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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a fight a breaks out at a baltimore county flea market. a good night for the ravens as they finish ahead of the oakland raiders. pasqlus -- >> david petraeus. what his departure means on capitol hill. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is 11 news at
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6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus over an extramarital affair has sent shock waves through washington. the ripple effect is being felt on capitol hill, where they are getting ready to hold hearings on the deadly attack on the american consulate in libya. david petraeus conducted his own investigation. top lawmakers say they want to know what petraeus knows. >> if the general does testify, it will be as a civilian. as president obama saluted veterans at arlington national cemetery -- >> thank you. to honor you. >> washington was consumed with the fall of one of the nation's most celebrated military heroes -- cia director and former general david petraeus step down over an extramarital affair. >> it was like a lightning bolt.
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>> personal e-mails at between petraeus and his biographer it came to light after anonymous e- mails were sent to another woman who worked for the state department. >> mrs. broadwell sent a threatening e-mails to her. she went to the fbi. oh, i can't believe it. but that's what it is. >> in the general is not under investigation but his departure leaves a void just as congress is beginning hearings into the september attacks on the u.s. diplomatic mission in libya. nbc news confirmed patras' conducted his own investigation. >> i do not see how in the world you could find out what happened in benghazi if general petraeus does not testify. >> still trusted by many in washington, he is in a unique position to shed light on benghazi.
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lawmakers want more information on the investigation and want to know why there were not briefed until the general resigned. >> and for our sunday morning "q&a", elijah cummings stop by to discuss his election. during his interview, we asked what he thought of general petraeus's resignation. >> what i noticed in these investigations is you start off with certain conclusions, and a lot of times a factor not match the conclusions. we need to wait and see. you can bet your bottom dollar this matter will be thoroughly investigated and we will come up with the answers, but right now we just got to concentrate on making sure our military is supported, that we get out of afghanistan, and that we take care of our troops. >> congressmen cummings also commented on the fiscal cliff.
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he's for the and the deal would be reached in time. to mark veterans day, the president and the first lady participated in a wreath laying ceremony. before it began, the president hosted a white house breakfast. afterward, they visited section 60 in arlington dedicated to service members who died in iraq and afghanistan. the shared private words with family members. president noted this was the first veterans day since american forces left irqaq. aq. an oversized american flag is flying over dominoes sugar factory tonight. the pole had to be repaired 25 years ago when it was knocked down during the storm. investigators checked out a fight between two groups of people at a flea market in
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dundalk. one man was taken to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. dozens of people witnessed the fight and it left many of the shaken up. >> i just seen the guy laying on the ground and the ambulance coming in. and basically, i was trying to stay away because i did not know what else was going on around here. >> police say two men were arrested but no charges have been filed. >> today was a gem, by november standards, especially after what we have had the past couple of weeks. very nice weather. some changes are on the way it. on our radar, we are clear. some high, thin clouds will make for a pretty sunset this evening. out west, coming into the great lake and approaching chicago and reaching back into iowa, that is a result of a cold front. there's rain and snow in iowa.
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what is behind the cold front gets colder temperatures. a warming trend is short-lived. and rain is in the insta- weather-plus forecast just ahead. sandusky with you. the ravens, together and historical route of the oakland raiders, 55-20. they scored every way unimaginable. they did it early and often and give it to rock the afternoon. we take you to the highlights of the ravens most productive day on offense ever cured second quarter, as ray lewis of cheering from the sidelines. joe flacco went over the middle -3er the ravens had a 17 lead. third quarter, joe flacco finds smith on the first
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possession. 34-10. here is the exclamation mark. it's week 10. he goes 105 untouches. and put saddam out of reach as the ravens go on to win their 15th straight -- and puts them out of reach as the ravens go on to win their 15th straight. they go to pittsburgh next sunday night. >> were not worried about -- we are not worried about next week. tomorrow, we will take our day off and relax and try to get hall figured we have to get ready for a battle. there will be up at next sunset. >> the ravens use of fake field goal. we will share that with you later on in sports. >> thank you. coming up on 11 news, we have this information. two people killed, dozens of houses destroyed.
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overnight explosion in indianapolis. if a plane slides off the runway in colorado. what may have been the reason, as
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>> two people are killed and several houses leveled after an overnight explosion in indianapolis. happened around 11:00 last night, sparking a fire that destroyed three dozen homes. seven people were taken to the hospital with injuries. the names of the victims have not been released and there is no word on a possible cause. a commercial jet slid off the runway saturday at denver international airport. the southwest airlines flight was landing with temperatures near the freezing mark. there were 125 passengers on board.
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passengers were shaken, but no injuries were reported. sharks at an aquarium had a surprise visit. a world champion free diet for jumped into the shark tank. the aquarium's visitors were surprised to see the diver so close to the sea creatures who strike fear in some many of us. she was afraid of them for years but he was able to overcome his fear by swimming with them. a group of a maryland state troopers had up north to help in the recovery effort in superst orm sandy, plus, the ravens helping feed the hungry today. how you can help as well. >> what goes up -- temperatures -- must eventually com edown, especially this time of year. insta-weather-plus forecast coming up here right now, 59 at the airport. we are still in the 60's downtown. .
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>> in new jersey, more than 1750000 homes are still without power in nearly two weeks after superstorm sandy. a convoy maryland state troopers headed north to lend a hand. they will be sworn in as new jersey state police for the next week and will have police powers to assist with anything from
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extra patrols to property recovery and to help the utility companies turn the power on. >> i think seeing the destruction on tv helped prepare a little bit, but it is when you see it in real life that is something that will hit hard. >> the calls for service are up. a, the police officers have lost their homes. we are up there supplementing the local police departments. >> maryland state police say it will get reimbursed by the federal government for the troopers time working up north. meanwhile, the baltimore ravens along with the maryland food bank gather food and funds for the hungry. they're hoping to exceed last year's total of $26,000 to ensure a happy holiday season for families in need. every $1 donation supplies two meals. >> all nonperishable food and monetary donation is staying in maryland.
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there are a lot of people in need in baltimore. it is important to donate. >> more than 460,000 people do not know where their next meal is coming from. if you missed today's opportunity, you can donate on their web site, where every $50 donation buys a chance to win two and so on tickets to the ravens december game against the steelers. you can find a link to their web site on our web site at >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> very nice day today. you can see the end coming up. this will take another day to get here, but there is quite a bit of rain ahead of a very significant cold front coming out of the midwest. the weather this storm is again on tuesday. will not be our nor'easter or merging. it is an old-fashioned cold
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front coming through. you know the storms that we go back and forth with -- the nor'easter, sandy -- we had it before. in 1987, we had 6 inches of snow in baltimore with a big storm that went through. it does happen. but today was one of the nice ones. 66 the high at the airport. we did very well. the record? we did not make that. 77 in 2006. not that long ago. the morning low was 36 degrees, close to the average and no where near the record of 21. right now is 57 in annapolis down in ocean city, on the boardwalk, 55. frederick 61. in the 50's in western maryland, relatively mild temperatures during the day today. the high pressure is 0 for us. but it is moving to the east. one thing, on the west side get more of a breeze and that brings the temperatures up.
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it's colder high into the cold front. here is the satellite imagery. there is the snow behind the front. there is even some pretty good snowfall in up in the dakotas right now. all of that coal there is being dragged in behind the storm. as well below freezing in the dakotas and montana and up in minnesota. 24 at international falls. 32 in kansas secured 59 in chicago. they met our temperature. chicago is cloy to change tonight when the front goes through. temperatures in the 40's overnight. we have seen some high, thin clouds and we will see more scattered cloudiness towards morning. it will not be overcast overnight, but we are working on it. chilly temperatures. any increase would be from the south. during the day tomorrow, there may be sunshine breaks in the morning. but the day will be dominated by clouds. 62 to 66 the high.
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the wind will hold the temperatures up. rain chances hold off until after dark. most of the day will be dry. we will pick up clouds in advance of the cold front. south wins for boaters -- boater, a one to two foot chop. a lot of people might be out. a lot of people have the day off. here is the insta-weather futurecast. tomorrow morning, the upset weather is west of us. we start picking up the clouds and the rain gets closer by monday night. tuesday into wednesday, pretty good rain chances. and moving in is colder air. the 7 day forecast. 65 tomorrow and only 51 on tuesday and 52 on wednesday. the rain is monday night and tuesday. the rest of the week is rain free but a little on the chilly suckered >> sam cook call that a dream come true.
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>> some wins are more fun than others. we are at am and t bank stadium here the ravens routed the raiders. there isot often.. no such thing as a gimme in the nfl. the ravens and knocked it out of the car. >> the ravens will travel 28,000 miles this year. the troubled most of it in
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refers to it. ray lewis firing up his teammates. this is a major blunder for the raiders' record fourth and one, carson palmer tripped. the ravens cash in. joe flacco second quarter -- and wide-open inside the 10 yard line. the ravens tight end. 145 yards. bam. g again.ollin carson palmer -- 55 yard >> in a moment enough baltimore orioles of the third quarter, first try. we watch joe flacco have a one touchdown. he has those photos to tory smith. why not? that a fake field goal? of, my goodness. it may have been a response to
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some trash talking by the raiders. 48-17. for good measure. jones. he barely had to make a cut. 105 yards. the ravens over the raiders, 55- 20 55. the tightens combined for seven catches. they were happy to be part of this offense. quarks and we got called out by the head coach. and we work hard. we want to prove to get the job done. we wanted it back to our original cells, making plays. they have all the confidence in us. i'm trying to get there and be just as good. we had our productivity go up a little bit. >> the productivity went up.
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dennis took a big hit, had to leave the game, i but game,n. >> goo,d nation for the ravens. can they to win. the bengals surprising the giants in cincinnati. rolling to his right. hawkins walks in for the touchdown. 7-0. hawkins would get into the end zone. this highlight. the bangles wiht ha 14-0 lead on the giants. the tight end climbing the ladder, as cincinnati destroyed the giants 31-13. shocker there. >> those are those all-important touched on passes. atlanta undefeated facing the saints. new orleans have one 10-12 in the series. matt ryan, tony gonzalez.
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he may make the hall of fame. drew brees. 21-17, new orleans. back in front. two minutes to play. matt ryan. passed knocked away. the saints have their first loss of the season, 31-27./ of the season, 31-27./ >> you staying wiht us, john of the season, 31-27./ >> you staying wiht us, john wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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tuesday, rain and cold. >> nightly news is next. we will see you back here tonight after the game.
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