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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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good evening. the world first learned of the death of former orioles manager earl weaver this morning. the 82-year-old was traveling on a cruise when he passed away. he is being remembered as a force to be were reckoned with in a fearless leader. we have a look back at earl weaver's life and legacy. >> when baltimoreans think of earl, we think of intensity in longevity. the earl of baltimore, as cantankerous as the maryland blue crab, beloved like a son of the city. he was st. louis born but spent his entire career as a manager in baltimore. the ball club was his for 17 seasons from 1968 to 1982 and 1985 to 1986. the oiroles won -- orioles won
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six titles and of course the world series in 1970. he won 1480 games. when he was inducted into the hall of fame, he was it not for his intensity, flair, and wit. the hall cites his innovative style and color for confrontations with the men in blue. defense and the 31 homer were his hallmarks. surely you see his hat on backwards, his face on fire. our earl of baltimore. in 1986, he said on my tombstone, just write the sorest loser that ever lived. one who will be sorely missed. >> passing of earl weaver came on a day when orioles fans came together in baltimore for fan
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fest. we were there and are joined live now from tandem yards -- and yards. >>-- camden yards. >> just about everybody had something to date -- to say today about earl weaver. >> it is a sad day. i think it is appropriately are celebrating orioles baseball at the fan fest here. >> as thousands of hands -- fans look to the season, many are also looking back. earl weaver, widely considered the greatest manager the team has ever had. this year, the fan fest it with a tribute a moment of silence. >> he was a big inspiration for everybody. >> we are an orioles family. we feel bad for the weaver family. >> it is nice to be with birds
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of the same father. >> he would not want to be anywhere else today -- you would not want to be anywhere else today. around thousands of orioles fans. >> it was nice to be able to see him come to the stadium one last time. >> #4, the great earl weaver. >> he is talking about this past stephen when he was one of six hall of famers the orioles honored with a bronze statue. >> he went to every statute dedication. it was almost like a victory for for him. we get to see him again. thenow that he ['s gone, current manager says there is a lot of emotion. some say it is excitement in florida momentum. >> i think everybody is still trying to collect their thoughts. he meant so much to so many people. >> baltimore city mayor
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stephanie rawlings blake also released its statement today. a 13 part of it -- "weaver brought pride and championships to our city. my prayer is are to the family and to generations of fans to shared great memories. >> it wonderful and should be. thank you. some of you have been sharing your memories of the gerlach of baltimore on our facebook page today -- on the earl of baltimore on our facebook page today. bill posted, loe yve ya girl. don't get thrown out of heaven for arguing. rest in peace. you can find more on him on our web site,
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the passing of earl weaver could have baltimore hoping more than ever for a ravens win. by this time tomorrow, we will know of those hopes become a reality. the team arrived at foxboro today. >> afc championship each -- eve. the ravens have talked this week about the patriots as their rivals. they have found themselves at the bat and in those matchups. what about the reciprocation? to the patriots feel the same way? without question, yes. who comes to foxborough less intimidated than the ravens? the ravens have won at this
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stadium. >> i have a tremendous amount of respect for the ravens and all the things they did. they are great competitors. we know we're going to have to play our best game of the air this sunday. >> baltimore has a great football team. they have had a great team for a long time. very good on defense. this will be another great game. >> of the regularity with which the ravens and patriots not only meet but compete with such ferocious balance had not read much contempt in foxboro. >> it seems like we play these guys -- we played them two times this year. once last year. it is becoming a norm now. you might as well adam to the afc east >> a win for the ravens sunday might change that tune but also ballast out the ledger of the most budding rivalry.
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we will say the team arriving in providence, getting ready for tomorrow's championship game with the patriots. -- show yout he team arriving in providence, getting ready for tomorrow's can pitch a game with the patriots. >> today jen took a hike along the freedom trail that connects hot spots like the birth of the u.s. as constitution and the church where lanterns where hung before paul rivere. she ran in to a couple of ravens fans. >> it is pretty cool. there are not many cities outside of baltimore that have as much history as ours. boston has more. >> the freedom trail as about
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2.5 miles long. visitors can pay for a gatt accord -- tour or walk the trail at their pace. >> president obama gets ready for another 4 years of public service for a day of public service for a day of public service. we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler,
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how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda.
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>> two are dead after a single car accident in baltimore. and happened at the 6-00 block of perrring parkway. two passengers were ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene. an investigation is ongoing. in baltimore city police officer is on bail tonight after being arrested at a towson bar. police were part of the rec room around 2:15 this morning.
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they've found and often a officer. in his service weapon that two men during a confrontation during -- in the parking lot. internal affairs is investigating. a quick check of the weather. >> things will be back stepping a bit. winter is just around the corner.
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>> president obama declared today a national day of service. the holiday falls on president obama's second inauguration. in washington now with a look at the inaugural events already under way. >> in the nation's capital, an inaugural ball for military kids and their families. who better to usher in this star studded concert than usher himself. >> katy perry lit up the stage too.
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but not even she could close the real star of the show, first lady michelle obama. >> this is what inauguration is all about. about celebrating who we are as americans and all the things that make this country so great. >> it was a busy pre-inaugural day for the first lady and her husband, the president. they volunteered their time at a local school as part of this national day of service. they were honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king. the president called on americans to do the same by helping them meeting neighbors in need. around the country, an estimated quarter million people did exactly that. volunteer organizations offer dozens of ways for people to serve their communities. regardless of age. >> this is a good job to give back to those people who need our help. >> you definitely want to give back and have people pay it
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forward. >> giving back the others on this national day of service. speaking of services, the president takes the official oath of office tomorrow at noon at the white house. in washington, wbal tv 11 is very >> now, you're a 11 insta weather plus forecast. >> temperatures have been up and down this week. all right now. handed down over the next few days. that cold arctic air will spill in. today was really nice. 54 was the high. 41 is typical this time of year. look at the record low, 1994. 5 below zero. this evening, temperatures holding up. southwest breeze still kicking around. temperatures have not dropped off all that much. annapolis, 46. 32 edgewood. frederick is down to 39. far westerns in
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maryland. a little disturbance up to the north. passing on these very more of that where that came from. and number of little disturbances up there on the great lakes. this one has a little more kick to it. it will pass on to the east as well. each one of these helps bring the temperatures down a bit. this one will have more kick to it. double drawdowns in chilly, arctic air. this area of high pressure to the south giving way a little bit. the jet stream is set up to allow the air, in. it just need something to drop it down. the disturbance out to the west in montana and wyoming will ultimately do that. that happens about monday. the upper midwest, you can see the beginnings of that cold air invasion coming in. international falls, 5 below.
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minneapolis is for below right now. -- 4 below right now. this is the influx of chilly air that comes in. tonight, freezing for the low. mostly clear. southwest winds at 2- 7, holding the temperatures up. the day tomorrow, not quite as warm as today. still above average for this season. 45-50 for the high. it will be breezy. winds gusting to 25 mph. 2-3 foot chop in the open waters of the bay. what we will be watching with great interest is this one coming out of the dakotas. tomorrow this one goes through.
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this one comes through on monday. you can see the remnants of it in here. monday, chance of snow shower activity. then the cold air spills into the area. tomorrow night, the ravens patriots game. partly cloudy. temperatures in the 20's. it will be windy. cokld game, but at least dry. 37 tomorrow. 27 on tuesday. snow showers in the forecast. towards next weekend, a mix of rain and storms likely. -- rain and snow is likely. >> the ravens have made their way to new england. gerry sandusy goes one on one street ahead.
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>> good evening. it is time for power ball. isight's guaranteed jackpot $100 million. let's get out our tickets and play. 29, 8, 28, 34, 38. if you match powerball, you always win -- 35.
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>> happy redemption fees. elites, that is what the ravens hope. -- redemption eve.
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what the that's ravens hope. we placements score the last 10 points of the game in denver last week. it worked up pretty well for baltimore. the team arrived without delay today. a boisterous crowd greeted the players. team officials tossed out t- shirts and house -- and hats in the crowd. gerry sandusky. >> thanks. how much hasn't helped his team coming into new england for a second year? >> it means a lot. last year the guys came in here.
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they fought through a lot of adversity. it will be a good one. >> there is a chance guys like yourself who were not here last year could be the x factor. >> could be. i'm hoping. just trying to help the team did a big win. it's going to be an exciting night. >> at this time, i am hoping that is what we will be talking about. we will see what happens. >> good luck tomorrow. >> thank you. >> back to you. >> thank you. the meetings are done. now it is the win game until a 630 -- 6:30 kick off. in of earlws on the weaver. >> earl weaver was just 5'6 but
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he was larger than life in the orioles history. he died earlier this morning on a cruise in the caribbean. last summer, he was that sam -- camden yards were the team revealed a statue of him. his accomplishments are many. the 1970 series world title. he was inducted into baseball's hall fame in 1996. jim palmer has don fond memories. >> a couple years ago at a hall of fame, the night before the induction, earl was in with dick gordon and friends and i told them when the biggest compliment -- compliments you paid me was flanagan. he said i did not just tell him,
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i told everybody. pretty much kind of -- >> another baseball legend also passed away today, he died at 92. musial won 7 nationally batting titles. he spent his entire 22 year career with the st. louis cardinals. college basketball. north carolina defeated maryland. the capitals lost their season opener against tampa bay, 6-3. opener against tampa bay, 6-3.
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>> one more day with decent
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weather. in the 40's. 30's then 20's. snow showers monday. quite cold. a rain snow mix by the end of the week. >> it a game tomorrow. >> it is huge. hopefully they can get over the hump, get it done. a lot of improvement from last year's team. >> thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute i am piers morgan or as you know me, the british mario lopez. this week a series of sin


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