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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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noon eastern time right here on nbc. beginning wednesday back to football, eli manning and the super bowl champion giants take on the dallas cowboys and sunday night is football night. peyton manning makes his broncos debut against the steelers and the season premier of sunday night football nfl kickoff weekend right here on nbc. coming up next, except on the west coast, it's your local news and then starting at 8:00/7:00 central, "stars earn stripes." and then tonight show at 10:30, tonight show with jay leno. for our entire golf crew, dan hicks saying good-bye from tpc boston where rory mcilroy finishes on top. -- captions by vitac --
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this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, and happy labor day, everyone. for many people in our viewing area, that finally barbeque did not go off like they thought. >> some of the know what we are talking about. it has been cloudy all day with a few sunbreaks, but some isolated weather has cropped up on the eastern shore and morse -- most recently, right over baltimore city. one area of storms is moving away from the city and port harbor county. that was the first one to move broke -- to move through. produced upwards of a half-inch of rain. now the latest on a new area of rain and out around reisterstown and even in the city itself. this is a new area that is cropping up right over the city. there you see from woodlawn back toward the inner harbor and
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westward toward the southeast corner of the city, a new area a shower activity moving to the northeast as well. folks concentrated in that area are getting some rain. these are the rain totals that have occurred over the area so far. we won't show you those right now, but i can tell you that upwards of an inch of rain fell in a brief time in northern baltimore county and down toward baltimore city. that is where the flood warning is in effect until 7:45 this evening. i will have more in the forecast coming up in just of the minutes. >> we are following a developing story on the chesapeake bay. >> rescue workers are scouring the waters looking for missing and boulder. officials say a 27-year-old crew member had been on board the sailing vessel called the links with the female crew member went around 12:30 this afternoon, the boat hit and both of them fellow. since then, the woman has been rescued, and crews are handling
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the search for the still missing male crew member. now to the big story tonight, a baltimore county woman is dead, her killer is on the run. >>, an open fire at a later that we can party in northeast baltimore on sunday. we are learning the fatal shot was likely intended for someone else. barry simms is live at police headquarters. >> we know that she was engaged to be married. she has a 1-year-old son. she was a 2008 graduate of kenwood high school and worked for suntrust banks. tonight, her family and police are asking anyone with information to come forward to help solve her murder. >> first of all, you took somebody's daughter. you took away somebody's mother , and you took away my soul mate. >> he describes his 22-year-old
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fiancee, larelle amos. she was the mother of his 1- year-old son. she was the victim of a gunshot wound to the chest. >> detectives don't believe in any way that this young lady was the intended target of somebody's malice. >> it was around 2:00 sunday morning when a family party ended in the 5800 block of the alameda. >> i heard the gunshots go off and i went on the front lawn, and that is when i found my girlfriend laying there. >> the shots, according to witnesses, came from just down the street in the 5700 block of the alameda. >> senseless murder, senseless death, and the productive young at someone's the worst that you can imagine happened to her. we are definitely looking for
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the public's help. >> she weeks for her daughter, calling her a super and wonderful person. she worked for suntrust banks. the family hopes someone will come forward to help police find the shooter. >> it is unacceptable. we are not going to rest until it is completed, and who averages involved, i want them -- whoever it is, i want them to come forward. if somebody knows something, speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> they did not hide themselves when they pull the trigger. let the police know what you did, and just confess that i pull the trigger and it hit the wrong person. family is thanking baltimore city police for working so hard on the play it on the case. police said that have no motive
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or suspects. -- for working so hard on the case. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it was a terrifying night at work for a store clerk in south baltimore county. police are searching for the armed man who tried to rob the speedy mart just after 1:30 this morning. according to investigators, the man charged in, demanded money, and revealed a handgun. when the clerk hesitated, she was shot twice. the suspect is about 160 pounds. the victim has been released from shock trauma. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore county police. fire officials and howard county are sifting through debris tonight, still investigating a late night blaze in jessup. this is what is left of mel's
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liquors. crews were called to the scene just after 4:30 this morning. took about two dozen firefighters to get everything under control. parts of waterloo road had to be shut down. no injuries were reported. >> baltimore city fire officials are investigating to separate house fire that both ended in deadly results. the most recent was on the 2200 block of north avenue. police say horton did not have a working smoke detector at her home. a neighbor may have rector his leg while trying to rescue the woman. -- may have fractured his leg. officials are working to determine the cause of fire saturday afternoon in the 15th thousand block of holbrook street. claims not only engulfed the home but kill the man inside. his identity has not been released. >> the grand prix event is being
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declared a success. david collins joins us live from downtown with more of the assessment of the weekend's events. no one is discussing ticket sales are profits, but organizers of the consider the event a success, and gratifying, but if they put it together in 90 days, and they say it was in a very businesslike manner. >> race organizers declared the event a success and the grand prix winner circle expanded, compared to last year. a major downtown was open for business, vendors got paid, and traffic was not much of a headache. but this weekend has been a terrific success for us. we have been able to provide an organized events and prove that we can be good neighbors to the city. >> race managers estimate more than 100,000 attended the event, less than the 160,000 turnout for the inaugural race. the organizers claim that tens
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of thousands of tickets were given away last year, and many sneak in. >> it is one of the biggest event in downtown baltimore throughout the year. that is our goal. we wanted to make sure we could be the labor day bookends to this city's entertainment throughout the summer. i think we've proven we can do that in a businesslike fashion, and is something that baltimore can be proud of. >> there were no crowd chokepoints because pedestrian walkways were widened. they have put together management team to assess what lessons can be learned. the first critical discovered, how to communicate better with police and other city agencies. they found that certain attractions may work better at different locations. they are reconsidering prices, including everything from seat tickets to bottled water. this survey race attendees as they entered and left the area. little italy could not entice
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race fans or even their own regular. midnight was lightly attended. >> it was not any better this year than last year. >> they established valet parking only and set up an outdoor seating. unlike last year, race promoters partnered with the neighborhood. >> throughout the weeks leading up to the race, we had different cars in the neighborhood and drivers here signing autographs. >> little italy is hoping next year, the third time trying to cash in on the race, will be the charm. looking ahead, organizers are confident they will sell more tickets. >> the impact is still quite unknown, i guess. i did not get down there either.
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>> the democratic national convention kicks off today in charlotte. >> the festivities are already underwear. -- already under way. sally kidd has work commended 2012 coverage. >> the street party in i don't charlotte is serving as a kickoff to the convention, one which organizers say it's the most open and accessible in convention history. marching bands, big-name entertainment, and streets full
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of democratic party faithful. >> the food, the vendors. >> 6000 delegates have descended on charlotte to nominate president obama for a second term. >> we are fired up and ready to go. i really feeling that enthusiasm here in charlotte right now. >> the biggest labor day celebration in this city of the history. >> organizers say it is a way for ordinary americans to be a part of the convention. official proceedings begin tuesday. >> we will get down to business, roll up our sleeves, and get the country moving forward. >> the first lady arrived in charlotte and checked out the arena where she will be speaking on tuesday. >> earlier the president made a stop in ohio. i have one piece of advice for you about the romney-rind game plan, ohio. >> a spokeswoman says the convention will tell the story
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of our president who led the country through the worst economic crisis in decades. >> we will talk about the tough decisions the president has made over the past four years to start laying the foundation for an economy built to last. >> everything ships to bank of america stadium where the president will deliver his acceptance speech on thursday night. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have some isolated storms of the area this afternoon. at the moment, the heaviest rains are falling and around gettysburg. we are getting some rains around baltimore. we will live men on the radar, focusing on harford county. also between cockeysville and hempstead, some rain showers -- we will zoom in on the radar.
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no thunder and lightning with this at the moment. how much rain has fallen? enough to bring out a flood warning for part of our area. here is what the radar looks like in general. most of the significant rain is in delaware and the eastern shore today. here is the heaviest rain in delaware, just south of the elkton area, around four or 5 inches of rain there. baltimore county and baltimore city, this is the area with over 1.5 inches of rain in a very brief time. that is why the warnings are in effect. a flash flood warning in effect in baltimore county and baltimore city until 7:45 this evening. there is some very intense rain. i mentioned the fact that it was isolated brain activity. not everybody has shared in all this stuff. at the airport today, only a trace of rain has been measured.
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for the month so far, the airport has only had 0.32 inch. last night, right around the inner harbor our realm 1.33 inches fell. 97 was the record back in 1898. right now, annapolis is 83 and the boardwalk is at 75. westminster has got a little sun every once in awhile. 84 is the temperature right now. frederick checks in with 88 degrees. bands of rain sheriff activity developing here. you can see the spotty nature of this. not everybody is sharing in the rain activity, but it is popping up along a stationary front. it was there yesterday and is there again today, and will be here again tomorrow. what is left of isaac is slowly moving toward the east. we are still going to see a lot
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of that moisture from isaac in the area, so we still see the chance for rain. tonight, cloudy, human, scattered storms. tomorrow, again, scattered showers and thunderstorms and maggie some heavy rain. otherwise, just generally cloudy with southeast winds at 5-10 miles an hour. we might get a rest for a little while to more rewarding, but then it crops again tomorrow in the afternoon and we have the same cycle again on wednesday agreed by the time it to thursday, we should see more sunshine, but even on thursday there is a chance for some isolated storm activity. rain is definitely in the forecast with a pretty good chance tuesday and wednesday. thursday, minimal brain and a lot more sun. by the time we get to the weekend, the rain chances return with a concentration on sunday. >> this is 11 sports. >> a remarkable dance between
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the predictable and the unpredictable. baseball have a playoff race, but six months ago not many predicted it would include the orioles moving to within one game of first-place on labor day. second inning, as the bar lays down a bunt. -- escobar lays down a bunt. the orioles keep playing like that. the fifth inning, he drops the ball in the corner of left field. robert comes in to score and the orioles have a 2-0 lead. same location, same result, back-to-back doubles. 3-0 orioles. toronto threatening, bases loaded. the strike out and the orioles remain on fire. they shut out the blue jays, 4-
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0. guy.e is a ground ball b he was able to throw different pitches for strikes, and that is a big part of pitching. >> the orioles gain a game on the first-place yankees. rays up early, 2-0. the yankees, a triple brings then alex rodriguez and tied the game at 2-2. this is going to be just a crazy, wild september in the al east. chris jimenez single to right for the rays. tebbutt beat the yankees, 4-3. it all sets up a spectacular
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september. the orioles move to one game behind the yankees with another series against new york coming up this week. tampa is right there as well, just 2.5 back. the orioles have a combined 10 games left against the yankees and the rays. the ravens released quarterback today. more on that tonight
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>> maryland will have some considerable firepower at this week's convention. several congressional leaders from the state as well as governor o'malley are slated to speak. speak. that
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