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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 30, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> but a cold day today but >> announcer: welcome to the "wendy's postgame report." things will improve as we head here now, bob costas. toward the new year. this is the set up now. high pressure on the east coast. the redskins ride a seven-game winning streak into good news for the short term. the playoffs, where they will host seattle next week. the stars of the game, rg3, there will be a slight chance of threw only 18 times for exactly rain and snow shower new year's
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eve and new year's day. 100 yards, completing nine, but it will not be a big deal. he did rush six times for 63 and a touchdown. it is nothing to be concerned what a night for morris, 33 about. skies are basically clear. carries, an even 200 yards and still windy. three tds. the winds will settle down over deangelo hall did not have an the next couple of hours. interception, but for most of it will be pretty cold by the the game, until dez bryant went out with an injury, he had him next morning. single covered and he held him a good combination, to let the to just four catches. so, that trio from the winning temperatures drop. the winds are gusting a little redskins are on the field with bit now. 8 miles per hour. michele. past midnight, the winds will >> michele: robert, you guys settle down. were 3-6. the dew point are in the teens. you've won seven straight and this is an indication of how it can get. now the nfc east division title. what has been behind this some of you in the northern streak? >> you know, it's just a mindset change. suburbs may get down below 20 when you've got guys like this degrees by the morning. guy right here, pierre garcon, deangelo hall, all these guys coming to work every day, putting it on the line because we knew we couldn't afford to lose one game and we made sure we didn't. >> michele: on a night when you 27, 33 degrees. it will stay above freezing near had 100 yards passing, this guy the water. we will take it through new year's day a slight chance for a over here you alluded to, alfred morris, has 200 yards on the ground, three touchdowns. what does it mean to have a rain or snow shower. teammate who can pick up the load the way he did?
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>> i mean, it's awesome! new year's day looks pretty dry. if teams are going to try to i will still keep a chance in take me away, he makes them pay every time, without a doubt, and there, but most will not see it's only because of our offensive line. precipitation. so, i can't go without mentioning those guys. tonight, it will be cold. they fight and claw so me and temperatures will drop in 20 degrees. this guy can get all the glory. >> michele: your knee looked a little bit like it was giving high temperatures tomorrow, 45. you some troubles out there. as you get ready to have seattle come in here and play you next sunrise at 7:26. week, how do you think that knee's going to respond to what you went through tonight? the forecast taking us through >> my knee was a lot better the end of the week. tonight than it was last week, it will stay around average. the average height is 42. so i'll be ready for seattle. whatever coach needs me to do, i'll be able to do it. the next chance for hey, touchdowns don't hurt. precipitation will be thursday. >> michele: robert, congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. it will be less than 30%. >> michele: let's turn to alfred morris here. what does it mean to you to break the team's all-time, single-season rushing record on >> all right. thank you. the clock is ticking down on a night when you also win the division? 2012. >> it's a great feeling. you still have time to keep you still have time to keep extra dollar i mean, to be honest, that was never my goal to come out here and break a record. that was always getting that postseason. but i mean, just coming from where i came from, when no one expected nothing of you and to
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do this at this level on this stage, it's an honor, you know, and it's just a great feeling. i'm just thankful to be here. >> michele: the man whose record you broke, clinton portis was on hand to watch. and you said your dreams are coming true. on a night like this, when you won the division and you had that kind of performance, how does this compare to your dreams? >> i shattered them. you know, i could never imagine coming here in my rookie year and doing what i've been able to do, you know. it's just, it's such a humbling experience. and like i said, i'm just thankful to be here and i mean, it's like -- it's better than my wildest dreams, you know, so i'm thankful. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> michele: all right, let's turn to deangelo hall, who coming into this game had the tough task of being on dez bryant all night long. and you told me earlier, if we win this game, it's because of me, if we lose this game, it's because of me. what did you do to dez bryant? >> i tried to be as physical against him as possible, tried to play up on the line against him. he made some great catches in the beginning of the game, but
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we go into the huddle at halftime and make adjustments and coach just told me to keep going out there hard. >> michele: you've been here some pretty lean years, then two rookies show up, the guys we just talked to, and things turn around. what do you make of these? >> these aren't ordinary rookies. their attitude when they first stepped in, it wasn't about them, it was for the team pf. for a guy who's had a trophy, coming in here so humble. from day one, he came in here working. that's why he has that seal on his chest. he came in here working, he earned it, he deserves it. i told him, i'm so proud of you, but we have a long way to go. >> michele: it starts next week with seattle coming here. they've been on a scoring spree, 170 points over their last four games. what do you do with them? >> they run an offense a little like us, so it's going to be tough, but i've got all the faith in our guys. we'll come out here, game plan, you know, fight them hard. you know, they're a tough-nosed defense, tough-nosed offense, they love to run the ball. you know, it's kind of like playing ourselves.
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they've got playmakers on the outside, but you know, they definitely try to run the ball, so we're going to have to be as physical with them as possible. >> michele: congratulations on the win, deangelo. >> i appreciate it. >> michele: bob? >> the criticism will be heavy for dallas and continuing through the week, but we feel for tony romo, 20 of 37 tonight, a couple touchdowns, three interceptions, but he's now lost six out of seven elimination games in win or go home situations. 0-3 in the regular season to get in, 1-3 in the playoffs, and there's no denying that statistic. the playoffs are now set. in the nfc, the falcons and the 49ers have the byes. and in the wild card matchups, minnesota travels to green bay saturday night on nbc while seattle will play at washington next sunday at 4:30 eastern. that game will be seen on fox. let's bring in tony dungy now. tony, what was the key for washington tonight?
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>> well, bob, i actually picked dallas in the pregame show because i didn't think robert griffin would be 100%. but for the redskins, i thought cris collinsworth hit the nail right on the head. jim haslett, their defensive coordinator, did a great job. he blitzed all night long, and dallas just did not handle it. it started out with the first third down pass where we get an interception and then it went all the way through the game until the big play at the end when tony romo threw another interception against the blitz, and that defense, they had confidence to put deangelo hall one on one on dez bryant and just blitz, and it really paid off for them. >> okay, coach, let's look ahead to the packers and the vikings. who do you like in that game in green bay? >> well, i like green bay, but for really one reason, and that's putting pressure on christian ponder. adrian peterson's going to be great. he's going to make yards. and also, we know that aaron rodgers is going to put up points and have big numbers. but christian ponder has to come
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up big. he's got to do it on the road. and the last time they were in green bay, he threw a couple big interceptions that turned the game around. he's going to have to play well under the playoff pressure. i think you have to like aaron rodgers and the packers in that game. >> all right, on to the afc. the broncos have home field. the patriots also have a bye. surging cincinnati travels to houston in the early game on saturday with coverage beginning at 4:00 eastern here on nbc. the colts will head to baltimore to face the ravens on sunday at 1:00 eastern time on cbs. so, tony, what's your overview of the afc? >> well, it really is setting up for a new england/denver championship game, and i think it's going to be great with tom brady playing against peyton manning. that's the way i kind of see the whole thing playing out. but i'm excited about our game on saturday night. we're going to have houston and cincinnati. and matt schaub, the pressure is
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on him. houston was 11-1 at one point. schaub has to really start playing well for them to have a chance. first of all, they've got to protect him better than they did today, but he has got to step up in a big game and make some big plays. this month of december has not been great. houston can still turn it around, but i think it all falls on matt schaub and how he plays on saturday. >> and of course, now they've given up, ultimately, home field advantage. they might have it at some point, but not all the way through. and like you say, can you imagine that there might be a little bit of interest in brady versus manning in denver in an afc championship game, if it turns out that way? just a little bit of interest? let's turn now to -- >> absolutely i'll be watching it. >> yeah, you'll be watching. we all will. let's turn to mike florio, "pro football talk." mike, take us through the day's biggest injuries. >> last week the falcons locked up the number one seed in the nfc. they decided to play their starters anyway in week 17, and two of their starters suffered injuries on sunday.
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defensive end john abraham in the fourth quarter sprained an ankle, mri on monday. i'm told it's not currently believed to be serious. in the first quarter of the same game, deunta robinson suffered a head injury. they have not yet applied the concussion level to dunta robinson. the coach will update his condition on monday. for the vikings, quarterback antoine winfield suffered a fractured hand last week, tried to play with it this week, aggravated it in the first half, left and did not return. >> all right, mike, thanks. folks, you can tune in to "pro football talk" every weekday at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network, presented by chevrolet. and a reminder to catch "the dan patrick show" weekdays from 9:00 until noon eastern. washington defeats dallas, and in the process, washington wins the nfc east. al and cris back to wrap it up after this. what'd you get? louis is savin' a few bucks. same here... wendy's. mm-mm-mm!
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collinsworth. >> al: regular season is over. great finish to it. we have cincinnati going to houston on nbc saturday and then saturday night we go to lambeau field, where the packers who could have won today's game and had the bye, instead now have to beat the minnesota vikings, and perhaps you've heard of adrian peterson coming out of the minnesota backfield. all he's done this year, 210 yards and then 199 against the packers. >> cris: and you have to be impressed with what the vikings did. they went to houston, won a game they had to win there, and came back, knocked off the packers, a game they had to win there. and we have seen adrian peterson in two games against the green bay packers simply light it up. so, the matchup, for whatever reason, is beginning to work for the vikings. and christian ponder is finally starting to make some plays with the passing game. you would anticipate all the one on one coverage because of peterson. now he's taking advantage of it. >> al: the vikings would go to atlanta if they win and green bay would have to go to san francisco if they win.
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>> al: and the packers would have to be sick because they had an opportunity to have next week off. instead, we'll be happy to see them and a little trip to lambeau to finish up for us. >> al: who knows what the weather will be? close the roof, right? >> cris: absolutely. >> al: there is rg3 in the locker room, seven games to win to end the season. we'll talk to you on saturday. until then, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, our entire crew. a lot of yeoman work through the season. the end of the season with the redskins winning. we'll see you on wild card saturday. goodnight.
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.> you are watching wbal >> good evening. thank you for staying up late. we begin tonight with news that hillary clinton has been admitted to a hospital in new york. doctors discovered a blood clot during a follow-up exam today. he would not say where the client is located. -- the blood clot is located. she suffered a concussion several weeks ago after fainting while recovering from a stomach virus. she is supposed to return to
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work tomorrow. in 24 hours, america goes after a bridge over the fiscal cliff. the spending cuts and tax hikes are expected to take effect. >> the night before the fiscal cliff. the senate gave up until tomorrow. >> there is still time to reach an agreement. >> they dropped the demand to cut social security. >> i am optimistic we can live move legislation and get this averted before tomorrow. >> the taxes will go up on most americans. huge cuts kick in. >> i think it is obvious president obama wants us to go
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over the fiscal cliff. >> president obama blamed republicans. >> they say the biggest priority is making sure they deal with the deficit in a significant way. they are behaving in a way that they're only priority is that the tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. blacks mitch mcconnell is vowing to find out. -- >> mitch mcconnell is vowing to find out. >> can the senate veteran help congress tumble to a deal on the last day? >> if we do go off the fiscal cliff, congress would be more likely to make a deal. members could claim they are cutting taxes. >> thank you. if america does fall off the fiscal cliff on the first of the
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year, maryland would be hit hard. hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs lost. >> we have a lot of federal workers and businesses that rely on the federal government. many are watching the negotiations closely. if partisan politics prevail and they cannot reach a deal, americans in maryland will burden will -- will be burdened. legislativent of observances had a report about what the impact would be. if we fall off the fiscal cliff. maryland will lose $178 million in funding next year.
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economists say to make up for it, the state will have to make cuts. >> it will be a challenge to make the ends meet. >> the greater economic impact could be huge hit in sales and income revenue. the state would lose about $268 million in 2013 and another million in 2014. >> small business innovation. these are tied up in those revenues. >> the already struggling job market would take a hit. >> the 53,000 -- the 53,000 jobs is conservative, but other
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people believed it could be higher. >> a tax is designed to be paid by the rich. if we go over the fiscal cliff, many middle-class families will be paying the tax because maryland is a high income state overall. a lot of people here will be affected. ♪ >> the ravens get to play in the wildest week of the season, literally. >> it is the weekend. they have qualified for it. they are the healthiest since earlier in the season. mostly a game of back up from baltimore. first career touchdown. he is out of georgia tech.
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out of virginia tech, first touchdown of his career. no answer for carlos, the pick, the player of the game. 23-17. a thorough breakdown, just about 15 minutes away. the colts' coming back to baltimore for another playoff game. >> thank you. fans remained optimistic about the ravens' chances. >> it is all or nothing. a new offensive coordinator.
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we are good. >> you are not worried? >> no. >> heat everyone -- keep everyone. we have everyone we need. >> the ravens up 18-1 to win the super bowl. in other news, police responded to a bar in glen burnie for reports of shooting. officers arrived around 5:30 and found a man who had been shot in the parking lot. police identified the victim as a 31-year-old man. he was pronounced dead at the scene. they have a description of the suspect but have no arrests.
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searching for suspects in the shooting of a man in baltimore. there were called for a report of a shooting. officers found an adult male with a gunshot wound to the back. the victim was taken to a local hospital. no word on his condition. the sheriff's office is serving for a suspect -- searching for a suspect. he was fighting with his family late last night. he pulled out a gun and shot through the front door, hitting his 18-year-old sister. he is considered armed and dangerous. still ahead, if you are a homeowner, we will tell you how five minutes can help you save big on your property tax building. you have to act fast. >> we will let you know what to expect going into the new year. 31 at the airport.
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