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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the suspect tried to flee on foot but he was quickly fouled. charges are pending. the person in the other vehicle support of non-life-threatening injuries. new allegations in the sex scandal involving general david petraeus. >> the pentagon is investigating possible inappropriate conversations between general john allen and the florida woman who triggered the probe into the petraeus investigation. sally kidd is in washington with the latest. >> the pentagon is looking at two years' worth of messages exchanged between what general john allen and jill kelley, a petraeus friend and married mother of three. defense secretary leon panetta says they are looking at 2000 pages of the documents and exchanges between john allen and jill kelley, a former liaison at
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u.s. central command. it described the tone of some of the emails as flirtatious. >> might you right now is, let's see what the investigation turns upper and what the congress and the committees are able to determine as to what exactly took place. when >> kelley's brother said she has done nothing wrong. what she is very dedicated says something like this is just a fluke. what she had complained to the fbi several months ago about receiving threatening emails from paula broadwell, a biographer of david petraeus. petraeus resign dollar friday and. >> this was a personal indiscretion, as far as we know. why someone would be personally indiscrete is their own problem. whether they would do that in an e-mail is beyond my imagination. >> the search her home friday night. general allen has denied any
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wrongdoing in the white house as the president still has faith. >> the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to this country as well as the job he has done in afghanistan. >> pour natoma intended ombudspersons as general allan will remain the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, but his nomination to become the commander of nato has been put on hold pending york, the investigation. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> some members of congress want to know why they and the president were not notified sooner about the petraeus investigation. tomorrow, intelligence committee members will meet with the fbi and cia to go over the investigation including the timeline. congress is returning from a six-week election rate to a long list of unfinished business, number one, the need to figure out how to avoid the fiscal cliff. automatic tax increases and spending cuts defense and
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domestic programs would be triggered automatically. the deadline is january 1st. nancy pelosi will announce whether or not she continues her post doorstep down. they failed to gain the 25 seats needed to win the house majority. >> the issue of religious liberty is a setting up a potential collision course between the obama administration and a group of u.s. catholic bishops. david collins joins us live from downtown where the group met this afternoon. david. >> the president of the conference call -- proclaims the catholic church will never comply with president obama's mandated birth to her -- health care birth control coverage. ♪ make me a channel of your ♪ >> there during attention to the partisan and heated rhetoric protesting our
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side. from the pulpit, giving catholics and up -- an ultimatum. the deliberate 25,000 signature petition calling on church leaders to reconsider the perceived alliance with the gop. >> having letters read out every mass, st. are sold are in a turn of jardine if you vote for a party or candidate that supports an intrinsic evil. >> a majority of catholics voted for barack obama. even as his administration forces religious institutions to provide health insurance plans to provide birth control coverage putting them on a potential collision course with the president. >> the only thing we're certainly prepared to do is not give in. >> debut their support of same- sex marriages the opportunity to retool their message. >> because we're supposed to be good teachers, we're constantly trying to think how we can be more effective and credible in
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the way we present their teachings. >> the threats include mandated health care coverage, providing contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs. but there are those who have revoked licenses of those who refuse to place couples with same-sex couples. they have denied student organizations that is to a group who believes in abstinence. new york city has barred small churches from renting public school on weekends. >> if we abandon the dignity of the human person, how are we going to make any kind of critique about what is good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy? >> churches are exempt from the birth control rules, but their affiliates are not. several dioceses and charities have filed lawsuits against the mandate. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> former maryland lawmaker
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tiffany austin is back in the news. her attorneys say that she should be reinstated to her office. the reasoning? she received probation after completing the 300 hours of community service and paid $800 back to the maryland general assembly for using state money to pay an employee in her law firm. counsel says she was permanently removed from her term after her conviction. that became official when she received a suspended sentence last month. >> we have an update on that shooting at a howard county top gun belt. police are now asking for your help to identify women robbed. authorities are offering a two -- a $200 reward. this happened in columbia. the manager, gary grant, was shot after he confronted some when he felt was suspicious. we are told the suspect were wearing masks. he is listed in critical condition this afternoon. if you have any information that
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could help the police, called them up 410-313-stop. >> alexis simpson stabbed her roommate to death, the prosecutors say. lowell melser joins us live with warren today's testimony. -- with more on today's testimony. >> the both agree that dominique frazier and alexis simpson did not like each other, but that is where the similarities in their stories end. opening statements in the murder trial of 20-year-old alexis simpson, the former bowie state simpson accused of murdering her roommate, dominique frazier. both sides concede the girls did not like each other. the prosecution told the jury that simpson stabbed frazier after an argument concerning loud music frazier was playing in their dormitory suite. the defense attorney for simpson
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says she acted in self-defense and that she was constantly bullied by frazier and other girls. the jury heard testimony from a number of witnesses including family members of simpson. the most emotional came from tyrelle warren testified he was in this week visiting another girl. he, the girl, and frazier were to attend a comedy show on that evening. he said frazier and since and got into a heated argument in the two got into a scuffle over loud music. moments later, warren testified that he began punching out her and he noticed frazier bleeding badly from her neck. he stayed with their s she bled out all the her hand on until paramedics arrived. -- he stayed with her until she bled out. >> what you think about testimony, how is the story is
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playing out, what the rates are saying? >> hollande -- it's really -- it's complicated. it's really complex as to what i ever heard thus far. >> simpson is charged with murder and carrying a deadly weapon. the case is expected to take about one week. live in upper marlboro, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in your report when it comes to leveling the opportunity when it comes to help opportunities. >> the recommendations to reproved. -- improve things from that report. >> school psychologists and the critical role they play in helping students cope. i'm tim to do with that story straight ahead. >> steelers weaker rise with a lot of question marks and around a lot of the stars. -- steelers week arrives with
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questions. >> chilly air coming in to most >> chilly air coming in to most of maryland. let's play:
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>> in your report found a 30- year difference in the life expectancy across census areas in the city. it the disproportionately suffer from a lack of funding the help people be healthy where there is
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a diversity of color. there is a lack of access to healthy food choices and unsafe streets. the offering number of ways to fid things. we should monitor the vulnerable areas and aggressively tackle poverty by fully funding programs that focus on early childhood and economic development. >> more than 35,000 psychologists are now trying to work positively with children in to it -- in schools all across the country. >> tim tooten is live in the newsroom with the story. >> it turns out this is a national school psychology awareness week, a time to highlight the role and responsibilities of these school-based health professionals. >> we're going to go over these several place matters and
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geospacial health. we have to work closely with the communities. >> that was not the story. here's the story for howard county. >> she is the school psychologist in howard county and she said the issue that most students face today go beyond the classroom. >> kids have a variety of needs. they bring in backpacks filled with. from the home, the community, social. . if we do not allow them to "unpack" there backpack, they are not available for learning. what she is wont of 70 school psychologists in place to help deal with problems that often show up in the classroom. that's often the first step to
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helping them overcome their challenges. >> the experiences will continue to shape of them. as an extra optional -- as an instructional team, we were to find a balance with the exposure we find. >> students also face a bit of pressure right side of the school day and which can in part how and when they learned in the classroom. >> you cannot deny the impact that economic challenges have presented for children and their families. we cannot deny the fact that school is tough these days. the demands that we ask students, the attention requirements, the amount of curriculum demands, the amount of content, they are going to be tough. >> demands the students shared throughout howard county. we have more information about the role of school psychologists and national organizations trying to promote that role all on our website,
6:16 pm, and click on educational were lower. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. -- click on educational alert. >> now you're 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> this front is approaching our area and this is what the radar looked like as the rain was starting to break out in areas west of the bay. pretty heavy ellis some locations and heavy rain coming down around parked in. at 6:00 this morning until about 7:00, 8:00, a cop. some pretty good downpours. the system move through pretty quickly now and the skies have begun to clear around most essential and eastern maryland of the front works its way off the coast. now it will come in with some cool, dry air behind it. we picked up almost half an inch of rain today at bwi marshall. a monthly total right now is exactly 0.5 inch for in the
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year. the temperatures have been getting cool and early this morning before was approaching, temperatures will in the 60's but now we're seeing the numbers fall and we may well go below. the lows of card has been 42. i'm pretty sure it will drop if you were degrees before the night is over. 28 degrees right now in garrett county. we will see some 20's north and west of baltimore. clear skies and in northwest breeze out about this evening. it's going to get chile quickly. tomorrow, lots of sunshine unless you are near the great lakes were the cold air coming across will generate some clouds, sprinkle the rain and snow and we will see high pressure clearing the way we see it off to the west of us. a nice, sunny day but it will be chile. temperatures are still going to fail to get to the normal levels tomorrow.
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thursday, to the south, the front regenerative new area of low pressure and some of the cloud cover will get up here. then some brainstorming will be possible and it will stay to the south and east of us but eastern maryland and the coastal areas, the better the chances to get hit with some other char's developing near north carolina. no. carried -- sunny skies chemical temperatures. 47-52 and a no. breeze making it feel even chillier than that. a small craft advisory for wind out of the north. in western maryland mountains, a struggle just to get 40 tomorrow. 20's at night with cold air. eastern shore below normal as well with sunny skies. on wednesday, partially cloudy skies. the seven-day forecast keeps us
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below normal in the chances for rain will be there. until then, just cool and dry. >> from the susquehanna. sports center, this is the 11 sports. >> earlier today, the ravens signed chris johnson to the roster. this has a lingering concern #the injury that kept smith out of the lineup last sunday against the raiders with a groin injury. the ravens will palay the steelers. they have injury issues including to their star quarterback. he has had 2 mri's. and mike tomlin called it "a sprain," but
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he remains elusive whether he will play against the ravens. the backup will start on wednesday practice as the starting quarterback. rivalry week could have a very different look. ward has retired. plenty on the line for the names to shine, namely first place in the afc north. john harbaugh knows the names may change, but the atmosphere does not. >> the below football, there's no greater place to be. -- if you love of football, there's nowhere better to be. those gains of always been great games. we have always felt like it's their rivalry and we continue to consider to be a great rivalry. we are excited to go play.
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we always are. we respect them and we love playing against them. i suspect they feel the same way. >> much more on the ravens showdown with the steelers tonight on "ravens one-on-one." you can hear our interview following tonight's newscast on wbal radio and you can see the conversation tonight at 10:30 on wbal +. the ravens and the steelers sunday night in the spotlight. and gerry sandusky. stay with us. tom tasselmyer has a look at your seven-day forecast after this.
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>> maryland homeowners are angry and frustrated. >> the contractor lied and took their money and they feel the complaint process is dragging on. >> homeowners said they trusted this contractor but once they paid him, he never came back. what they shelled out $3,500 to the man who promised to replace our roof, but he did not do the job. >> this kind of money is not something we can just give away. >> he hired the same contractor and paid him $2,300 to replace
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his route. >> what went wrong? >> the red flag they say they missed, the frustration with the state agency that licenses contractors, and what happens when we tried to talk to the man they hired.
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>> a pretty day today. >> 49 is the high tomorrow and temperatures will stay below normal for most of the next seven days.
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>> we can handle it. >> things for joining us. >> it "nbc news and brian williams of" is next.
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