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tv   11 News Today  NBC  September 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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going up in maryland. what state officials are doing to remedy that. >> the cash roles in as the candidates step up their game on the ground and on the air. >> a freak accident sends a mta bus injuring seven people. what may have caused the crash. >> can we get through the weekend without any rain? the insta-weather forecast as the news continues right now. >> you are watching wba l t v 11. -- wbal-tv 11. >> thank you for joining us. >> i was freezing when i got up this morning. i were pants. i hate to wear pants. >> and corey at that.
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>> is a little bit warmer technically. you might want to take a jacket with the. we are in the low to mid 50's. there is a little bit of a fog in some neighborhoods as well. a nice mixture of sunshine and clouds. we will make it up to 78 later today. let's say good morning to sarah. what are you wearing, polyester? >> my favorite fabric. good morning. getting a little busier the past few minutes. southbound route 3 is closed due to an accident. southbound 295 at the beltway checking reports of a crashed there. you will see delays. another accident of note -- you want to consider your -- 95 measure alternate. take a look at drive time on the outer loop of the northeast side, standing on the west side,
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only 10 minutes to go from the beltway southwest down to 32. let's see what it looks like as a volume starts to build. pretty light still on i 83. let's switch over to a live a view on 795. a little bit heavier. wants to get closer to the beltway delays will start to build soon. -- once you get closer to the beltway, delays will build soon. >> state health officials are investigating another case of west mile -- west nile virus. >> 30 marylanders have been diagnosed with the disease. >> the state agriculture department is stepping up their mosquito patrols in the spring of a the next several weeks. there have been 30 cases of west nile virus including three
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deaths so far this year. the latest in anne arundel county. in 2010 there were 23 cases. the mild winter could have something to do with the increase in cases. michael goldsmith contracted the disease one year ago and he still is in the hospital. revolt to be alive, but still facing a long road to recovery. >> -- grateful to be a live but still facing a long road to recovery. >> it has all been taking away from us. >> health officials say some of the best ways to protect yourself is to stay indoors, where epa approved repellent, get rid of standing water around your home. you need to take these precautions through october 31. that is one mesquita surveillance season ends. -- the investigation continues
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into a deadly shooting and was baltimore. police say they found a 24-year- old victim with a gunshot wound. he died in shock trauma. only a vague description was given of the suspect, but they saw the shooter toss the weapon at the scene. a walk to take back their streets after a rash of shootings. the murder of 51-year-old peter marvin was the latest incident in the neighborhood. detectives are looking for a pair of suspects and that shooting. given the corporation is key to reducing neighborhood crimes. >> officials say driver error appears to be the blame for the bus crash that sent seven people to area hospitals. the bus was unattended and apart at the depot on thursday
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morning when it began drifting forward and crashing into the shelter. >> there are a number of procedures that should occur when a bus is stopped. everything from the wheels being turned to a break being set. we are investigating to determine if all of the proper procedures were followed. >> mta officials say if they determine the bus operator is at fault, she could be fired. a federal judge struck down a major blow to mayor stephanie rawlings blake's plan to overhaul the pension system. the method for determining pension increases is unconstitutional. city officials project the overhaul would save the city $64 million a year. it is likely they will appeal the decision. it looks like the trial of a man accused of hunting down a bill bondswoman will go forward. attorneys for dominic mcdonald
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withdrew the challenge that their client was not competent to stand trial. the trial dates are set for november. >> in the education alert, a court case involving baltimore city's special education program has finally been settled. the case began back in 1984 with a lawsuit filed against the district on behalf of parents of special education students. it forced the school system to spend millions of dollars for a special ad service improvements. they filed the suit -- it considered to be one of the longest education center lawsuits. school officials put the extra security measures in place after two gun incidents on county school grounds including a
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shooting on the first day of class is. when the wands arrive, school personnel will have to be trained on how and where to use them. >> it is not just about adding these to the schools, it is about communicating with school partners to make sure they are used in a way that is consistent with school settings. >> police will not say how many detectors they are planning to buy or how much it will cost taxpayers. >> get ready to see more of the presidential candidates over the next six and a half weeks as mitt romney and president obama push to get themselves in front of the voters on the ground and over the airwaves. a new report shows both camps have the cash to keep the candidates in the public eye. the presidential rivals are spending money is about as quickly as they are pulling it in. >> new finance reports show candidates raised more than $110
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million last month along with their parties. it lot being spent on ubiquitous campaign ads. >> it may all seem like static to swing state voters inundated with ads, do not expect to see any less of president obama or mitt romney. he will make more of a push to get in front of voters the next few weeks. president obama is hitting the trails, too, like here in florida. new campaign finance reports say the obama campaign paid $70 million for media last month, nearly twice mitt romney s spending according to the u.s. a analysis. many ads are getting ratings of half true. >> campaigns are making claims based on some accurate facts but exaggerating and twisting them
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in some way. >> mitt romney would take away medicare -- >> not totally right since it is debatable what is considered guaranteed. >> under obama families have lost $4,000 a year in income. >> the number is correct but questions how accurate it is to blame the president. two more spending reports are due out in october to give a better sense of how they will match up money wise. >> the time is 6:09. looking for extra cash? some are doing good by waiting in line outside of apple stores. >> a big change in the booster seal law could keep your kids in them longer. we want to know what you think. >> echoes of an ecological disaster once again washing up on the shores of the gulf coast.
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>> we do have a little rain in the forecast for the weekend. we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> we are checking three accidents, one with closures.
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>> the time is 12 minutes after 6:00.
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53 degrees downtown. it is about 10 degrees warmer enter the city than the suburbs. take a life jacket with you to start the day. 50 in frederick. the winds are shifting around to the south. warmer air off to the south and west. today we will make it to the upper 70's, tomorrow below 80 before things change early next week. there will be a shot of colder air coming in next week over the weekend. no precipitation around us at the present time. this system of peer around minneapolis, st. paul is one that will give us a chance for showers and thunderstorms. the atmosphere is stacked up right now. a big area of high pressure on the east coast blocking this cut -- blocking this from coming east at least for now.
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this will wash out. some of these storms tomorrow could be strong in the afternoon. there is nothing going on today. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. we will make it into the upper 70's later on today. it should be a beautiful sunrise. on the bay if you start the week ended that way, it should be nice and quiet. the only high tide is at six minutes after 11:00. seven day forecast. a chance for a few thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening on saturday. once the front goes through it will turn breezy and much cooler sunday and monday. the high temperatures stay in the 60's. the overnight lows in the 40's. 10:49 tomorrow morning. 40 minutes after 6:00. let's see what is happening on the road.
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>> let's check the area roads. we are tracking an accident in croft and. it is shut down. southbound to 95 at the beltway getting reports of an accident. we have yet to confirm it. if delays are forming in that area. 95 looks like a much better bet. only five minutes to go south on i nick -- 952895 fort mchenry. let's get a live look outside. we are looking at a build up of volume in the southbound direction coming toward us around white march to the 895 split. >> taking a look at some of the top stories this morning. prosecutors in the colorado
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shooting case have dropped their request to review the notebook james holmes sent to a psychiatrist before the shooting. the decision would likely be appealed. prosecutors say they do not want to delay the case against holmes who is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. officials of the nuclear power plant are investigating why a pump malfunctioned triggering an automatic shutdown and released steam from the reactor. the amount of radiation was so small, it is not measurable and there is no danger or health risk to the public. we know for sure these are from the bp oil spill two years ago. the material from the tar balls are from the well.
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the chemicals had barely broken down since june 2010. bp has not seen the study and is working to remove the tar balls. >> it is really like christmas in september for applephiles. these are live pictures from people in glendale, california waiting for days to buy an iphone. last month they took 2 million presale orders. they could have more than 10 million funds sold by monday. hundreds of those people standing in apple lines are getting paid to do it. wells fargo said was a major racial discrimination lawsuit. >> wells fargo is settling a lawsuit allegedly discriminated
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against minority borrowers. wells fargo has agreed to pay $125 billion as well as set up an assistance fund. long lines at apple stores could be a job opportunity. time is money and arrangements are made through websites where a user can find workers to wait in line for them. bloomberg spoke to one woman who said she is a professional line waiter. her employer is paying $55. it leaves her with just over $45 in extra spending money. >> mr. did the s&p ended lower showing contraction in manufacturing in china and falling exports and japan. that raises concerns about the global economy. >> have you noticed, bwi is a
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lot more crowded lately. it is on pace to retake the title as the busiest airport in the d.c. baltimore. this year. bwi contributed to record passenger traffic and low-cost carriers like southwest. >> some big changes coming up on laws concerning children in booster seats. starting next month children under age will have to use a booster seat until they are 4 feet 9 inches tall. experts say height and not wait is the most important factor. it is better to err on the side of caution. a major injuries a child can suffer during an accident if a seat belt does not fit properly. >> that is a minimum thing, the eight years of age. we want children when they get to that age, they should be in a booster seat. they are not ready to come out
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until they are of the right size and height so that they see benefits them properly as it fits you and i. >> experts say between 80% and 90% of people are doing something wrong when it comes to child safety restraints. do you think children under eight should state and booster seats until they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches? share your response on, our facebook page, or send us an e-mail. all my kids are still in boosters. >> the time right now is 6:20. do not call it a rematches the ravens prepared to take on the patriots. how the team plans to work in the new weapons against an old nemesis. >> take a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> good morning once again. a look at your morning to meet. we are tracking a few problems. let's get you up-to-date for those heading out to crofton. route 3 is shut down both directions. watch for those closures. 97 looks good at the moment. watch for delays creeping up in
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the area of the beltway southbound on to 95. another accident to note along coking 10 road. consider 95 as your alternate. we are at 57 miles per hour traveling through the park they'll region. volume building right around -- we will give you a live look. i-95 coming out of the white marsh region. >> it will be another nice day today and a little bit cool as a mix it into the upper 70's this afternoon. 53 degrees jaretsville. high temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. will check the forecast for the rest of the weekend when i come back in a few minutes. >> good morning, everybody.
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another prime-time game for the ravens as they play the new england patriots. krueer is expected to play. it is another big test for joe flacco and jacoby jones. philadelphia got physical and jammed the avens at the line. cameron says his guys need to get tough, physical, and open. >> guys are allowed to jab you and they can grab a hold. that is what you do. we played through contact. that is our philosophy. we will work through contact. this is a team that comes up and pressures every down.
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>> is they do under bill belichick. a 30 minute preview show before nbc picks of the coverage at 7:00. you can watch it right here on tv 11. the orioles resume their push for the playoffs. we have a special guest. it is the orioles' bird on this friday night. let me ask you a question. will they make the post-season -- will boston -- why even play the rest of the game? who is your favorite news anger here? -- anchor here? stan stovall? this is a big moment. anytime the oriole bird is in the studio, it is a big moment.
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orioles fan m.v.p.? we are going to toss it back to stan. >> a couple of mornings ago i was complaining that some kids were getting a visit by the oriel bird, we decked out an orange. but he is here. what time is it, 6:30? how do you get some much energy at 6:30 in the morning? >> we have known the bird for a long, long time in baltimore. >> he is awesome. >> that is great. that is circle. >> thank you for taking a visit. >> -- that is so cool.
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>> 6:27 and 53 degrees at the airport. a battle between the city and its residents to keep patterson park green. >> a new case of west nile virus in the state. >> a change in the message and town for the presidential campaign. >> we are tracking a few problems up there. we will update you
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>> this is 11 news today at 6:00. >> not every day we get a visit from the oriel bird. >> we have been talking about the new iphone four weeks and weeks. nobody has brought us a free iphone.
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don't go there? >> we are not going to get that for free. >> we were going to see how far we could take stan's powers. >> we were talking about the end up -- bmws, a member guineas. >> it is a little cool to start but we will make it up to 78 this afternoon. we will detail the forecast. stay with us. >> today president obama and republican vice-presidential candidate paul ryan will address the aarp convention. >> medicare is an issue near and dear to older voters. both campaigns are hoping to change hearts, minds, and votes. what's the presidential campaigns are reaching out to older americans today a day after the focus was on hispanic voters in the key battleground
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state of florida. president obama expressed frustration he has not done more on a key issue for latinos -- immigration reform. >> the most important lesson i have learned is you cannot change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> mitt romney pounced on that explanation. >> the president flew into surrender again. his slogan now is no, i cannot. it is time for a new president. mitt romney's town has shifted. >> it is time to put the politics aside. >> that following a rough few weeks. the president now leading mitt romney by eight points in iowa and five points in colorado and wisconsin. wisconsin gop vice-president paul ryan's home state.
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>> and other person has contracted the west nile virus, this one in anne arundel county bringing the total up to 30 including three deaths. details on how you can protect yourself. >> and good morning. health officials say this is a scary trend with the number of west nile cases going up. that is why the agriculture department is stepping up mosquito patrols over the next several weeks. michael goldsmith has no idea when or where he was bitten by a mosquito. that one by it has kept him in the hospital for a year. he is from anne arundel but is receiving treatment and virginia. the road to recovery has been frustrating. >> i am not paralyzed, but i am severely limited in movement.
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i have not walked in a year, and i have been tied to a bed. they could not feed me either by tube. i have been working with a speech therapist. >> he has no idea when he will be released from the hospital. west nile has been on the rise this year. the number of human cases has been brought up to 30 including three deaths. last year there were 19 cases and in 201023. several factors are contributing to the increase in cases. >> we did have a milder winter last winter and a bit of a drought this spring and summer. sometimes that can create more heat that can increase the proliferation of mosquito breeding areas. >> you can protect yourself by staying indoors at dawn and dusk wearing repellant covering your skin and getting rid of standing water around your home.
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>> health officials say you should take these precautions through october 31. >> thank you. the university of maryland school of medicine is expanding its treatment program for gambling addicts. they have announced a $5 million state grant for a problem gambling center. a new telephone hot line will refer gamblers to treatment. there will be regional inars.ences and web engi
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>> neighborhood association members went door-to-door thursday hoping to draw some attention to a city proposal to add parking spaces to patterson park. the city wants to add 100 parking spots and a driveway loop that will accommodate rex center renovations and a new senior center. the plan is just an idea right now. they do welcome community input. the city should try to preserve the green space, not destroy it says residents. >> this is why you live here. you have patterson park. you know, get some spaces somewhere and do what you can. do not take away from this. >> a petition against the proposal has already more than 2600 signatures. >> insta-weather plus and traffic together. >> time to take a look at the morning commute. we have one problem in the crofton, three left lanes closed
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past 450. they are making progress. we had always closed above direction. this accident clear at 295 and the beltway. northtake a look at the side of the beltway. 56 miles per hour there. speeds are starting to swell up on the west side. 39 miles per hour on the outer loop past i 70. >> we are off to a cool star, but not as chilly as yesterday. 53 at the airport. it will be a nice afternoon. a high near 78. scattered under storms possible tomorrow evening. it will clear up sunday and monday but turn breezy and cooler with highs in the upper 60's to around 70's. autumn begins tomorrow morning. 10:29 is the october equinoxes.
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>> these things get rowdy. >> this time right now is 6:37. >> a surprise guest brings things a little too close to comfort for people taking in the sights on a safari. what happened after this big
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>> a couple of close encounters
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with the wild kingdom this morning. a home owner in florida got a rare glimpse into the party going on in his backyard over the night. he never thought he would see this. this was particularly wild. a huge bear getting up on its hind legs trying to reach a bird feeder hanging more than 7 feet off the ground. a few more inches and he would have had a tasty midnight snack. >> now for a group of tourists on an african safari who wanted to get a close look at wildlife, maybe not disclosed. they were part of this open top boss safari through kenya overlooking the plains of the wildlife when a cheetah decided, i want to look at you, too. so it jumped up on top of the bus, just inches away. the tour bus and everyone on
6:42 am
board stayed motionless and what turned out to be 45 minutes of a staring contest. even chilly the driver dared to turn on the engine. -- eventually the driver turned on the engine. that caused the cheated to jam down. >> you could not see it because you were reading. one person said, i think my heart is going to beat out of my chest. can you even imagine? the time is 6:41. still ahead, a look at the top stories. >> will get a look at the morning commute. the harrisburg expressway, a word of an accident. >> another nice day today, but a little rain in the forecast over the weekend. partly cloudy skies. not as chilly as yesterday.
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>> welcome back. 6:44 and in the headlines, baltimore city police are looking for clues into a deadly stabbing overnight. the recall to the 2700 block of west north avenue where they found a man stabbed in the chest. he did not survive. another is no word on the victim's name or a motive on the attack. the investigation continues on a deadly shooting in west baltimore. police found the 24-year-old victim with a gunshot wound. he died at shock trauma. they only had a vague description of the suspect.
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they say the saw the shooter toss a weapon from the scene. a driver error appears to be the blame for thursday's bus crash that sent seven people to the hospital. the bus was unattended and parked at the bus depot in front of the mall. the bus began drifting forward crashing into the shelter. mta officials say if the driver is at fault, she could be fired. >> now, insta-weather plus and traffic together. >> good morning to you. if you are preparing for your morning commute, let's see what is going on. one problem of north -- one problem of note 180 northbound. we're not hearing anything southbound. everything running smoothly down toward belfast. everything looks good.
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we are looking at speeds of 8 -- 33 on the web site outer loop. those delays starting to fall into place. route 3 past 450, everything is clear. not tracking anything significant yet delay was on to 95. that is the very latest. -- 295. >> it will be another nice day. not even as cool as it was yesterday, but you will want to take a life jacket with you. 53 at the airport and 54 in part in. a little cloud cover making for a beautiful sunrise. there is no precipitation a round us. the closest friend is in the great lakes. this is a system out west around of minneapolis that will wind up getting us a chance for a couple of showers and
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thunderstorms as we head into the weekend. the atmosphere is stacked up. there is a logjam here. it is blocking everything from moving east now. that was led off and opened the door to a couple of these systems coming in. this is the one of producing grain around st. paul. that will come through baltimore saturday night. it will get a lot warmer. was he a chance for showers and thunderstorms. today it will be dry. -- we will get a chance for thunderstorms. sunrise coming up in just a few minutes at 6:54. on the day today, it will be quiet if you start your weekend on the water. the only high tide at fort mchenry today is at 11:06 this morning. even warmer tomorrow as you may get up to 81. some scattered showers and the thunderstorms. once the front goes through saturday night, it will really
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not the temperatures down to autumn like conditions for sure. overnight lows dipping into the 40's. autumn officially begins at 10:49 saturday morning. >> time for a last look at the big story. concerns after another maryland their attacks the west nile virus bringing the total number to 30. he likes the state agriculture department is stepping up their muskego patrols, spring for them are the next several weeks. there has been 30 cases and three deaths and maryland so far this year. last year there were 19 human cases. in 2010 there were 23. the mild winter could have something to do with the increase in cases. michael goldsmith contracted
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west nile while living in anne arundel. some of the best ways you can protect yourself are avoiding going outside at dawn and dusk, where epa barack -- epa approved propellant and get rid of any standing water near your home. >> with the change in season, how much longer is there a risk for mosquito bites? >> state health officials say you need to take the precautions through october 31. >> after that we should be good to go. thank you, kim. the time is 6:50. coming up we will get some of your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> one last look at weather and traffic before you head out to start your purple friday.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> time for some of your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> should children under 8 stay in a car seat until they are taller than 4 foot 9. >> another jen writes -- >> speaking of at a certain age,
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anna writes -- i will go on a limb and say, just barely, you are ok. >> roy writes -- thank you for writing in. we will pose more of your answers on >> they are comfortable and they have lumbar support. >> we are getting reports but no confirmation on northbound i 83 past belfast road, a possible accident. southbound lanes look good down to the beltway. we are still at 50 on the north side and outer loop at parkville. on the outer loop west, we are at 32. those delays falling into place. the rest of the roadways in
6:55 am
pretty good shape. route 3 included. looking at the normal delays starting to fall into place. >> i am picturing year in a motorized lazy-boy. >> that is awesome. >> it will be a nice day today after a coast guard in the 50's. 81 tomorrow, -- after a cold start in the 50's. overnight lows in the 40's. a real shift in the season as we start on them tomorrow. >> equinoxes party. >> here is a look at the stories you will find at 7:00. it will be a big weekend for perry hall high school. >> a wiener dog that is really more like a brought worst.
6:56 am
we will have these stories and the latest traffic and weather updates. >> thank you for joining us. >> we are back in 25 minutes with an update. >> have a good day.
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>> it is the kind of week baltimore has long for over the past decade. ravens take on the patriots as the featured sunday night game. the orioles take on the red sox. the red sox have the -- come to town on friday. baltimore and the american league east race will galvanize oriole fans near and far. for the first time in 15 years, a winning season and playoff hopes have birdland - will be a sea of orange at camden yards. regardless of what happens, the winning record has made our
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community proud. for more on next week's schedule, we invite you to log on to and click on "sports."
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