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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> buckle up, indeed. and the baltimore fans on an incredible ride with the postseason to start one week tonight. our reporter has more on the excitement. but let's begin with gilbert. he's live at oriole park in camden yards. pete, huge win tonight? >> absolutely. the orioles entered the red sox bid and spoiled their fun as their historic collapse was completed by the orioles. now this year a chance for the red sox to turn the tables here a three-game series as they turn the spoiler. tonight, they did not. a crowd of more than 33,000 on hand. season total more than two million for the first time since 2007. the fireworks got underway. ryan familiarity, grand slam, the first of his career. -- florida herty grand slam, the first of his career.
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>> he drives in five. the orioles a big win. they get their 90th win of the season 90-67. the orioles remain in the top of the wild card spot. still though a chance to catch that new york yankees for that a.l. east crowd. we'll hear from some of the heroes tonight in bird land. >> we'll see you then. with five games left in the season, many orioles fans think they will make the postseason. the crowd grows louder as the o's faithful saver their success. our correspondent joins us live from the ballpark. happy crowd, jorbling? >> i'll tell you, very happy crowd. less than an hour ago the final post game fireworks show end. but all season, has been a great
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fireworks show. a resounding national anthem o at camden yards friday night. it was the beginning to another amazing night taking the country by surprise and baltimore by storm. >> it was huge. we drove all the way up from rally for this. we've been talking about it for weeks. yeah, it's cool. >> it's been 15 years since they hosted a home stand. >> every time i come i wear this hat. this is the good luck hat! >> i cannot explain to you because we can't afford ticks but we -- tickets but we are ready. we are going. this is our time. >> it's fan appreciation-week and nine lucky fans were randomly chosen to standed with the orioles during the national anthem. cornelius stood there with them.
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>> it makes you appreciate it much more now that it's happening. >> the mayor presented jones with the key to the city for his work with kids in the community, a community she says is thankful in many ways for the o's sudden success. >> when i talk to adam jones i said you're winning but you're putting food on people's table. we have tens of thousands of people that are going to restaurants or riding in cabs, staying in hotels, they're making our city more economically vibrant. >> and a vibrant fan base for sure. now this -- >> sorry, george, i know you had something important to tell us. we'll try to find out later. >> a little bit later in our newscast you'll meet three weijs
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men who have had front row seats through the good times and bad. they are the longest serving fans of the orioles. more than 50 years. you'll get insight on these fans who have truly seen it all. >> we're following a developing story where police are investigating a triple shooting. we're told officers found the three victims on carroll street. two of the victims were shot on the foot. the other wouldn'ted in the arm. there's no word what sparked the violence. investigators say the victims suffered what they describe as nonlife threatening injuries. a couple are facing charges after police say their extent of collection of illegal drugs nearly killed their 5-year-old son. they arrived at the home of paul brooks jr. the boy drank a liquid
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methadone. authorities confirm the boy is now out of the hospital but they will not confirm who has custody of him. >> maryland voters will soon decide whether to expand gaming in the state. it's called question seven and now a new batch of gambling is stealing the tv air waves. some of them claim that a large portion is guaranteed to go to education. >> we see a lot of problems with the number of students that we have. >> the latest ad is a variation of an old pro gambling theme. slots for tots. it's not just slots. question seven allows table games and a sixth casino location. >> the department of legislative service says question seven will mean 199 million a year for schools. >> this claim is misleading. it's based sewly on an estimate. question seven supporters should have inserted words like
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potentially or hopefully. since casinos began stagering into operation two years ago, gambling revenue has pumped a total of $103 million in the education trust fund. that number exceeds expectations. hundreds of millions of dollars projection is based in part on things that haven't happened yet. question seven allow first the gamble since in prince georges until 2014. expanding gaming hours is expecting to increase revenues by 5%. 15% of table game revenue will go into the education trust fund starting next fiscal year. >> independent audits will guarantee the money goes where its supposed to. >> this claim is true. all state agencies are currently audited by the audit agency.
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passage of question seven adds another layer of scrutiny. its responsibilities include audits on the distribution of gaming proceeds. and the panel will also have the power to reprimand, revoke or suspend casino license on those who don't follow state regulations. september figures won't be available until next week. however august numbers are out. according to the state lottery agency, casino revenues spell about 7%. duringing the push just for slot, revenue projections for $ 67 million a year. so far it's generated $390 million. >> the 11:00 news i-team brought you the debate concern to tell phone in city hall. now the inspector general criticizing the $675,000 and computer purchases by the mayor's office.
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the issue came up chen the city comptroller accused him of spending the money without going through the bidding process. it also says they failed to get price quotes from other companies missing opportunity to save the office money. >> you may have already noticed the signs, a long term construction project is coming to charles street near john hopkins university. that project between 25th street up to university parkway will lead to road closures an detours for the next two years. >> the preconstruction phase is in full swing on charles street. detour signs are up. cones are out and students, especially are full of anticipation. >> if it does improve pedestrian safety it will be worth it. >> it will be better for people who live around here so it's less traffic.
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>> including pedestrian safety and traffic goals is the goal but city officials say it's also about beautification partially cutting down trees along charles street is a big part of phase one. >> we're setting um some things. the trees removed will be replaced. so we understand a lot of people are upset about the tree. but we want them to know that it will be replaced and there will be more trees. >> adrn yea barnes said the community had a lot of input on the wider design. the entire project will take two years and road closures and detours will come and go in phases. city officials say they'll work hard to accommodate businesses an insure accessibility. but not all merchants are so convinced. >> so far i can't really say if it's bad or good but i'm sure it won't be good because you allowed detours and people do pull up to buy food and now they
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can't do it. >> preconstruction phase will continue through the-week and motorists should expect construction with limited delays and detours to start on monday. >> a little bit of inconvenience for motor is but nonetheless it's something that we need to do from 25th to university parkway where students are frequently in that area constantly. >> as we mentioned earlier, the o's are on the brink of making history, making the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. >> for some people who work for the team they know exactly how special this season is for the franchise. >> my name is lou miracle and this is my 51st year. >> up next, you'll meet from the team's iron men and you'll hear from their priceless perspective. >> we'll see if the wet weather holds into the weekend. the seven-day forecast is
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straight ahead.
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>> let's run down just some of the names. ripken, mary, robinson, weaver. just some of the names that honor with us o's history. >> step inside camden yards and you can chat with other bird land legends. take a look. >> work for the orioles going on 56 years. >> my name is luther miracle and i'm working on my 51st year. >> gordon hoggins, this is my
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51st year. >> these men are now the gentle enforcers of the stands. >> as an usher i greet them with a smile and seat them and answer any questions they might have about the ballpark, about the players, history of the orioles, obsessions, all that type of thing. >> these fervethvert baseball fans say they've lived out their dream jobs since the very start. >> i've got a job selling beer. so one night, it was real warm and i wound up selling 3,00 of beers by myself. >> we have three games. i've got $5 for parking cars. and i ran inside and sold beer for another five. so that was $10 a night. that was a lot of money them days. yes, it was.
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>> even with these fun tasks there's no off-season for the like of gordon. >> i was a teacher in howard county. i taught biology for 30 years. there was lots of times when i brought papers to grade when i was on my break. on quizes i used give trivia question es about the orioles and kids would get bonus points if they knew the answer. >> giving answers is these guys' specialty. best game witnessed? >> when palmer pitched in the world series. i seen him pitch 13, 14 innings, you know? now a days all these pitchers they just don't have the arm strength anymore. >> remember, they witnessed 4,000 games if baltimore and they definitely had the odd ball moments with fans. >> the strangest would be during cal ripken's streak. they had the numbers posted on the warehouse and it was like 21-28. and a lady said to me, what are
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those numbers up on the warehouse? is that its address? and i thought -- where have you been recently, lady? >> maybe luther miracle has the best way to describe this magical season. >> probably unlike a lot of people, i'm wondering right now how in the heck can they be up there where they are now with what they got? that's impossible. right now i wish i put some money way back and i'd have a bundle now. >> the next time you're at the yard you may want to introduce yourself before these iron men leave the ballpark for good. >> this will probably be it. i'm still in good health and my wife and i want to travel. and she's been at home all these nights for 50 years by herself. so i owe her that. >> i'm very happy with what i do. and i'm very happy with people that want me every night. they just make my day. being my age, you don't know how
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much that means. >> great stories. love that. >> earlier tonight we asked fans on our facebook page to weigh in with their favorite orioles memories. a lot of you gave great feedback. including burton who seen cal ripken break record and eddie murry hitting the 500 home run on his birthday. >> rick dempsey ran around the tarps during a rain delay flopping on his tummy and sliding. >> and valerie says she'll always remember that my dad would take us to a game a year in memorial stadium. we didn't have a lot of money. so he could only take us one at a time and there were three of us. you can chime in on your suggestions on our face book page. >> thanks for all of you writing in. that was a great story. they seen it all. >> looks like they're going to
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have some good weather. >> they're going corporate. so hopefully they keep it going. >> had a couple of sprinkles but nothing that would certainly hinder the o's this year. just some scattered light showers. notice the orange and the red down there on the lower eastern shore where some hefty thunderstorms storms are headed toward ocean city. only light showers and sprinkles up towards annapolis and you can' the trend is tulle the east and south. by morning that rain should be gone and that drier weather will be working in. as a matter of fact even though there's been a lot of rain on this radar for a good fart -- part of the day it hasn't measured too much. .600 of an inch. 24.6 inches for the year. and that's right on the edge of being seven inches below normal
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for 2012. temperatures are continuing to run above normal. even with clouds and showers around we managed to get to 80 degrees with the average at 74 degrees. it's still mild. 60's to around 70. but change are on the way. the skies are gun to clear. oakland is 46 degrees. once the skies begin to clear, the wind shift, we'll see the temperatures in baltimore settle into the lower 50's. 60's downtown. shower primarily south of town now will continue to move farther south adds the yor night moves on. it take twoss days to get from the great lakes to the baltimore area. and will easy off the carolina coast. this front will be driving south and east and arrive sunday evening but for most of the weekend we should have some decent weather outside without
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having to worry about rain. tomorrow, partly cloudy sky. showers will linger. showers will start pushing farther south and east. a brief shower might pop up late afternoon heading towards sunset and a little bit beyond that into sunday night a chance for shower develops. look at that cloud cover coming from the south by monday afternoon or evening. the rabe will spread toward baltimore later monday night. so the forecast woacht be too bad. it will feel better as far as the humid levels dropping. decent day on the bay tomorrow with waves around a foot. bay waters in the low 70's. if you're heading up the mountains, 55 feeling like fall. sunny and partly cloudy skies
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blended tomorrow. showers are liking on sunday especially in the afternoon and evening. the morning showers should be decent. a sprinkle might develop on sunday. that's where the flont be slowly pulling away. the shower chances may pop up later sunday evening. seven-day forecast. 72 tomorrow. final day of september on sunday with a high of 72 degrees. october kicks off with some unsettled weather. a chance for showers tapering off wednesday morning. >> metv is coming to wbal. >> it will feature a very wide range of classic programs for all audiences. the network blends comedies like i love lucy, cheers and dramas like the big valley. and "star trek." i read about those in tv history. it begins this monday at 5:00 and it can be seen on wbal plus. comcast 20 and verizon fios
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460. for the list of shows you can head to our website, and click on tv. >> live at camden yards, the orioles got it done. once again another unsung hero but what about the teams they battle? we'll find that out next in sports.
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>> tonight's mega million jackpot is $21 million. to win that jackpot you must have five white balls plus the gold mega ball. our first number tonight is six, followed by 14. up next, we have 8. the next number is 56 and the final number for this friday evening is 43. now for the mega ball. tonight's mega ball number is
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28. 6, 14, 8, 56, 43 and the mega ball number is 28. good luck and play on, america. >> the orioles season. they're not supposed to be doing what they have done. look at their run differential. they've been outscored by their opponents despite the fact they're more than five games over .200. their 90th win of the season. he didn't last 5 1/3 innings. help only went one. grand slam. 6-1 after one. chris tillman on the mound meanwhile was marvelous. eight inning. he was marvelous indeed.
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chris tillman he got his eighth one of the season. and the orioles have one other crooked frame. manny machado with a double there. orioles scored three in the fifth. they win 9-1. another unsung hero just the way the orioles like it. >> every night it's someone new whether it's a pitcher, hitter, playing the field, something. just keep riding it and tomorrow nine more innings. it's one of those things, i mean, guys get locked in to play, guys get locked in on the mound. it's part of baseball. i'm going to embrace it but i expect it every day. i just go out there and whether ever the results may fall that's where they're going to be. >> the orioles piling up runs. what about if yank zphees they're chasing them and they're one game back of the american league east. yankees keep winning. they're hitting the ball well. nick swisher in the first inning, r.b.i. double scored a pair. just like that 2-0, new york in
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the sixth ining in toronto. russell martin, he's off. yankees win this one by 11-4. despite the fact the orioles keep winning, so o do the yankees. the orioles one game out of first behind the yankees. the orioles kind of enjoying a buy week. what was interesting about thursday night's game, he scored more that 350 yards. none of those going to his tight end. he hit the wide receivers all night long. it shows versatility that this raven offense can find ways to beat you in many different ways. >> then you get some things worked out. and then you have to adjust and do things. defenses don't allow you to do that. there are going to be bumps on the road. it's going to be blocked up. we're going to have to back up and go on another road during
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the course of the season. we find way to win games. that's what they did last night. >> high school football on a friday night. and howard county and the cheerleaders ready to cheer on the gladiators. 15 takes left in the quarter. river hills' austin atman scored. 14-7, hawks. 21-7. david brookhart, moves. look at him go. and more than 60 yards for the touchdown. river hills defense salty from there. the hawks get the win by a final of 27-13. and the or yous meanwhile back at it tomorrow in a day that brooks robinson will have his statue. e'll be back a
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>> ok. here's your weekend forecast. the tomorrow, 72 degrees. 20% chance of showers that's late in the evening really going into sunday night. another chance for showers comes monday night into tuesday. by then it's ok. >> october, can you believe it. september has evaporated. i'm telling you, it's crazy. >> thank you for joining
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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