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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to the northeast. forties' around baltimore. that keeps us safe. it will get colder as we head of through the evening and the storm passing to the south may produce several inches of snow. you can see the warnings and advisory's south of us. that is where the main brunt of the storm should be expected. a storm moving off the coast could bring in some rather cold there. we will talk about that in of a little bit. >> our big story tonight is the countdown to game time in foxboro. probably too slowly for a lot of folks. the anticipated game between the reagan said patriots this sunday in new england. going out to the voice of the reasons. he is alive in owings mills. >> as you would expect, this is
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a showdown of success stories. the patriots quarterback comes and having won more games than any quarterback in nfl history. the ravens arrive with more playoff wins than any other team over the last five years. something has to give on the road to new orleans as these to square off for a second year in a row. the loss last year still overshadows the return to foxboro. the coaches are focused on the message that winning this week is the only goal, but not the ultimate goal this season. success is not measured by what happens in foxboro. a successful season includes a win against new england. it means a trip to the super bowl. >> to the afc championship, that's about as special as you can get except for one more. that is what it is all about. it's not new england, we are
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playing the championship game. this is what we worked hard to get here. now we have to go out and execute. >> the second straight week, the reagans go in as the underdog. history has something positive to say about their chances. the no. 4 seed has a six in you will -- six and one record. right now, we will take you up to foxboro. >> phew can guess who we found? we found a baltimore transplant in new england. this is absolutely exciting. thank you for joining us. we spent the day revisiting his massachusetts, a town north of here one day have had to rename their public for this weekend's
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championship game. have you heard about this bar renaming themselves the patriots last? >> it is a great enclave. they had to take it down. >> just to the north of foxboro off i-95 since the newly renamed ravens nest. >> people really come for this game and they don't want to eat at a place called the raven's nest, so it had to be changed. >> just like last year, when marines faced the patriots. and the elders says his customers demanded it for good luck. think it's like flogging a story, they put the sign up. >> the bar has gotten a lot of attention. he has even had to rename his other public them at a patriot.
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he's dead close to a dozen radio and tv interviews but he admits we were the first. >> you guys were here first last year. >> even though he now has raven's hanging from the rafters. that's just wrong. he says raven's fans are welcome here. >> absolutely. everyone is welcome here. >> something you need to know if you come out here, the temperature is dropping. this is how i have been addressed today. no doubt the ravens are well represented. you have been a baltimore and for how long? >> as long as i remember. >> how excited are you about this? >> i'm so excited. this is a dream just to be in patriots territory for a second year in a row and just being able to be a part of history. >> his friends text him at work
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and he left a board meeting to come over and find us. you were driving around this town with baltimore ravens of flags on your car. >> i came into the stadium with both flags flying. the gate lady was not to please. >> you are headed to philly? >> i can't find enough ravens in fans. >> and you just wait. come saturday, this place will be rocking with reagan spent. thank you for coming out here. coming up live in the 6:00 hour, we will be talking with the patriots as with how they are feeling about sunday's game. their reaction may surprise you. there is a certain billboard counting down to re postretirement.
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>> thank you for being a raven's faithful in new england. join us for grievance special this week -- on 730 friday night, watch the one winning drive which recaps the amazing when against denver and look ahead to new england. saturday night, we bring you read this report, that championship addition and go into the heat of the game. that's saturday at 7:00 and will reach airs sunday at 2:00 on our digital channel. >> a person who thought they were having a heart attack and their baltimore county homeless actually feeling the effect of carbon monoxide exposure. emergency crews were called around 1:30 this morning. officials say it's not clear where it was coming from. two people were taken to hospital. no word on their condition. >> a deadly shooting in southwest baltimore. no word on the suspect.
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it happened on the 3800 block of frederick road. a 19-year-old male was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. and his identity and a possible motive had not been released. a maryland state trooper is in serious condition tonight. the five-year veteran of the department was returning from an assignment in western maryland when the crash occurred. he was traveling on eastbound interstate 70 when his car swerved off the highway and hit a tree. it is believed the vehicle cut the tripper's vehicle off, causing him to lose control. this conduct -- the misconduct trial of john leopold was to continue with a session but a jury was not picked. >> john leopold of throwing a
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major curveball today, waving his right to a jury trial and electing to go with a judge trial. many of the jurors we spoke with were not surprised by this move. some are telling us they feel this is a way to guarantee a fair trial. john leopold leaves circuit court thursday afternoon with his legal team after dropping a small bombshell in court earlier, opting to waive his right to a jury trial and have his case heard by the judge. while leopold had nothing to say to the judge about the move, potential jurors in the that the giving of the day and half of their time having plenty to say. >> i would have been very impartial. i had no knowledge of anything. i'm a single mom, i take care of my kids, and we don't have much tv time. >> was a myriad of witnesses. many people from the police
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department and fire department, so it would have been interesting to hear what everybody had to say. >> leopold has pleaded guilty to four counts of misconduct and one count of fraudulent misappropriation. a grand jury indicted him in march and alleges leopold used his executive security detail for personal and political gain by using police officers as campaign workers and instructing officers to drive him to sexual encounters in a parking lot with a former employee of the county executive's office. leopold has been accused of forming a so-called enemies list cannot ordering officers to keep a close eye on his political opponents. while neither he nor his attorneys will elaborate on why the change their opinion on a jury trial, those who are waiting to see if they made the cut say despite not getting picked, they feel leopold will get a fair trial. >> the man is accused of
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something and he needs a fair trial. it will be presented in court. i wish the best to him. >> opening statements are scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow morning. if he is convicted, he faces up to five years in prison. >> breaking news tonight of carroll county -- reports of a bus accident. captain roy taylor is overhead and has the very latest for us. >> this is northbound route 27 just south of route 4. there was a crash between a car and a bus. state police are trying to clear this up as soon as possible because traffic is backed up about 2 miles. the fire department says it did transport some people from this accident scene but we don't know if they were children or adults
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and we don't know the severity of the injuries. >> the plan to redevelop the state office complex in baltimore has been dealt a blow. a baltimore judge today ruled in favor of downtown property owners who argue the program violated state procurement rules. the judge argued the agreements in place are void. the state had a deal with the developer to turn the complex into a retail and office space. they say they are reviewing the options. >> more reaction tonight to the president's gun-control proposals. we will hear from the defense secretary coming up. >> how you catch the flu and as being in cold weather have anything to do with it? >> breastfeeding your child has been recommended for years, the process may become easier and less expensive. the new federal regulations coming out. >> talking about one
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>> more conflicting reports that over a hostage situation in algeria. when reports that dozens of hostages were killed during rescue operations which but u.s. officials are still searching for a definite answers. we have more from cairo.
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>> algerian forces have been carrying out some kind of operation deep in the algerian desert. but there are conflicting reports that some of the hostages escaped and that some have been killed. those reports are unconfirmed and they are conflicting. >> the best information we have at this time indicates u.s. citizens are among the hostages. but we do not have at this point more details to provide. we are concerned about the reports of loss of life and are seeking clarity from the government of algeria. >> the algerian armed forces have attacked this compound. it is a very dangerous, very uncertain, and very fluid situation. we have to prepare ourselves for the fuss -- for the possibility of bad news ahead. >> we do know that algerian forces surrounded the compound and the militants inside say
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they are including some americans. one of the objectives is bringing an end to the operations in mali. we know that somebody forces that foreign governments from the world are trying to work out happening on the ground at this remote gas plant. >> in tonight's medical alert, doctors across the country are encouraging more mothers to breast feed. some regulations may make the process easier. the new health-care law requires companies to cover breast pumps and lactation specialists. it is popular among new mothers and hospital staffs. >> authorities are still working out the details and trying to line up vendors and patient
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services and how they're going to meet the need for these mothers. >> but there are critics of the new measure to point out each breast pump can cost up to $1,000. taxpayers would be fitting the bill. flew numbers are up, and that's giving rise to some medical myths. doctors say you cannot catch the flu by spending too much time in the cold or going outside without a jacket. they're reminding everybody are the best defense is to get a new flu shot every year. that's because each year covers a different strain of the virus. >> this year, around 65% of people armed covered by the flu vaccine. >> some people say the flu shot give you the flu. >> i think that's an old wives' tale. >> doctors they drink lots of liquid, get plenty of rest, and stay away from everyone else.
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>> the radar has been loaded with precipitation throughout the day but very little of that reaching the ground in the baltimore area. just a trace of precipitation leaving us at just a little below normal. a bunch of precipitation on the radar but it is drying before it's the ground. temperatures have been way above freezing. it's almost like a normal high this year. in the precipitation is not going to cause problems. there will be colder coming in with tonight's storm, mainly to the south. anything that happens here would be rain-snow mixed. we are keeping a close eye on it because the storm is getting quite strong. it will generate its own cold air. temperatures are below freezing in maryland. we had a report of some sleep
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earlier, and gradually the temperatures will collapse as the storm approaches. cold air will eventually come in from the west but it will be a marginal system for us. it will be later tonight when it switches over to a burst of heavy snow and accumulates. winter storm warnings for the southern eastern shore and advisory's along the coast. the real threat is in the mountains. the system won't up in the deep south, generating wintry precipitation. watched heavy snow break out here in the mountains of north carolina and southwestern virginia. so far, that has been the hardest hit area. this will then rise along the stationary front out to sea. in some of coming off the coast, it will move east and most of
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the cold there is to the north. the system is essentially missing us as far as the weather goes in baltimore. a burst of snow on the early -- on the eastern shore. a lot of sunshine. saturday could feature a significant warm-up with sunny skies and a westerly breeze across the mountains. that a stronger arctic front comes in from the great lakes and that's expected to deliver the coldest air of the season so far. in the mountains, some clouds and a son of mixing with a chance of a social hour. windy and cold tomorrow. windy and cold and clearing out. a milder saturday, up to 50, cooling off sunday and that a burst of arctic air. i would be surprised if we get a light accumulation on monday. check out the cold for tuesday.
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an afternoon high of only 28. >> a maryland couple rooting for the ravens in a unique way -- with vocals and guitar. the baltimore city police department is getting down. >> the finals for national teacher of the year. coming up, we will sit down with the rising sun. >> the political fight over gun control. what will middle-of-the-road democrats do here on capitol hill? at honda,
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>> it tonight, president obama and it's his new push for a gun- control laws will be a tough sell. >> there are proof tonight that bipartisan laws are being drawn. >> good afternoon. here on capitol hill, the key to a win in the fight over guns is
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the middle-of-the-road. democrats from states where guns are popular and the pressure is being applied on both sides. the vice president kicked off the public campaign for universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons sales. >> newtown, conn., has shocked the nation. the carnage on our streets is no longer able to be ignored. >> big city police want a gun buyer database in washington. >> 90% of our guns come from out of state. that's why we need a national approach. >> key congressional democrats could oppose the president. senate democratic leader, harry reid, who voted against a 1994 assault weapons ban says a new one can't pass congress. the west virginia democratic senator questioned the right to own assault weapons. now he says he's disappointed
5:26 pm
that the president didn't recommend the creation of the national commission on mass violence. the president of the nra wants the focus on the shooters. >> we need to find ways to get at the root causes of this kind of violence and key 20 round magazines out of the hands of the kinds of people who involve themselves in this kind of activity. they are invariably severely mentally ill. >> but the nra's resisting universal background checks. >> you can get a record of who owns firearms, the government could force them to sell them back to the government. that is basically confiscation. >> a more emotional debate, but not more agreement despite the massacre at the school. and america remains divided. a poll finds in the nra has not lost support since new town. 41% approval, 34% disapproval of
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the powerful gun lobby. >> still had tonight, baltimore city police department gets into the spirit of the afc championship between the ravens and patriots. >> also ahead -- >> we will be a top school teacher who has found herself in the national spotlight. i will tell you why, coming up. >> one lucky lady 12 tickets to the ravens game in new england. that story, coming up.
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>> new tonight at 5:30, a maryland teacher of the year has a real shot at becoming america 's top educator. >> she is an english teacher in cecil county. let's go live to the newsroom with her story. this is a big deal. >> a very big deal. you could call it the final four. she's competing against three other teachers in three other states for the top honor. >> rhonda is one of the national finalists for a teacher of the year.
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>> its such an honor and such an incredible opportunity to speak for so many hard-working people. >> it was a surprise to most of the teaching staff. the news had been kept under wraps on purpose, but now it's out. one of their own could be making a trip to the white house to be honored by the president. >> it means so much to me because i'm a graduate of the school and a product of such incredible teachers. this kind of recognition is overdue. a lot of small districts are like that. there are incredible teachers all across the country. >> she's competing for national teacher of the year against top educators in new hampshire, florida, and washington state. a winner will be announced in april. for now, the teacher continues to work on behalf of her students. she knows their struggles. getting to the top wasn't easy, especially during the first two
5:31 pm
years of hospital -- a high- school when dropping out was an option. >> to come to believe in my ability to learn and teach with that kind of passion today, it's a compelling story and i think a lot people can relate to it. >> it is a story her students know all too well. become a part of her daily lesson plan. >> i try to help them understand that we're not just reading stories and writing essays. we are developing skills. i want as many of them to go to college as possible. it's not the path for everyone, but it's very competitive out there and i want them to be prepared. >> maryland has a pretty good track record when it comes to naming national teachers of the year. a frederick county teacher receive the top honor in 2012. a montgomery county teacher was the national educator of the year in 2006. >> we wish her the best of luck.
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one hartford county woman is very lucky tonight. she won two tickets to the ravens game against the patriots, including air fare. she was the big winner in the grievance week of winning contest. >> where did you find it? >> there was a little gate in the background when they put the picture, you could see. i recognized the ring. >> she is a big winner. she found this bold and ravens logo outside the ticket booth in aberdeen. she took a picture and send it to the ravens website and then got an e-mail. >> the e-mail sent congratulations from the ravens. i thought was going to say congratulations on finding it. i didn't even read the text. i just saw phone number. i thought they gave me a phone number. they wouldn't give it to just
5:33 pm
anyone. i called the guy a media elite. it was within a minute of sending the e-mail that i called. >> she was one of 550 people have found the gold logo. she was lucky enough to be randomly picked and won the two tickets to sunday's game. >> i'm very excited to be able to go up there and represent baltimore and scream as loud as we can. >> a huge raven's then, she's taking her husband with her to the game. >> i'm taking my husband against the protests of some family members. i called him and he didn't believe me at all. he thought i was joking. then i called my parents and make sure we have a babysitter. >> on sunday morning, she and her husband will head north to route the raven's on as they play the new england patriots. >> a. sells very couple is cheering on the ravens in their
5:34 pm
own unique way. ♪ >> she has a nice voice. they recorded the parity last night and posted it on at youtube. 30,000 use later, it is all over facebook and the internet. we talk to the couple over face time about their inspiration. >> it the way for ravens fans to connect and be creative. maybe connect with the players, who knows. the goal was just a rallying cry. keep cheering the ravens. >> matt wrote the lyrics and that is his dad on guitar. you can find a link to the
5:35 pm
entire song on our web site, >> the little like the osman's there. the baltimore city police department showing its purple pride across the city. >> go ravens. >> go ravens. >> the video was posted on youtube in support of the team ahead of the afc championship game against the patriots. you can watch the video in its entirety at officers and howard county are showing their purple pride. many of you are showing us how you are getting ready for the game. look at the purple mohawk from middle river. what time is it? >> share your fan of those with us.
5:36 pm
more breaking news tonight. an accident involving two police cars in east baltimore. capt. retailer is over the scene. >> we are at the 2700 block of east monuments street. two cruisers were involved in a crash at this location. they were responding to a car. have not -- responding to a call. they are finishing up the investigation of this accident and as we get more information, we will update you. >> thank you. coming up, reaction from france after lance armstrong admits to doping. >> this was the scene overnight in spain. was it an accident? they set this fire and they are celebrating. we will tell you why, when we cover the nation. >> bipartisan support for pebble legislation. what all dog owners need to know at 6:00.
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>> the president of the tour de
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france says he is surprised that lance armstrong's convention. he said just a few you do just a few weeks ago, he would have never admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. during an interview with oprah winfrey, he allegedly used -- admits to using performance enhancing drugs. the interview is scheduled to air tonight on the oprah winfrey network. >> a village in spain is celebrating the feast of st. anthony. they did it overnight with a huge bonfire. the flames are believed to carry away the evil of the old year and bring prosperity to the new year. they shot dozens of feet into the air. people watched the bond firebird and take pictures. st. anthony ed egypt is considered the founder of christian monasticism and the
5:41 pm
feast was today. >> quite the celebration. >> still had, the pros and cons to leasing a vehicle. one of the down side is they are hard to get out of. the way out, straight ahead. >> next time you enter the phone, there could be a scam on the other end of the line. a word -- a concern about safety tech support. >> l. roper is known for his significant loss. >> a storm system in north georgia headed this way. we'll see how much of winter weather we can expec
5:42 pm
>> coming up at 6:00, a
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compromise between state legislators and pit bull owners. the rule that labeled pit bulls inherently dangerous. the patriots are disrespecting the ravens and they have the countdown to prove it. a live report from behind an alliance. these st
5:44 pm
>> we have all watched al roper postured with weight-loss. if you ever wondered how he did it, you can find out in his new book. this morning, we talk to him that his struggle with weight. the conversation was candid and inspirational. at his heaviest, he weighed 340 pounds. his aw, what was a promise to his dying father.
5:45 pm
>> he is literally on his deathbed and his big concern was me. he said we both know i'm not going to be here to help raise my grandkids. you have to be there. i want you to swear to me right now that you are going to lose weight. he said i need you to swear to god you're going to lose weight, so i did. >> in march of 2002, he made a serious decision to have gastric bypass surgery. he lost 140 pounds and kept it off for eight years. then his fell ill and he fell back into bad habits. then crisis turned into a catalyst for change. >> she passed away and i thought i'd lost my mom and lost my dad. i'm not going to lose this battle for my weight because it is within my control. >> him a commitment to the right diet, exercise, and took an honest look at himself. >> i did some therapy about what was bothering me about the issues i had.
5:46 pm
that was almost five years ago. i've had a number of crises come up, but i'm never going back. >> that is the title of his new book. he makes it clear it's not a diet book, it is an inspirational story. his biggest piece of advice is to give yourself permission to be selfish. put your healthy eating and exercise plan first. for those of you love people have weight issues -- >> don't nag them. shut up. we know we are fat and have a weight issue. but until we are ready to deal with that, you nagging us is not going to make us feel better. >> good advice. the book is called never going back. al will be here tomorrow for a book signing. right here in baltimore at the ivy bookshop. >> a winter storm system to the
5:47 pm
south, but appear, temperatures are warm. 45 degrees at the inner harbor. all around the baltimore area, temperatures are above freezing. upper '30's and in jared spill, 41 degrees at this hour. 42 in randallstown. below freezing in the western section of the state. moving to the south and east and temperatures on the lower eastern shore -- that maybe the most critical part of this state. some colder well -- some colder air will eventually work in. the temperatures may plunge toward freezing and allow some snow to fall. that would be the main area down into dorchester county. st. mary's on the eastern fringe coming out of virginia but from baltimore points north and west, it passes by with almost nothing
5:48 pm
to worry about. it's of no way down to the south. north georgia with wintery conditions. the hardest-hit areas are around roanoke and the southwest virginia. the higher elevations helping to change the reigned over to snow. the storm will be at the outer banks and pull away. legates out, it will drag in some of the cold air to the north. tomorrow could be windy and cold day. all that said, the main thrust of the storm cuts across southern maryland tonight and moves off the coast quickly, it will be windy and cold day tomorrow and then one day of a warm-up. sunny skies and a westerly breeze and maybe even hit 50 before an arctic cold front comes rolling in. that is the first indication of the blast of arctic air coming our way and that will be sweeping through new england. the ravens will be playing in
5:49 pm
windy and chilly weather. hour snowfall forecast is mostly in the mountains of virginia. a little bit of snow could cut across southern maryland. 24 to 32, but most of the night above freezing. the possibility of a rain or snow showers tonight. but the ground is fairly warm and it should not cause much of a problem of. northwest winds kicked in at tend to 20. western maryland mountains, the storm is passing to the south. 39 on saturday. a messy mixture developing tonight but it will be gone by morning. same thing at the coast. sunny skies friday, going up to the patriots and ravens game, prepare for the wind. gusts up to 34 miles an hour during the game.
5:50 pm
sunshine and milder saturday. an arctic cold front sending our temperatures down. next tuesday, highs only in the '20s. >> a recall involving a product sold at target. the company is pulling the air misters after receiving port of them shattering. one incident involved lacerations. the device was designed to spray mist for personal cooling. there were sold exclusively at target. consumers should stop using them and return them to target store for a full refund. a warning from the federal trade commission -- a call from someone claiming to be tech support may be a call from a skimmer. >> he relies heavily on his computer for his law practice, so he considers himself tech
5:51 pm
savvy. he was concerned about a phone call 10 days ago claiming to be from tech support. >> he said he was from microsoft and said i downloaded a corrupt file. >> not having any issues, he suspected a problem. before the call went any further -- >> if you know who i am, you know my e-mail address. send me an e-mail. >> what happened? >> hung up. >> he's not the only one to get a call like this. the federal trade commission says tens of thousands of consumers are being targeted. >> you will get a call from someone claiming to be a computer tech person. they will tell you that your computer is infected with viruses or metalware. but they are trying to do is a trick you into buying software that you don't need. >> how big is the scam? consumers have already lost tens of millions of dollars. >> do not give your password out
5:52 pm
over the phone. legitimate companies do not call and ask you for your password. do not give somewhat remote access to your computer. never rely on caller id to confirm a caller is legitimate. >> last october, the federal trade commission to the action against six companies they claim were scanning consumers. it all started with a phone call asking if you have any computer issues. >> if someone calls you and says your computer has a problem, the best thing to do is hang up the phone. >> people, especially the elderly, can fall to these kinds of scams because they are less tech savvy. >> very interesting. are you stuck in a car lease? you could save a by returning it for a newer model. many folks may be eligible to emigrate to a newer vehicle and reduce their monthly payments.
5:53 pm
this is all through least pull had offers. anyone scheduled to get off at least this year should at least explore the option. there should be half a million more lease returns this year than last year. >> thank you. a compromise in a controversial ruling that list pit bulls as inherently dangerous. we will have reaction from both sides.
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>> in a year of sports surprise comes one of the most bizarre tales -- keynoter dame football star says he's the victim of an elaborate hoax says his girlfriend died, but she never existed. many believe the player himself may be involved. >> he was an all-american heisman finalist who led an overachieving football team to the national championship game. during a season where he reportedly fought the tragic death of his grandmother and girlfriend. it's a story he shared on espn. >> she tried to console me and i was just out of it. i think she said i love you. >> but it turns out the heart wrenching hot line was a lie. as the shocking story spread, he released a statement that said
5:57 pm
to have never met in person but grew to love each other during a lengthy on-line relationship. he claims he was the victim of what was someone's sick joke and constant lies. it has been speculated a family friend and ally may be bearish possible for the hoax. >> he had previously gotten some other guys suckered into this fake relationship. >> but there are growing questions about whether the football star and his family were also involved. >> it would take a pretty clear sky to fall for this for that long. >> node name is standing behind the student athlete. school officials launched an independent investigation when he told them about the hoax in december. >> nothing about what i've learned has shaken my faith in him. >> but fans are not so sure. >> is there a possibility he got caught up in all of this? >> yes. >> city -- it is sure to be his
5:58 pm
most difficult offensive assignment. >> still a heck of a ballplayer. that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> john leopold full -- apple say fast one, opting for a judge trial and some of a jury trial. details, coming up. >> pit bull legislation that strikes a high court ruling is on the fast track. all of the owners need to know straight ahead. >> a billboard in the boston area making pretty bold proclamation about ray lewis's fate this weekend. we're live from foxboro. >> right about now, some areas
5:59 pm
of the state are bracing for some snow. >> in the baltimore area, it looks like we will miss out. >> this storm is centered to the south and it looks like the main part will stay to the south, but you couldn't tell by looking at the radar. drying out before it can reach the ground and may be catching some light rain are showers in your area, but for the most part, light precipitation and mostly rain with temperatures safely above freedom -- freezing. to our south, the storm is developing in northern georgia. that will make a run for the carolinas where there is a winter storm warning in effect. we will detail how much snow you can expect coming up a few minutes. >> the misconduct trial of john leopold was supposed to continue this morning, but today's court session ended early without a jury


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