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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  September 23, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> good morning. welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. >> first let's take a look outside. >> our first full day of fall. >> it's pretty. >> good football weather. 50s. maybe 40s. high 40s by the end of the game.
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currently hd doppler is clear. the coast is clear. temperature in downtown baltimore, 58. taking a look at your day planner today. that should be sunny. had a typo there. sunny. few clouds and sun. 70. just before kickoff. 8:20 tonight. we start our pregame coverage here around 6:30. mostly clear and cool. 59 degrees by kickoff. we'll take an extended look at your forecast in just a few minutes. >> our big story this morning is a follow-up to the story of a perry hall high school student allegedly shot inside the school a month ago. >> daniel bowery is out of the hospital. yesterday at a fund-raiser for his family to pay for his medical bill, daniel showed signs that he is on the road to
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recovery. >> a thumbs up from daniel bowery in his first outing since leaving his hospital. the 17-year-old who was the only student hit during a school shooting at perry hall high last month was preparing by doctors to attend a fund-raiser on the bay saturday. >> anybody else would whine, complain and why me. this, that, everything el. all daniel has done is great. i just want to be who i was, doing what i was doing. he's done everything he needed to do to get to that point. >> daniel, who has downs syndrome, was shot ton side of his torso. he's going through home based rehab to treat his wounds twice a day. his parents are not sure when he'll return to school. >> talking to doctors, it's nothing short of amazing. dr. o'connor at university of maryland, he'll tell yoit's nothing short of amazing what he's going through, what he's done and where he is. there's no way he's supposed to be where he is today.
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>> dozens of boaters dropped an anchor to show their support. most of the people don't know the bowerys but they know how horrible it is for teen to be randomly shot in the lunch room on the first day of school. >> it was heart wrenching combroup think about how many people you know that have children in school. could have been one of your family members. very close friends. it shouldn't happen. >> this report for daniel has been incredible. i could never say the words i need to say to express my thanks for that. >> daniel's parents said they don't talk or even think about the alleged shooter. their only focus is getting their son back to 100% health. wbal, tv 11 news. >> carroll county officials say speed may have been a factor in a deadly car crash in eldersburg. it happened around 1:15.
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a car drove into the intersection and hit a deep. the jeep's driver identified as 35-year-old leaf forter, he was ejected and died at the hospital. police say charges are pending the outcome of the investigation. in east baltimore a suspect is on the run after a police officer said he walked in on him shooting another man. happened in the 2200 block of jefferson street. we're told shots were exchanged between the officer and the suspect after the suspect refused to drop his weapon. the shooter escaped in a silver colored car. the victim, a 30-year-old man is listed in critical condition. a celebration saturday for baltimore city church leader with 60 years in the community. they celebrated reverend marcus garvey wood's 60 years leading the baptist church on pennsylvania avenue.
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when reverend garvey wood first began preaching at a providence baptist church in baltimore, gas cost just 20 cents a gallon. the year was 1952 and woods hasn't left since. >> 60 years is something. that is to be commended. not only of one man but also congregation. >> at 92, the man, who studied in seminary alongside dr. martin luther king jr., who marched, sat in, demonstrated and preached countless sundays was honored. but he did not want a lot of hoopla. >> i'm happy that i have lived this long. and they thought enough of me to make a celebration out of it. >> reverend wood guide parishioners during some of the most volatile times in the nation's history. >> he has blessed us all. >> reverend wood has adapted to the times, building everything
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from a solar heated church to an aids ministry. >> he has always come up with so many innovative ideas and programs and ministries. i just think he did a wonderful job. i don't think anybody could beat him. >> reverend wood embraced the day as a humble man of faith who a few years back knew it was time to hand the reigns over to a co-pastor. >> that's the way it goes. one generation leaves, another generation comes. >> deborah weiner, tv 11 news. >> 9:07. 58 degrees. still ahead on 11 news, howard county executive ken allman will be joining us for this morning's q and a. and how the presidential election will impact your wallet. and if you're going to the game, tonight should be great football weather. great weather today if you're heading out and about. i'll give you your
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and the sun is shining over the harbor in what should be a spectacular day. 62 at the inner harbor , 57 at the airport. humidity 62%. barometer rising. high pressure in control. winds out of the northwest at seven miles per hour. starting to see temperatures climb around the area. not much in some spots. a little more in others. currently westminster 54. edgewood 59. 57. coolest spots though are out in the mountains. 39 still in oakland. 45 in frostburg. speaking of frostburg, folks in the mountains could see some frost both tomorrow and tuesday as temperatures will drop into possibly the high 30s -- excuse me, high 20s to low 30s. keep an eye on that. frost already. it's still september. currently right now, clear skies
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over pretty much the entire state. just a couple lingers clouds around ocean city. they were dealing with fog that has since lifted or is in the process of lifting right now. all of that cloud cover due to this front right here which passed through our area and brought us rain which we could use. we're still in a drought. 6.5 inches according to the numbers. cool weather. this well designed trough here is really bringing some cool temperatures to our area. will bring cool temperatures to our area this evening. and will bring cool temperatures to much of the midwest and portions of the northeast. showing this temperature all morning. fargo, north dakota, where still is the this hour is 26 degrees. you can see the chunk of cool air making its way here. i think our lows tonight for the game will be in the low 50s to high 40s. that's right. it's here. your forecast for today though
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looks nice. 70 to 73. mostly sunny, breezy. watch out for the wind gusts on 20 miles per hour. northwest winds. otherwise five to ten miles per hour. because of the winds thursday small craft advisory on the bay today. just keep an eye out there north northwest winds 10 to 25 knots and the seas will be at two to three feet. if you're going to the game tonight, you can't complain about that. great fall night for football. we'll keep the northwest winds. you're going see a jacket. by the end of the game, don't be surprised if it goes past midnight. high 40s. seven day looks good until we head to wednesday or thursday. next chance of rain. cool temperatures stay with us. only 69 degrees. our lows will be in the high 40s. as we said, get that chance of rain into thursday.
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but temperatures remain mild, mid 70s. as we go back to sunny skies on friday and saturday. >> sounds like he feels good instead of telling people it will be in the 40s. save some cash by doing it yourself. fall is time to do some projects. jay baker will help make those indoor and outdoor tasks much easier for you. >> plus a look at the presidential election on our economy. >> but first here's a look at sochlt events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. it's 9:16. time for a sunday business report. jonathan murray, good morning. >> hello, lisa. >> we are talking about how the presidential election is going to impact the economy. >> the economy. our pocket book. there could be some pretty interesting ramifications depending on who is in the white house. i think the important thing to know is really, regardless of who wins the white house, each
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of them have to deal with continued sluggish economy, measures we have to deal with, higher taxes absolutely are going to happen. so we need to kind of prepare ourselves for the likelihood of higher taxes and continued slow growth. >> okay. so what are we gonna do? >> the thing you need to do first and foremost is meet with an adviser who can look at your current tax picture and say, is the dividend tax going up from 15% to 30% what does that do to my portfolio? capital gains taxes are really important. financial stocks. if you own financial stocks, have your adviser look at that. a romney administration's going to be more favorable to financial stocks because it means less regulation. they'll kind of cut back a little bit on dot frank. so if you have financial stocks, pay attention to that. energy stocks. interestingly, we thought a romney administration would be more positive for energy stocks, but i think under an obama
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administration, energy would also do well because both candidates want an independent energy culture here in the united states. i think energy will do well. new energy. natural gas, fracking, all that good stuff. health care. interestingly, we think under an obama administration, health care stocks would actually do better than under a romney administration. that's contrary to most of our competition. the reason is, if romney should win, 80% of health care is product and pharmaceuticals and drugs and really expensive stuff. if you have fewer americans insured under a romney administration, that means less americans will be paying out for those products, 80% of which represent the health care. that's one thing you have to be careful of. >> we keep hearing image. obviously, the economy, jobs, the whole picture. what do you feel? it >> will be tough for either candidate. what we need, both fiscally and
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economically is compromise. i think we need to tell our leaders that we need compromise. we need to accept the fact that we need to cut back on our debt, cut our spending in this country. you and i have cut our spending. we're living within our means now. why can't our government do that? right? but, on the other hand, we have to recognize that that's going to be accompanied by higher taxes. >> jonathan murray, thank you very much. people who want to get in touch with you? >> yep. jonathan murray ubs. just google me. >> stay with us. coming up next at 11 news, your sunday drive. i'm gonna give it out. >> cactus take all kinds of shape. some a little unusual. some tradition and very tiny. >> they really are. >> we'll have to be careful. >> it's something fun especially for the kids. it's great to bring it in for the winner. that's coming up.
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>> well, good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. >> good morning. >> valley view farms. back last winter we were in the cactus house. >> that's right. >> they've got big, big plans. it's a beautiful house. we'd like to bring some of that into our house. they're very easy to deal with. >> they are. cactus are easy for kids. they can get into this. honestly look around your house. you probably already have a planter you can use. i'm going to repurpose the
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bonsai planter. cactuses don't have much of a root system. most of the water and nutrients are held up in the flushing part of the cactus. same with succulents. >> as a child, i remember i love cactus. i always remember getting them stuck in my fingers, too. >> we've done this before. we've taken a piece of paper or newspaper and wrapped it up and placed it around the cactus like this. that's how you deal with it. >> then you want to put it. this guy needs root bound. >> we'll keep those out a little bit and place it right in there. at this point i'm going to handle it primarily. i just get some on me, there's no denying that. i can get in there pretty safely. >> and mom and dad can help especially with the spiny ones. some don't have spines. >> the succulents are much better. be aware of the cactus i already
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planted. i'm just gonna make a little hole. squeeze him right in there. you get different colorations, slightly different leaf shaping. >> is this a special soil? >> this is a cactus soil. it's got a little bit more porous. this is nice. these are plastic tongues. >> that one does have tiny spines that will bother you for weeks. >> you're absolutely right. this particular one, you will be pulling them out forever. and then again with the succulent it's not as bad. the nice thing, too. if you wouldn't mind, open up the coat. that's just a time release fertilizer. these don't need a lot of fertilizer, but just enough to get them going. >> now, if you get dirt stuck in the needles and all this, you rinse them off? >> just rinse them off or take a paint brush and paint it off, or a q tip. it really is pretty easy. then the next step is doing what you're saying.
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that's plenty. we'll cover that up. the coat on these time release fertilizers, these will be good for these plants for probably about four months or so. >> really? >> because they're not heavy feeders, you're not gonna have to worry about it. >> do you want to leave this outside to give these guys a good start? >> i absolutely would. you may all want to eventually put a soil cover on here, maybe some stones you have. some people use sea shells. >> make it look a little more desert. >> i forgot to bring that up, but you can certainly do that. >> what about special care? once these are brought in for the winter, the house gets dry inside. you say that's an ideal environment for cactus. >> it really is. if you have a real dry house, it's great. also great if you have a south facing window. >> they still can't that sun. >> they do. most of these are pretty good for awhile. even if you winter them in the house and take them out in the spring you'll be in great shape. >> do they cause bugs?
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>> little cotton insects. that's the on thing i see on these. best way to get rid of those when you see them just get them off of there with a q tip on your finger and a little bit of alcohol just to wipe them off. >> i wouldn't use my finger on that guy. and this is aloa, right? >> this i recommend for every house hold in america. use aloa. you can use this for everything from sun burn to cuts. >> it's the gel that comes out of this. >> yes. in the caribbean they injest this for various ailments. >> we're not gonna suggest that. >> no. but if you have a cut, you're great. so many different lotions and things for your health care. wow. wow. interesting. cactus. aloa. wonderful things to have in the garden or at least on the patio for awhile in the house this wintertime. we're already getting set for winter. >> better move back outside. >> thanks for joining us this morning. thank you for joining us on your
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sunday gardener. >> if you have a garden question, please send to it sunday gardener wbal tv, 3800 cooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. also go to wbal 9:27. howard county executive kent allman is standing by for q and a up next. if you're looking to spruce up your home our home improvement expert is here for do it yourself tips for fall. won't need to spruce up your forecast. going to be a great fall day. i'm good on the segues. rain in the forecast looks good, too. great football weather. tell you all about it coming up.
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>> wellcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. we're gonna take another look outside. >> temperatures in the low 70s today. tonight for the game, it's going to be great football weather. it's nice when you get these opportunities. clear conditions over pretty much the entire state. no precipitation. 59 downtown at the inner harbor. real quick at the airport. looking pretty good. air is drying out under high
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pressure. barometer 30.12. winds out of the west/northwest at seven miles per hour. we're going to hit those temperatures cooler tonight. i'll tell you all about it in our weather forecast. >> time now for sunday morning q and a. joining us is ken allman. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you for balancing us out with our purple. you're wearing orange for the o's. >> we're so accustomed to wearing purple for the rave ns. we all dig out the orange. i found my one tie. go o's. we're excited. scombl thank you. let's talk about the train derailment. what happened since then? where are we standing ton investigation many >> with the derailment, we had a terrible tragedy and lost two young lay dis. our hearts still go out to those families. i'm never more proud to be
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county executive than when i get to work with first responders, firefighters, our roads crews. they really did a great job. we got it cleaned up and opened up in four days. we knew there was going to be addition at work to happen. but curve and gutter fixes are starting. there will be road resurfacing. there's a big retaining wall in the lower parking lot where the trains fell off the bridge down the embankment. so we're going to be communicating over the next few weeks and months. we're going to try to do the work at night. but we still have a lot to do. >> has csx said when they were going to figure out what happened? what caused it? >> it's the national transportation safety board, ntsb. they have a good idea, but they haven't given their final decision yet. and we'll await furser action. i'm proud of the community for coming together and supporting the merchants down there. i know ray rice stepped up. >> right. he has gotten involved in this,
9:32 am
helping the businesses. tell us about his number 27 project. >> he's a great friend. there are ray rice related discounts at lots of merchants over the next few weeks. just another way for us to support the great merchants on main street who had a tough week of business-wise, but the merchants i'm talking to have been thrilled with the response since then. lot of traffic been coming down. >> speaking of traffic, that brings us to parking. you have a parking plan that you're working on. some are happy about it. some are not. >> that's my job. i can't make everybody happy. we work real hard to do it. we're introducing a new application. one of the challenges on main street and any historic district is knowing where parking spaces are available. not like a mall where you see a huge parking garage or surface parking lot. so we're bringing an online application where you will be able to see where spaces are available. like when you're at the airport and there are sensors in the garage. there's a hockey puck sized disk
9:33 am
that goes into each space so you'll know around the corner there's spaces behind. we'll also be creating the smart meters on some aft areas that don't have meters. we're excited about moving forward. >> is it all new approved when will that become avail snbl. >> we're going start next month. we're hoping by holiday season it will be up and fully operational. >> now, next month there's a major event going on in howard county. tell us about the cancer fund. >> sure. sure. the only cancer fund is the organization that my family started when my brother was diagnosed with cancer at 19. three-time cancer survivor. he runs the lance armstrong foundation in austin. lance is coming to centennial park october 7th to participate in the cancer fund half full iron man triathlon. we're glad to have them. i know there's a lot of discussion about lance all over the country. people have strong feelings on
9:34 am
either side. >> there's a young man in carroll county who passed away from testicular cancer. you were instrumental in making a visit possible for erik. so that's been a special relationship. right. >> there's so many stories like that all over the country. every cancer sent i that i go into locally or around the country, you see live strong bracelets everywhere. you see what it's done to inspire people to keep fighting. so that's what i'm focused on. >> how can people get involved in the event? >> go to cancer it's october 7th. >> wegman has been a great success. >> they're breaking all their records. they have people coming in the old ralph company building. in the old whole fields building nap will help continue our downtown columbia investment and
9:35 am
revitalization. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. everybody have a good day. goo ravens, go o's. >> next week our guest will be peter franco. if you have a question, send it in. e-mail your questions to sunday questions at wbal that's sunday questions at wbal please don't go away. we'll be right back. first here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> good morning, jennifer. coming up on "meet the press" can mitt romney turn around his campaign as we enter the critical weeks before election day and the candidates begin to prepare for the debate. all this while early voting is under way in half the country. this morning a debate about two top surrogates for the candidate, governor of massachusetts and republican senator from new hampshire. they face off. plus our political round table including joe scarborough on msnbc.
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>> here's a live look from the grand hotel and spa. wow. a nice day shaping up down there in ocean city. temperatures high 60s, low 70s under partly cloudy skies. currently the temperatures in ocean city, 60 degrees. bwi, 57. seeing humidity drop as high pressure starting to take more control of the area. northwest winds 7 miles per hour. temperatures are rising as well around the greater baltimore area. park and 53, edgewood, 59. westminster, they're at 54 degrees. down in annapolis, 61. also the coolest temperatures way out west. oakland, 39 degrees. frostburg, 45 degrees. folks in the mountains could see
9:39 am
some frost in the morning hours both on monday and tuesday. we'll keep an eye on that. current weather right now. pretty much clear skies over the entire state. except if you head out here to western maryland. they're seeing cloud cover at this hour. but that should move out of the area as the day goes on as high pressure continues to push into our area. fog as well up there in the mountains this morning. but this front is what gave us those rain showers yesterday around 7:00, 8:00. they quickly moved in and quickly moved out. behind this front is a lot of cool air which is bringing some really cold temperatures to portions of the midwest and northern northwest. and those temperatures will get to our area as well. rest of the state looks good. mountains are going to get to 59 degrees. central maryland here will be about 72. southern maryland 70. down in ocean city. they're in for a nice day as well. 70 degrees. high pressure in control here. we have mostly sunny skies over the entire area. even folks in southern pennsylvania will feel the
9:40 am
effects as well. little closer to home though. pretty nice day today. 70 to 73 under mostly sunny skies. breezy conditions. winds out of the northwest at five to ten miles per hour. we'll keep an eye though on the possibility of some 20 mile per hour gusts. so just hold on to your hat. come up and blow your hat right off. speaking of hats, you might need one for the game tonight. heading out to m&t bank stadium, temperatures 50 to 54. we'll call it mostly clear and crisp. those winds will be still hanging around five to ten miles per hour. don't be surprised if you see temperatures in the high 40s by the end of the game depending on how late this goes. cool temperatures will stay with us through monday and tuesday as we see low temperatures only in the high 40s. our next chance of rain comes wednesday into thursday. temperatures look pretty good though. mid 70s through the end of the week. >> need some easy ways to spruce
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up your space and prepare it for winter weather. if you want something done right, do it yourself. joining us now is do it yourself expert jay baker. good morning. >> i completely agree with it. i have got lots to tell you about. let's jump right in. the thing that i love about fall is it's not so dog gone hot. i don't like to do hot stuff in the summerti. it's too hot. the retailers are playing right into your hands in terms of the garden section. they've got to get that stuff out of there. halloween, thanksgiving and christmas. they've got to get that stuff out of there. i put 22 of those last week. i got them for 75% off. they're in the dormant phase. spring, they'll come right back out. >> i believe you. >> while you're out there, think about the cracks around your doors and windows.
9:42 am
it is going to be cold weather. money will be going right out those cracks when you start turning on your heat and air. this is silicone caulk. they all look alike people think. that's not true. there's acrylic and silicone. this is ge door and window caulk. there's nothing more expensive than doing a job twice. if you use an inferior product that is not durable like acrylic, it's not gonna last as long. you're gonna end up doing it more. >> you say it's permanent. still, you'll never have to caulk again? >> that's correct. it holds up to things like freezing rain, sleet, snow, different temperature variations. but the thing i like about it. it's weatherproof, water proof. says twice on the packaging, permanent. >> use this in the bathroom? >> sure, you can. they make product force indoors and outdoors.
9:43 am
make sure the product you use for outside your house. it says that you should use it outdoors. si silicone is the word to look for. these are fun. if you don't know how to use it, have the guy in the hardware store show you. the key is don't cut the top too big. let's move on to inside our house. lot of us are worried about water quality. why not use a filtration system. here's what i have here. this is the fill treat brand from 3m the new high performance drinking water system with maximum filtration plus. what does that mean? it reduces things like cycst, lead, select pharmaceuticals. it has a dedicated faw sut. goes right into a hole in your counter top. it's easy to install. it has a no mess filter change. this little bracket here, this head bracket sits underneath your sink and you twist that in. six months from now, you take it out. if you go to fill,
9:44 am
they'll tell you when it's time to change your filter. >> wait a minute. what do i have to install? >> you install this little green bracket, okay. these tubes -- this is your cold water line. it comes with this patch piece right here that diverts it off. put that on your cold water line. goes right into the filter. >> that's easy. i thought it was more complicated. >> no, no. there is nothing to it. >> real quick. >> this is what i love. >> when you're painting, your brush drops off. this one has a magnet in it. boom. watch this. >> love it. >> your paint may spill. your brsh isn't g
9:45 am
anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland...
9:46 am
taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
9:47 am
>> welcome back. it's fiem for sunday brunch. joining me is chef rudy. good morning. i'm so happy you're here. when i met you the first date the casino opened, i said it won't be long before you're here for sunday brunch. >> sunday football. >> what are you making? >> this is a barbecue shrimp ball. got all the ingredients and the recipe. the ingredients on the website. recipe is. they're on the table. most everything is here now
9:48 am
except for the parsley. which is fun. green onions. of course, can't have sunday without beer. so we'll start beer. >> what did you marinate your shrimp? >> cayenne, shrimp. this is something you can add rice to. nice bread. just big and soupy. you're ghoon want to eat this. it's a play on a gumbo. you can see it here. it's working to thicken it up. >> it doesn't take long to cook. >> no. this dish is three or four minutes in the pan. again, the recipe will tell you. biggest ingredients. biggest trick to it is shaking. you're gonna want to shake this. >> shake it. >> we really just want to eat. >> is this something we can find at maryland life? >> this would be found at maryland life. not necessarily this particular dish. your words to my chef's ear, who
9:49 am
is probably watching. this probably makes the menu. >> tell me some of the different items that you have in your buffet. >> it's an international. this would work very well. there is also a barbecue staying that was recently added. there's an italian station, an asian station, desserts. we probably have the largest collection of yogurt. that's about 20 feet long. if you can't find it there, we'll find it. >> are you open to suggestions? >> we will take suggestions. anything. crypto gram. >> a dove with a message for you. you'll take it? is it one price for the buffet? >> there are different prices for different nights, of course. we have a seafood night, a prime rib night. there are different themes every night to the buffet. if you don't like what you find there, the noodle bar is always
9:50 am
open. phillips restaurant is always open. very soon the prime rib, the fourth in the brand will be opening at the north end of our building right about the 1st of december. >> getting back to your shrimp dish. are these jumbo shrimp? >> these are 8/10. again, the beauty of the casino business is that we get to play with some very luxurious food. this is quite a treat to be able to have shrimp this size. >> it smells wonderful. thank you so much. if you'd like a copy of today's recipe log on to our website wbal just click on food. you can send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to -- stay with us. we'll be back with more news. take a look at weather when we come back. >> a family affair between the rave ns and patriots. plus some great college football
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>> happy game day to you. as we make our way on towards game night. primetime sunday night football. ravens and patriots at m&t bank stadium. a rematch of the afc championship game. this is all a family affair. trying to keep up with the jones. number 99 last year is chandler jones. now a first round draft pick for the patriots. he will battle against his brother, number 97 for the baltimore ravens. what a great family. they all have the middle brother, pretty good mma fighter as well. john bones jones. three brothers. incredible athletes. leaving parents awfully confused come later tonight. what's a parent to do? >> do what they've been doing
9:54 am
and stick with the ravens. we'll see. i try to stay neutral and hopefully both of views a great game. >> he's excited. i think i saw him tweet something. he's been waiting for this for his whole life. that's a long time. even when you're only 25 years old or whatever he is. it's a great story. it's a great family. >> brotherly bragging rights will be something there. college football saturday. randy edsell from maryland on your left, dana holgorsen on the right. mountaineers up 14-0. here come the terps. diggs. freshman connection into the end zone. maryland on the board 14-7. tied at 14. west virginia in the fourth. gino smith to austin. that former dunbar poet star ties a school record for career catches with 206. skills to diggs. they might be doing this for a long time. that number one for maryland, very similar to the number one for west virginia. into the end zone he goes.
9:55 am
west virginia hangs on by a final of 31-21. navy looking for its first win of the season at home facing vmi. tray miller making sure to thrill a packed house. maybe marine corps stadium. little high hurdling action as well. 40 yards there. his first score of the afternoon. navy indeed was rolling. playing the game though. that wasn't it. little defense. quincy adams in the secondary. rise and shine. goodness gracious what a catch. incredible interception. navy gets one in the win call lum 41-3 is your final. coming up later this evening right here. ravens countdown. jerry sandusky and i live from m&t stadium to get you set for sunday night football. we'll see you then. >> and here we are eating the finished product. it's delicious. >> you say lots of people just come for the food. >> absolutely. >> you're gonna get that. >> you're dripping.
9:56 am
that's awesome. really delicious. >> ravens game tonight. we're gonna kick off 54 degrees. cold temperatures stay with us tuesday then we start warming up. chances of rain wednesday and thursday. >> thanks, rudy. >> thank you very much. >> "meet the press" is next. >> have a great day.
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>> it's the kind of week baltimore has longed for over the last decade. beginning sunday, charm city is the epi center of sports. that's when the ravens take on the patriots on national television as the featured sunday night game right here on wbal tv. the orioles take over monday with a double-header against the toronto blue jays. more baseball tuesday and wednesday. then more national exposure for the ravens with a thursday night game against the cleveland browns right here on wbal tv 11. the red sox head to town on friday. with every game on the line, baltimore and the american league east race will galvanize fans near and far. for the first time in 15 years a winning season and playoff hopes have bird land a twitter. in addition to a sea of purple at m and t bank stadium, there will be a sea of orange. regardless of what happens this week, the winning record has made our community proud. for more on next week's schedule and the passion that is baltimore football and baseball
9:58 am
we advise you to log on to wbal tv and click on sports. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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