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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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began their day at home, casting their ballots. then it is back on the road to the buckeye battle ground as they join forces to make a final, last-minute push. >> this is a big day for big change. we are about to change america. >> a quarter pounder without cheese. >> romney we to pennsylvania and right into virginia. -- ryan went to virginia. >> building on excitement, and is taking one more opportunity to get your message out. >> a message that voters in the state running governed may or may not take to heart. >> he is a >> mitt romney will be joined by family, close friends, and supporters tonight. they say it will be a more intimate gathering on what is
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expected to be an emotional night. sally kidd is live in chicago with the obama campaign. >> president obama dropped by the chicago campaign office to thank volunteers. he placed a few calls to campaign workers in swing state wisconsin. >> we feel confident we've got the votes. >> many polls open with long lines. >> i am concerned about medicare. >> the turnout they moved into its final inning. >> for us, it is just making sure our voters get out. >> campaign advisor said the president has multiple pathways to the electoral votes he needs to win. >> mitt romney only has one pathway, through ohio. and we are winning in ohio. >> that was sally kidd reporting from chicago. >> one of the biggest issues
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along the east coast is finding a place to cast those votes in the storm ravaged the northeast. >> of voters say they are relieved they were able to vote at all. many of them are still without power, but despite all the chaos, officials want to make sure everyone's voice has a chance to be heard. >> i am sure there is going to be a little bit of chaos here and there. that is just natural when you have a big disaster like sandy, but if you persevere, you will be able to make your voice heard. >> people who were affected by sandy also have the option of voting by fax or by e-mail. >> here in maryland, the lines are long, but they could have been much longer. this is the scene as polls opened in anne arundel county this morning, lines out the door at the pasadena elementary school. a similar situation here, where
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center been carden cast his vote to start of his day. maryland has already seen a record turnout for early voting. nearly 4% of registered voters cast their ballots last week. officials are not -- reporting to me problems at polling locations, although we are told at one location a poll worker was struck by a car. we are told his injuries were not life-threatening. the big issue is the lines. lisa robinson is live in northeast baltimore where the turnout has been very strong. >> if you look over your, you don't see any lines right now. it will pick up as people are getting off work around 6:00 and a little later as we get into the evening. as much as people had to wait in line, they really did not seem to mind, because they are really just wanted to be heard.
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just about everywhere, the lines were long. at the first english lutheran church at 39th and charles, polling officials could not get a break. >> there has been a steady flow all morning long, starting at 7:00, and has not let up. >> many of voters seem to not mind the wait at all. >> i think it's great that people are voting. >> this is nothing compared to what people have been other countries. >> this year's turnout got an extra boost here in maryland because of the ballot questions. >> question 6 really got me out. i want to vote in favor of all american civil liberties. >> if they are going to bring money here, then i can go with it. the big debate about the schools and stuff. >> question 7 also brought you.
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>> yes, i want to make sure i get in on that. >> let me give you an idea of the turnout statewide. the state board of elections tells me for the state, 68% turnout. in baltimore city, 64% turnout, and baltimore county, 67%. those numbers reflect early voting. they are doing something different as the try to keep track of turn out as the other the evening. they are calling a precinct in every county that is represented by the turn out trends that the typically see in that county. it gives us an idea of what the turnout is. how true is that being, we don't know, but that is the way they are doing it. i expect the line to pick up. northwood elementary because we up four precincts right inside that one building.
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what a few people come here, thousands, to vote. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> let's go to jayne miller who is live in skyteam 11. >> we have been flying over that area of the last 45 minutes or so. right now is probably a very good time to get to the polls. would have gone over a number of precincts that are busy, but we don't see any lines outside. the turnout in the 2008 election year, which was the last presidential year, and it was a historic election with the election of barack obama, the turnout of that election was 78%. we are almost at that level in certain places even now with still a couple of hours until the polls close. the early voting, which was
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about four hundred 30,000 people, that has added to turn out. 300 brokers in canada in the first 90 minutes this morning, very busy as the day went on. right now is probably a good time to get out there a few have not voted. the polls are open until 8:00. we remember what happened in 2010 when we had that robocalls got circulated. we have heard nothing of that kind of irregularity today, but we will keep our ears open for any of that kind of activity as well. back to you in the studio. >> many organizations are also making their final push for everyone to go out and vote today. that includes the naacp. leaders, staff, and volunteers have been manning the naacp election command center since early this morning. the room was buzzing with phone calls going out to many who say they are not as likely to vote,
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but senior officials tell us the number of voters so far has already increased from this time four years ago. >> we are proud to say that in this election year, we have increased the number by 350%. we have registered over 437,000 and we are calling those residents to make sure they turn out to vote. >> naacp officials said they will continue their push for voters to get to the polls until the polls officially closed tonight, which is at 8:00. >> the state's top democrats will gather at the home of the ravens tonight in what they hope will be a winning political game. >> debra wiener continues our live team coverage. >> right now they are working on the all important balloon and better placement for the podium for later this evening. party officials say they are
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simply confident about three things. they said the president will be reelected, they say is senator ben cardin will be reelected, and they say roscoe bartlett will be defeated, which would be very big indeed. so they are watching a few things. first, howard county, which is really in maryland kind of a bellwether jurisdiction. as howard county goes, so does the rest of maryland. they will be looking at howard county to get a feel for how the ballot questions are going. a lot of money has been spent in the cardin race, and that will be seeing what happens with the congressional map. maybe it is inside baseball to a lot of people, but not if you are an elected official. it determines who votes for you and who usurped. senator cardin is expected at
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8:30, bloodiest beaches at 9:15, and judging by the amount of -- speeches at 9:15. >> local gop officials are staying at the bwi westin hotels. kerry cavanaugh is there with the news crew, but officials at the headquarters there are asking us to hold off reports setting up our equipment, as our live reports will begin later tonight. >> be sure to check our voters' guide and sample ballot on and then follow live results on 11 news with our brand new interactive results map. see the state and maryland counties change color as the report. >> parts of maryland hit hard by superstorm sandy could be in for more strong winds and heavy rain. let's get the latest on that nor'easter from chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we are beginning to see the
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first signs of that nor'easter. the high clouds out ahead of the storm, which is still developing way to the south. hd doppler not picking up any substantial rain in our region, but there are some showers showing up into eastern north carolina and that will continue to spread north as the storm works its way up the coast. the system is expected to attract basically from that location off the carolina outer banks and continue making its way up the eastern seaboard. right now it looks like the storm will stay a few hundred miles off shore. we may silhouettes' know. more on that coming up in just a little bit. -- we may see a little wet snow. >> we have learned that former baimore mayor sheila dixon faces new legal trouble. violation of probation charges have been filed against dirt and according to a source familiar with the case, the allegations
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concern the requirement that she pay restitution. she resigned two years ago as part of a plea bargain involving theft and perjury charges. >> of five story building catches fire in fells point for the second time in recent months. within 100 firefighters called to the scene. >> the latest on what
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>> an investigation is under way as to what sparked a massive fire in fells point. what's more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene. skyteam 11 is above the 500 block of south broadway where crews remain on the scene. hot spots have been popping up all day. >> flames and smoke poured from a five story building in fells point. more than 100 firefighters were called here just before 4:30 tuesday morning. people got out safely. >> i was asleep and they woke me up about 5:00 in the morning. >> fire officials say there are no injuries to civilians or firefighters, but the fire damaged the building and made it unsafe for fire crews.
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>> we have gone strictly to an exterior operation, due to the fact that the structure of the building, we have had a partial collapse in the rear of the building. >> that, black smoke billowed from the top of the building, creating a spectacle for miles. >> you can see the smoke, you can see everything. you can smell it. >> this is not the first time firefighters have been called to the same building in the 500 block of south broadway. another fire raged here in june. it is a vacant building, a former supermarket, that has not caught fire twice. >> investigators will be able to give us a report at some point. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> back now with another live look from skyteam 11 above that scene on south broadway. crews are keeping an eye on any hot spots that might pop up.
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this is the second time this building has gone up in flames in recent months. officials have launched an extensive investigation. >> and anne arundel county man is in critical condition tonight after a flame, -- after a fire that erupted last night. investigators say they believe the fire to be electrical in nature but they are sifting through evidence to determine the exact cause and origin. baltimore city police continue their search for a group of assailants that barely beat a man in broad daylight in what appears to be a random assault. 32-year-old john mason was walking near his home ground howard and lombard street downtown and four men began beating and kicking him. the attack was so severe, surgeons say there were footprints on his face. he is now in a medically induced coma. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer.
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>> thankfully election day across most of the nation this fairly quiet. much colder than what you would expect in early november. it is more like a december day, with a high of only 45 and a low of 28. the average low for the day is 39. we were 11 degrees below that officially at bwi marshall airport. 30's in the mountains still at this hour, almost 50 degrees at ocean city. clouds are moving up from the sow, associated with the developing nor'easter. already clouds are well in advance of that system getting into our region. not producing precipitation, all you see some return on the radar screen. we will see the clouds increasing and thickening and that will put a cap on timber tears. mostly upper 30's tonight in downtown baltimore as the cloud
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cover acts as a bit of a blanket. current projections have been moving a little farther off the coast. that may be just far enough to spare us from the worst of a fairly strong nor'easter as it gets going out over the atlantic. the cold air to the north will get pulled down into the system. there is the center of the storm at about 7:00 tomorrow morning. it raises at the mid atlantic coast and strengthens a bit. the precipitation is essentially from i-95 east to the coast. the storm's worst right along the beaches with 45 mile an hour wind gusts possible. the wraparound moisture that comes back into the cold air tomorrow evening, that is the best chance for us to get some rain and snow mixed. ground temperatures are fairly warm. the ground is not frozen yet and that will save us from major snow accumulations.
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by tomorrow evening or thursday evening, it should be up off the coast of cape cod and pulling away, and then high-pressure starts. it looks like the former east ago, the more impact you will feel from this storm. advisories for the eastern shore into delaware and up toward the coast of new jersey where they do not want to talk about the dusty, northeast winds again. it looks like it will call some beach erosion with those strong winds. 5 inches plus offshore falling out over the open waters of the atlantic. from baltimore and east -- we are expecting the main impact to the coast. in the northeastern corner of that state, it is a winter weather advisory for tomorrow evening, with some snow is likely.
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southeastern pennsylvania will have a better chance of some snow sticking to the ground tomorrow night as the storm is pulling away. temperatures may fall a bit during the afternoon tomorrow. a small craft advisory on the bay and four-foot waves as the storm rolled up the coast tomorrow. once the system gets out of here, the skies will begin to clear thursday. saturday, sunny skies and warmer. sunday, mostly sunny and 68. >> we are now just a few hours away from the polls closing on the east coast for election day 2012. >> it will be much longer before we learn the results. our coverage continues as the boaters had to the polls. >> i am kai reed
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>> voters all over maryland are
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having their say in one of the most expensive campaigns in state and u.s. history. >> there is a lot at stake in maryland. our live team coverage with kai reed, live at the baltimore sound stage with same-sex marriage supporters. >> david collins is live at the national harbour where supporters of extended gambling are gathering tonight. a surprising amount of money was spent on question 7, both for and against. >> it has reached the $90 million mark. supporters started arriving here and around 8:00. the campaign for and against question 7 reached the $90 million mark. the mgm ceo -- question 7 must
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pass by majority vote-- statewide and in prince george's county. it allows casino voting and table games at the casino sites. it would hire four thousand people. it passes statewide. it fails, he says he will respect the people's voice and go home. he does not envision the issue coming up again for many years to come. governor martin o'malley supports question 7. he raised the possibility that if questions 7 fails, the general assembly may have to raise taxes to meet future education spending levels. the latest opinion poll puts the question 7 in the fail column, but supporters are saying it will be a close race. >> kai reed is standing by at the baltimore soundstage. >> that is where supporters of same-sex marriage are. we are told emotions are running high this evening. >> definitely running high.
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we are still in the set up stage. the party does not kick off until at o'clock tonight. i did speak with key players on both sides of the issue this afternoon and they say they know the numbers will be close. i definitely since some nervous energy about how the whole thing will play out. we have some video of governor martin o'malley and ravens linebacker of brendon ayanbadejo. both sides have been campaigning right up until the last minute. i did put together a timeline of the entire issue. opponents protested and countered by gathering more than 160,000 signatures to force the issue onto the ballot. since then, voters have been hit with a barrage of ads from both sides. supporters outspent the opposition 3 to 1.
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the latest polling numbers show this is neck and neck with voters virtually split on the issue. since the late 1990's, more than two dozen states have had a gay marriage question on the ballot, and voters have rejected it every single time. maryland would be the first state to pass the same sex marriage at home. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead tonight, and has been in the making for days. >> another nor'easter headed to the east coast. we are continuing to monitor what could cause problems in recovery in cleanup
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>> live, local, latebreaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m., with stan stovall and donna hamilton. wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> maryland shoreline still polluted with debris and wreckage from superstar sandy, now faces the threat of more severe weather. >> it looks like the potential nor'easter will be weaker than expected and may be farther offshore. lowell melser is live in ocean city where many people are watching and waiting. >> once again we find ourselves here in ocean city, maryland,
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about a week after sandy blue through here. right now about 28 miles per hour sustained winds with wind gusts of over 30 miles an hour. construction crews for the past week have been trying to move sand out of this parking lot and onto the beach. i spoke with ocean city officials earlier today and they say emergency personnel are monitoring the storm. so far there is no emergency plan in place, but that could change in the next 24-48 hours. there is no doubt that the storm will suspend a rehab work that is going on on the boardwalk right now and the cleanup efforts here at the inland. >> we will have to hold some of our efforts in restoring some of the pick up from sandy. we are likely to see flooding again in the downtown area because of water being backed up in the bay. it will definitely have an impact on us because of what we
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saw last week. >> the biggest concern will be the flooding here in ocean city. high tide is expected to hit at around 1:50 tomorrow afternoon. that combined with the winds that are expected out here and a little bit of rain could make things pretty messy here at the inlet and the lower portion of ocean city. we will monitor the storm in the year through thursday and bring you reports throughout. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> state officials are reminding homeowners to make sure they have trees damaged by superstorm sandy removed. also make sure whoever does the work is a licensed professional. state law requires anyone who treats, trams, or remove trees to be licensed and insured. never pay the full amount before the work is completed, and always ask for references. you can verify whether someone has a license by heading to our
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website, with concerns about the nor'easter, concerns that high winds will tear down anything left weakened by sandy. let's get an up-to-date forecasts from tom tasselmyer. >> it is a possibility mostly on the eastern shore and to the coast. we are starting to see the first signs of some precipitation in parts of virginia. it is moving in our direction and it looks like the storm system which is beginning to organize off the georgia-florida coast will get stronger. right now are around the jacksonville area and expected to make that turn up toward the outer banks and an offshore. the coast of new jersey and southern new england would be hit pretty hard. right now we are favoring an eastern track. around here maybe a little wet snow mixed in with whatever
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light precipitation falls. we will sort it all out in the forecast, and look for a warming trend, to, coming up. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. officials are still trying to determine what sparked a four- alarm fire at a five-story building in fells point for the first time and -- the second time in several months. more than 100 firefighters responded to the 500 block of south broadway. no injuries were reported. voters all across the country or having their say today in the final few hours of election day 2012. president obama and mitt romney made their last minute pitches for votes with most of that focus in the state of ohio. >> in maryland, all eyes are on a number of key referendum questions on this year's ballot.
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lisa robinson is live at a polling location in northeast baltimore tonight. we checked in with you at the top of the hour and there were no lines then. people are starting to get off work now. how is it looking tonight? >> right here at northwood elementary, there are four precincts located here. things are picking up right now, but no long lines. i think we had most of the long lines early in the morning where people were trying to get there before going to work. is expected that these lines are going to pick up. >> i have heard there have been some complaints about their not being enough machines once people get inside. are you hearing about any major problems? >> i did hear people complaining about those machines and i checked it out. people have to understand that there is a formula for how they put those machines out at the different precincts.
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basically, they have to have won it bowed machine for every 200 voters -- that have to have 100 machines for every -- 1 voting machine for every 200 voters. but what seems to be bringing people out to the polls to vote, is it the presidential election, or is it the referendum questions? >> sorry, we have a little emerged the coming down so i hope you will be able to hear me. it is a tightly contested race, but more so here in maryland, it is the ballot question that brought people out. you have people out at every polling place handing out literature about the different questions. when i ask people what is bringing them now, it is question 6 and question seven. overwhelmingly, so many people are telling me a cannot wait for
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this to be over. they are tired of the ads and they just wanted to be done with. >> i would imagine so. you remember with the election in 2008, the historic election of barack obama. in comparison to four years ago with today. >> in 2008, you had people who were out here standing in line. they came out to be part of a historic election with barack obama on the ballot. you have a lot of people taking pictures, relishing the moment. people are very serious now, very focused. they want to make sure that their vote counts. they are willing to stand in those lines and they have been very patient about it all. >> lisa robinson reporting live from northeast baltimore. >> in front of where i voted today, there was none of that.
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there was no electioneering going on. i was surprised. coming up, and unusual punishment for an unusual crime. punishment for an unusual crime. the judge says he is
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>> investigators are trying to figure out what provoked a gun and opened fire inside his california workplace, killing two people. it started shooting just a few hours into his ship this morning at a chicken processing plant in fresno. his co-workers said they noticed something was wrong, and jones did not seem to be himself. after killing two co-workers, jones then shot and killed himself. >> she was caught on camera making an illegal maneuver to avoid the school bus. now she has to stand at an intersection wearing a sign about india drivers. you may remember this video from earlier this year. she was seen driving up on a
5:42 pm
sidewalk so she did not have to wait as the bus unloaded schoolchildren. she has to wear the it signed for the next two weeks -- she has to wear the idiot sign. >> more than two dozen cases of hepatitis nationwide or a link to a single travelling medical worker. worker. >> we gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. worker. >> we in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newscaster:breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties!
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with cake! and presents!to ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> coming up at 6:00, we are getting mixed reviews from those standing in line to vote. we have live team coverage from those lines on the hot-button those lines on the hot-button issues on
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>> all you need to do is step outside to realize that the temperatures are dropping. people are pulling out their winter coats and turning on the heat, but for people who have neither, it is the beginning of a truly long, cold season. rob roblin tells us how some ravens are stepping in. >> this is the ninth annual " giveaway and as always, ravens players are here to help. for these men who are down on their luck, today is a day to be grateful. >> i have not had a new coat in 10 years. i am a ravens then, too.
5:46 pm
i am very grateful for this experience. >> the baltimore ravens, captain scott closet, and others pitched in with coats and gloves -- catherine's closet. ravens players were well represented. >> what we want to do is thank our players who cannot and gave their time. -- who came out and gave their time. >> i live here and it is great to do something where i can see this helping people. >> it means a lot to them and they mean a lot to us. it is wintertime, it is cold. >> everybody goes through struggles at different times.
5:47 pm
whenever you fall on hard times, you need help to get back up on your feet. >> the players handed out coats. it was like christmas day for these men. some toiletries with the new code, a hat and gloves, a little bit of kindness means a lot. >> a lot of us don't have much. for them to come here and share their generosity, not everyone realizes how many homeless people are out there. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we cannot blame the weather for voting today. it was just about perfect, except for the chill. it was more like a december day that an early november day, but it was dry for most of the day. temperatures now in the 40's in downtown baltimore and kind of
5:48 pm
chili in the northern suburbs. out in western maryland, quite cold. it looks more like december and early november. things will start to change a little bit tomorrow. we are watching that storm, another coastal nor'easter. the counterclockwise circulation tends to bring in the wind from the northeast brought along the coastal areas. overall it will be a strong storm. the update today is that the store looks like it will stay a couple hundred miles off the coast. that means the worst of the weather shift farther east. around baltimore tonight, we will stay that -- we will see the clouds increasing in thickening. last night we were in the 20's in most areas. not quite as cold tonight. there is a front to the west of us that will not really catch
5:49 pm
us. what will catch us is the storm developing near jacksonville, florida. it will move up to just off cape hatteras and then roll up to southern new england. essentially we are talking i-95 and east for the main impact of this and primarily the eastern shore down to the coast. the farther west you go, the less you will notice that storm system passing by. 40-50 mile an hour winds will be possible and rough waves as well. for us, we will get the wind and rain and maybe some wet snow mixed in before it pulls away and high pressure can settle in with a dry pattern and warming trend that will take us through the weekend. on the eastern shore, though the that is the high wind advisory and on the beaches of delaware up to new jersey.
5:50 pm
those areas have the best chance for snow although i would not be surprised if everyone sees some rain or snow showers during the afternoon and evening tomorrow. if the trend continues and the storm goes farther out to sea, we could miss it altogether. that is certainly a possibility. wave's averaging 4 feet. the forecast calls for the chilly weather to hang in for tomorrow, cool weather as the storm leaves us thursday, and the warming trend. by the weekend, we are seeing highs in the mid to upper 60's. >> baltimore is playing a key role in the effort to use them cells to repair parts damaged by heart attacks. in studies conducted in miami and baltimore they looked at 30 patients who had previously suffered heart attacks and develop heart failure because of scar tissue. a stranger's stem cells could work as well as your own when it comes to repairing the damaged
5:51 pm
tissue. that means stem cells could be banked for future use justice it is just as blood can be. a study shows that a patient came down with hepatitis and there are linking that to medical -- a medical technician. approximately 30 people nationwide have been affected. 1700 patients have been notified to be tested for hepatitis c. finally, doctors in georgia are working with a man who has no collar bones. he has a condition that is so rare, the chances of being born with it or one in 1 million. officials said the genetic defect is not particularly dangerous, but one side effect
5:52 pm
is he can squeeze into almost any space. >> in this circumstance, you are looking at bonds were the clavicle may not -- may be shorter than what it should be. >> he is not the only person in his family that has this rare genetic disorder. his sister, mother, and great grandfather were also born without collar bones. the cause of the condition has not been determined. >> the perry hall student shot by a classmate on the first day of school just got a very special letter from first lady michelle obama. it was presented with the first lady's note during a house visit from senator barbara mikulski. the 17-year-old spent two weeks following -- at shock trauma following the shooting. he has undergone three surgeries. >> it has come down to today. a couple of hours it will be time to wait for the election results.
5:53 pm
our live team coverage continues tonight from all over the region. this is the democratic headquarters at m&t bank stadium as we head into what could be a very long night. >> prove that it is never too early to learn about the political process. i am tim tooten with that story, coming up.
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>> the polls have closed and
5:56 pm
boats are being counted at the montessori school in luther bill. they held a mock election to teach students about politics. the students for barrier to take part. tim tooten has that story. -- the students were very eager to take part. >> the montessori school students took a short break from classes to cast their ballot for president. there were no long lines, exit polls, or undecided voters. >> i talked to my parents about it. >> what did they tell you? >> i am not telling you, because it is a secret. >> the montessori schools about empowering children to be responsible to themselves, their community, and the world. this is a representation of what we do every day in our classroom.
5:57 pm
>> at least one group of students went a step further. they had their own registration cards that they produced when they came to vote. four years ago, a primary school teacher came up with the idea to help students understand presidential politics. >> it was my month to have a bulletin board in the lobby i thought we should make it a voting booth. >> i feel like we voted for the school, not exactly for america, but for our school. >> some students are counting down the years until they can officially cast ballots. >> we get to vote, and we are under age. it is pretty awesome. >> we had a discussion if we could change the voting age to 16, and i would vote for it.
5:58 pm
>> now and in the real election when they turn 18. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> they all seem so excited about it. here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> in the race for the white house on this final day, they did not rest. at obama election headquarters in chicago, the story is coming up next. >> nervous energy behind the scenes of the question 7 watch party at a national harbor. what is at stake, coming up. >> i am kai reed live at the vote yes to same-sex marriage headquarters. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> after months of campaigning, election day is finally here. over 60% of marylanders have
5:59 pm
come out to stand in line to place their votes. that is our big story tonight at 6:00. one of the closest, hardest fought, and one of the most expensive presidential races in history is coming to a conclusion. >> the candidates have spent a billion dollars to make their cases, and now the voters will decide. steve handelsman begins our team coverage. >> the end of a grueling campaign, with high hopes for a key state. he headed off to cleveland for one last effort. obama, who voted two weeks ago, drops by volunteer office near his home in chicago. he called swing state wisconsin. >> my name is barack obama. i am calling to say thank


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