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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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broken through the roof. they have called a set the alarm on it. of the people in the house have been removed. they are safe. no injuries reported at this time, but they have many more units responding. reporting live from skyteam 11, i am captain roy taylor. >> a tragedy involving a family. whoever is responsible is still at large. more developments have come forward since then. kai reed joins us from headquarters with the very latest. >> well, police say they are actually looking for a group of suspects in what is now a double homicide investigation. investigators were called to the home, shots fired around 9:30 last night. they found three victims with multiple gunshot wounds, including two brothers and their mother.
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they are investigating it. they do not believe it was random, and, in fact, and they believe the victims were targeted. >> three or four suspects, and the victims were shot. what we are asking from the public is any information they have. please call 911 or our homicide detectives. if he were in the area and saw anything suspicious, maybe in the area and saw someone fully, please give us a call. >> the brothers are 19, 23 years old. the mother was shot in the hand and face. police say she is in stable condition tonight. police are looking at three or four suspects and have several ideas as to motive. kai reed, wbal tv 11 news. >> and as many as 40 students on
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board. we have learned that there was an accident between a bus and a pickup truck. this was along route 301. at this hour, first responders tell us they were called to the scene nearby marlboro pike. they're coming back from barack obama elementary school, and all of the injuries appeared to be very minor. >> new at this hour, a suspect involved in an 88-year-old woman, multiple sexual assault cases in the same. . a man is being held at the baltimore detention center. police say he was involved in a violent robbery last month, and since that episode, the police have been able to link them to two other assault cases, one in february of this year. police believe there may be other cases out there, and they are asking anyone with any information to call them.
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>> and the search is on for the man who shot a walmart employees during a robbery early this morning in laurel. we are told they forced the victim into a parking lot outside and then opened fire. 11 news kim dacey joins us with the breaking news. the getaway vehicle fell nearby? >> that is right. police say the van was found just a mile from a year -- from here, engulfed in flames. the release some pictures of the suspect, who is still on the run. four-o'clock 15 wednesday morning, the anne arundel police arrived to find an employee shot in the chest, lying in the parking lot. police believe it started as a robbery when a white man covered in a message went into the store. >> it appears the suspect went into the store and approached the employee, demanding money. that employee complied with
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demands. they met back out in the parking lot, at some point forcing the victim into the parking lot, and for some reason, he shot the employee. >> he was raised to the hospital, and minutes later, there was a report about a car in golfed in flames. >> possibly, it may be the suspects' vehicle. >> we do not know where he is at or what he is doing next. >> news of the robbery has walmart customers on edge. they cannot understand why it happened, and their hearts go out. >> you get the money and go. then they have to shoot him? that is sad. it is really sad. >> it is frightening. a person that is working here, an employee, trying to put some food on the table for his family and get shot.
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a whole thing is awful. >> as police continue to investigate and asked for tips in tracking down the suspect, walmart customers say the shooting will not keep them from shopping here, but it is a wake- up call to be more aware of the surroundings. walmart did release a statement saying, in part, -paid we are concerned about our is this it. -- "we are concerned about our employees." if you have any information, anne arundel county police want to hear from you. reporting live in laurel, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> an investigation into what sparked an early-morning fire at a salvation army thrift store, as flames broke out this morning along east joppa rd.. first responders to 11 news the fire originated in the back of
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the store, but they have been unable to pinpoint exactly what caused it. if we are still waiting on estimates of damages. >> and a woman is being treated for burns to 50% of her body, following a fire that broke out in her home this morning in reisterstown on lake accord. they found heavy flames on the first and second floors of the single-family home, and it took them more than 1.5 hours to get the fire under control. the woman was found on the second floor in cardiac arrest, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. also in reisterstown, a gruesome discovery that has investigators launching an investigation. a man was working when he found a body part. the initial call came in just after 11:00 this morning, but right now, police say they cannot confirm whether the hand is a human hand, or belongs to
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an animal. stay with 11 news as we continue to monitor that investigation. >> not a bad looking day. a few clouds, certainly colder than what you would expect, and temperatures are in the 40's around baltimore now, some 30's of out to the west. we will check the 7-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> all right, tom, thank you. in his first news conference since reelection, president obama said the american people understood what they were getting when they put him back in the white house, someone who backs tax raises on the rich. our 11 news reporter steve handelsman is live in washington with more of mr. obama's plans moving forward. >> good evening from capitol hill. if the president wanted to talk today about the fiscal cliff and
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taxes, he should have talked last week before the words from the cia. president obama wanted to show off the power of the second election, with a tax call on the rich, but that message had a distraction, the situation with david petraeus. >> that classified information was disclosed, that it in any way had any impact on our national security -- >> but the president is withholding judgment on the fbi holding secret. he praised the former cia chief. >> we are safer because of the work that david petraeus is has done. >> issue number two was the fiscal cliff and taxes. >> what i am not going to do is extend further a tax cut for folks who do not need it. >> republicans demand no rate hikes. can there be a deal finally to
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cut deductions? >> i recognize that we're going to have to compromise, and as i said on election night, compromise is hard. >> four americans dead in benghazi. today, a demand of a new investigation and warning the president not to nominate susan rice as his new secretary of state, after rice claimed benghazi was a riot gone wrong. >> to be searched her reputation is outrageous. >> mostly, a victor reaching out to his opponents. and with both sides not very far apart on taxes, the president hopes his re-election tips the balance and gives him some republican votes and the deal he wants to avoid the fiscal cliff. steve handelsman, wbal tv 11
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news. >> still ahead tonight, hundreds second after a meningitis outbreak, and members of a house subcommittee want to know why. >> they sure do, and they also say that outbreak could have been prevented. more from capitol hill when we come back. >> but first, caught on camera. mta and a violent attack. >> how to make your security check-in process go
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>> on 11 news is learning more about how the mta will respond after catching a fight. mta officials tell us they do not plan on filing charges against the driver. this altercation happened on the 40 two middle river. the video has gone virus on the internet, making its way to youtube and tmz. for an arrest, a weapon must be involved, or someone must have been seriously injured. the mta investigation could result in suspension or termination of the driver. for now, she is suspended without pay. if you are looking for a way to go through security faster, the
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tsa is offering what they call express security check-in. that is when it flyers on certain airlines -- there is a catch. >> as most people know, one of the worst parts of the trip can simply be checking in through security. now here at bwi, they have a way you can do it quicker. it is in airports all over the country, and nell is here. passengers literally flying through security at the checkpoint at bwi wednesday, and those passengers could not be happier. >> much easier, and for travelers like ourselves, it is much easier. >> before you get excited, there is a catch. this is already in 32 airports around the country and has now arrived at bwi marshall, for passengers flying alaska,
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american, delta, and u.s. air out of one concourse. >> we want to reward passengers for sharing information about themselves, becoming known to tsa. >> the way it works, citizens lying one of the designated airlines as well as customs and border protection provide information about themselves to the government on line. they get put on a list, and in return, they get a no hassle security check-in. >> we can then spend more time on those who could pose a risk. it is giving those the opportunity. >> bwi marshall airport officials were very excited to get the program, which they say will make for a better all- around passenger experience for those who participate. >> it improves security and customer service. it is good for business. >> so far, 4 million passengers
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have passed through the check area, and that number is expected to go up to 5 million by the end of the year. great news for some passengers, like this woman who says that the pat-down is not a thing of the past. >> if you're in the airport as much as i am, you do not have to take your coat off or your shoes off, and it saves a lot of time. >> to find more, you can go to our website. lowell melser, wbal tv 11 news. >> and we begin tonight's medical alert with details on a congressional committee hearing testimony about the deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis. how it happened and why. today, parties responsible appeared before the committee. we have this story. >> we are heartbroken. we are devastated. >> the congressional hearing began with stirring testimony
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from joyce. her beloved husband of nearly 56 years was one of 32 people who died of fungal meningitis after receiving it contaminated steroid injections for pain. >> it was a nightmare. he was perfectly healthy one moment: and then just so quickly going downhill. >> the violence of injection, later found growing mold, had been shipped all of the country from the compound in center in massachusetts. the president of one group was subpoenaed to appear before the committee, but that is all he did. >> i respectfully decline to answer based upon my rights and privileges. >> and falls into a regulatory black hole. they are it used to make things available specifically for patients. others say the, counting center
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was acting more like a drug center and should have been regulated as such. >> how many are out there labeled as compound and pharmacies that ship thousands of cases of steroids every year? how many? the question was how many. >> we do not know. >> whether the outbreak could have been prevented is up for debate, but now, the fda is asking congress to help them strengthen their policies in an effort to make sure it does not happen again. wbal tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with meteorologist jim tasselmyer. -- with our meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 18 up in northern michigan. around sheboygan in northern
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michigan, temperatures in the teens. charlotte, north carolina, on the border of north and south carolina at 32 degrees. the cold went way down sell today. just below freezing. that is colder than average. we had a chilly afternoon. it really did not warm up that much. it only hit 48. the typical high 57. the record by all of the way up to 77. none of that in our forecast. we are already in the 40's. 41 in hancock, 32 degrees in oakland, and not much -- not much warmer on the eastern shore. they are only at 45 degrees right now. we will see a little high, thin cloudiness. still, generally clear to partly cloudy continuing through most of the night into early thursday morning, so cold again. light winds at 5 miles per hour or less. the sun just went down at 4:52.
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there is a fairly quiet weather pattern, not only here but nationwide. the strongest front we see on the map is way off the coast in central florida, and the high pressure in eastern canada, also settling in into the rocky mountains west. no major storms in the area right now. we will see of this develops into an area of low pressure, and current indications, it would stay farther to the south and east to keep most of the weather out. we will see a little bit of cloud cover, and that is about it. this weather pattern should take us at least into the start of the weekend. the finish of the weekend is still a question. a high of only 47 to 52, again, significantly cooler than normal. light northwest winds at 5 m.p.h.. the bay water temperatures are
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holding in the 50's. western maryland, some cold stuff tonight, only 40 tomorrow, 43 on friday. eastern shore locations, we will stay below normal. a few clouds in the area. a little more cloud cover and even a slight risk of a passing shower around ocean city. generally, cool weather. if you are making the plans ahead, western pennsylvania, right now, for the kickoff of the ravens-steelers game, temperatures in the low 40's. york insta-weather plus around baltimore, a club for a few more days, into the upcoming weekend. showers chances start to increase, and our best chance for light rain will be monday next week. >> all right, tom, thank you. two teenagers face charges, accused of killing a washington- area cab driver. >> and a late october slaying of
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a young mother. >> the ravens catch a break. not fao
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>> well, the ravens are just days away from taking on the steelers. >> and it looks like they will not have to face ben roethlisberger. he suffered an injury and will not be on the field. what does that mean for this week? >> three weeks ago, it was the ravens dealing with key losses, and now, baltimore enters the game with the healthy effect -- being the healthier team. ben roethlisberger has tormented the ravens ever since baxter knocked out tommy maddox in a game in 2004. >> going deep. he is looking for his man. he has got him. >> a 9-5 record against the
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ravens. but after suffering a sprained shoulder and dislocated rib against kansas city monday, the ravens will not have to deal with him sunday night. >> it takes nothing away from them. even without ben roethlisberger, they are still going to play great football. >> we do not really concern ourselves with injuries. we have to concern ourselves with our own team's injuries. >> the last few years, we have seen ben roethlisberger plays through some rather severe injuries, but today, it was expressed two simple words. >> he is out. >> however, the ravens will believe it when they see it. >> the guy played down here a couple of years ago with a broken ankle. i would not rule him out just yet. >> the ravens had gone 4-0
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without him, but yet, three of those games where won by a field goal, including in 2009, and this week, the ravens re-signed one player to the practice squad, helping to get a good look no matter who is there. >> good quarterbacks. obviously, they both bring something totally different to the table. they know he can get it done. >> yes. there will be a backup. mixed results monday night against the chiefs. >> thank you. and our coverage begins with ravens countdown. get everything you need to know right here on tv 11 starting at 6:30. >> how much would people pay for a state of cigarettes? here, they could soon cost as much as $7.
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>> is part of a big increase to tobacco taxes. but first -- >> money is something we just cannot give away, you know, and we trusted them. >> thousands of dollars just gone. maryland homeowners are demanding answers. demanding answers. the i- [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking.
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wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> some maryland homeowners are out thousands of dollars because the contractor allegedly lied about his license, took their money, and ran. now, he is facing criminal charges. >> mindy dessert tracks and down and explains why the homeowners are so frustrated with the state. >> george needed some work done on the work -- on the roof of his cecil county home, so in june, he hired a contractor who said he had been in business for 20 years. did you think he was trustworthy? >> yes. there was no reason not to think so. i was wrong. >> he says he gave a cash deposits plus this check for $2,100 up front. >> he cashed in on june 1, the
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same day i gave it to him, and he said he was going to buy shingles with that. but he never showed up. >> this woman says that man did the same thing for her. here is your contract for roofing repairs and the check she wrote. >> i wrote out a check for $3,500, and he cash that check almost the very next day. >> she says he never came back. >> i feel violated. the money is something we just cannot give away. we trusted him. >> they say they thought he was a licensed contractor. they say he told them he was working under a relative's license. that is a red flag. in maryland, they must be individually license. they cannot work under somebody else's license. that is a crime.
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we tracked him down and tried to talk to him. can we try to talk to you, channel 11 news? >> he did not respond and disappeared into his backyard. we also tried calling, but the person on the other end hung up. they want him shut down. >> i have been in touch with the governor's office and the maryland home improvement council. >> he filed a complaint back in july, but he is frustrated that the process is taking so long. the state recognizes homeowners frustration. >> the vast majority of calls are from homeowners and contractors. they have come to a point where they cannot resolve it between themselves. >> speeding things up with new initiatives that will quickly weed out the less serious complaints. >> if we do that, then we have more time and resources to focus on the very bad actors. >> a criminal charge has been
5:33 pm
filed against the contractor for acting as a contractor without a license. he has asked for a jury trial. and they both got awards in civil court, but the date are not sure they will get their money back. >> you really, really need to take big steps in finding out who you are dealing with. >> for the 11 news i-team, i am mindy dessert. >> for more information on hiring or checking the status of a contractor's license, you can go to our website. click on the i-team. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. looking for the suspects that broke into a home overnight, shooting and killing two young men and wounding their mother. they brought in last night on west lafayette ave. the men, ages 19 and 23 were both shot in the upper body.
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the mother is in critical but stable condition with injuries to her hand and face. police have not yet released a solid description of the suspect. and a medically induced, . last friday, a group of people seen here viciously attacked a 32-year-old in the area of west lombard and howard street. the family says the attack was unprovoked and that it happened near the home. he suffered three skull fractures. anyone with information should call. and more now on the breaking news we told you about at the top of the hour, a home on fire. skyteam 11 is where the flames broke out along the beach one road, and while captain roy was on hand, the fire escalated to to two alarms. we do know everybody made it out
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safely. no word yet on a cause. >> it some have in their way, smokers in maryland will have to pay more for cigarettes. they say they are lobbying with young smokers in mind. tim tooten joins us with details. >> i am told that a pack of cigarettes in maryland will cost about $7, the group trying to get the increase in price to reduce teenage smoking. the goal is to help young smokers kick the habit. >> this will really deterred teenagers and students from buying cigarettes. they are working hard just to buy clothing, and they will not spend another dollar on cigarettes when they already know other people do not want them smoking anyway. >> but for those smoking, the extra money will help pay for health programs. if it becomes law, this will be the fourth such tax on
5:36 pm
cigarettes since 1999. >> we are here to build on that progress. we have a coalition from across the state. we are going to make this happen. >> the number of maryland adult smokers has gone down since the first tobacco tax was put on the books. there has been a decrease for teenagers, as well, but the numbers are starting to rise among those using smokeless tobacco. for now, they say their main focus is cigarettes. >> this is fair, equitable, something we can do, and i would urge the general assembly to move to inactive. -- to enact it. >> our children started smoking when they were teenagers, and my wife and i did everything to stop them, but in the end, the only thing that's stopped them was economics. it got too expensive. whether we can as the blackstone
5:37 pm
of mecca, we are looking to raise this tax to save our children. >> two state lawmakers have already agreed to sponsor a cigarette bill when the session reconvenes early next year. life in the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. two of behind the murder of a city cab driver. >> and now, one of those has been linked to the slaying of a young mother, gunned down while she walked her dog. she walked her dog. >>
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>> covering the nation tonight, three pilots flying to a national safety conference are dead tonight after their small plane crashed into a house in jackson, mississippi overnight. witnesses say the single-engined plane began sputtering, like it was running out of fuel, before crashing and bursting into flames. one of the aviators had asked to return back to the airport, but
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the plane went down just moments later. they are now investigating. >> and a teenager is being tied to two murders, a taxi driver in d.c. and a mother shot while walking her dog. he is in jail, suspected of fatally shooting a d.c. taxicab driver, and gunning down the woman in charles county. also accused in the murder of the taxicab driver, his girlfriend. they say they entered the driver's house and asked to be driven to school. once they arrived, it is said they opened fire. searching their home, they found the gun that was used in the crime. >> it was checked through forensics and ballistic lee was a positive match with the shell casing and ballistic grounds -- ballistically was a positive
5:42 pm
match. >> still ahead tonight, important information to pass along to parents. >> changing the way they regulate instance swings in an effort to prevent death. what you need to know to keep your
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>> coming up for the news at 6:00, the casino, table games, and hundreds of added jobs. plus, questions in the general petraeus scandal. these stories and much more.
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>> tonight, maryland officials are asking president obama to declare a state of emergency. the delegation said the letter a -- the letter to the president, and it would make maryland capable of getting money from fema. the request also seeks public assistance and hazard mitigation funding for all counties in maryland. meanwhile, plenty of help is still needed for thousands of residents, and one carroll county organization has been sending lots of north since sandy hit. the church of the brethren has a long history of helping disaster victims. >> since just after world war
5:46 pm
two, the church of the brethren disaster ministries have been helping people all over the world, and now, they are helping people just up the road. since hurricane sandy hit new jersey, 10 tractor-trailer's have been loaded up here at the church of the brethren service center in new windsor and have been sent on their way. this morning, they were a boxing of supplies, getting ready to send even more. >> we send things all over the world, and this is nice because it is staying in the united states and helping people. it is nice to see that happening. >> they have sent all kinds of materials, from blankets to these kits. >> this is a school kid with some basic supplies for children. we have the baby kit, which provides some clothing, a sweater, diapers, things to use in an emergency, and then the
5:47 pm
hygiene kit, which is a towel and washcloth, for personal hygiene. >> over the years, the employees have packed disaster victims supplies for all over the world. these are going just up interstate 95, two neighbors, and in some cases, to friends. >> you physically know people and have connections with them. it is new york. new york is the center of the u.s. sometimes, and to see all of that damage and to think about people and what they are living in now and a little bit we are able to provide -- another tractor-trailer arrive to this morning. it will be filled, and as long as there is a need, help will be coming from the windsor. >> this is close to home. >> very close to home. it is great to get them out on the road to those who need it. >> rob roblin, wbal tv 11 news.
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>> we were just saying, it looked like a home depot. incredible. amazing. >> lots of stuff. >> very chilly this morning. >> you would know. >> yes, i would. 4:00 this morning, freezing. >> it was chilly, and temperatures below normal. in many areas, we were in the upper 20's to start this day. nine degrees below the average at 57, so, yes, an unusually cool mid-november day. it can get real cold this time of the year. it is cool and will stay that way. temperatures settling back into the low 40's in baltimore, staying in the 30's in the mountains all day long. 38 at the inner harbor. a light breeze. just a hint of some cloud cover.
5:49 pm
that could help to keep the temperature of. the high, thin clouds do not create -- look across the nation. there are no low pressure systems, and this trough of low pressure that is producing the cloud cover we see here, noticed the southern end of the fraud is trying to form. it looks like that might happen tomorrow night, friday morning, but it will probably stay far enough off of the coast to leave us alone. 47 to 52 degrees. on the bay, 5 to 10 knox, and a check of the baltimore harbor, -- going up into the mountains, the next couple of days, take the jacket. 43 friday. the eastern shore, not quite
5:50 pm
that old but still below normal, highs in the 50's. and on the coast, we will see if that low pressure brings any moisture. it looks like right now, mostly cloudy skies. perhaps a sprinkle in the early morning on friday. you see this by the north pole, and that is the really cold air. as we put this in motion for the next few days, none of that has a search for the south. across parts of canada, and we will have some chilly stuff near alaska and the pacific northwest, but the coldest days well to our north, going on into the weekend. this is just seasonably cool. 53 friday and saturday. some showers late sunday, into monday, then tapering off tuesday morning. >> we begin tonight consumer alert with wall street.
5:51 pm
the news is not good. the dow jones closed down nearly 2 wondered points. investors are obviously worried about the so-called fiscal cliff. the s&p end nasdaq closed down. investors are also not drawn much hope from the president's news conference. he once the expansion of the tax cut for all but the highest- income earners. and establishing paid sick leave policies. three groups that advocate for workers are launching a campaign to require paid sick leave in the state, calling it a public health issue. some have no option to take time off with pay if they are ill. 820,000 people. they say that adding mandates could stall job growth. precious cargo. that is what you are transporting when you drive your children around, so a car seat is credit -- a car seat is
5:52 pm
critical, but one in five parents do not even bother to read the directions when installing them. about 75% of the parents install them in correctly. that is the bad news. the good news, it has shown that car seats have reached a milestone. they gave top ratings to more safety seat than ever before, but they only protect your child if you put them in properly. >> there are so many details to look at. this gives them some peace of mind when they come here and know it has been done properly. >> it could be the difference between a child having no injuries and very severe injuries. >> it depends on the height and weight of your child. we have more helpful tips on our website. be sure to click on the consumer alert. meanwhile, if you are considering buying an infant swing, there is a new federal mandatory safety standard for
5:53 pm
them to help improve their safety and help prevent injuries and deaths. it requires testing, more explicit warning levels, and it will take effect in may 2013. between may 2011 and may of this year, they received reports of more than 350 infant swimming related incidents, including two that resulted in death. >> mightier than an oak. the rockefeller christmas tree is particularly symbolic, having survived the wrath of sandy. the spurs was trucked in from out of new jersey this morning, and just weathering the storm was something. the owner lost power but not his prized free, not at least until they cut it down. it will have miles of lights. it will be lit on november 28. major expansion plans on the way for the maryland casino. we are talking about the
5:54 pm
addition of table games and more employees. david collins has the latest, new at 6:00. >> what started off as a pilot program is exploding. next. next.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> e-readers will be available at a library. we have details. >> the free library launched the
5:57 pm
program last year at just two library locations, a pilot program with a handful of books, loaded with 20 titles. >> the first couple of weeks, particularly. you cannot get all of them. >> this pilot program shows us that people want to read, anyway they can. >> now, thanks to a grant from the weinberg association, they will be available for checkout at every library branch. they are using the sony now, and patrons can download any title. >> the beauty is, it will be up to you whenever booking one. whether you want "the hunger games" or "50 shades of gray." >> one of the problems is there were not available for download, but this will change. >> this grant will let us get away from the waiting lines, and you can go online and get what
5:58 pm
you want right away. >> with a free application, you can borrow books, and trained library staff will be there to help. >> the only thing you need is a library card. you have to make sure you have a clean standing with us, and you are free to go. >> you can check out any book for three weeks, and after that, it disappears. they say it is perfect for winter. >> on a cold, wintry night, and you want to read "the hunger games," you have got it and do not even have to step into a library. >> jennifer franciotti, and wbal news. >> that is a long way from the dewey decimal system. here is a look at what is coming up. i just did it myself. >> i am kai reed, live with a story, next. >> and walmart employee is shot, and the suspect is still on bill
5:59 pm
lewis. i am kim dacey, live with the breaking details. >> i am sally kidd in washington. the president weighs in on a scandal engulfing two top generals. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m.. >> good evening, everyone. our big story tonight at 6:00, two young men dead, their mother wounded, in a shooting. >> 11 news reporter kai reed joins us live outside police headquarters. what do they know about this case so far? >> right now, they are looking for a group of suspects in this case, and they believe the victims, two brothers and their mother, were targeted in this case. and deputies responded to a call of shots fired last month, and they found all three victims


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