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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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at this commitment 2012 report and he joins us live with a fact check. most people are finding the conflicting claims really confusing. >> we have determined that a factor presented in one of the new advertisements is based on a projection. we had to drill deep into the expanded gaming bill to determine whether it is true, false, misleading. >> we see a lot of problems with the numbers. >> it is a variation of an old pro-gambling fema -- slots for tots. this allows table games in a sixth casino location. >> question 7 will mean $199 million per year for schools. >> the claim is misleading and based solely on an estimate. questions seven supporters
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should have answered it adjectives like potentially or hopefully. gambling revenue has pulled in a total of $100.30 million into the education trust fund. it exceeds expectations. they only accounted $91 this fiscal year. hundreds of millions of dollars projected is based on part in things that have not happened yet. question 7 allows for a sixth site in prince george's county but would not open until 2016 and additional indication money would not start until 2017. expanding gaming hours would increase revenue by 5%. >> independent audits will guarantee the money is going to go where it is supposed to. >> this claim is true. there independently audited. that includes the lottery which currently oversees the state casino program.
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passing question 7 adds another layer of scrutiny establishing a state lottery and gaming control commission involving audits on the distribution of proceeds and they will be able to reprimand, revoke, or suspend casino licenses for those who do not follow regulations. september figures will not be available until next week. according to the state lottery agency, casino revenue fell by 7% compared to this time last year for august. revenue projections were $660 million per year but so far, in two years, they have generated $390 million. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the latest, happened just before 9:00 last night on south agusta avenue in southwest baltimore. in 19-year-old woman suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to the hospital but
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later died one hour later. they are on the lookout for a two-door gray honda 4 chesapeake bay tags. two hours before that, it woman was shot and killed near seamon ave. in cherry hill. the customer reportedly opened fire. we're continuing to get more information for you. >> a few weeks after baltimore city reported $19 million they have brought in from speeding and red light cameras, stephanie rawlings blake is starting a task force to look into the system. >> lowell melser joins us live from northwest baltimore with details on the story. >> according to the mayor's office, the new task force that the mayor's farming has more to do with the effectiveness of the cameras and public outcry. the mayor says she wants to make sure that the cameras are doing their job in promoting public safety after some startling figures concerning pedestrian
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deaths. it was two weeks ago when the city discovered the money from the seven dozen speed and red light cameras have brought in $19.20 million. it had only budgeted for $15 million. the numbers may have raised questions about the cameras prompting khmer rawlings blake to establish a task force to take a closer look at the cameras to make sure they are being used to match the promote traffic safety. >> we have kids who need to be safe going to and from school. we want to make sure that we're using our speed cameras program to get the best result that we can to promote public safety. >> the board will consist of traffic safety experts, community activists, a.a.a., and school representatives. >> we will not apologize to use the tools as people continue to speed in school zones. >> he is heading of the board
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and told 11 news that board members will study the effectiveness of the cameras but do not expect by any means to see them go away. while his office has received compliance, more people think the cameras are doing some good. >> i did not receive scenario where we will stop using them given that the public in baltimore city has said in the survey that drivers this of being tropopause is a higher concern them property crime. >> from 2006-2010, baltimore city averaged 44 fatalities involving bicycles, pedestrians, or vehicles. the director of transportation for the baltimore metropolitan council says numbers like that make the board's role critical in making sure the cameras are being properly used. >> we're trying to address if the numbers are correct, whether or not we are again addressing the needs from the code.
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>> the task force will have its first meeting sometime in mid october and will continue meeting until early 2013. at this point, it's too early to tell when a report would be issued with recommendations. live in northwest baltimore, lowell meltzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we brought brought you the debate concerning the phone system in city hall and now there is an update. the inspector general released a report after taking a closer look at the $675,000 in purchases by the mayor's office the first came up when the city comptroller accused the mayor of spending the money without going through the bidding process. they deliberately withheld information and they said they failed to get quotes from other companies missing opportunities for the money it to be saved.
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perhaps as has already made a number of recommended changes. keeping our kids protected on line? not so easy to do. >> the government is updating their rules to keep children's information private. washington bureau reporter hallie jackson is in washington explaining what this means for parents. >> the children's world went into effect more than one decade ago, but think about how different things are online now. technology is changing so much so the rules should change. going on line for a while. >> probably since i was 5? >> that is just the age group they meant to help, kids under 13. >> i think it as a paramount importance for all parents. >> they want to update current rules about providing parental consent on a kid-friendly websites addressing cookies,
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code that can sometimes track how much overtime and potentially paint a very specific picture. >> the have a unique number to compile misinformation and then they have a pretty good idea that it is a nine year-old girl whose favorite color is pink. privacy ofasking for the day after discovering kids could up load pictures of themselves that were not deleted right away and stated public. mcdonald's says the online security is a top priority and web directories have now been made in accessible to the public. under the proposed changes, photographs should be under the privacy act, but to. >> i do not think you ever have complete peace of mind, but it would help. >> some groups worry the changes cast too wide a net. the ftc will take them into
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consideration. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there is much more news coming on 11 news at 6. >> i'm tim tooten. students at north county are celebrating for a different reason. gilbert live at camden yards. getting set for the final homestand for the orioles. john harbaugh with encouraging words. >> and showers on the radar most >> and showers on the radar most assa [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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>> how you get more high school students to take advanced placement tests? >> at north county high school in anne arundel, a record number are taking them. what led to the big increase? tim tooten is live in the studio. >> passing and advanced placement course and the end of class exam adds up to college credit but that's not the only reason why so many north county students are signing up. it is the change of class's. a record number of students taking and passing advanced placement courses and it all started three years ago when the school's principal took the lead in motivating students and staff. >> kids need to believe that they can do it. we have gone from 40 students
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taking the exams to over 1100. >> hope they are encouraged to sign up as early as their freshman year. not a social studies person. art teacher makes it really interesting and he engages you. you understand. >> it all came down to getting the word out. >> we have advertised our class's to kids and really put it out there to tell them what advanced placement could offer them. >> we have been helping each other out and encouraging them to take that extra step and take the more rigorous class's. >> it is the culture we have built here, encouraging to do well, setting expectations. we expect nothing less from them. >> north county parents have a handle in the turnaround. >> my mom encouraged me to take
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creative writing because it would help me in expressing myself. >> they say the challenge now is to not only get more students to take the class's but also pass the end of the year exams. >> how about this? they are now offering college courses on campus taught by college professors. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> breaking news. let's go live to capt. roy taylor in the sky team 11. >> this is right in front of northeast high-school in pasadena, anne arundel county. working rescue going on for 20 minutes now. this would be duval highway just west of small would grow. there are injuries involved and they're still trying to extricate one individual. we just do not know the severity. anne arundel county police are on the scene conducting an
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investigation. i'm capt. roy taylor. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast of chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the rainshowers have consistently stated south of us today. there may be light shower or sprinkle at times through the early evening, but that would be about it. nothing like we saw at the ravens game last night. the activity is down around d.c., and the eastern part of the bay. these are moving west to east and not making much progress. it should stay to the south of baltimore. at bwi marshall, less than one- tenth an inch of rain. the slander and not counted in today's total. we're 1.5 inches below normal for the month and 7 inches below normal for the year.
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warmer than normal, 79 degrees and the averages only 74. the weekend will cool off a little bit. southwest into howard county, 73. pasadena, 74. the cooler weather is headed our way for the weekend and looks to show up. some of the north and west suburbs may be that cold this morning showers move out within northwest breeze developing. the front is making very slow progress and the bigger thunderstorms are creeping in. it will drift further south allowing the weak areas of high pressure to build in. it looks like a little bit better weather for outdoor activities on saturday and sunday. noticeably less humid and comfortably cool with showers well to our south. an area of low pressure in the atmosphere generating showers in the ohio river valley.
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some of them might come our way. cooler, 79-84. a nice looking saturday. no. when that 6-12 m.p.h.. high tide at 6:36. in the mountains, their starting to see a hint of fall colors on there. to marcia be a good day to view the beginning of the fall colors. a few showers may develop on sunday. eastern shore temperatures backing down a little land shark chances diminished. on the coast, the front is still close enough that we may have some scattered showers tomorrow. the seven-day forecast to wrap up the month of september, 72 tomorrow and sunday. a better chance for a shower
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monday night into tuesday with the rainshowers gradually tapering off on wednesday. >> from the susquehanna bank support center, this is 11 sports. >> live from camden yards getting ready for the last pregame of the season. all the players were greeted from t-shirts. stay hungry. that is the message to go ahead and stay hungry, keep after it. his wife gave birth early this morning and he was up all my. he will not be here in the lineup. he is not in the lineup against the right-hander. he took one in the head and that is part of the bad blood that is a part of this series. while they have bigger things to
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focus on, it was a topic of conversation today in the clubhouse. >> i heard what happened last year. i think it was andino that kick them out of the playoffs and he had a little incident when we played at their house. we were not too happy about it. i do not know if it was on purpose or not. every game is important. >> the orioles with six games to play, one game back from the yankees. tampa has won eight games in a row. it's not done yet. on thursday, many of them want to the football game last night between the ravens and the browns. chris davis was on the field for
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pregame. jamal louis getting in the ring of honor. but showalter and adam jones on the big screen. they were cheering for torri smith as well. 3 touchdowns in 2 games. williams, picked on so often, his manner of redemption. the final march to victory. getting to 23. last ditch effort -- high and deep. a mini bye. john harbaugh, who is happy for the ravens and the orioles. >> it's a special team. extra inning games, finding a way to win.
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we find a way to win games. >> of they make the playoffs, i think a ray lewis pre-game pep talk would not be a bad thing. who is the mvp? a for bolden, b rice, d for williams. smith. williams with the pick 6, only 12%. reed was fined today for a hit, $21,000 by the nfl. please stay with us. another check of the forecast with tom coming up right after this.
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>> drilling into the fine print of the state's new gambling law to determine whether or not claims made in the ad are true. an update tonight. the oriole postseason push continues. the three wise men who have had
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a front row to thousands of orioles games. the incredible insight
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> cooler temperatures and lower humidity. a nice looking weekend. maybe a brief shower sunday evening. rain chances increase into the middle of this week, but the week and looks good. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you for joining us.
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we will see you back your at 11.
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