. >> a downgrade in force will not stop the problems from isaac. >> this is the beltway and belair road. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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>> good morning. 5:11 on a friday morning. 76 degrees downtown. this is overlooking a beautiful morning with clear skies to start. we can see the city lights and a beautiful full moon in the western sky. parkton, 64. men.n perry me the readings are a little cooler off to the northwest of town.
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readings around 70 or so. a great start for the day. the rain chance we will talk about in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> isaac continues to weaken over louisiana. it has been downgraded to a tropical depression. it is moving so slowly and the storm will continue to produce flooding rainfall and strong wind. >> the department of defense has notified a former navy seal that he is a material breach and violation of nondisclosure agreements he signed while in the u.s. navy. the problem the defense says they are pursuing all legally remedies against him.
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>> 5:12. 68 degrees on tv hill. if you're getting to your destination by air, we looked at the top low-budget airlines. >> there might be some deals for you. how to find them, coming up. >> the grand prix is going to
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íúñ >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning.
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kim dacey checking on your morning commute. the big story this morning will be the grand prix road closures downtown. closures at howard street and conway street. if you, not 395, you have to exit onto mlk boulevard. -- if you come in on 395, you have to exit onto mlk boulevard. coming in on 295, paca street is closed. closures on russell street at lombard. you will not be able to get on to 295 from that direction. monument street is closed near patterson park. that is for the sinkhole. the major roadways are checking out ok. 11 minutes on the outer loop in the northeast corner. 95 northbound is looking good.
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this is the northwest corner of the beltway at greenspring avenue. this is 95 at 395. all traffic on 395 will be diverted onto mlk boulevard. you cannot take howard to get into the city. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to john. >> thank you. we will look at hd doppler radar. we have clear skies. it is a beautiful morning. there is rain south of st. louis. parts of arkansas and the ozarks are getting rain. what is left of isaac is pushing north and then to the east. that will take several days. we're all right to start with. over the next three or four days
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or so. it will kind of game in our direction. let's check the situation outside across the state. ocean city, 72. 64 in parkton. in far50's and the 60's western maryland. you can see the dry air over us right now. notice the rain from georgia, florida, into the core of the storm. that is the tropical moisture protecting us from the time being. that has held the storm to the south and soaking louisiana. there is a cool front off to the northwest. ains ening, those rein approaching iowa. high pressure is still with us.
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what is left of isaac will bump into the cool front and begin to change the aspects of our weather. lots of sunshine and maybe a cloud or two. sunrise this morning at 6:35. west winds at 12 miles per hour. major airports for destinations, connect points. the southeast looks wet with rain. most of the rest of the country is dry except those areas of the mississippi valley that will be getting some rain. chop on the open waters of the dbay. rain chances moving into the picture on sunday. 93 today appeared showers west
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of us on saturday. rain chances begin to increase on sunday and monday. the tale end of our holiday weekend looks like there could be some showers -- the ta andil il end. >> the best budget airlines are ranked. free on board snacks and drinks. customer is like free checked bags on southwest -- customers like free checked bags on southwest. if you have vacation days left to take, consider yourself lucky. >> those of you planning for it late summer getaway, pat yourself on the back for being
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smart. >> this is the time when the temperatures are still nice and there are no crowds and you'll find great bargains in many destinations in the united states and the caribbean and europe. >> hotels are 60% cheaper in london than they were during the olympics. >> those crowds are gone and a lot of empty rooms and a lot of good deals. >> places like colorado, the theme park destinations, and some cities like chicago and d.c. >> in hawaii, 40% lower rates than what the word just last week -- then what they were last week.
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>> in some places, there's still a month of summer left. >> the pricing is so much better in the first few weeks of september. >> chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> at&t spent millions to upgrade its network here in maryland. some setbacks for apple and their iphone. jane king has the bloomberg business report. tgif, jane. >> a possible setback for apple. sharp has not started mass production screens for apple's next iphone. they had planned to start shipping screens by the end of the month. there have been manufacturing problems. a different story in japan.
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apple lost a patent lawsuit in japan with samsung. the saga continues. they are still disputing patents on four continents. ben bernanke is in wyoming and delivering his annual speech on monetary policy. futures are a little bit higher. there was a down day yesterday. you may be experiencing fewer dropped calls if you are an at&t customer. that money when into activating new cell phone towers and improving connection speeds. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. >> 5:23. 68 degrees on tv hill.
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>> a new company is trying to make your life a little easier in baltimore.
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>> the grand prix is already to go. >> a new local, but it allows you to snag a prime parking spot. you could use your smart phones or tablets app. you type in your location. users can save up to 7% on parking rates -- 70% on parking rates. parking panda is available for
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any time you want to plan ahead for a trip to the city. it also can be used for parking in washington, d.c. 68 degrees on tv hill. preparing for the grand prix. >> the signs are all around that the race is about to begin. details are next. >> many people are dealing with issues from isaac. issues from isaac.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara.
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thanks for joining us for 11 news today. today is college colors today. you can support your college, a mater by wearing its colors. >> those richmond's spipiders ae tough guys. powder blue uniforms. >> i will get you back. >> very nice morning this morning. clear skies this morning at the airport. the temperature is an even 70. the dew point and the humidity is low. the dew point is low which means that number will drop like a rock later on. a brief sketch of how the holiday weekend will turn out for labor day.
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we will include saturday and sunday. we will pick up some clouds tomorrow. some of the moisture from isaac drifting away reabe by sunday and monday. our hottest days will be today and tomorrow. the picnic maybe interrupted by a shower. >> it needs some hot sauce. >> you love your graphics. >> the big story will be the grand prix. we have a lot of closures downtown. you might want to consider an alternate route besides 95 and 295 into the city. closures at howard street and conway street. traffic on 395 will have to take mlk. calvert remains closed at pratt
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street. 295, paca street is close. getting onto 295, russell street is closed. pratt street is closed from penn to past calvert. try to take an alternate route this morning. monument street is closed near patterson park. in harford county, we have an accident on route 24 and route 23 with possible lane closures. greenspring avenue is checking out fine. this is 95 at 395. all traffic on 395 will be diverted onto the mlk. we're expecting some delays for morning commute. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thousands of people are
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waking up in shelters this morning after isaac prompted more flooding. >> we have more from new orleans on why the hard work is just beginning. >> as the water poured into new orleans, neighbors were determined. officers rescued 145 people. the rain from isaac overwhelmed at the pumps. >> we're scared but we will be all right. >> two people died after their home was swallowed by water. >> it is hard to fathom. i think i was prepared but i'm still numb. >> the dam is getting ready to break. there is no way you're going to get out.
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>> 50,000 people had managed to get out. this dam look like it was about to fail. state officials prepared to open the damn to reduce the risk. >> we will do everything we can to keep our people safe. >> it mississippi, a new threat emerged -- tornadoes that ripped homes apart. >> we got to go to work and it was worse than we thought. >> entire communities with no choice but to start over from scratch. power was restored to thousand people yesterday. >> hopefully the bad weather can stay away from the baltimore area this weekend. jennifer franciotti has a preview of the baltimore grand
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prix. >> they are putting up more signs to let folks know what to expect. this one behind me has a certain time. i'm not sure if that is correct. lots of activity this morning. we have seen traffic by no problem. the raceway is still open to traffic. racing officials hoping for a smooth ride. >> it was incredible. i cried as soon as i heard the engines. it was so emotional. >> she is a diehard racing fan and looking forward to this year's grand prix because she has fond memories of last year's event. a five-year agreement with the city to host the baltimore grand prix. they have teamed up with andretti sports marketing.
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comesel andretti, from a famous racing family and he said this year things will be different. >> just improve on some of the things, some of the complaints that some of the people had. like some of the traffic patterns, and so the pedestrian traffic was a little backed up and we're going to try to do things to help relieve that. >> he has plans for downtown drivers. >> people had problems because they did not know where to go. we're trying to make a better experience. >> the official startt of the grand prix is just around the corner and he's raising interest are happy that andretti is involved in the baltimore defend. >> i admire him and his father appeared he was a significant racing driver. >> thank you, mr. andretti then he took it over. i thanked him several times. his name is synonymous with
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racing and i have faith in that name. >> it is loud rock right now but not nearly as loud as it will be in about two and a half hours. we have police officers and k-9 units, racing personnel wearing yellow and blue t-shirts. practice runs begin this morning at 8:00 a.m. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the perryville high school for looks to move forward tonight as they play their first football game. there will be a vigil at some point with students, parents, and alumni. people are speaking out for the first time. he and his wife did not know the exact circumstances of the shooting but they did have this to say about the 15-year-old facing charges. >> he is a troubled young man
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and i hope that he gets the help that he needs. i'm not trying to be forgetting. we are hurting. my son is hurting. but that is for the legal system, for the police, for the lawyers, for the judges to do with they need to do. i don't think -- >> that suspect remains at a state psychiatric hospital undergoing a mental evaluation. a bail review hearing has been postponed and a new date has not been set. >> an effort to get lady gaga to come visit the shooting suspect. he is a huge fan of lady gaga and even sings her songs at talent shows.
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he is listed in critical condition. >> we wish him a speedy recovery. 5:38. 68 degrees on tv hill. the first death due to west nile virus. >> we know that teenagers are practically glued to their cell phones. how much those phones distract those teenagers. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what did you think of clint eastwood's comments at the republican national convention? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> we have closures for the baltimore gran
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>> good morning. 5:41. it is friday morning. the first day of the labor day weekend. 76 degrees downtown. you can see a little bit of traffic. moon.skies and a full-bl the temperature is 70. once the sun begins to heed the hemisphere, those numbers will drop. it will be a dry day today. -- once the sun begins to heat the hemisphere, those numbers will drop. >> the state's first death in maryland from west nile virus. >> there are nearly 6000 cases of west nile virus nationwide.
5:43 am
66 people have died across the country including one death in maryland. the department of agriculture will spray for mosquitoes in maryland and people should stay indoors during the spraying. distracted walking is becoming a problem. >> teenagers already higher risk. distracted walking injuries among teenagers jumped 25%. mostly due to using phones and other hand-held devices. kids talking and cell phones were less attentive to traffic and had more close calls. >> 5:43. 68 degrees on tv hill. a safe distraction this weekend can be the movies.
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>> a thriller about prohibition. >> a thriller about prohibition.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. would have picked up some debris on the bottom side of the beltway at nursery road. there are possible plane closures. as far as the grand prix, we have closures all around downtown. coming into this city on 95, 395 is shut down at the mlk. conway street and howard street remain closed. calvert is closed at pratt and light street. key highway, you cannot get into the city using that. paca street is closed at pratt. southbound russell street is
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closed at lombard street. pratt street is closed all the way to past calvert street. that will paralyze the downtown area today. monument street is closed near patterson park. in harford county, route 24 at 23, the report of a crash. this is the topside of the beltway in the northwest corner. looking good from greenspring avenue. this is 95 at 395. 395 is expected to see some delays as all traffic is diverted onto mlk. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you appeared clear skies and no rain. central and southern mississippi valley, the strong storms are west of jackson. showers are getting up south of
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st. louis. arkansas getting most of the rain and the rain continues to move north. a pleasant morning this morning. readings from baltimore around 70 degrees. off to the north, hagerstown, 65. 50's and 60's in far western maryland. the dew point temperatures were quite low yesterday appeared this morning the temperatures are in the 60's. down to the70's south. dew points are low and that makes for some uncomfortable weather with the lack of humidity in the atmosphere. this'll be the site of the big race. we're all dry. the area of high pressure is keeping us in great shape.
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the tropical moisture is off to the southwest. what is left of isaac will interact with this cool front. eventually it will bump into that and start pushing that moisture eastward. that will happen at a slow pace. the first portion of our holiday weekend is in good shape. we have a tropical storm in the tropics, lesley. these storms look like they will be ocean goers. it doesn't look like they will be a big threat to the continental united states. 90 to 95 will be the high temperature today with a lot of sunshine. a west wind of 6 to 12 miles per hour. dry conditions today. a few more clouds on saturday and rain off to the west.
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the mountains have the highest chance of rain up. the ocean city forecast -- tomorrow looks dry. rain chances beginning to creep up a little bit by sunday. it will not be a washout as far as the weekend is concerned. rain chance is not much of an element until sunday into monday. monday has a higher chance spent sunday. scattered showers and thunderstorms. >> thank you. a lot of folks will be heading downtown to the baltimore grand prix. the move was to be a nice pass stopped for you. how about a movie about prohibition? >> raphael seth has the morning's box office preview. >> we have a chance to make some money here. >> they get the spirit in
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"lawless" in this tale. they are a moonshine runners during prohibition. the brothers turned into gangsters to protect their fortune. it is rated r. a little girl opens a box of evil in "the possession." parents share custody of their daughter. all sorts of bad behavior from a garage sale.t a broad se "the possession" is rated pg. iraq had person for hire. they descend on an outpost looking for a lost city of gold.
5:52 am
no shortage of supernatural swordplay. >> i want to make a third of the profits and i'm not getting on the phone. >> new york girls who didn't like each other are forced to share an apartment. they start their own business. the former rivals become s.friendgood friend "for a good time, call..." is rated r. >> i think the prohibition movie looks good. the orioles their ready for a big-time matchup in the bronx this weekend. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. the ravens and rams each had a different strategy for last night's preseason game.
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ray lewis and joe flacco among those sitting the game out. we start in the first quarter. st. louis up 7-0. sam bradford hits danny amendola for a touchdown. great interception. getting congratulated by john harbaugh. that made a good impression. curtis painter came in for a quarterback. this past was tips and picked off by jenkins and he is gone. 28-0 rams in the third quarter. fourth quarter. curtis painter to believe bebily bajema. the rams go on to win. i hope to have a great liberty weekend. >> a big weekend for baseball.
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the orioles will be in the bronx. they will face the yankees tonight and they are three games behind new york in the a.l. east standing. a solo home run for taylor teagarden. that tied the game at one. adam jones hit state to run shot deeeeeep to left field. i did that for carlotta. zach britton pitched eight strong innings striking out 10 batters. the orioles win. >> 5:57.
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