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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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of north east baltimore. >> police are on the scene of a double shooting in the 900 block of the speaker officials say a four-year old boy and his mother were shot less than two hours ago. sheldon is live on the scene with a late breaking details. >> it appears it stems from a domestic system mission. tonight the mother and her 4- year-old son are recovering at a hospital. police have this area blocked off in the intersection of these streets in northeast baltimore. the shooting happened around 9:20 this evening. a 33-year-old woman was shot under the armpit area and had other injuries from an assault. her son was shocked in the hip. both were rushed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a couple neighbors tell me they have not worried for their safety in the past and were surprised to see the police tape
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when they came home. >> i would describe this area as generally pretty safe. there are some chaotic things that happen every once in a while. but pretty isolated events. >> you are taking a live look at the crime scene. still very much active. there is a police car out here. we have seen detectives come in and out of the area. a good portion of the block is blocked off by yellow police tape. they are looking for a person of interest. that is the latest from the scene. >> thank you. we are also monitoring a fire in ocean city that is still not under control. officials say the fire severely damaged one building on the north side of the bradley on the bay condo complex located in the 3700 block of coastal highway in ocean city. as many as 18 units were damaged. no reports of any injuries. here are some pictures of the
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fire. when you see breaking news, send your pictures and videos to u local. police are investigating the discovery of a body about 7:00 tonight near boston and leakin streets in the inner harbor. detectives have been assigned to the case and are calling the death suspicious. >> the formation of a need to the group at tulsa university has -- is raising questions about racial equality. students of both sides of the issues got to sound off a student government hearing about the formation of a white student union. some ask for clarification questions. others denounced it completely. organizers say it will be an advocacy group, source of pride and a safe haven for white students to a been discriminated against. organizers said the group will be open to anyone, regardless of their race, as long as a support the mission. >> most of the controversy is being generated by people that i think are scared that the white
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students are finally shaking this trend and actually being proud of who they are encouraging cried in the culture. >> what is white history? michael j.? if you look back over history, nothing positive has come out of white culture and history because you have done nothing good. >> i am not excited anymore. i feel like this is for the wrong reasons. what the proposal white student union has appealed all the requirements to become a student group, with the exception of having it faculty advisers. >> in our commitment 2012 coverage, a new poll gives the odds of expanded gaming and the maryland and a potential game- tying scenario is emerging behind-the-scenes between two casino operators. the gonzalez marketing poll shows 45% of those surveyed are
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in favor of expanding gaming and 46% opposed. the fate of austan 7 is a debt of the hands of the 9% people - the fate of the gamin debate is in the hands of the 9% of people who are undecided. john's hopkins political science professor explains how the partnership would benefit if it goes through. >> if questions 7 succeeds, then he cuts his losses in half. pen national will take half the loss. cortish is a developer. if he will continue to develop, he needs operating capital. he can sell half of it to pen national, he has capital. >> that deal would have to be
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approved by the maryland state lottery agency. pen national will have to sell its other christina. companies cannot have an ownership stake of more than 5% in more than one can see no -- than one casino. it the election were held today, but 1% said they would vote to keep the same-sex marriage law on the books. 6% remain undecided. mayor stephanie rawlings blake called the voters and urge them to support the same-sex marriage measure. she joined with volunteers at campaign headquarters. at long debated issue will appear as question no. 6 on the november ballot. >> more than 12,000 maryland jobs could be a dent in jeopardy at congressional leaders remain at an impasse over federal cuts. the new memo by state budget officials show the federal budget sequester could reduce maryland post a wage and salary by about $2.5 billion. it could also cut more than
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12,600 jobs largely because maryland has more than double the number of federal jobs than the national average. the measure also cites a report from george mason suggesting that direct, indirect, and reduced job losses could approach 100,000. >> a helping hand from a local food bank today. nearly 1000 former workers from a steel mill lined up to receive fresh food in canned goods from the maryland food bank. over the next two days, they planted about 60,000 pounds of food to members of the steel workers union. both sides say they are grateful for the help of one another. >> they were donors. they supported us for so many years. now we can be there to help them. >> i am thankful for the food bank. every bit helps during the trying times. i am hoping things will get better for all of my steelworker brothers and sisters. >> the company awarded the plant. the mill will be auctioned off
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in january if a buyer does not come forward by then. if you own a business or live on the 2300 block of east monument street, it has been tough going for a couple of months. issues related to a huge sinkhole that open up there are still not repaired. the city has been working on it. we have more on the committee frustration. >> the constant sound of construction noise has punctuated the atmosphere in the 2300 block east money mistreat for two months now. >> -- monumument street for two months now. >> it is hurting us. it does been too long. -- it has been too long. houses are shaking. >> a meeting with officials when the 98 community members a chance to voice their concerns. -- gave the community members a
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chance to voice their concerns. many said the recall -- repair process has caused structural damage to their building. >> there are accident that the foundation. in thee are crakccks foundation. >> we were able to monitor how strong the vibrations were occurring. they never rose to a level of our concern. as far as we know, there have not been any structural damage. >> but officials are pointing concerned residents to the city's legal department and are working to get experts out to serve a properties. they secured the cynical -- the sinkhole. they expect to be done by november fit. >> we are actually making sure the decrease the likelihood that it will happen again. >> any residents to have
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structural concerns are urged to call baltimore city's legal department -- 410-396-3400. >> the nfl and the rep freezing in tonight. in an attempt to get the right of the referee's back, sidelines. right now, it appears a deal could beat working out shortly. two days after a controversial call cost the green bay packers a win, the nfl and the referees union are said to be nearing a deal that could put regular officials back to work perhaps as early as sunday. espn reported an agreement is at hand while the new york times said the sides were closing in on a new agreement. the nfl has declined to confirm a tentative contract was imminent. the ravens have no short week. no doubt still recovering since the game on sunday. they will hold the cleveland browns. wbal tv 11 has a front row seat. live coverage begins tomorrow
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night right here at 7:00. >> let's not forget the os' and the post-season bush. -- push. >> talk about a dazzling display of offense. homer, homer! >> 11 sports team to join this live from the stadium. >> it got a little bit tense here at camden yards. they lost three out of four games. the fifth inning. spilling 2-1. it was kind of quiet. then jim will things up and got everybody off their seats as he went.
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he has hit 19 home runs here. but his first as an oriole. that tied the game at 2. mr. chris davis. there he goes. a 31 shot. 2 home runs in the game. 28 of the season. nine of them against the toronto blue jays. the first time the baltimore orioles have hit seven home runs at a home game in front of more than 26,000 fans. they are thrilled that what they saw. coming up later, we will check in with that and see how tonight's game -- they remain in the thick of the post season hunt. >> coming up, is the city responsible for moving in front yard protest displays without a
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home owner's knowledge or consent or to mark >> the team talk to the baltimore home owner about what started that speech. >> by motorists might have had a hard time looking past the truck in front of them. the unusual optical. >> showers and a few late evening thunderstorms.
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>> controversy over a front yard display of child manikins. hanging from the noose/ >> were the pornographic or an artful protests? >> that is the mannequin of a child. he is holding up the ladder.
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the second time in two weeks the north baltimore home honor has used it to make a point about a running dispute he says he has had with a couple of neighbors. >> i've put together a commentary protest on will be perceived as uncivilized and unfriendly treatment by our neighbors. >> this is a photograph of the original display. to top mannequins hanging by a rope against the backdrop of an andre the giant poster. >> there were no racial implications are overtones. nothing that i could see is pornographic. there were no children. people l'vov in this at all. >> but some of the offense. -- no people involved in this at all. >> but some people took offense.
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>> and they just disappeared. >> he called police to report a theft that a neighbor told him and us the display was moved by someone in a bucket trucks bearing the city seal. what authority did the city half? he had no idea which agency removed it. >> we have had no notification that they have taken it. they have not called. they have not find us. they have not arrested as. -- us. they just property from our house and drove off with it. >> he would like to get his property back. new mannikins are back up, secured this time by chain. >> we have been in contact with five city agencies. none has taken responsibility. an office says it is their understanding that the 311 complete has no record of resolution that suggests this is
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a bomb that may have been off the books. >> imagine driving home in -- and a 11th of 5 foot tall a giraffe is blocking your view. this is in beijing. somehow they managed to not [unintelligible] during the 17 hour trip. she seemed cool about a whole thing. after arriving at her new home, the draft law were down by a crane. she was given a special snack to reckon -- to welcome her to her new home. >> your news 11 forecast. >> lightning strikes on our display here. down in northern virginia. a couple of in southeastern pennsylvania. showers staying south of baltimore and down ofd.c. now or
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opt in pennsylvania. all this will essentially crowd into our region over the next couple days. range our chances what they were minimal today will be increasing. precipitation in our area has been pretty light. that little striper rain came across the mountain and through central maryland on to the upper eastern shore in the early morning. most activity was further to the north and west. at the do you i marshall, those morning showers totaled eight hundredths of an inch. -- at bwi marshall, those morning showers totaled eight hundredths of an inch. 8 above normal on the afternoon high temperature. it will not be as chilly tomorrow morning as a was earlier this week.
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more like this morning. temperatures in the 50's. 75 at the naval academy in annapolis. warm and muggy. scattered showers. the not be surprised if you hear some overnight thunder. shoppers are generating on the edge of cool air. fall in full force. action in high temperatures in the low 50's in michigan. -- afternoon high temperatures in the low 50's in michigan. the front was moving slowly to the south earlier. now potentially stationery. another nudge tomorrow. it will slowly works its way into our region. it is moving so slow, it will take a few days. there will be a chance for a shower to pop up. tomorrow, kind of like today. maybe a little more cloudy. warm and muggy.
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these showers popping up could impact the ravens came tomorrow evening. friday, scattered showers. the weekend -- the front tried to get further south and east of us. an area of low pressure. we will have sunshine but daunted you laid the showers. tomorrow, scattered showers. 78-83 degrees. ways around 1 foot. western maryland -- a couple of days showers. eastern shore, and the war tomorrow. it cools off as the front of lights out on friday. the or eastern shore will squeeze in a dry day tomorrow. 80 tomorrow. cooler with shoppers on friday. % of showers on friday.
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>> after delano, stick around for a late night with jimmy phelan. -- after jay leno, stick around for a late night with jimmy fallon. >> tonight, ricky gervais. >> the orioles. baltimore stadium complex comes to life this week. the ravens help for a brownout tomorrow night. that and the latest on the nfl referee situation next. >> this is power ball. good evening. an estimated jackpot worth $202.1 million 41, 26, 42, 13, 39.
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winning power ball number -- 10. >> check those tickets carefully hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhq
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>> this is 11 sports. >> the orioles have a home run field advantage tonight against the blue jays. the franchise record. hitting seven homers. 12-2. pick up the action in the bottom of the first. nate -- first the many home runs. straightaway center field. one dash 0, orioles. -- 1-0, orioles. tied at 2.
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still in the fifth. chris davis. center field. 31 home run -- 3 run home run. 56-2 6-2, orioles. 7th. a low pitch. a high fly ball. 2 run home run. manny again! 7 homesr, 12 runs. jays.ver the 6 games left. live from camden yards with more. >> what a night. >> you're not kidding. the yankees already won today. the orioles lost three of the four. they really needed to win tonight. jim became the oldest orioles
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to ever hit a home run. pretty special. >> you do not have that many home runs. you cannot stay in one place and one pattern. >> he got his package of the game. -- he got us back in the game. we are ready and we are going to keep fighting. >> the wild-card standings. the orioles with the top spot. a win is playing and winning right now. the into playing and losing. -- angels playing and losing. coming off a 12-2 victory with a hit all these home runs. they will enjoy it getting ready for the series with the red sox at home. the last three on the road at tampa. >> late breaking work out of the nfl. the nfl and the right to the
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referees have reached a deal that could put the regular referee's back on the field as early as tomorrow night. they will ratify the deal on friday but it reportedly has been raised and will return to creditors to the bill tomorrow night when the ravens host the cleveland browns. a rookie running back. but the highlights. the kind you would expect. when you are led by rookie, you are led by mistake. that is the nature of the game. six interceptions. the most in the nfl. ed reid and into the secondary. >> he is so good they give him a lot of freedom. you really have to -- it is my daughter to take care of them with my eyes and do certain things. -- it is my job to take care of him with my eyes and do certain
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things. >> it appears we will have the regular refs back on the field tomorrow night. do not anybody boo. if it's there if like, they threw a flag. -- if they throw a flag, they throw a flag. the nfl wanted to go to a 401k. i understand our meeting somewhere in the middle. having a meltdown, the night football has stirred this. >> stay with us. a look at the 7 day forecast
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>> shoppers around. thunderstorms moving through northern virginia towards d.c. >> more -- warm and muggy. showers become more isolated on saturday and sunday. great weather next week. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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