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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they're just above ready for such a's showdown in foxboro. -- just about ready for foxboro's showdown. they were nine and a half point underdogs. the same things are this week for the patriots -- were this week for patriots. tory smith seems to shine when the odds are set against his team. >> it is not like, i'm going to say, these guys did not think we're going to do it. we want to got there and win. it is a football game, that is what we are about. >> pete gilbert is standing by at gillette stadium. >> gerry, it is awfully chilly
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right now. a chance to meet tom brady earlier today. it was a very measured meeting. about the focus, not looking ahead, not reflecting. he kept going back to the process of preparation, accounting for every minute of game week. it was a maddening and my new shitake about it. it is why he has won 17 games -- minutae about it. it is why he has won 17 games. >> it is hard to win the super bowl. we have made it there since i have been here five times. it is hard to get to this point. it is hard to get to the afc
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cabbage a gamchampionship game. we're fortunate to have this opportunity. >> live in foxboro, peet gilbert, 11 news. >> the possibility this could be the year's last provided. ravens fans out in full force. [indiscernible] >> these fans are ready. [indiscernible] [cheering] >> today i had a chance to talk to his son.
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>> it definitely was very exciting. they got a sense of the city of baltimore. what would your dad's a? >> -- dad say? >> he would love it. he was very proud of the team. it worked out for everybody. >> we are back here live. [indiscernible] [cheering] the fans are ready.
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11 news. >> that brings us to today's ravens text question. send a text to this number. text the letter "a" for john, "b" for jim, "c" if you think they both will make it. check the letter declared "d" if you think both teams will fall this weekend. and the early voting shows the majority of you predict a hardball bowl. results tonight at 11. the atlantic coast conference lawsuit against the university of maryland being called extortion. the university announced it would join the big 10 conference next year. >> it is clearly illegal. they're trying to extort $53
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million from the university of maryland and deprive their students and athletic programs of that money. >> they claim the maryland of that $53 million -- owed that $53 million. he is suing the acc, claiming the conference's exit fee is an illegal penalty and violation of antitrust law. >governor martin o'malley unveis an ambitious gun-control package. he is proposing a broadbent on assault weapons and a limit to the size of the magazine's -- broad ban on assault weapons and a limit to the size of the gun magazines. >> the package to are proposing on gun violence is a common- sense package. it is a courageous package.
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there are those who think that the answer to gun violence is more guns. to me, that is groucho marx logic. governor o'malley also wants to put $25 million towards easing of school safety in addition to funding two state police clauses. -- clases. republicans question whether the proposals will make the state any safer. they're working on legislation that targets illegal gun use. >> after two is a delay, the trial of john leopold finally got underway. he has chosen to have a judge decide his fate instead of a jury. >> dramatic testimony today in the first day of john leopold's
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misconduct trial. a state prosecutor has tried to paint a picture of what they said things like in his office. >> opening statements has no problem showing its hand in howard plans to present the case. state prosecutor telling judge dennis sweeney that many employees who worked in the executive's office work in fear of losing their jobs if they did not follow orders from leopold. he went on to say that evidence would show leopold abused his power by having police officers to his political dirty work as well as escort him to sexual run the views with one of his girlfriends. -- rendezvous with one of his girlfriends. his attorneys states that there are two different ways to look at this case. the first witness called was the most traumatic.
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it was leopold's personal scheduler. she told the court that she was terrified of leopold from the moment she accepted the position, feeling should not have a choice. she said the first -- she did not have a choice. she said the first real trouble came when he demanded that all employees put up 10 campaign signs in their neighborhoods. she did not want to, but said she did it because she was in fear of losing her job. after having back surgery, leopold culture from the hospital to have her make sure that to a police officer's order his bedside -- were by is bedside at all times after his mistress came there. she said through tears on the stand that he constantly made her change his catheter urine bag and recalled the first time she asked him, saying, "he looked at me and said, you don't have a problem with that, do
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you, patty." others to take the stand include a former police chief and a former account executive who spoke briefly with reporters afterwards. >> do you think he is being wrongly accused? >> clever. you know i cannot speak to that one. >> the court will be closed on monday for martin luther king jr. holiday. we'll pick up on tuesday morning and 9:00. in annapolis, 11 news, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i am here at the patriots place. it is not just for patriots fans. there is something here that ravens does can appreciate. fans can appreciate.
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>> we're down
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>> ravens fans rolling down the road to new orleans. >> we have a news reporter u.s. been there all week. today she got a look at a sports shrine that any football fan club. -- would love. >> it is something that all
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football fans can appreciate. >> this is our hull of famers museum. it is two floors. >> and it opened in 2008. it was created by the same architect responsible for our own sports legends museum at camden yards. here you will see plenty of trophies and exhibits dedicated to the patriots. there's also a lot of history. history of football in new england. it is the birthplace of football in america, started in the late 1800's also on the fields of boston common. >> the combination of soccer and rugby. it evolved from there. it was very big at the turn of the century. many of our collegiate national agenda and ships were won by harvard -- championships won by harvard and yale. >> defense of the game would enjoy looking old uniforms --
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fans of the game will enjoy looking at old uniforms. the interactive exhibit, kicking field goals, going into the huddle. we even found a suitable pictures of naked ravens. it is part -- pictures of the ravens. baltimore fans are welcome. >> , and by. -- come on by. >> under 5, you get in free. wbal, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the staff here say thumbs down. it is all ravens that
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chesapeake -- at chesapeake., click on ulocal. >> 11 insta-weather plus. >> a shot to the folks -- shout out to the folks, great bunch fifth and sixth graders. they're into it up there. constructing math and instruments. it was a good time talking to the folks up there. gunpowder the elementary school, thanks fo. north carolina, virginia, tennessee. you can see the satellite imagery showed that swipe of snow that when the cross. skies clear the next day.
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a little bit did manage to fall on the lower eastern shore of maryland. southern west virginia, southwest virginia, no. north carolina, over a foot. a high today of 38. it will get even colder than that as we head towards midnight. skies had cleared up and down the i-95 corridor. south of baltimore, that snow- covered area in virginia, the skies are clear. temperatures are going to fall fast. we're in for a cold night. it is 28 in hancock. south of baltimore towards annapolis, temperatures barely above freezing. the light breeze. tomorrow, the airport here comes in. it is a clear sky -- the air out here comes in.
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it is a clear sky. temperatures running well above normal. still in the fifth deposal. -- 50's. on sunday, a cold front come sweeping out canada. -- sweeping out of canada. 15 below zero. big trout lake ontario. we will get a piece of the arctic air mass. these purples show you were the core of the arctic air masses. that cold air coming across the relatively warm waters and great lakes will generate numerous snow showers up near the great lakes. tomorrow, mild they would set aside. sunday, cold front. sunny skies, one day warm up
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tomorrow. near 50 degrees. mountains should hit the 40's tomorrow. temperatures falling sunday into monday. probably will go below zero next week. 45 sunday. along the coast, a lot of sunshine. if you're going to the patriots ravens game, winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. 45 sunday. highs only in the 20's on tuesday and wednesday. >> this is 11 sports. >> members of the ravens got start of said to me, it is up to the players now. -- startoff said to me, it is up tot h the players now.
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against the new england patriots, a chance to play indoors at super bowl. all taking part in the sendoff pep rally for the ravens. all kinds of people with superstition say that will make the difference, including one man who said his wife watched the end of the ravens when endeavor -- win in denver in the bathroom. there is some great history in the afc championship game for the ravens. this is their third trip. the first-ever afc championship game was played here in baltimore. it would eventually be the dallas cowboys. new england has never lost an afc title game at home. the patriots are 4-0.
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time for us to advance of to foxborough. pete gilbert is standing by. they're going to kick off on sunday. >> it certainly is chilly. patriots practiced outside. tom brady actually made a joke. 88 plays against the colts, double overtime in the thin air of miles high. bordering on diabolical, but hardly innovative. >> back when i was a kid, it
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seemed like every week. it is not like that is brand new to football. it is pretty obvious. you cannot substitute people and change formations and to a lot of shifting in motion and run guys on and off the field -- to a lot of shifting in motion and run guys on and off the field. and i missing something? >> that is what you get when there is a follow-up question. he does not care for it, gerry. >> tomorrow night here on 11 news, staff from. -- stick around.
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close the result we are working on for 11 news tonight. 11 news talks to federal prosecutors about the crimes the officer allegedly committed. the inauguration is d.c.'s biggest party every four years. you need a party planner. inside the maryland workshop. 11
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>> with the sun out, it did not feel as cold. >> ravens game in new england on sunday will feature temperatures that are not that bad. we have a brief warm-up when we 's tomorrow.rgare
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>> thanks for joining us. >> good night.
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