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tv   Today  NBC  December 26, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EST

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from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. >> from nbc news, this is a special christmas day edition of "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. usually, we say hello, it's booze-day tuesday. but today we're going to clean it up because it's a holy day for many, many people. happy christmas day, everybody. 2012. merry christmas to everybody. >> merry christmas to you. >> love you, hoda woman. >> you too. hope you guys are having a terrific holiday, you're sitting at home, you've probably just opened the presents, you're enjoying each other. >> yep. >> how do you usually spend your christmas?
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>> usually, we're down in the keys where we've had a little vacation place for years and years and years. how about you, hoda woman? >> it's funny, i remember christmas from when i was just a kid and just how -- do you remember falling asleep the night before christmas, christmas eve? >> so excited. >> and just opening your eyes to see if there was any light out. you wanted to be up so badly. we would sit around the tree my brother and i, my sister too, and wait till our parents woke up because you couldn't wake them up. >> you weren't allowed? >> oh, no. you had to stare at the presents and wait. we learned. but it was -- i just remember the heart thumping, excitement, the wondering what's in the boxes. i loved -- i always loved christmas morning. >> but didn't santa bring those presents and weren't they unwrapped and sitting right there? were you not allowed to touch them? >> they were wrapped. what do you mean? >> santa doesn't wrap presents, does he? >> santa does wrap presents. >> oh. >> yeah, santa wraps -- >> oh. >> see, at our house he doesn't. >> this was one of our favorite christmas traditions. we had the kotb family christmas tree. >> we love this story.
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>> we would have -- because we were lazy and it would stay up until march. in the basement. and i still remember one day the neighbors rang the doorbell and my dad goes, oh, my god, the neighbors are here, get the tree. because the tree was out, decorated. so we unplugged it and ran it, the three of us, into a storage area downstairs and shut it. so we welcomed the people in our house. and then the next christmas we were like, where's the tree? it was already decorated. it was awesome. so we would take the fully decorated tree and put it right back out. and there it was. >> plug it in. wow. >> that's all you've got to do. it was a great christmas tradition. >> i can't compete with that story, hoda. i really, really can't. >> let's talk christmas traditions, shall we? the most obvious of the christmas traditions, which is what? there's santa claus is decorating the tree. here are some others. christmas cards. that's interesting where this started.
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>> i didn't know this story. yeah. >> a guy named sir henry cole, he was an english civil servant, and he at one point was too busy to write out a card for every person, so he had an artist friend of his come and paint beautiful pictures on cards. he would give them out. >> then the card would say a merry christmas and a happy new year to you. mistletoe, a couple different ideas about this. some people say it has the power to bestow fertility. it was also considered a plant of peace under which enemies could declare some sort of a truce or warring spouses could kiss and make up. >> so christmas caroling. >> this i love. >> this started off when people got so bombed, it was drunken hooliganism. the drunks roamed the streets and sang. >> what says christmas more than that? to go around celebrating winter solstice, demanding food and drink under the threat of violence. just like today. the wassail song is an example. this is an amazing story. everybody thinks that rudolph the red-nosed reindeer came about because somebody had a great idea.
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well, they did but in a different way than you think. >> the store montgomery ward every year would hand out coloring books and they decided one year why don't we do our own books? instead of buying them. so there was a guy who worked at montgomery ward. >> he was a copy writer. >> he was trying to think up a story and he thought up rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. >> this was 1939. >> they ended up with a big hit for the kids. i guess the guy who wrote it was kind of a kid who sort of felt left out. he wrote rudolph. for that. >> 2.4 million of the books were given away that year. he'd been bullied as a child. but then later his brother wrote the song, or his brother-in-law, something like that. and then i guess he wasn't -- he didn't have a lot of money. can you back up a little bit to the story, please? you've got to make sure i get this right. in 1947 the store handed over the copyright. can you imagine what that was worth? and the story rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was printed commercially. his brother-in-law, that's when he wrote the song. . it sounds cool, though. >> it's funny to know it came out of the department store,
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that's where rudolph the red-nosed reindeer came about. >> so now you know it all. around the world people do different things, too. in caracas, venezuela churchgoers attend early morning mass between december 16th and december 24th on -- >> roller skates! >> isn't that crazy? they're skating around. the streets are blocked off to traffic till 8:00 a.m. here's the deal. the kids before they go to sleep they tie a piece of string around their toe and they let the string hang all the way out the window out on the street, and the roller skaters tug on it. and it shows like that christmas is coming. >> that's kind of cute. now, in japan the traditional christmas dinner is not sushi. you will not believe. >> yeah, they love in japan kentucky fried chicken. in fact, it's so popular you need a reservation to eat at kfc on christmas. it's one of those things that when you don't have it you crave it and it becomes such a big -- it's such a big hit. >> this one we're going to try here today. in the czech republic on christmas eve unmarried women practice a traditional fortune-telling method to
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predict their relationship status for the upcoming year. you stand with your back -- try it, hoda woman. let's do that one. >> i'll do it. >> you stand with your back what? >> facing the door. >> that door? >> and then what do you do? >> don't kill anthony. you toss one of your shoes over your shoulder. watch the lights. >> does this work if you're divorced too? what happens? >> if it lands with the toe facing the door you're going to get married within the year. >> be careful back here. is someone behind me? >> yes. anthony. anthony, careful. >> toward this way. >> where's the door? >> throw the daggone shoe. it's pointing toward the door. that means -- >> what does it mean? >> if it lands with the heel facing the door, you're in for another year of unmarried status. >> no, what does it mean? but what does it mean? >> it means you're going to be single for the next year, hoda. >> i don't like our christmas
2:12 am
show. that was a ridiculous -- >> all right. we're going to play a little game. >> -- exercise. >> we're going to finish the quote from my favorite christmas movie "it's a wonderful life." >> it's trivia. >> we're playing a trivia game. we have to finish this quote. go. >> look, daddy, every time a bell rings -- >> an angel gets its wings. [ ding ] >> we're so smart. >> i wrote the lyrics to that show. >> yes, you wrote the lyrics to that too. question. who said this? aren't we forgetting the true meaning of christmas? you know, the birth of santa. >> okay. the three choices are? >> roll up, please. >> charlie brown, bart simpson, cosmo kramer. i think it sounds like bart simpson. >> b. it is? >> yes! [ ding ] >> somebody's drinking a lot of eggnog.
2:13 am
here it is. what movie is this quote from? okay. this is extremely important. will you please tell santa that instead of presents this year i just want my family back? is it from "home alone," "christmas vacation," or "how the grinch stole christmas"? >> "home alone." >> i'll say. [ ding ] >> you see? all right. here we go. number 4. >> next time i'd like a chance to get -- >> moving along. who said" santa, o my god, santa's here, i know him, i know him"? is it a, frosty the snowman? b, buddy in elf? c, rudolph the -- >> i'm going to say b, buddy in "elf." >> i remember that. >> yeah! >> who coined -- who coined the holiday festivus? would it be cosmo cramer, george costanza or frank costanza?
2:14 am
. >> it's a trick question. it's one of the costanzas. i'll say george, you say frank. >> c, frank. [ ding ] >> which one is it? >> yay. >> this is your heritage. it's part of who you are. >> if you cannot strike up a conversation at the dinner table, then you've got more problems than that. >> okay. so this is a way if you ever get stadiumed and you're with family members and you don't see often and you don't know what to talk about. >> this is from >> here are some things you can bring up, you pathetic person. >> while eating you can say this. did you know one of five american meals is eaten in a car? >> wow. that's going to start it flowing. while drinking nearly 3/4 of all the fresh water in the world is in canada. >> can you imagine how that would -- >> wow. >> how about this conversation starter? thomas jefferson wrote the first draft of the declaration of independence while drinking beer in a tavern. >> i think that's interesting. >> i do too. but then where do you go from
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there? >> if you're talking sports and you don't know anything to say about sports you say it's about ten times easier to shoot a hole in one while golfing than it is to bowl a perfect 300 game. that's going to make you the life of the party. >> or how about this? at a steady pace of six miles an hour it would take a jogger 173 days to circle the earth. you know what's wrong with these? they make you sound like you're a smartie pants. nobody likes people who know things like that. >> in other words, you're going to clear the room. >> no one enjoys this kind of a person. >> if you're completely lost now and you really, really want to impress people, say this. >> what? >> siberia gets so cold. >> how cold does it get? that's what they say. >> and what do you say? >> that boiling water poured from a pot can freeze before it hits the ground. >> stop it. >> huh? >> okay. anyway, let's wish our little girl sara a happy merry christmas.
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>> with her baby sister sara. >> hi, guys. i'm still highly intrigued by the trivia and taking notes for my dinner party. >> are you enjoying christmas? >> i am. i love christmas. favorite time of the year. >> what will you be doing, doll? >> i will be with my family. and we always eat omelets in the morning, bloody mary's, take a nap. we have our lobster. >> and you've already had your bloody mary this morning before you came to work. >> i usually sleep a little later. right after work i'll do that. >> merry christmas. it's all relative, or should we say relatives. >> how to deal with those awkward family situaons when you get together for the holidays. right after this. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant
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is a little frightening. i weigh myself naked. can i take my clothes off, too? [ woman ] oh, i don't want to look. ♪ [ woman ] let's get it over with. ♪ satisfaction! satisfaction! pizzazz! pizzazz! confidence. i like it! joy! [ female announcer ] tell us... what will you gain when you lose? we asked our facebook fans to send us their problems about awkward family moments during the holidays, and no surprise, your questions and comments are coming in, boy. >> and our little elf sara haines is combing through them
2:19 am
all, and here with some answers are "today" contributor and etiquette expert our friend miss harriet cole and author and "new york times" social cues columnist phil galanes. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. elfie. whoa. >> this one comes from michelle. "i have a single relative that doesn't ever want to come over and spend holidays with us. she is very able-bodied but just chooses to not participate. she expects me to save some leftovers for her so she can enjoy all my hard labors later in the week. i've grown to resent it a little." >> what do you think about that? >> hmm. the resentment's the problem here because she can come over. why not simply call the woman up and say you know, it's hurting my feelings a little bit that you won't come over and join us at least for a drink or snack or something. i don't think that's so bad. >> i think there's more to it. probably she says she's single. it suggests that other people are not. maybe she feels uncomfortable
2:20 am
being with the big crowd. instead of being resentful make a special date with her when the two of you can enjoy the leftovers and kick back, you don't have to be working as much. i think you can make it special recognizing that she may feel uncomfortable. >> with family -- >> she may not want to spend christmas with her. >> i think there's -- >> a lot going on. >> yeah. they're looking for excuses. >> and thanks for reminding her that she's single. >> exactly. >> from a single person. simone, "i am 40 years old. my parents still insist that i call their friends mr. and mrs. so and so when i see them at holiday gatherings." >> i love that. >> "we're all adults now. can i start calling them by their first names?" >> are they southern? that's a thing -- they're so polite. >> if you're 40 years old and the biggest problem you have is your mother wants you to call her friends mrs. i say you've hit a home run this christmas, just go with it, call them mrs. and get over it. >> i'm from baltimore south. we call people whatever we called them when we were young. dr. and mrs. or mr. and mrs. auntie. a lot of people were auntie. we generally don't call people by their first name --
2:21 am
>> it was weird when one of my college friends started calling my mom by her first name and i remember it totally took me back. i remember oh, no, you're not calling her sami. call her mrs. kotb. i thought it was weird. >> the problem is that now little kids, like my daughter calls her teacher by her first name. so because the dynamics have changed -- >> if your parent has got a strong preference give it to her. just give it to her. >> you're a nice man. >> you are. >> jury's out on harriet, but you are a nice man. >> the next question is from rebecca. "i can't stand my brother-in-law. my sister is always telling me about their fights and what a jerk he is. now i don't even want to see him at a family gathering. should i just ignore him? tell him off?" probably not. "or just be nice because it's the holidays." >> i think that you should just keep your distance. be cordial. it's not your problem, even though you love your sister, so you want to protect her. but you know, just -- stay your distance. >> in a situation like this,
2:22 am
too, because i've got brothers, we use each other as confidants. so she's not telling her sister about all the great things he does. she talks to her when he's done something really mean and horrible. >> well, maybe he is mean and horrible. >> but she's only probably hearing half of the relationship. >> we've all had that when a very good friend complains about their boyfriend then they're back in love with them and you're mad at them. still. >> yeah. >> unless you think you need to call the police you keep your mouth shut. >> i say smile. it's christmas and we've got an elf. what else do you want? >> i think that may be it, miss sara. we're all wrapped up. >> that's it? aw. >> so sad. thank you. >> it's a metaphor for life. it eventually runs out. thank you, miss elf. >> merry christmas. it's one of the most amazing christmas festivals in the pacific northwest. >> yeah, sara goes to christmas town right after this. how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater;
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it's time for "sara breaks out of the city." and this holiday season she went to a christmas town in the
2:27 am
mountains. >> the town of leavenworth, washington is one of the most festive places in the whole country. >> it sure is. and with its popular christmas lights and famous bavarian community visiting is like walking into a snow globe. ♪ >> every morning in leavenworth, washington the day starts with the sound of an alp horn. >> what is the symbolism of this horn? >> mostly traditionally folks understand this as being a communication piece from one mountainside to another mountainside. ♪ ricola >> the german influence is everywhere, drawing thousands of visitors every year to the town's famous christmas festivities. >> i am with the edelweiss tanzgruppe. >> what does that mean? >> it's german for dance group. >> oh, that's all -- >> step close, step hop. ♪ la, la, la ♪ la, la, la
2:28 am
>> icicle ridge vineyard produces 30 types of vine, but today their merlot is being heated with sugar, cinnamon, and orange rind for a traditional german drink called gluhwein. >> pour it in we'll let it warm up. we don't, absolutely don't want the alcohol to boil out. >> is it warm enough? >> mm. you had me when it was cold, though. >> back in town it's time for the main event. almost 15,000 visitors pack the streets to see the unveiling of 400,000 individual lights. cory mckenna is under the main stage ready to flip the switch. at the big moment. >> have you seen chevy chase's "christmas vacation"? >> yeah. >> do you ever feel the guy that when he does this part -- >> hoping that it doesn't all explode? >> yeah. >> yes. every single time i flip the switch i feel like that. >> four, three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] whoo!
2:29 am
♪ jingle bells >> father christmas, st. nicholas, and even rudolph all spread the christmas spirit. even though there's not enough snow to sled, i have a better way to end the night. check out the sled i've got to take me home. oh, not that one. this one. happy christmas. >> now, you don't need christmas carols, a major light show, or even snow to celebrate christmas, but after going to leavenworth i can say it definitely doesn't hurt. >> very cool. >> beautiful. >> magical. >> thank you, sara. >> thank you, honey. >> all right, sing that song. willie geist is going to put your knowledge, or our knowledge of christmas carols to the test. >> and julie scardina is here with a winter wonderland of animals. >> oh, a camel. oh, don't kiss that one. oh, do it, i dare you. >> oh! julie. >> and something else. >> they're adorable. we're having crepes for breakfast. >> all after your local news.
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we're back with today's call of the wild and sea world and busch gardens ambassador julie scardina. >> she's here with a bunch of santa's helpers from around the world. you have the best group of animals today. we should point out. >> who do we have here? >> of course a lot of people don't realize it's warm in some places around the world when they're celebrating christmas. so we thought we'd start there. the place down under. this little joey, only six months old right now, but when he's full grown he's going to be about six feet tall and 150 pounds. >> will he be sweet by then or -- >> well, you know what's great is one of my favorite places at busch gardens is kangaloo where you can go and meet and feed the kangaroos. all of them have been conditioned to be around people. i know. he's at that age where he wants to kind of come and go. we're going to go ahead and move on to the next little guy. go this way. and you know what? you guys -- >> look at this.
2:33 am
>> -- loved maxine so much from the last time she was here. >> does she talk? >> yeah. come here. oh, that's a good birdie. can you say hello? >> hello. >> can she say kathie lee? >> she says "i'm eating a peanut right now, i can't say anything with my mouth full. but i'm a fast eater. >> tell us about her. she's such an intelligent bird. you're intelligent, aren't you? she's very talented. she can even dance. yes! come here, sweetie. >> what a sweetie. >> and you know what, because it's christmas of course we had to come and have her decorate the tree, right? that's right. why don't you get a candy cane? >> are you kidding me? >> and go put it on the tree. is that better? >> no. she said no. she'll let you know when she's ready. >> why don't you put the candy cane on the tree for me? okay. yes. that's how smart she is. you're so smart. whoo!
2:34 am
>> it was not in my contract. i'm not doing it. >> bye, everybody. wave good-bye. >> okay. >> adorable. thank you, maxine. >> where's the lion cub? >> here it comes. >> oh. >> now, of course many people may not associate lions with christmas. >> oh, my gosh. >> but who hasn't heard of the lion laying with the lamb? >> that's exactly right. >> and that is a symbol of peace around the world. so we thought what a better animal to bring than a symbol of peace. now, this little girl here actually is just about nine or ten weeks old. >> don't worry, honey. it's okay. it will be all right. >> lions grow fast, though. >> they eat. >> she's going to be probably about 0 pounds -- do we have a bottle here for her? there we go. let's try to give her the bottle. >> there we go. how about this? she's talking here. >> ooh. sorry.
2:35 am
>> we're not good at feeding things. i don't know how to do it, okay? >> unfortunately, there's only about 30,000 lions in africa. we want to support lion conservation just like sea world and busch gardens -- >> bring on the camel. ♪ we three kings of orient are >> can i just point out there's a camel in studio 1a? what's better than that? >> it's eating the tree. that is so funny. because you know what? camels survive on just about anything because of course they're so well adapted for the desert. they're actually -- the only animal which has replaced the wheel. these guys know how to conserve water. they know how to -- >> is it true they keep it in their hump? >> no, you know what? the hump is actually fat. but that's what they convert to energy. and that's how come they can go for such long periods of time without food or water. >> do you see the egyptian connection happening between me
2:36 am
and the camel? >> we've got to bring out our final animal. rudolph is coming. >> look at this. >> a reindeer. >> look at the rack on that one. >> that is amazing. now, what you're saying is this is a male. it's a male with a rack. believe it or not it's a male with a rack. but the males have these gorgeous racks. they do fall off around this time of year. but they do -- he's rubbing off the velvet. >> but they always get caught in brush and stuff, don't they? >> that's true. but you know what, it's an impressive display, and it's what the females love. and it can show that they're very fit. this is, i'll tell you, a very healthy reindeer right there. >> julie, thank you so much. merry christmas, guys. what a great segment. >> all right. how well do you know your christmas carols? >> we're going to put your knowledge to the test right after this. >> willie geist. [ male announcer ] playing in the nfl is tough.
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♪ it's the most wonderful time it is christmas day. what better way to celebrate than with a little holiday competition? >> our knowledge of christmas carols. co-host of the third hour of "today," big willie geist. >> hey, willie. >> i want to point out this is a giant hat. >> this is a miracle hoda fits hers. >> it's the first hat ever that fits her. >> you, me, and willard scott. >> matching giant heads. the two of us. let's get serious for a moment. it is christmas. so this is christmas carol trivia. our first question. my favorite christmas carol personally, "little drummer boy." true or false? this is also one of david bowie's favorite christmas songs. >> of course it's true. of course it is. >> oh, you -- >> false.
2:42 am
that is correct. it is false. >> you are not taking this. david bowie hated this famous rendition so much he made the writers rework the song right before he recorded the famous duet with bing crosby, peace on earth, little drummer boy. hated the song. sang it with bing crosby, anyway. you're hearing it now. >> she does not get a point for that. >> she said true and i said false. that's the way it works. >> second question, which movie made the mariah carey song "all i want for christmas is you" so well known? >> "love actually." >> boom. >> that is my movie. >> everybody loves that movie. i've never seen it. >> it was sung at the end of the movie by actress olivia olsen. well done. this is a tough one. a lot of thinking here. >> can you list all the gifts given in the song "12 days of christmas"? >> oh, we don't have the time for that. start with 12. work together. >> do they have to be in order? >> first one is partridge in a pear tree. two, lords a leaping. maids a milking. swans a-swimming. >> five golden rings.
2:43 am
>> geese a laying. everybody laying. >> two turtle doves. and a partridge in a pear tree. >> i'm completely lost. credit to both of you. no idea what just happened. ♪ 12 drummers drumming ♪ 11 pipers piping >> 10 lords a leaping ♪ >> finish the lyrics from this song. listen first and then finish. "carol of the bells." ♪ hark hear will bells sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to fade >> no, could we hear the song? ♪ la, la, la, la ♪ >> that's enough. >> very, very close. good enough for me. kathie gets that one. >> wait, how many do i have? >> next one. who was the first person to record the song "have yourself a merry little christmas" as sung here by kathie lee gifford? >> oh, let's listen before we do that. >> judy garland in "meet me in
2:44 am
st. louis." >> i'm going to give you credit for that. it's not true but i'm going to give you credit. because here's why. the song was introduced by julie garland in the musical "meet me in st. louis" but recorded first by who? >> frank sinatra. >> but kathy gets that >> she's wrong. you're totally cheating with kathie lee. >> what is the single most recorded holiday song? >> "jingle bells." >> incorrect. >> silent -- christmas song? or christmas carol? >> you don't ask -- >> silent night. >> incorrect. >> "white christmas." >> yes. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> she does not get a point for that. this game is rigged. on christmas? you're cheating on christmas. it's sad. go back to 4. back to 4. >> we're going to play by hoda kotb rules, which is to say if she gets the last question right she wins.
2:45 am
>> double or nothing. >> here it is. it's triple or nothing or whatever you want to call it. last question. what are the names of all 12 of santa's reindeer from the song rudolph the red-nosed reindeer? >> come dancer and prancer and comet and cupid. >> vixen. >> uh-huh. >> and rudolph and donder. it's not even donor. it's donder. and blitzen. >> did you say dasher? >> yes. >> that's 12. >> i won! no, kathie wins. >> my cd. >> kathie wins. >> kathie lee gifford's 1994 album "it's christmas time." >> i don't have one of these. >> i did this for warner brothers so many years ago. it sold like pancakes. >> cannot pull back the curtain on the game show a little bit? >> yeah. >> we couldn't find an original copy. so we burned the cd and recreated the cover art. >> it's what i'm saying.
2:46 am
it's a true story. >> willie, we love you. >> merry christmas. >> oh, willie, god bless you. merry christmas to you. >> start your christmas right. >> we're making crepes for breakfast. right after this. ♪ got to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside
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now in "today's holiday kitchen," santa took care of delivering the presents last night, but what about breakfast? >> here with two quick and simple recipes that are sure to please the kids of all ages is gavin kaysen. the executive chef at cafe boulud in new york city. which is fantastic. perfect for the morning, huh? >> yeah. thanks for having me. >> with the fancy name people might think it's difficult to make. >> but you know, the thing is for me that this is actually easier than pancakes. >> why? >> it's flour. it's eggs, powdered sugar and milk. so i have those things in my kitchen at any given time. and it's very easy to make. so in this case we're just going
2:51 am
to take the flour and the powdered sugar, mix these two together. >> so far even hoda can do it. >> hey, i'm here. standing here in the kitchen. >> and then add the eggs. you want to pour the milk in? >> whole milk you're using? >> this is whole milk. >> could you cut back a little bit? >> sure. you could also put in some buttermilk too if you wanted to. change it up a little. then you're going to mix this up. >> almond milk? >> almond milk would work. absolutely. >> soy. >> stop asking about milk. >> what else do you want? dry milk? instant milk? that's all i've got. the thing too about crepes for me is when i used to live in switzerland during the holidays crepes was always the thing i would smell because everybody was making these. so this gets mixed up. strain it, put it in there. >> what are you straining out? >> you're just straining out all the flour lumps. and then you're going to add the crepe batter here. >> oh. look at that. beautiful. >> and just a little bit -- >> they're really quick, too, right? >> really quick.
2:52 am
move it around like that. and then let's just turn it down a little bit. and we're going to let that cook. and let's move to this. we're going to do two fillings. one is a ricotta filling. ricotta cheese. some powdered sugar. some mascarpone cheese. >> we're not counting calories. >> not today. >> it's christmas, right? a lot of energy. you had to open up all the gifts. >> egg yolks. >> egg yolks. and lemmon lemon and vanilla. you're also going to bake them. all right? let's just mix this up. >> what do we do with this as it gets -- >> you want to flip it? >> i don't think i -- it's not ready to be flipped, is it? it's not ready. are you using your fingers? ah. >> there we go. we're good to go. that was easy, right? you've got nails. you can do that. >> then you just fill it with this concoction? >> let's put it up here. what have you got there? that one is with apple butter.
2:53 am
apple butter, walnuts. put a little in the crepe -- >> you have raw eggs in these. so you have to -- >> that's right. just like this. fold here. fold here. come over. and they're done. >> bake it. >> raw eggs in there. you have to. seven minutes. at 350 degrees. >> sara. you could leave like a bite for somebody. >> sara, it's okay. i'll make you some more. don't worry. this is apple butter. >> we're going to taste while we rock and roll. thank you so much. >> recipes on our website, >> we'll be back with more of "today." but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ and since we've no place to go ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ it's the real deal! [ man #1 ] turn it around! turn it around! [ woman #1 ] over here! over here! [ woman #2 ] turn around! turn around! [ woman #1 ] i love you! i can't believe it's not butter! neither can i. turn the tub around!
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>> now a look back at some of the moments we've had on "today."
2:57 am
>> along with the names of all the people who worked so hard to bring it to you each and every morning. merry christmas, everyone. and as tiny tim said, god bless us, everyone. >> merry christmas. bye-bye. >> merry christmas. ♪ we are ♪ we are not your ordinary ♪ we can all agree ♪ that we are, we are ♪ close as close can be ♪ so it don't matter what it is ♪ we got every kind of love we're so lucky indeed ♪ ♪ we are, we are ♪ family ♪ we are ♪ ♪ we are family family family ♪
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