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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking developments involving the health of former president george h. w. bush. according to a spokesman, the 41st president is in an intensive care unit at a houston hospital. he has been there for more than a month with bronchitis the was admitted to the i see you on sunday after a series of medical setbacks, including a fever. he is said to be in guarded condition and his doctors are cautiously optimistic. the spokesman said the former president is alert, talking with medical staff, and surrounded by his family. now to the weather. highway administration officials want to remind people to be extra cautious on the roads tomorrow, especially before dawn. near freezing temperatures could affect parts of the state. officials are warning damp roads and fog could create icy conditions just as the morning rush begins. our first measurable snow fall of the season started this morning as an icy mixed, with
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sleek, turning to snow, then changing back once more. let's check in with army urologist or more. >> quite a day to day. even have thunderstorms across the eastern shore. things have settled down now. temperature generally above freezing around baltimore. we will see rain showers off and on tonight. temperatures will drop off from the northwest to the southeast. when you wake up tomorrow, could be a few spots that have a little bit of ice and maybe a few snow hours -- snow showers. when gusts could get up to 40 mph. another storm is on the way. we will show you that in a few minutes. this big storm caused a bunch of flight delays. we will send it over to georgia let us at bwi -- over to georgia at bwi. >> the weather has made
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traveling difficult in and out of baltimore delays. delays and cancellations continue at this hour. for those lucky enough to get on a plan today, they tell me it was a scary right. >> it was one of those days to travel but mother nature had other ideas. >> we decided to spend christmas in las vegas. today the odds were not with us. >> this family's flight from las vegas to baltimore made it but their final leg to connecticut was like the more the victim hundred flights nationwide on wednesday -- canceled because of a massive winter storm. >> we are happy to be on the ground. it was kind of rough up there. we are sort of a grateful to be here. >> bw i airport experienced on average 1-2 hour departure delays because of the first winter mix of the season. the weather here improve but nationwide travel did not, causing visitors to remind --
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wonder when their return flights would take off. like is that expect delays some -- >> it was it6:55 now at 9:20. >> it was a chance to get those snow supplies you have a meeting to buy. >> i am looking for it to freeze tonight. i will be prepared for it. >> or to enjoy this season's first snow. mack live here at airport. tony mentioned as wind gusts. that is the primary reason why it many airports are still seen delays and cancellations. live at bwi. >> thank you. in glenn bernie, frightening moments for a family and friends after a tree fell on their home. it crashed into the roof of this house about 7:00 tonight. 5 people were there inside at
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the time but nobody was hurt. jason bower says he was playing his xbox when the house shook. >> the house vibrated. we heard a big boom. i thought that was an earthquake. >> fire officials say it is not clear right now whether this incident is weather-related. everybody is out of the house and in a hotel room for the night. you can track storms with our iphone and android apps. you can see interactive radar in full screening at the forecast every day at one man is dead after a police involved shooting dead a carroll county. authorities say edward becker jr. was shot and killed after a confrontation with taneytown police. police were called to the unit block of commerce street around 8:00 and the christmas night after one of his parents called report their son had been drinking and smashing windows with a hammer. police say he ignored repeated
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commands to put the hammer down. >> once he got within arm's length of one of the officers and raised the hammer, the officer feared for his life, to charge one round from his service weapon, striking the man in the upper torso. >> becker later died at the hospital. the officer is on routine administrative leave pending an investigation. baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that happened before 5:30 in east baltimore. it found a man to a been shot in the stomach and was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. investigators have not to release the identity of the victim or a possible motive or suspects. he used a cll phone to make is frantic call for a couple of police showed up, the arrested dion ware, charging him with murdering his infant son. >> indicted by a baltimore city
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grand jury, 20-year-old dion ware remained in central booking. charges -- murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and child abuse. it was november 26 when police arrived at this apartment building. they found ware on the front steps with his 7 week old son kearri. he asked someone passing by to use a cell phone to call 911. according to a document, we are told police said he checked on his son and notice the infant was making a strange noise. ware told police he picked up as sun and try to resuscitate him by giving him cpr. he realized he was pushing too hard. the next day, ware talk to detectives. he admitted holding his son and claims as it tried to put him into the playpen, the boy fell out of his arm and hit his right side on the rail. then fell to the hardwood floor,
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striking his face. ware told investigators he picked up the sun and put him in the playpen. during a later check, he noticed the child was having trouble breathing. ware told police he observed kearri will not breathing and attempted to perform cpr but could not revive him. autopsy results show the infant had multiple factor do ribs, liver lacerations, other injuries and bruises. the examiner's office ruled the death a homicide. a medical examiner determined the injuries the child received were not consistent with injuries that he would have sustained had he simply been dropped to the floor. >> a financial storm of sorts is looming tonight at the deadline to avoid having the economy go over the fiscal cliff nears. as president obama is on his way back to washington, some lawmakers are also expected to get back to the nation's capital. >> with just five days left to
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reach an agreement, doubts are growing the white house and republicans can cut a deal in time. after spending part of his christmas holiday visiting troops in hawaii, president obama to resume but the talks. congressional aides said the holiday did not bring much progress and form on the initiations have yet to be scheduled. the senate is to attend the session thursday. when the house will reconvene is still uncertain. >> we were talking about the debt ceiling and it came down the 12 hour, the final few minutes before the deadline to get a full-fledged a grim past. >> some economists fear the combination of budget cuts and higher taxes could trigger another recession, as consumers cut back on spending. others said the deadline is not as firm. congress could pass a temporary measure early in the new year doubled will back any changes. political analysts warn some
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consequences may be immediate. there may be a tremendous response from financial markets and the stock market. that would alarm everybody. stock prices are hearty dropping friday after a plan -- are already dropping after a plan. a poll shows nearly half of americans are doubtful the sides can settle their differences. >> taxes will go up and the 30 million households at least. that is something politicians will respond to it. >> house republican leaders called on the senate to pass two bills this it would avoid the as a booklet. republicans said the lines of communications are still open but the house will not react until the senate does. >> as we ring in the new year next week, maryland will enact new laws. some key provisions that go into effect on the first. >> about a dozen state laws will
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go into effect when the clock reaches midnight next tuesday. we picked a few of them to highlight some of them may have heard about already. some of them, maybe not. with any new year comes new opportunities, new experiences, and new laws. after a contentious battle, gay couples and the maryland will be able to say "i do" on january 1. couples will not go into affect until 2013 -- marriage licenses will not go into affect until 2013. elections will not be held on the same cycle as presidential elections in baltimore. it will some be easier for veterans to prove they served. the department of veterans affairs will be required to give them set -- something to prove their status. dibble half included on their driver's licenses as long as they have the proper identification -- they will have to include it on their driver's licenses as long as they have
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the proper identification. a parent or guardian will have the right to freeze a child credit report. >> it will take a little bit of time. what the credit bureaus will want to make sure is that that parent our guardian have the right to be able to freeze it? >> the process of authentication will be given to all three credit peres. advocates hope will protect foster children who are especially vulnerable. >> we are open the credit bureaus will be able to get data sharing said they can either freeze them in mass or help them get access to their credit report. adults could already freeze their credit reports it is suspect they could be victims of identity theft. maryland is the first state to pass a law allowing minors that same privilege. >> thanks. it will be open for business and never close again. the landmark day on tap for
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maryland live. this is how some do it in peru. >> one big storm pulls away. another one on the horizon. we will talk about that. a little bit of light
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casinomaryland's largest opens tomorrow morning, it will never close again. anne arundel county 24 hour operation begins thursday at 8:00 a.m.. the change comes after maryland voters voted. the other two casinos, hollywood, and oceans down, will open overnight on weekends only for now. fliers we have an easier time getting through security checkpoints at the airport in the coming years. a pilot program lets average traveler's hurry to their plans without having to take out the goods or remove their shoes. although you may not have to remove items, travelers must first get past a bomb sniffing dog and an agent train to the suspect -- detect suspicious behavior. did ms. pert nelson mandela. the 94-year-old has been -- good
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news for nelson mandela. the 94 year old has been released from hospital. a spokesperson says he will receive more medical treatment at his home in johannesburg until a fully recovers. today marks the first night of quanta -- kwanazaa. celebrate african-american culture and heritage. each seven days are dedicated to a core principle. tonight centers on unity. kwanzaa culminates with a feast and gift giving. santa left something special in missouri. the newborns were wrapped in christmas stockings this year. the hospital says it creates a warm and festive environment for families at a hospital. that is really cute.
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sometimes to attract the ladies', a direct approach may work best. you cannot get much more blunt than 82-year-old sandy of oregon. he wants a wife and wants everyone to know it. he figures an unconventional approach may work a dent in his favor. he often forgets he is wearing the sign. >> i'd like to apply for your leftovers. of ladies? you're looking for a wide? >> oh, yes. >> the lucky lady must be older than 60, love books, and have a sense of humor he says he will bend on one roll. >> it a gorgeous 40 or 50 year- old came along and said i am too young but i want to do this, i would probably do it. >> he had been married three
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times and divorced three times but does not think that to be a red flag for potential companions. hopefully he will never after -- have to resolve differences like people in peru are accustomed to. a festival where people gather to settle a score at the end of the year. the fights are generally in good spirits competitors shaking hands and hugging after they pummel each other. the fights are apparently ranging from legal disputes to stolen lovers. >> my goodness. what if you did not like the way i did the weather. could you pick someboyd more suited to my weight class? >> interesting concept. >> let's talk some weather here. an interesting day to day. you can lease a debt.
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we saw just about every kind of weather in maryland today. from snow to sleet to freezing rain and thunderstorms across the lower eastern shore. now things are pretty quiet. let's take a look back. 3 inches in parkton. 2.5 in bel air. the temperature started to climb. the rose gradually improve. right now the temperatures for the most part are around baltimore, way above freezing. 51 in annapolis. 45 at the airport are colder in the northwest suburbs. i think the cold air will start to come back in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. the center of the storm is moving right up across the baltimore area. selling some warm air up the eastern shore with temperatures in the 50's. starting to dry colder air from pennsylvania and western maryland. 27 in frostburg. temperatures will fall off over
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the next few hours. there's still a possibility tomorrow morning of icing gouing ing on. to weather advisory still in effect for frederick and maybe carroll counties. at the cold air wrapped in, it will catch what is left of the moisture as the storm pulls away. could a couple snow showers. can see that happening now. light rain around baltimore. in the 40's. light snow west of hagerstown. that rain snow line will go from west to east. if we see snow tomorrow morning, it will be light and not cause any problems jarrett earlier it winds were gusting close to 40. at a storm blows away, it will wrap and some big wins behind a during the day tomorrow i wind advisory in effect thursday.
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gusts up to 40, especially in the morning. then they will settle down in the evening. another storm on saturday. this one coming across the rocky mountains. not quite as impressive. mostly snow. we will talk about that in a moment. a chance for a sheesh -- for a few showers tonight. when do with temperatures in the low-mid 30 present. when you wake up, it will not warm up to much tomorrow. a chance for a snow shower in the morning. a windy day. friday, and dry. that storm on saturday. this is a much weaker storm but it will be mostly snow. still too early to say how much. high temperature, 38. a couple of rain or snow showers on new year's day but that does that look like a big deal either. >> the ravens are well represented on pro bowl select .
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>> now, 11 sports. >> the ravens activated ray
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lewis this afternoon. he participated fully in practice. he will not play sunday in cincinnati. waiting for the playoff game the following week. baker this of weather, they reached a big game because -- regardless of whether, they reached a big game because ray lewis earned his third trip to the bowl. 10 total touchdowns. the man who helped lead the way for rice caught a few balls along thehi way alongs third pro bowl. jacoby downs. first season as a ravens. 3 times he took it back to the house. ed reid. he made start. >> most of us look at it like it is a team thing. we all take pride in that period
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when the guy makes an offense, all the guys in offense feel like they were a part of that. it is a big deal. >> your full list of ravens the pro bowl. reid, rice, marshall, the trip for jones. and bernard pollard, a first alternate. the have the third most players in thirdafc behind houston and new england. -- they have the third most players in the afc behind houston and new england. the ravens cannot buy -- should they give everything they have to win a somewhat meaningless game? football and let them off the
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gas to not go together. the idea to send a message to a division. rice says a play that worked remains to be done. >> c. start something, you have to finish it. our goal is to win a division and control it. we did our thing against cleveland, but with pittsburgh. right now we are 10 -- 1 and 0 vs. cincinnati. >> how about a look to the 2013 season? who and where the ravens will play. w. hen. the nine divisional home games include new england, the jets, green bay, minnesota, and houston. the ravens have an easier gold schedule. they travel to buffalo, miami, chicago, detroit, and denver next season. dates and times announced late april. the wizards to another solid
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step forward. washington hosting cleveland. what we saw at verizon center -- second quarter. yeah, that's not gonna work. fourth quarter. gee gets it right. in for the slam. a tight game. the wiz taking it one point lead. under 30 seconds to play. tristan thompson. washington falls 87-84. 3 and 223 hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqq
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will be a lot better than they were earlier. you might wake up tomorrow morning to a rain or snow shower but it will not be like yesterday. it will be windy. dry weather day on friday. perhaps another storm on saturday. that does not look as strong as this one. mostly snow. crack is been a nice snow stand which -- it has been a nice snow s
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- matt damon, from the new movie, "zero dark thirty," chris pratt,


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