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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  November 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning and welcome. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. top stories in a moment. first let's look outside with tony pann. >> gorgeous. have you had a chance to step out side? awesome. wonderful afternoon. about as nice as it gets for the middle of november. right now it's 48 at the
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airport. lots of sunshine. it's gonna warm up fast. we'll jump almost 20 degrees this afternoon. forecast for this veterans day 2012 is a good one. sunshine. high temperature near 68. how about that. we'll take a look at the seven day forecast going into next weekend. our big story, the cleanup continues with the areas hardest hit by super storm sandy. >> 100,000 people are still without homes down from a peak of 1 million. but there's growing frustration about the pace of power restoration. residents protested at the long island power authorities to voice their anger. officials are promising electricity will be back on in the homes by tuesday. more than 100 homes still without power in new jersey. so this morning more help has arrived in one of those areas
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hardest hit thanks to a convoy of maryland state troopers. we have more on that story. >> these maryland state troopers are used to answering the call for help. but this time they're headed 120 miles north to ocean county new jersey to help their law enforcement brethren there try to repair a shore in shambles. >> i think seeing the destruction on tv kind of helped prepare a little bit. until you see it in real life that's something that's gonna hit hard. >> calls for service are up and the police officers have also been affect whered they've lost their homes so we're up there supplementing the local police departments and the new jersey state police. >> the troopers will be sworn in as new jersey state troopers just for the next week. they'll have police powers and assist with anything from extra patrolling to helping utility companies turn the power back on. >> prepare food, toiletries and diapers. >> it's another example since
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sandy hit of maryland pitching in to help its northern neighbors. these good samaritans from howard county are attempting to fill this truck with donated supplies and hit the road monday. >> you see pictures on the news of people who just lost everything. and so i'm just sort of one of those, okay, we got to do something. >> it's the same sentiment that inspired 14 maryland state troopers that have already been in new jersey this past week to stay there. and assist this convoy of 11 headed there now. >> i think it's touched them to where they really wanted to stay and help out the police departments and the people who have lost a lot and have been devastated over the storm. >> we're told maryland state police will be reimbursed by the government for the troopers time. money was not the motivation here. we're all told all 25 of the troopers helping out there now quickly volunteered for this assignment. wbal tv 11 news. >> while we've had nice weather here in maryland the last few
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days it will soon start getting colder as we head into winter. that's why pge and baltimore officials held an expo saturday. represents from the bge and office of home energy programs helped citizens apply for financial assistance to help with their energy and utility bills. >> what most people don't know about, and i think that's what this program is about today, is that they can get assistance. don't wait until your utility is cut off. that you can go down and sit down with utility company and say i'm having a problem. >> officials say that fewer people showed up this year and they see that as an indication of a good thing since it means perhaps more people are learning how to manage their income better and don't need the assistance. today is veterans day and the va maryland health care system teamed up with the local veterans association to hold a memorial service. it was held saturday afternoon
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at the american legion. >> this is a ceremony that will remember those veterans that have passed away. again, trying to remember those who have given their time, their service for our country. they might not have been the ones who have died in action. that's what we reserve memorial day for. this is a service trying to remember veterans who have served and have entered our ever lasting life. >> and there are a number of veteran day events planned for today all across maryland. 9:06 and 52 degrees on tv hill. coming up now that the elections are over, a look at what impact it will have on the taxes you pay as the ravens get ready to take on the oakland raiders in just about four hours we'll take you live to m&t bank stadium for what the team is asking fans to bring with them to the game.
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we'll take a look at the forecast and the seven day. that's coming up just around the corner. stay
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>> welcome back. time 9 after 9:00. gorgeous night for us on this sunday morning. 48 at the airport. 51 downtown at the maryland science center. hardly a cloud in the sky. you might imagine it's going to be a nice afternoon. if you picked today to go to the ravens game, you picked a good one. temperature should already be in the mid 60s. light southeast wind going at 7 miles per hour. maybe you need a light jacket to start the day today for tail gating. by the time you're in the stadium, you might not especially if you're sitting in the sun. light pressure here. that's always good news for us. quiet conditions. winds out of the south. we're gonna make it up to 68 this afternoon. ten degrees abeefrj. average high 58.
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there's a strong cold front coming across the midwest. look at that time difference in the temperatures. 50s, 60s and 70s ahead of it. that's dividing line is sliding over towards us. when the two air masses come together, you get precipitation. on the cold side of the front you get snow. front side you get showers and thunderstorms. we're gonna see rain at home monday night and tuesday as that front comes through. we're not gonna get any snow out of it but it will knock the temperatures back into the 50s for the middle of the week. there's nothing showing up ton satellite. there was some fog earlier this morning. i'm sure most of that has burned off. beautiful start for us on this veterans day. 52 in annapolis, 48 in rising sun. forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. about as nice as it gets for the middle of november. high temperatures will range between 65 and 70.
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seven day forecast taking you through the rest of the week. clouds should thicken up tomorrow. should stay dry today with a high near 67. monday night, tuesday as that front goes through. then should be dry going into next weekend. but a little cooler with highs in the 50s. a corvette invasion in downtown baltimore saturday a spectacular sight for a great cause. the food run. cars lined up and drove together to m&t stadium. participants donated food for the upcoming thanks giving day event. 17th annual food and family fun drive to help families in need. >> they're asking. katie joins us live with more. hey, katie, how you doing? >> hi, jen. good morning. hi, lisa. >> what do you want fans to do, people coming out to the game, what do you want them to do?
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>> today we're asking the fans to bring nonperishable goods. we're accepting monetary donations. two hours prior to kickoff. >> this has been a huge success for you guys. you're doing it in participating stores all over the area. >> yes. you can also donate at centers like you just mentioned. a $50 donation enters you to win a pair of tickets to the steelers game. >> any other special events going on for folks who are coming out to the game today? >> we'll have volunteers at every gate wearing these vests. they're gonna stand out. they're taking canned donations. if everybody just donated $1 today, we would raise at least $70,000. there's a lot of people that can change and donate and bring out. it's everything we're thankful for. it >>'s veterans day, too. you're doing something special
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with the troops in afghanistan. >> we'll have a live feed today. really exciting. it's a great way to give thanks for them. >> all right. katie, thank you very much for joining us. make sure. you do not have to have tickets to drop by. if you're around the stadium, just drop by, take your money and your food. thanks, katie. >> thank you, guys. >> later on in this hour check in with tailgaters who are getting ready for the big game. coming up next how the results of the election will affect taxpayers, plus the changes coming in 2013. plus here's a look at some of the events going on around town.
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the clock is ticking on a tax break to save homeowners from paying to the irs. the mortgage forgiveness debt does not get extended by the end of the year homeowners will have to start paying income taxes on a portion of their mortgage debt that was forgiven in a foreclosure, short sale or principal reduction. 50,000 owners go through
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foreclosure each month. if the tax break is allowed to ebbing pier 650,000 homeowners a year may be afked. joining us now, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> i think most americans will have no idea what they're talking about. let's break it down for taxpayers in terms of how this election may affect them, individual taxpayers first. >> okay. when we talk about the fiscal cliff, we're talking if congress does nothing then there's a cart in the budget for primarily the defense, 50% of the defense area. but the other thing is taxes go up for all taxpayers. and that will be a significant change for people wlshgs it's individual, small business, taxpayers are paying a similar tax on it. it's going to be some tax
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credits that will go by the way side. also these things have to incentivize people to invest and do things in certain areas. >> okay. so what are some of the other changes coming in 2013? >> the most significant thing that will hit the most taxpayers are the wages. congress enacted a social security tax reduction of 2%. as of january 1st, everybody's wage is effectively going to cut by 2% because it's going to be reinstated to the higher social security tax. that's the biggest thing. the other thing is, all tax brackets are going to increase if there's no change by congress. investment income, because of obama care, will tax interest, difsh denneds, capital gains and rental income at an extra 3.8% for all individuals earning over $200,000 and married couples
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earning over $250,000. the last one is what i call the terrible triple tax. and that's on capital gains and difsh denneds. right now they enjoy a 15% tax rate. that could go as high as 43%. one, because there won't be the preferential rate of 15%. it will be the regular rate. two, the regular rate will be increasing. and three, this extra 3.8% investment tax. >> okay. so in the mean time, what can we do to prepare ourselves? >> what we're doing is, we are getting ourselves in a position for a change in the law. we believe it will happen by december 31st. what we're doing is projecting people's income for 2012. we're running a projection for 2013. and we're having them be liquid with funds so that if a change happens or doesn't happen, they're mobilized to make
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changes. then we wait for the tax law. we look at that and say what's the best way to minimize our client's taxes? >> all right. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> we'll get a chance to talk to congress cummings whabt he expects to happen in washington in the coming weeks and early next year. thank you. >> thank you. stay with us. on 11 news, your sunday garden. >> last week we talked about flowers. we want faster results. >> that's right. we'll show you just how to do this. >> time for christmas, too. that's all coming up in just ahq
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>> good morning. welcome back. now at this stage, we got thanksgiving coming up, christmas, new year's. we're beginning to think of what to do in the house. >> one of the cool things is plants make great gifts. one of the things i like best are these amarillys. there's doubles, there's singles. there's some like this one here. this has a big monster flower on it. >> bigger the flower the taller the plant. >> sometimes. sometimes not. really depends. the nice thing is, once you plant it, it knows what to do. >> the stuff is in there. >> yes. the leaf is even coming up.
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they're even starting to grow. no water. just a little bit of light. >> one like this when we're just beginning to see the leaf come up, how long will that be? will that be up and flowering by christmas? >> it's going to be close. it's kind of the best time. >> if you're in the store and see one like that, further alon alone. >> it will go faster than one in here. it's pretty cool. red, white, pink, and eye colors. very simple. you see we already planted this one. these are pretty big. the ones that come loose tend to be larger than the ones you get in box set. if you want a nice plant to get flowers, pick it up as you would onion, nice and firm. >> no soft spots.
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>> pointy side up. i have already put some soil in there. i'm gonna fill it so that the soil only comes up to about halfway up. maybe a little bit farther. >> maybe around this neck area here. >> exactly. >> press that down. >> little bit of the bulb is still exposed. the object of the soil is just to keep a moist environment around those roots that we saw at the bottom there. >> they do. >> they're gonna take up plenty of water. then later on when you feed your plant, after care, that's easy to take care of. >> how often do you water something like this? you don't want it to rot away. >> you're going to find it. so, in this stage, not a heck of a lot. as it starts to put on growth it will demand more water. >> now, once this blooms, goes away, all you've got left is a stem. that's when you put fertilizer on. >> put fertilizer.
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the leaves will come out. move it out and let it rest out there. for after care, go to the national gardening association. put it on our facebook page. if you go there, it will tell you how to take care of this and get some great ideas. >> now, go to the other extreme, the smaller side. these are paper whites. they're fun to have. kids can do this. >> that's what i like about this. very easy for everybody. >> all you have to do is do this. >> set them down in the soil. >> these are gonna grow pretty fast. four to five weeks is all you need to have this for christmas. >> around thanksgiving you put them in and you'll be in god shape. >> i plant them every week or two. >> stagger them. >> they're very fragrant. if you don't like the fragrance there are some less fragrant. most of these are white. they do get pretty tall. if you want to keep them short,
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don't overwater them. you want them to reach for the water. every once in a while give them a hit of vodka. the sue gr really keeps them good. >> this does not have water in it. how far up do you bring the water? >> try to judge so it's coming up halfway up this pot. if you see it on the top just pour it off. great ideas concerning your indoor garden. >> absolutely. >> setting up for -- not thanksgiving as much as christmas. thanks for joining us on your sunday gardner. more about your garden coming up next week. >> if you have a question send it to sunday gardner at -- or el go to our website
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congressman cummings is in our studio standing by for this morning's q&a. >> the author of this book shows you how to redecorate your home or office the feel good way. >> beautiful morning. we do have rain in the seven day forecast. i'll show you that in just a few minutes. stay with us.
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welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thank you very much for joining us. >> let's take another look outside. great day for a ravens game. >> temperatures are in the 40s. we're gonna make it into the 60s this afternoon. that's pretty good for the middle of november. 48 at the airport with nothing but sunshine. relative humidity 86%. there was a little fog in some areas this morning. all of that's burned off now. the forecast for this veterans day 2012 is a good one. sunshine with a high temperature near 68. we come back in just a few minutes. we'll take the seven day forecast into next weekend. time now for sunday morning q&a. joining us is congressman cummings. good morning. congratulations on your re-election. >> thank you very much. >> so much to talk about. let's get started with general petraeus resigning from the cia. what do you make of this?
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>> first of all it's very unfortunate. i know john petraeus very well. i got a chance to meet with him. i know there are a lot of questions here. all of this is under investigation. as a matter of fact, i expect the committee that i'm a ranking member of will be looking into some aspects of it. but, you know, it's very unfortunate. >> the reason stated an extra marital affair. the timing of this right after the election, right before he's supposed to testify. why is he not still going to testify in the attacks against libya? >> i honestly don't know, but i think it's -- i think that he should testify. but we'll see. there's so many questions. story just came out friday. so what i have noticed in these investigations is that you started off with certain conclusions. lot of times the facts don't match the conclusions.
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you can bet your bottom dollar this matter will be thoroughly investigated and we'll come up with the answers. right now i think we just got to concentrate on making sure our military is being supported. that we get out of afghanistan as the president said we would and that we take care of our troops. >> moving forward, the fiscal cliff is looming and there's a lot of work to be done. what the president said immediately after being re-elected was reaching across the aisle, making sure we work together. how do we do this? >> i think we will be able to do it. there's just too much at stake for us not to do it. when you think about just maryland possibly losing 100,000 jobs because of dollars just in the first year if this happens. that is if the tax cuts are not extended. and, you know, we just can't afford it. so, i'm comfortable listening to
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congressman boehner that he's willing to come through with an approach. getting revenue from some folks coming up with $250,000. i have got people on my payroll in washington who took a 5% to 10% cut. they were only making 50 to $60,000. why can't somebody making over 250 give a penny more? and so we have to approach this in a balanced way. i am optimistic. i think the american people have spoken. the president during the campaign talked about this well balanced approach. in the past the republicans said no revenue. speaker boehner said, we've got to consider everything. it's matter of how we do it. >> he talked about new revenue. can they come in any form other than higher taxs? >> it will have to be a combination. it will be a combination. you got to remember that all of
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us already agree that extending the tax cuts for those making less than 250. everybody agrees on that. let's do that. i agree with the president. let's do that, take care of that. for those making over 250,000, let's try to figure out how we help them pay a little bit more. lot of those people want to pay more, by the way. >> in defense jobs alone for maryland we stand to take a huge hit. >> a huge hit. keep in mind that our net coming back to maryland from the federal government is something like $17 billion. that's a lot of money. after we pay taxes and then look at what we get back it's about $17 billion above what we pay. you're talking about 100,000 jobs. lot of people work for the federal government. we cannot balance this budget on the backs of seniors and those that are most vulnerable without people making over 250, giving
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something, too. >> you've got a lot of people looking at their own budgets. part of working on that budget is figuring out how their kids are going to pay for college. to that end you got a big time college fair coming up. >> december 10th from 5 to 8 we'll have some 22 colleges coming. we'll have folks coming, talking about financial aid. lot of people don't realize there's a lot of money out there through private foundations and through the state. our state is very unique with regard to money that's offered to students. we want people to come out. >> lot of folks don't even know it's available to us. >> lot of people are saying right now i'm not gonna be able to send my kid to college. i tell people you have to fight for your kid. you have to look at every single possibility. sometimes you have to put together an mosaic of different pieces from different places to come up with the money that you need. >> moving forward, you're
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confident we can get this done before the fiscal cliff. >> i have no doubt we can get this done fp american people spoke loud and clear. they want to see us work together. it can't be the attitude of no way or the highway. keep in mind what the president said. he said he's wide open as far as trying to work out a deal. he's not wedded to his plan. >> sooner rather than later? >> sooner rather than later. we have no choice. >> thank you very much for joining us. really appreciate it. our guest next week will be dr. lilian lowery, state sup intendant of schools. e-mail questions to sunday questions at we'll be right back with more news. first here's nbc's david gregory with a look at what's coming up next on "meet the press." good morning, david. >> good morning. coming up on "meet the press." after the election, a scandal in washington. the abrupt resignation of david petraeus. we have all the details emerging
9:37 am
this weekend about it and including what triggered the investigation. andrea mitchell will join me this morning. and then after the election the new fight in washington is over how to avert the fiscal cliff. i'll be joined by senator chuck shumer of new york to talk about the path forward. then trying to unpack these election results. what does the republican party do now after a stinging defeat for romney and the republicans? our round table weighs in. all coming up
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>> we are live with kenny
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pasternext. what are you cooking? >> we've got a lot of stuff going on this morning. >> we're got the grill. we like to borrow the grill. we like to keep itsome. and classy statement. >> we've got some fritatta, chicken nuggets, a cheese tray. >> go ahead. how du it come together? does everybody blame something? or do you buy it all? >> kind of half and half. this morning we weren't that prepared. we'll go easy, kind of buy stuff to bring. definitely we steal our neighbor's grill sometimes, make stuff, that sort of stuff. >> how excited is everybody? it's been a while since we've had a home game. >> no. yeah, yeah. we were at the last home game. so it's been a while since we got to come out.
9:41 am
we're ready today. >> you guys have games. people play bean bag toss. everybody makes friends. you don't eve vn to know your neighbor to pitch in. >> you make friends as you get here. park next to the same people each week. you get to know people. that's the fun thing about coming to ravens games. >> what's the best thing you saw to eat as you were walking in that you are about to go and sneak some from right now? >> well, that's funny. the people we rode in with were actually talking about cooking bear. i have never eaten bear. >> what? today is a good day to start. we're not playing the bears. >> i have never tried it. i know they're firing it up. i may have to sneak over there. >> get everyone to say go ravens. all right? >> go ravens! >> go ravens!
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>> they're eating bear, tony. >> now your 11 insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> nothing like good bear burger to get you started for the ravens game. 48 degrees at the airport. it is a beautiful sunday morning to say the least. 51 downtown. if you're packing things up, getting ready to head down for tail gating, obviously picked a good day to go to the ravens game. if you're heading down to m&t stadium, temperatures will be in the mid 60s. light southeast wind at seven miles per hour. probably need a light jacket or sweater to start the day. by the time the game starts and you get in the stadium, especially if you're in the sun you may not need a jacket at all. that's gonna bring in the beautiful weather for the next 24 hours. south wind pushing mild temperatures in. there is a strong cold front coming across the midwest. temperatures drop off behind this boundary. out ahead of it, 50s, 60s and
9:43 am
70s. that's what you have on the other side of the front. dropping into the single digits. where the two air masses come together, you get showers and thunderstorms and even snow on the back side of it. rain coming across missouri and iowa is the stuff that's gonna visit us in maryland monday night and tuesday of next week as that front continues to move to the east. in the short term, there's hardly a cloud in the sky. might get some of these high thin clouds to come around later this afternoon. for right now it's clear sky. 51 downtown. only 47 in parkton. 47 in frederick. 48 in rising sun. the forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. going to be a beautiful afternoon. temperatures will be about ten degrees aboefb average for this time of year. upper 60s. sun set at 4:55. seven day forecast. clouds will thicken up tomorrow but it should stay dry during the day. chance of rain coming in with that front monday and tuesday. once that goes through the weather should be quiet. little bit cooler ging into next
9:44 am
weekend with high temperatures in the 50s. >> if you've been looking for some decorating ideas, you might want to check out this book. it's called feel good spaces by sherry burton. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> you are an expert in all of these decorating. are these for the holidays. >> what i'm going to demonstrate for folks out there, couple quick things you can do to decorate and refresh for the holidays. first i'm going to talk about your table scape. all of us are getting ready for that thanksgiving dinner that christmas dinner. so we want to make our space look really nice. what i brought with me today is just a little bit of christmas or in feng shui terms this is the red or fire. and then we're going to put a little bit of metal, a little
9:45 am
bling here to make this look good. and then what i thought i would do is just bring these plates here and a little bit of green for your area. and top it off this way to make it really, really beautiful table scape. >> it's a center piece but it's also something that when your guests arrive, they can see what a beautiful table you have with your plate. you start off your soup, your salad, your other things here and just have something that when they come in, it's like wow. and then you can, you know, add some candles and this really creates an ambience of festival. the next thing.
9:46 am
>> you've got company coming over. >> inexpensive way. >> not necessarily. there easily could be moved. but if you're trying to do something really quickly, get your place together, family and friends are coming over. this is a great way to do it without spending a whole lot of money on redesigning and getting new furniture. >> exactly. this is gorgeous. >> then you can bring in a nice decorative piece like this. nice vase. with some -- >> it doesn't have to cost a
9:47 am
lot. >> no. all of this here was under $150. >> if you look around your house, you might find some of this. >> exactly. you can repurpose for yourself. >> again, the name of the book is "feel good spaces" a guide to decorating your home for body, mind and spirit. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> don't go away. up next sunday brunch. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. time for sunday brunch. first of all, where is your restaurant locateed? >> 1000 lancaster street, upper east baltimore. >> you have a variety of things on your menu. you are making tuscan pasta. >> that's right. >> this looks gorgeous. tell us the ingredients. >> we're gonna start with some canola oil. heat it up in a pan. we have grilled chicken. you can also use shrimp, if you like. and heat that up in a pot. a saute pan. >> go right ahead. just gonna move that a little
9:51 am
bit. >> tomatoes, a brand of roma tomato. basil, garlic and balsamic vinegar. >> we make that from scratch. >> you can buy it already made. just dump it in there. got it. i'm an easy girl. >> we add garlic butter. >> it just smells -- i wish you could smell it in here. it smells so wonderful because you already made the plated dish. your pasta's so beautiful, too. you're just gonna put it right in there? >> that's right. we're gonna toss it all together. there we go. >> this is wonderful. what are some of the other things on your menu. >> giants out. you made that for us in the last hour. this is a huge salad. make our own hummus. everything from scratch.
9:52 am
chicken egg rolls also. >> and you are not necessarily a restaurant but you have other locations across the country. >> as the name suggests the brewery, many different brews on tap. >> that's right. we have five craft beers at any time. usually we have a seasonal beer, too. >> very nice. youe gonna top that off. ifio you'd like a recipe log on to and click on food. send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to hooper avenue, baltimore maryland, 21211. this couldn't have been any easier. you make it look so easy. please stay with us. we'll be right back in just a moment. >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up in sports one thing the oakland raiders have going for them later today against the baltimore ravens. it is only one.
9:53 am
we'll talk
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>> happy game day to you. our 11 insta weather plus forecast is fabulous for today. we'll enjoy the game today. second half of the season kicking off. they're 6-2 on the year. looking good to get to 7-2. they're playing at home. they scored 32 points a game at m&t bank stadium, only 17 when not playing at m&t bank stadium. oakland's coming into the game awful beat up. they do have a quarterback who has a pretty good history of playing in a stadium. >> he's one of those underrated quarterbacks that could make every throw especially if he gets in a groove. you all saw in cincinnati.
9:56 am
i remember vividly, you know, games i thought we had won and carson palmer got in his groove and torched us. >> most notably in 2005 carson palmer with a big come back in the second half against the ravens. that was 2005. he is now 2012. he's with the raiders, a team that's not terribly good and has a running game. it does set up very well indeed for the ravens before next week they head to pittsburgh for an afc north showdown. that's a look at sports. jerry sandusky will have all the highlights at 6 live from m&t. see you then. >> jeff tony would like to know if you can put bear in that. >> using bear? would that work? >> probably not. that doesn't look as good. >> that's not nice to yogi. >> that was the tailgaters, not me. let's look at this one more time. nice day today. 68 degrees.
9:57 am
ten degrees above average. clouds come in monday night and tuesday with a front and that will lock the temperatures back into the 60s. probably the next chance of rain is monday night or tuesday. it looks fantastic. >> thanks for bringing it in. really nice recipe for everyone. have a great day. >> meet the press is next. >> go ravens! >> yeah, man! >> yeah.
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