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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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investigating a double shooting in the northeastern part of the city. happened just a couple of hours ago on hoon street. sheldon guiterrez joins us live with the late breaking details. -- sheldon dutes joins us live. >> this is still an active scene. police officers are still out here in the 2700 block of boone street. the greater portion of the block is blocked off as they come through evidence and there is still a mobile unit out there as well. here is what we know about the shooting happened on this block. happened around 9:00 this evening. police say two men were shot. one of the victims was found here on hoon street and the second victim was found nearby and matthews street. police don't have any update on their condition at this time. detectives were called out to the scene. this is not the only shooting that baltimore city police have been responding to in the past
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20 minutes or so. baltimore city police tweeted about three different shootings in the last 20 minutes. one of them happen on frankfurt avenue. two people were shot in the 2200 block of south even street. they have responded to seven shootings at five locations in the past 24 hours. that is how busy they have been just this labor day. seven people shot in five different incidents across the city. all the situations remain under investigation. we will pass along updates as we get them. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> stake and harford county police need your help in identifying a driver who struck a female pedestrian of around 7:40 this evening. authorities said they found a woman struck by a car on southbound route 1 just north
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of here agree bypass. they said the woman was apparently waving her arms. the person the second vehicle swerved and tried to avoid her but struck her with the passenger side mirror. the victim was 28 years old and was taken to shock trauma where she is said to be in stable condition. anyone with information on that hit and run is asked to contact the maryland state police in bel air. baltimore county police are trying to figure out what type of chemical prompted an evaluation and a park will neighborhood. the honor smelled a strong odor coming from the basement. when the bomb squad entered the home they found some unidentified chemicals in the basement. officials are still trying to determine what the chemicals were but say they are not bomb making or meth-making materials. no criminal charges are pending at this time and remains under investigation.
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rescue crews are looking for a missing voter. we have new details about that overnight search effort. officials say a 27-year-old crew member had been on board a sailing vessel named phoenix with a 26-year-old female about 2 miles from shore. the boat sits and both of them fell off. the female has been rescued but the mail was last seen wearing a blue shirt, blue shorts, and no life jacket. police and fire crews have assisted in the search and a helicopter is being sent to help look for him overnight. baltimore county police are searching for the armed man who tried to rob a store on holland wrote. happened just after 1:30 this morning. the men barged in, and demanded money, and revealed a handgun. when the clark hesitated, he was shot twice. the gunman is described as an african-american male, 160
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pounds. the victim has been released from shock trauma. anyone with information on the case is asked to call baltimore county police. a young baltimore county mother is dead, her killer on the run tonight. it happen when someone opened fire at a later date we can party in northeast baltimore on sunday. barry simms tells us we are learning the fatal shot was likely intended for someone else. >> we have learned from the victim's family that she was engaged to be married. she has a 1-year-old son. she was a 2008 graduate of kenwood high school and worked at suntrust banks. her family and police hope anyone with information will come forward to help solve term murder. >> you took away somebody's daughter, it took away somebody's mother, and you took away my soul mate. >> he describes his 22-year-old
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fiancee, larelle amos. she was the mother of his 1- year-old son. she was the victim of a gunshot wound to the chest. >> detectives don't believe in any way that this young lady was the intended target of somebody's malice. it was around 2:00 sunday morning when a family party was ending. she had walked to the front yard of the home on the alameda. >> i heard gunshots go off and i went on the front lawn and i found my gun -- i found my girlfriend laying there. >> the shots came from just down the street, according to witnesses. he says the last word he heard from his fiancee work, "call 911." >> a senseless murder, a senseless death. the worst it could imagine happened to her. we are definitely looking for the public's help.
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>> we have a 1-year-old left behind without imam. >> -- without a mom. she worked for suntrust banks. her family hope someone will come forward to help police find the shooter. >> what happened is unacceptable. we will not rest until it is completed, and whoever it is, i want them to come forward. if somebody here something more know something, speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> he or she did not hide when they pulled the trigger. if you were man or woman enough to do that, come to the police and confessed that i pulled the trigger and it hit the wrong person. the victim's family is thanking baltimore city police for their hard work and have put into the case. so far there is no motive and no suspect. anyone with information should call this number.
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that is metro crime stoppers, and you can remain anonymous. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> last week, the republicans had their say in tampa. this week, it is the democrats' turn. thousands have converged in charlotte to nominate the president. >> four years ago was all about hope and change. this time around, it is about moving forward, not back. the podium is in working order and the of the speakers are going through their paces, including the first lady. >> it is bid, it is bold, it is beautiful. next delegates will hear a common theme. >> every speaker will talk about the importance of building the
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economy and how we restore economic security to the middle class. >> the biggest job will be laying out what is at stake, crystallizing the choices people have in november. >> a candidate who wants to build the economy from the middle outburst as one who wants to build the economy from the top down. ex-president will arrive on wednesday, his road to shrug taking a detour through louisiana. >> when disasters like this happen, we set aside whatever petty disagreements we may have. nobody is a democrat or republican. we are all just americans looking out for one another. >> the official proceedings start tuesday, but the party got started early, with a street party drawing thousands to uptown charlotte. the hope to make the most successful and inclusive convention ever. >> tomorrow, the delegates will
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officially adopt the party platform and it will make the democratic party the first major party to include an endorsement of same-sex marriage. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the choice of north carolina for the convention is not sitting well with labor unions. will it have any effect on the campaign going forward? >> that is right. unions are not happy at all because the state does not support and has a ban on collective bargaining. unions say in spite of the fact that they have not contributed significantly to this convention, they are going to launch a major effort for the president in the fall. >> republican presidential nominee mitt romney is taking a few days of the campaign trail to spend some time in his vacation home in new hampshire and prepare for the upcoming
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presidential debates. it was a somber labor day for neighbors in edgewater, saying goodbye to a navy seal who was killed in southern afghanistan. hundreds of people lined up from annapolis to edgewater, all paying their respects to patrick feeks as his body was taken to dover air force base to the george kalas been wrong. he was 28 years old when he was killed and a helicopter crash kalasthe georgelk funeral home. >> i owe these people. everyone of them have given me what i can do today. and everybody else. >> i did not even know that down the street, it is solid, all the way down. lots of people. we just found out about it this morning. >> to this navy seal who has fallen, these people appreciate
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all and he has done for us, and his comrades and all the military who are serving their country. >> a funeral service will be held at 12:45 p.m.. feeks will then be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. marylanders looking at not finding democrat this labor day. how local restaurants are responding to that shortage. -- not finding jumbo crabs this labor day. >> isaac's contribution to the holiday weekend has been this very tropical air. the humidity is way up there, 94%. the rating at ocean city right now, but in has been trading close to home. 77 at
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>> event organizers with the baltimore grand prix are counting this weekend's event as a huge success. they said they made sure downtown was more accessible for business and vendors, and the city made some money. race officials maintain that downtown traffic was not too much of a headache for people. we are told that more than 100,000 people attended the event, a big drop from last year when more than 160,000 spectators were tallied. organizers are working to assess what lessons can be learned for next year. jumbo crab pot pie on a picnic
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table is a staple for many, -- piled high on the picnic table. lisa robinson has the story. >> if you are in the market for corporate jet for crabs, don't count on finding extra-large or jumbo -- if you are in the market for its jumbo crabs. people are not finding them these days. >> the big ones are hard to find. >> i cannot find them anywhere, apparently because of the storm down south. there are no extra-large or jumbo is in town. that is what they tell me when i called on friday and saturday and sunday. >> most of the crabs are from maryland. brandon fitzgerald says out of 50 bushels, he only got 2.5 dozen jumbo crab and until recently, most of the larger crabs have been coming from louisiana.
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>> a lot of crap vendors in the area sell louisiana crabs -- allot of crab vendors. >> we are getting them from louisiana. we were having a decent supply, but after the hurricane, we only got a couple of boxes from the truck yesterday. >> crab lovers do have something to look forward to. maryland crabs don't get really big until late september, october, and december. >> are you looking for a bargain on some one-of-a-kind antiques? you might want to visit the clearing house consignment in timonium. the store is gearing up for its annual sidewalk sale. we are told that 100% of the proceeds will go to the house of ruth, which helps women and
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children who are victims of domestic violence. >> they can find anything from a nice mahogany dresser for $100, we have lots of rugs they can get for $50. we have a great variety of jewelry, anywhere from $1 to $10. everything is half of the ticket price. you are getting a tremendous deal. \ cheered the sale raised $12,000 for the house of ruth. national aquarium staff moves -- moved some treasures to the animal care center. some creatures were shipped off to the georgia aquarium. it is all in an effort to make way for the new black shift attraction that will open next summer. >> now, your forecast with john
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collins. >> you can feel the water in the atmosphere. some of it coming down as rain and the rest just hanging there. some isolated areas of rain showers and sprinkles down near the southern portion of harford county. also an area -- very light, drifting towards western harford county, and a few sprinkles up on the maryland line with carrolltowne at this time. we will show you what is going on a more significance. earlier today, all the big rains were on the del mar and up in new jersey. a good area of rain down in virginia and west virginia. it is moving northeast. later on tonight, some of the ed dickson of it may be getting closer to us.
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this stuff will be coming in so the rain chances will be going up and then down again tonight. here on tv hill we got 0.4 inch of rain this afternoon. there might have been more of that north of us where the rainfall totals for 1-2 inches brown cockeysville. at the airport, the official rainfall today was only a trace. so far this month, officially 0.32 of an inch. the high today at the airport was held down because of all the clouds. a few areas had more sunshine. a couple places almost made it to 90. 97 was the record in 1898. right now it is 89 degrees at annapolis. on the boardwalk, 73 with no rain occurring there.
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60's out in the mountains. to the west, here is all that rain coming up and all that moisture is locked up with remnants of isaac, still back in kentucky. another stalled out front, and all that humidity is collecting right along the front. the front moves to the north and eventually isaac will move toward pennsylvania and new york state. out in the tropical and atlantic, leslie is a tropical storm, almost all. the forecast senator bermuda by the weekend. tropical depression 13, very small, is way out in the atlantic and does not look like it will be any problem, either. 69-75 tonight with some scattered storms coming our way. tomorrow, the same as today. storms, maybe some heavy rains. southeast winds at 5-10 miles an hour.
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during the day, self winds and up 1 foot shop on the waters of the bay. by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and again on wednesday, more of these scattered or showered -- isolated shower activity. we might see an isolated shower but it looks like most of the day will be dry on thursday. a pilot strike, but next weekend, more rain. >> closing and on the first- place yankees. see how they did it, next on sports. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. jackpot is an estimated $550,000.
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18-6-24-35-39-43. if no one that is all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $575,000. the next drawing is thursday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. the maryland
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>> you have to go back to 1997 to find the last time the orioles had 16 games over 500. they are very much in the mix with the win over toronto today. second inning, mark reynolds pulled down the throat and makes the play. nick markakis drives the ball to the opposite field. robert comes in to score and the orioles have a 2-0 lead.
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hardy goes into the corner left field as well. back-to-back doubles can and it is 3-0 orioles. a strike out to get the orioles out of the jam. hit as he's second drives this one into shallow center field. the orioles go on to win 4-0. the birds are closer to the top of the al east. they are just one game out of first place behind the yankees. tell the second wild-card spot in the american league. the rays but the squeeze on the yankees today in tampa. upton drills one to center
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field. fourth inning, said francisco with a dive, advantage yankees. alex rodriguez, not moving all that quickly around the bases these days, but the game is tied at two each. chris jimenez singles and to right field and brian roberts comes in to score. the rays the yankees 4-3. the quarterback for their -- cornerback for the ravens wind into the week thinking he made the ravens but finds himself -- finds himself on a man out today. a big week ahead for the rookie offensive linemen. the second round draft pick knows he came to the team with the history of great defenses but he thinks the ravens offense
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will catch people by surprise this season. >> obviously we have really good veterans on our team. i am just trying to learn from them. they make very little mistakes. they look good. i am this trying to catch up and get to where they are at. >> a humble kid, but he is a good football player. a lot of health issues the past couple of years, but she proved unbelievable in singles. williams did something she never had done before in six previous u.s. open matches. she did not lose a single game in the match. serena advances to the
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quarterfinals. a great shot for the men's doubles. watch the right side of the near court, between the legs return. he will finish it with a passing shot. watch this one in slow motion. it is good thing bryan calculated correctly. his shots were on the money today and they advance that the u.s.?o?o?oçoí';wowk
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>> this is bad hair weather. >> except in this building. what we had yesterday we had again today, and love again tomorrow. on-again, off-again rainshowers, a lot of it isolated. thursday and friday, essentially dry, with the chance of something isolated thursday. over the weekend, we get a cold front coming in. >> football weather. >> the orioles big season. >> a huge weekend.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- dana carvey. and a special performance by nicki minaj.


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