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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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but former cia director says how the latest directors of a terrible impact agency. >> the ravens and raiders kickoff in several hours. a preview of the matchup. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. coclive. local. late breaking. this is wbal 11 news at 11p. >> good evening. the cleanup carries on tonight in the areas hard hit by super storm sandy. more than 175,000 homes remain without power tonight in new jersey, nearly two weeks after sandy and lst weeks nor'easter. >> after talking with the utility's last night and again this morning, my belief is we will have almost 100% restoration by saturday night. >> many are still struggling to
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get by as relief and power are still uncertain in some areas. more help was on the way to one of those areas of new jersey tonight thanks to a convoy of maryland state troopers. >> 11 troopers from across maryland just arrived in the seaside heights of new jersey. 25 maryland troopers held in new jersey police get some sense of normalcy back to that region -- helping jersey police get some sense of normalcy back to that region. >> they are used in answering calls to help with this time they are headed north to abortion -- ocean county, new jersey, to help there to repair a shore in shambles. >> seeing the deception on tv helps prepare a bit but until you -- seeing the destruction on tv help prepare a bit until you
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see it in real life, it does not prepare you. >> we are supplementing the mill will police departments. -- the local police departments. >> they will have police powers and is as with anything but after patrolling to property recovery to helping utility companies turn our back on. >> food and toiletries and diapers. >> it is another example sense sandy of maryland pitching in. is good samaritans from howard county are attempting to fill this topic and it supplies and hit the road, they. >> you see pictures on the news. people have lost everything. haveone of those to asdsay to do something. it inspired 14 maryland state troopers in new jersey to stay there and assist this convoy headed there now. >> touch them to where they wanted to stay and help of the
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police departments and the people who have been devastated here. >> maryland state police says it will air reimbursed by the federal government for the troopers time working up north -- it will get reimbursed by the federal government for the troopers time working up north. >> we are having some temperature warm up here in time for veterans day. >> the official observance of veterans day is tomorrow. a lot of folks have monday off. we are lucky here. temperatures have been writing -- riding. a little bit of perspective. on veteran's day in 1987, there was a record snow. 11.5 interest in washington. in baltimore, we had 6 inches. so it is all possible. but not with the temperatures we will experience this year. from the seventh until today, temperatures rising. the 11th with the warmest day of
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the next bunch. then we start to fall again next week. >> i did not look at the right side. thank you. while we have had as weather for the last few days, it will start getting colder as we head into winter. bge and baltimore city officials hosted and energy assistance expo earlier today. reps from bge and the office of home energy program helped citizens apply for financial assistance and other resources to help manage their energy and utility bills. >> what most google do not know about -- mostpeople do not know about is that they can get assistance. do not wait until your utility as cut off. you can sit down with the utility company and say i am having a problem. >> officials say fewer people showed up this year which they say is good since it means more people are learning how to manage their income better and
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do not need assistance. tomorrow is veterans day. the va maryland health care system team up with the local organization to hold a memorial service today. the third annual memorial service was held this afternoon after -- at american legion post 22 in towson. the advent honored all veterans who passed away in the maryland health care system this past year. >> this ceremony would remember those veterans that have passed away. trying to remember those of given their time, their service, for our country. they might not have been the ones who died in action. that is what we reserve memorial day for but this is a service try to remember better and to observe and have now entered our everlasting life. >> there are a number of veterans day events planned for tomorrow all across maryland. looking for answers. some members of congress have
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questions about former cia director david petraeus' resignation. where they will be looking for answers. and a computer expert gets a sentence for his role of leaking a confidential document. more on that from vatican city.
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>> the ravens hoping for a big win over the raiders. a preview of tomorrow's game. >> when you think about the fact of what they have going for them at home, they are playing the raiders to are as deep as can be. their top running back is not available -- who are as beat up as can be. their top running back is not available. the ravens at home have won 14 consecutive. you have to like their chances to mark. however, there is a man, the
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less chance of success -- he is not one to forget. >> he is one o f those underrated quarterbacks can make every throw. we all saw it at the cincinnati. i remember vividly games i thought we had won and carson palmer got in his roof. >> the key for the ravens is not to overlook the raiders. next week ago on the road. need to make sure they take care of business sunday. >> i know. elite the weather will be good. -- at least the weather will be good. >> members of congress say they
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want answers to questions about the alleged affair between cia director david petraeus and his biographer. members of the house intelligence committee including maryland's a representative will meet with the fbi and cia officials on wednesday to ask questions about the investigation. former cia director general michael hayden says of the resignation is sad, the cia will survive. >> i do not think it will affect the institution jury obviously it will have an emotional effect. in terms of the agency doing its job, not at all. >> president obama accepted his resignation on friday. president obama has officially won the vote in florida. the state finally finished counting all of those votes today and declared president obama the winner. the president got 50% of the vote compared to governor mitt romney 49.1%.
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is a difference of about 74,000 votes. but florida, the president now officially has 332 electoral votes to romney's 206. >> vatican computer expert got a two month suspended sentence over a scandal involving the leak of confidential documents. >> it vatican computer expert was sentenced for help with the pope's former butler still and leak confidential documents to an italian journalist. he was arrested by vatican authorities in may when they found a stash of confidence of documents on his desk at work. the pope's former butler is still serving an 18 month prison sentence. the lawyer said he will appeal the sentence, saying his client
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played a minor role in the affair and that he now risks to lose his job and the vatican. this represents the last act of a trial over a scandal that was widely seen as the worst security breach in the vatican's recent history. >> back now with more on the weather. beautiful. i have nothing more to say. >> and warm up between two shots of cold air, the beacon is the best time to do it. -- the weekend is the best time to do it. in a harbor, 53 degrees.
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>> your 11 insta weather forecast. >> we had some clouds filtering the son today. a few sprinkles up in hartford county. and cecil county. now all the rain is up to the north. in the clear here. here is the storm out of the west. not as much snow now as there was earlier put some strong thunderstorms, especially in
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kansas now. the stop at the great lakes is all this warm air pushing up and bumping into warm air in canada -- the stuff at the great lakes is all this warm air pushing up and bumping into warm air in canada. above normal temperatures. 32 below this morning. -- 32 this morning. a few areas of fog overnight as temperatures drop off. 48. centreville, 49. randallstown, 45. mount airy, 47. frederick, 37 degrees. satellite images. most of the clouds are in pennsylvania now. a nice, clear night. that allows the temperatures to drop. high temperature -- high- pressure is with us.
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an influx of warmer air coming in. but along the boundary, we are getting showers. this cold out -- cold front out to the west, that is what will change our weather by tuesday or so. you can see the rush of warm air ahead of that front and how cold it is in montana. 7 degrees right now. here is how forecast. 39-45 tonight. mostly clear skies. the winds generally calm. a patch of fog or two. tomorrow, 65-70. lots of sunshine. about conditions. good for veterans day. good for football. the football forecast is wonderful. southeast winds at 5-10 mph. the bay, winds will be light. 5-10 knots. a 1 foot chop the open waters.
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the mainstays to our north on sunday. we stay nice and dry -- the rain stays to our north on sunday. we stay nice and dry. at the front comes in monday night into tuesday, we pick up some scattered showers impossible under by the end of the day tuesday. here is the 7 day forecast. 68 tomorrow. or if you want to be real positive about it, close to 70. most of the day monday looks dry. picking up clouds. after dark, shower chances. tuesday, especially in the morning. still ahead of the 60's monday but tuesday, 50's and we stay in the 50's the rest of the week. >> a burst of quarterback is pretty special but a tall order at troy.
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>> big money tonighjt. get ready. good evening. $163.5 million tonight's jackpot. good luck. 55, 32, 50, 54, 42. winning powerball number -- 32.
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it 5 game win streak in detroit. alabama this afternoon. a masked -- trojans scoreing
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points in bunches. troy -- 21-0. reynolds. 6 yards. he did not get in . 21-14 navy. back to 14 point deficit. reynolds. love that light. 28-21 roy. the trojans avenge their whipping. 41-31. pearland outman against clemson. -- maryland outmanned against clemson. sean -- stopped it. there's a gift. second quarter.
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under pressure, the livers. touchdown there. -- delivers. touchdown there. maryland will be hard-pressed to win another game this season with some new players down. one may remove from alabama was a drive that lsu, aggies president quarterback. 29017, a &m. 54 yards to amari cooper. 29-24, alabama. he never sees [indiscernible] the inaugural season. 29-24, your final.
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number one alabama goes down. in baltimore, a couple of senior day celebrations. telson -- towson. family is now growing largely. more than 7000 on hand. first quarter 7-0. second quarter. big day. 20-7 at the half. third quarter with dominick booker. 83 yards. 27-7, 41-10, your final.
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senior day at home. johns hopkins hosting mid daniels. barely touched up the middle. hopkins celebrate a 14-0 lead. touchdown 7 yards, happens coming off the first regular- season loss in two years. 24 yards, mcdaniels. johns hopkins clenches its season. winners over mcdaniel. high-school football. they knocked off. mcdonough. said the title game. -- sets up a title game.
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syracuse. first quarter. that was nice. a thing of beauty. into the net it goes. a winner by 10-4. they are home again next week facing milwaukee.
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>> what it thinks giving day parade two weeks away, maces tested -- with the thanksgiving day parade two weeks away, macy's tech and balloons. they are tested to make sure they flow properly on the parade
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route. this is the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> my daughter will be very excited. >> veterans day tomorrow. lots of sunshine. about temperatures. mid-upper 60's. a storm approaches monday. monday look stride. pick up some clouds. still in the 60's chilly air by tuesday. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute


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