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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on the incident when 2500 people shut down your throat and sidestreets. >> documents reveal an outland -- outmanned police response on york avenue. david has the latest. >> finger-pointing and new details emerge on the disturbance. refile the public information act request to get these police records and citizens videotaping the event. we might never have gotten the big picture view of how serious and frightening the event was. outmanned and under orders to use restraint and make as few arrests as possible, the police encountered fistfights and roving mobs under a cloud of marijuana smoke on york road. 1300 people shut down the road and sidewalks. this was only the first wave of
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trouble. police from four precincts, investigative unit, the violent crimes unit, maryland state police, and university officers attempted to take control. numerous calls to 911 reveal police have their hands full. >> a huge bite out front. >> towson library. >> a huge bite out front. >> they used canines to push the crowd south. the mob would reform. police reports indicate the problem started when the theater began turning people away from a charity event sponsored by a fraternity. the owners closed the doors when it reached the 600 capacity. the crowd broke the doors trying to get in. the owners used a bullhorn to tell them the event was sold out. no one listened. several people were observed laughing at him. he asked for police assistance. when the capacity crowd left, it
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created a second way. the multitude swelled to 2500 people. bottles breaking added to the cacophony. at least one person was cut but refused treatment. police advised business owners to close for safety and keep patrons inside until order was restored. shots rang out near towson circle. the victim had just left the theater and was walking to his car when he was shot twice. police reports indicate the unruly crowds surrounding officers to prevent them from intervening. police used pepper spray to safely withdraw. one officer suffered a laceration. another officer's face was pounded. several people were arrested for disorderly conduct and assault. the owner of the theater will go before the liquor board to
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defend themselves. this is a show cause hearing on whether license should be revoked. >> police have identified the body identified in the harbor as a professor. elizabeth 0 hearn was found early yesterday morning in the water. first responders took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead three hours later. the cause of her death is under investigation. 10 people are under arrest. 14 others are charged with felony drug crimes tonight. city police in coordination with other agencies and prosecutors made a large bust in west baltimore. the arrests come in the wake of the surge of violence in the neighborhoods. police says there have been an uptick in violent crime including one murder and 10 shootings.
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>> for victims of domestic violence, finding help can be difficult. steps are being taken to change that. a prime example was in towson today. lowell melser has the story. >> in response to the order by the governor, gbmc becomes the seventh hospital in maryland to offer services to treat domestic violence victims and prevent future situations. brown and other officials toured the new domestic violence program. the lieutenant governor has close ties to domestic violence after his cousin was murdered by her estranged boyfriend. >> we will have the professionals to identify the victims of domestic violence and connect them to resources in the community to break the cycle of violence. " the new program is primarily
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being funded by care first. it will offer patients all types of services, including sexual assault. >> the believe reaching out to these individuals is a huge help for the community and getting the victims to of the resources available. >> it is the seventh hospital in the state to offer the program. six others have seen a big success in lowering the domestic violence rate in the state. officials say a lot of times, the program helps to stop domestic violence cases before they escalate and go to court. >> if we can intercede at the early time, maybe we can prevent a more serious crime from happening. >> that is one of the main goals says the lieutenant
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governor. >> i would like to see the day when every hospital has the resources to adopt this type of program. >> for more information on this program, log onto lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tensions continue to boil between israelis and palestinians. the rocket was fired from gaza into jerusalem today. it is the first time jerusalem has been targeted by hamas and shows expanded reach for rockets. no one was injured in the latest attempts. 16,000 reservists have been called up by israel for a possible ground attack in gaza. >> a week after resigning as cia director, general petraeus made his first appearance on capitol hill. he met privately with lawmakers to brief them on the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. according to lawmakers, there
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was little mention of his affair. >> the only glimpse of retired general petraeus was his motorcade racing off after the former cia director briefed committees on the attack in libya. >> his briefing was comprehensive. it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> lawmakers say he told them classified intelligence showed the deadly raid was terrorism. >> they clearly believe it did not arise out of the demonstration. it was not spontaneous. there was clear terrorist involvement. >> petraeus said that as part of the talking points the cia drafted soon after the assault. he suggested it may have been removed. >> the key is there were
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unclassified talking points out a very early stage. i do not think she should be pilloried for this. >> lawmakers say he explained the administration withheld references to terrorist groups in the public talking points to not tip suspects off. >> there is still more on 11 news. >> no more twinkies as hostess goes out of business. a live report coming up. >> the blue jay's show how desperate they have become. >> cooler
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>> the maker of classics is going out of business, as they threatened they would. >> there is a harsh reality for thousands of workers who find nothing sweet about today's news. rob roblin joins us live from one hostess outlet where he spoke with employees. >> there are over 500 stores like this one behind the nationwide. this one has been here for decades. at the hostess store, they were putting out a last boxes of twinkies. do you think somebody else will make them? >> i am sure somebody else will buy it. >> it has got to be real sad.
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>> it is sad, but it is what it is. >> hostess announced this morning they were going out of business, closing 33 bakeries, 570 out was stores, putting nearly 18,500 people out of work. >> i think the bakery could have did better than what they was doing then striking like that. it affects everybody. >> what are you going to do? >> i have no idea. just trying to make the best of it. >> any idea when you will be closed? >> today at 6:00. some stores will be open to get rid of what we have. after that, it will be done. today, 6:00. >> she came here to shop for her office buying up what was left of the cupcakes and ho hos. >> in this economy, i would take a cut in pay instead of not
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having a job at all. >> for the employees, this is a hard day. what will you do? look for a job? how long have you been here? >> 11 years. it is not a good time. it is what it is. have to hope and pray for the best. >> for the customers who have been shopping here for years, it is the employees they worry about. >> the cupcakes are one thing. people losing jobs is another, especially so close to christmas. >> this place was a blessing, a blessing in disguise. this morning i was broke. i needed a loaf of bread. i did have 99 cents. for me, it was a real blessing. >> the employee's tell me next week they will begin looking for a job. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> no. 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> cold temperatures this
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morning. that will be the pattern over the next couple days. the knights will be colder -- nights will be colder than average. 9 in northern new york. single digits in the mountains. 29 around pittsburgh. 26 this morning at bwi marshall. we could get below that tonight. the afternoon higher was only 52. that fell short of the average 56. the record high in 2006 was 76. the record low was 16 in 1996. ocean city has already dropped to 39 degrees. we will see some 20's and the suburbs tonight.
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clear skies and light wind. a great night to see the meteor shower. look away from the city lights. you may see 10 or 12 an hour. they do produce some meteors for viewing. the high-pressure system stretches from eastern canada through the ohio valley. this will consolidate into one area of high pressure. that means dry and cool weather here and in pittsburgh. the ravens will not have any whether problems on sunday. south and east, some developments off of the carolina coast. some developments into virginia. right now, the wet weather stays to the south and east into early next week. sunshine tomorrow. a beautiful november day. a little on the cool side.
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not much of a breeze on the bay. the waves only about 1 foot. if you are rolling into the mountains over the weekend, sunny skies. 40's for the highs. 20's for the lows. classic fall weather in the mountains. the eastern shore, sunny skies to mark. clouds moved in on sunday. that will keep temperatures in the low 50's. at the coast, more clouds. maybe eight sprinkle sunday into monday. the development will get stronger and closer. football in pittsburgh on sunday evening, clear and chilly. when you watch on tv, sometimes you hope for a wintry mix. it will be calm as far as the weather goes on sunday evening. 53 and sunny tomorrow. mostly cloudy and 53 on sunday. partly to mostly cloudy on monday.
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on thanksgiving day, mostly sunny and a comfortable 57. >> from the susquehanna bay sports center, this is 11 sports. >> it is injury report friday. it looks better for the ravens than the steelers. he had his brain surgery. for pittsburgh, ben and others will all miss sunday's game. three touchdowns earned him the fedex player of the week. he could have won its last weekend. the game-winning touchdown. it is the kind of offense we have not seen much on the road. it cannot hurt. sunday night kicks off with the ravens countdown right here. gerry sandusky live as we get you ready for the ravens and
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steelers act one. ravens wrapup will look back on the pivotal season. cameron is not subtle in his confidence heading to the berger -- burgh. >> our guys are a confident group. our bottom line was to get better. past success is a plus for us. we're not relying on anything we've done in the past to win this game. good memories. but memories do not get you far in this business. >> maybe not for the coaches, but they do for fans and media. here is the text question for the week. is this a must win game for the ravens? text yes or no. taking a look at early voting.
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88% consider the sunday game a must win for the ravens. the bluejays made a statement earlier this week when they raided the high-priced talent from miami in a lopsided trade. they are tired of losing. they have gotten melky cabrerea 48 two-year deal. he was suspended for 50 games for violating the steroid policy. the jays will give him $16 million to help their cause in the american league east. toronto was not good last year. they are hoping. the yankees, the race, the red sox, and jays are spending a lot of money. >> maybe someday they will have
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mvp and mvp on steroids. >> a look at the forecast next. stay with us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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>> tonight, at 11:00, and scheduled retirement. we're talking about roscoe bartlett. >> he lost his bid after the sixth district was redrawn. you may not know the deep resume he has and the humble beginnings that have shaped his legacy on capitol hill. we have a preview. >> there is one thing he wants to make perfectly clear. he may be retiring, but it will not be easy. >> i m&a workaholic. i would have liked to have had a cure for it. >> for the 86-year old, serving
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10 terms in congress is just the most recent entry on his resume. a lifelong farmer, he was raised in kentucky so poor his mother made the family clothing out of feed sacks. he grew up to break ground for nasa and the navy. >> my career spanned most of the things you could do in the country from building things to sites to inventing things. >> from his good friend nancy pelosi to being the greatest guy in the gop, roscoe bartlett, the exit interview. he tells us his greatest achievement in washington, his biggest regret, and what he plans to do next. that is tonight at 11:00. kate
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>> the forecast is not bad when the sun is out. >> it was a sunny day. we will do it tomorrow, sunshine and 53. we will watch a storm on the coast. it looks like it will stay away from us with just cloudy skies on tuesday. a big travel day on wednesday ahead of the holiday. we will check on the weather across the nation. it looks quiet. a nice looking thanksgiving day, sunday and 57 degrees. >> that is nice weather. i like it. >> keep it going.
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>> thank you for joining us. >> nightly news is next. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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