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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  January 20, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> hello. welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> we are looking outside with
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meteorologist avenue vau mari - avenue v avenue /* ava marie. >> it will get colder. enjoy this while we have it. we have 44 at the airport. now up to 57 downtown. 42 in pikesville. added chill to the air. 11 miles per hour at the airport. 12 miles per hour at frederick. it will feel 10 degrees colder even though highs should be up near 50 degrees later today. sunny to start and a few clouds into the afternoon. much colder air comes through the next couple days. we will detail that in the 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> ravens here we go! here we go ravens here we go! here we go! >> well the ravens in fox borough this morning. as you can see we have the
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cheerleaders with us. thank you ladies. they are ready for the rematch against the patriots in what could be the biggest game of the year. >> the stakes couldn't be higher with a trip to the super bowl on the line we have team coverage this morning we begin with our very own jennifer franciotto. >> you know it's game day because i have broken out the spirit finger. it is exciting to be in fox borough. we have ravens fans who have shown up at the scene. you drove up, how excited are you? >> waited my whole life to come here. i have dreamed of this day my whole entire life. >> did you watch the game last weekend? >> it was an exciting game. so happy we made that over time come back. >> what made you drive here to get tickets? >> last year my funds weren't good. now my funds are better.
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it took me three-days to get my dad to finally come here. so happy i am finally here right now. >> i love your enthusiasm. are we going to win tonight? >> we are going to win. i am 100 percent confident we are going to win. ray lewis is determined to go to the super bowl. sorry tom. there's next year. >> guys we are live in perry hall. we have a huge group of ravens fans they are all purpled out here. >> look at them in their cute little ravens sweatshirt. you ready for the big game? >> yes. >> they are adorable.
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we have all kinds of fans here. young and old and everything in between. what do we have to do to win the game today? >> we have to play better than we played last year. keep our head in the game. just know what we need to do. don't make any mistakes and go with the flow and play like we need to play and we can take brady down. >> what would your advice be to the team today this morning before the big game tonight? >> protect placko and go all of the way. super bowl. >> you think we are going to the super bowl? these folks are ready to go to new orleans. we are ready to go. they are ready to take down tom brady and the patriots tonight. everybody will be watching tonight. we will be watching. all right. give me one big cheer to head out on. >> in perry hall, wbal news.
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back to you. >> showing ravens spirit in pictures. house divided. one young mandy voted to the ravens the others to the patriots. it is ravens thanks to mr. colton and robins family pays tribute to ray lewis. all of them are on and mobile app. >> while one baltimore team gets ready for a big game the former orioles manager was traveling on an oriole's cruise when he passed away. >> when baltimoreans think of earl they think of intensity harass ability and longevity. the earl of baltimore as cantankerous beloved by the city. he was st. louis born in 1930 but spent his entire career as a
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manager in baltimore. the ball club was his for 17 seasons from 1968 to 1982 and from 1985 to 1986. on to the earl the orioles won 6 al east titles four american league pennants and the world series in 1970. in all he won 1480 games. >> when he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1996 he was acknowledged for his intensity, flair and wit. the hall sites his managerial style and colorful confrontations with the men in blue. pitching defense and the three run homer were his hallmark. close your eyes and think of earl and surely you see his hat on backwards his fate full of fire on the verge of ejection. our aeearl of baltimore. on my tombstone just write the
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sorest loser that ever lived. a sore loser number 4, one who will be sorely missed. >> mayor rollins released a statement on his passing at least in part his team brought pride as well as world series championship to our great city. my prayers are with the family the orioles and generations of fans who loved his unique character and share the great memories. >> 9:08. almost everyone is jumping at the blame game. >> president obama starts his second term as president of the united states. we will take you to washington for the public celebration. >> the fore fast leading into tomorrow. details when i have a special guest in the 7 forecast.
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>> good morning. starting off with a live look outdoors. beautiful look at the sun. mostly clear skies 40 degrees at the harbor and 44 at the airport. the time now 9:11. we are talking about the forecast not only today in baltimore but we have big enthusiasm for the game. he is joining me in the forecast. po is a big havens enthusiast. he is going to give it a try and see what he can do as a meteorologist. see how he does. don't block the whole forecast. trust me, i get plenty of e-mails. 40s right now across the area. we have 43 in gate len berg a
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>> winds 11 miles per hour at the airport and downtown. good point with the winds it is getting a little chilly. with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. we expect it to turn colder 9 next couple days. >> so much better than in denver. you remember how cold that was? this is so much better. we are talking temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s starting back in the 20s. windchill will be a factor as well. hoping the fans are building up. see all of that. that's a good color to see. let's bring you a little further. the really cold air will come in. 0 degrees in minneapolis.
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this is moving our way. in the next couple days it's the cold front. it comes through later today mostly dry but then the cold air behind that comes instability and snow showers. see what that is? that is snow coming this way. tomorrow we will have a chance of snow showers. you have a snow shovel out. not that much snowfall. let's not scare people. might see a light coating of snow tomorrow. you have to be careful if you are traveling to the inauguration. all of the dedicated fans who drove up to new england they will be driving back with snow showers along 95 as well. cold air continues to come in the next couple days. colder with temperatures in the upper # 30s to low 40s mostly cloudy skies with light showers
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in the forecast. 7-day forecast: >> great job, po. i might lose my job here. back to you, guys. as many as 800,000 people are expected to attend the public inauguration ceremonies in washington. president obama will take the office at noon. >> the oath of office comes at midday today as the constitution requires. joe biden has already been sworn in this morning. tracie potts is in washington with more. good morning everyone. we are getting word that the vice president's swearing in is a few minutes late this morning as it is supposed to happen just after 8:00. they ghat underway just a few minutes late.
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after that they visit arlington cemetery. >> four years after making history this morning president obama takes the oath of office again in a small ceremony at the white house. he has been talking about what this day means on-line with the inaugural committee. >> inauguration remind us what we have as fellow citizens promoting the common good. >> he talked about the inauguration to children at a washington school where the first family picked up paintbrushes as part of saturday's national day of service. >> it is a symbol of how democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power. it should be an affirmation we are all in this together. >> the care packages for soldiers he is swearing in this morning at the naval observe
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to observe tori. security is tight, washington is expecting more than half a million people. >> we are excited as many americans as possible will be able to be a parted of this. >> it will be a smaller audience but this group is bringing 6 bus loads. >> we are sporting him and the things he is trying to do for this country. today the ceremony welcoming back the president. >> he is using three different bibles. today the first lady's family bible, tomorrow the bible that was used by president lincoln and the traveling bible that belonged to dr. martin luther king. >> the ravens cheerleaders are here. >> yes, over there. >> go ahead and say it.
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>> they are cheerleaders. >> i think you would be fantastic. >> might be the last cheerleader they have but you would be great. >> i invited you to come over today. we have great ideas to help you throw a party: >> come on over. >> this is coming up next. >> we have a look at some of them going on around town. ♪
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>> no more excuses because the man who wrote the book "the no excuse guy to success no matter what your boss or life throws at you" jim mr. energy is here. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for letting me be here. >> i know because everything else is ravens. >> let's talk a little bit why e you wrote this book? >> i wrote it because the world is calling it right now. so hungry for someone stepping
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up take control take their life and lose wait, w-a-i-t. we have to lose some wait. >> need to lose wait. >> take 100 percent responsibility and accountable for your stuff. there's no blaming there's no victim vocabulary. you are saying if it is to be it is up to me. >> is it really that easy? >> it is a mind set shift. thinking optimistically, thinking positively in all likelihood we are going to shift that negative behavior that procrastination to getting things done. >> you say listen with three years but i only have two. >> listen with our heart.
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you have a heart where we don't make judgments we don't predispose, we listen, we feel, we take in. >> and to give up right fighting. >> i am always right. the last tweet the last blog. i am going to be right. we can eliminate this right fighting. >> taking credit. >> to the point where we attempt to put the focus on us create more distance instead of focus. we raise our hand to i did it, i did it, i did it. that makes people want to pull away not move in. >> people say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. if you don't take credit and let people know what you are doing th then you may miss the boat. >> it's strategic squeaking. some people squeak just to squeak. there he goes again.
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there he goes again. you have the -- rather than saying i did it again. look at me, i am the man. >> live with earnest tee and purpose. >> at least i am in line. don't get in line get ahead of the line. move with urgency. >> thank you so much. you are going to be having a book signing on tuesday january 2nd at 6:30 at the library 400 cathedral. >> looking for forward to it. >> anybody has questions about how to get out of that rut and have mno more excuses. look for energy. all right. why not throw a fun party to root on the ravens. we have askeds coming up.
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a live report coming up.
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>> if you are watching us this morning you are at home rather than fox borough. there's a good excuse to throw a party. >> have the family over. >> we have katie clark from lemon and lime event design. we have some of the cheer leaders. all of the more festive. you don't have your ravens cheer leaders at your house. >> no. >> you have great ideas. of course it's all purple. >> a lot of people may be having friends and family over today. don't have a lot planned yet.
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only have a couple hours to turn their home into a purple haven. we worked with the designer out of maryland. she put together some things that people can put off right at home. print it off on your home computer and cut it out and use as little decors. little flags. there's a ravens pennant you could printout and table tents to mark the food and tell guests what each dish is things like that. >> last minute artistic design. >> a little tricky. >> print it and cut it and they are available to download. >> you have a purple drink three olives with purple vodka. purple gatorade. we non-alcoholic drinkers and the kids we have berry drink boxes. you can get fun straws and get some football stakeholdickers tt
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on there. throw some ice in. you are good to go. honestly everyone loves this. you can fix those on the cups or layout for guests to put on. everybody loves that. >> i am sure they will fit funnier as it goes on. >> i am sure. >> now local places aring a lmag a lot of ravens items. >> they are open until 2 you have a couple hours to run out. they not only look amazing they pas taste amazing. you have the ray lewis cupcake and they have cake pops push pops cookies. you are good to go. >> and easy portable desserts. >> these are giant football
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cookies. pick up grab and you are good to go. >> all you have to do is clean up afterwards. >> places like party city, target, you can go there and get quickly what you need. erg is purple. you have your ravens plates and these little stakes you put together after a good play. especially after last week's game stress balls when the game gets really close. purple candy and purple and gold cups. you can have fun with the football holders. >> thank you for joining us. lemon lime >> it is 9:29. it is 47 degrees. let's finish it off in the chair. ♪ let's go ravens. let's go. >> ravens cheerleaders keeping
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it down in baltimore. ravens fans are here they are ready to cheer on the team. i am jennifer france yacht at this franciotto. details are next.
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>> so much going on here right now. well tomorrow ba welcome back to sunday news. >> we are looking at temperatures in the 40z right now expecting it to push into the upper 40s as we go through the afternoon. if i can get my forecast real quick. there we go here. sorry about that, guys. starting off sunny. chilly breeze today. it will field colder as you factor in the wind. we will have the details coming up in just a little bit. stay tuned. >> all right. thank you. >> go, ravens one step closer to new orleans in the super bowl. the teens will face the patriots at gillette stadium in fox borough. >> that's where we find our very
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own jennifer franciotto. how are you doing? >> we are dpoing great. it is a beautiful sunny day. right now it is windy. the temperatures are not bad. it's about 44 degrees but from what i understand things will change. by game time tonight it will dip down into the 20s. winds supposed to increase. windchill will feel like it's in the teens. it is very cold and windy. in the hearts of ravens fans they will be fired up. more ravens fans than ever are expected to be here for tonight's game. five bus loads of the fans showed up last night in boston when the team arrived to the team hotel in providence. ravens fans were all over the place. you will see video of the fans coming off the buses. you won't see the throngs of fans. they were cheering when i ran
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over and talked to them. they were so excited so purple will be well represented in the stands. when they see the throng of purple boy are they going to be even more excited to win the game tonight. if you are coming out here to the stadium it will be a very, very exciting night whatever you do at home kaep your game dkeep game day. >> fired up this early in the morning. i know the fans are so excited. >> we are having a blast at perry hall. these fans are ready. >> i have been hanging out with 9-year-old braid den almost as tall as me. he has been a ravens fan his whole life. what do the ravens have to do to
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win today? >> they have doing teep to tory smith. they should take advantage he's doing very well. they have to get pressure on tom brady. >> you watch the game at home and we always have a special tradition. what do you have to eat? >> we eat chicken wings and grab and all kinds of fun seafood. >> sounds like a good party. they are superstitious. how does that play into how you play the game. >> since the playoffs we have always watched the game at home and we have had invitations to go elsewhere. we are going to seep doing what we are doing so the ravens win. >> hopefully they keep winning if you keep your superstitions up. is everybody watching the game tonight? are the ravens going to win? >> are we going to the super bowl? all right. now the team has just half as
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much excitement as these fans do i think we can do it we can beat the patriots and go on to new orleans. joining us now from the ravens is heather harness. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you said -- i asked what your superstitions are for watching the game. tell me. >> every one we travel to i lose. >> you have got some great letters and fan support that has been incredible. >> over the past two weeks we have letters we have hung around the facility we have a great program. it started last year. they send in everything from personal photos to players to really heartfelt notes.
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>> this is what i know about football. parents go crazy when you win. people can get hurt. ravens are from baltimore and steelers stink. stink is the other team i know. the ravens are good players they are facing big challenges. it's not only one person who wins the team it's everyone. >> there's no i in team. >> it is so terrific. when you listen to the coverage of other cities if there is that unique relationship elsewhere between a city and his team. it seems so special here. >> that's what i heard. every time i travel to a city it is so unique. i don't know of any other team. >> you have it later in the afternoon. >> one of the children who every week we select one winner every winner receive as party at home
9:38 am
with the cheerleaders in toe. >> it is fantastic. the kids can still send these in. >> kids can still send letters in. there are 50 in the area participating. there are 50 mailboxes where they can drop their letters off. >> don't travel. >> thank you so much. don't go away we will be right back with more news in a
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>> good morning. we are starting you off with a live look outdoors. the time now almost 9:41.
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bright blue skies and the sun a shining. maybe a few clouds rolled in. but thankfully we have the sunshine. temperatures quickly warm up. we started off in the low 30s. now already in the mid to upper 40s in some areas. 34 degrees at the airport 47 downtown. 41 in parkton and even these temperatures have been moving up through out the morning as well. we are start to go see stronger winds come in out of the south and west. we will add a bit of a chill today. 11 miles per hour in baltimore. 25 miles in foxburg. that means the windchill could be feeling like the upper 30s and low 40s at times today. we are starting off with sunshine with a clou clouds in the afternoon. a cold front approaches the area. dry around baltimore and dry as you go up to fox borough.
9:42 am
not as cold as it was in denver. kickoff temperatures in the low 30s. drop off in the 20s through out the rest of the game. winds out of the west 10-15 miles per hour. gusting up to 20. it could be much worse for a january game. i think we are getting off easy there. currently 44 degrees in boston. they are starting off the game pretty mild. a look at the cold air starting to come in across the great lakes region. we have 13 now in chicago. 0 degrees in minneapolis. they haven't moved all morning long. the cold air will be coming our way behind the front. this front will move through the atlantic. that is what caused the winds to pick up. in the future cast it is mainly a dry front a couple clouds later today. this band across here that's essentially the front. behind it there are going to be lake-effect snow showers kicking up into up state new york and behind that front is the very cold air tomorrow we could see a couple snow showers as well.
9:43 am
wester western maryland monday. light accumulations are possible. watch us all of the way up into new england. people traveling back from the game could have to deal with slippery conditions. forecast tomorrow high temperatures in the upper 30s. breeze zee and chilly this afternoon. snow showers are possible light accumulations and look how cold it gets in the 7 day. highs only in the 20s tuesday and wednesday. nighttime even colder. we have mike tyson here. this is such a great year for you guys besides the ravens and the orioles. i bet this is a banner year for your store. >> it is. we have been very blessed. >> you are so superstitious about your superstitions wount say them out loud. >> correct. >> but i know them. >> you are doing them all today. >> tell me what you have the people are loving this.
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>> this week it's all about getting geared up and showing your purple pride. we have always done -- we made the purple flamingo famous. >> that came from you guys? >> yes. >> we have the flags. we do a whole lot of beads this week. everybody gets that. they have the tattoos and all that. >> i had that on earlier today. >> you can get all decorated with that. we have everything, you name it. >> what has this week been like for you? >> it is crazy. i was away hoichzing to stay married. i left my wife with three stores to run but she did a great job. it has been nonstop. we start early in the morning until late at night. oo our still married?
9:45 am
>> yes. >> this afternoon you are open now. you opened this morning. >> yes. >> you always open sunday mornings? >> 7 days a week. >> you are a busy guy and a fan for sure. >> this week we did a whole bunch of t-shirts. we did a big on-line thing. you can go to the web site fort worth dot net. we did a lot of shifting for fans all over the united states. we have a store in hartford county. that is the big story. >> thank you for setting it all up. thank you so much. go ravens up next we are in the kitchen for sunday brunch. here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back everyone. time for sunday brunch. joining us this morning the party from classic catering. po is trying to get in on the action there. >> po, are you hungry? sorry. >> we have lots here for you today. this is just some of the food we make in classic catering. today i am going to be showing everyone how to do a chicken
9:49 am
nacho dip. this is something we serve in our sky box. it is very, very popular. it is also on our classic to go menu. >> we cater for them. we also prepare the food that goes on delta airlines. >> i did not know that. >> what did you put in there? >> i put cream cheese in there. this recipe is on your site. it has cream cheese. it is one of the home towns. po, can you see that? one and a half pounds of chicken. i chopped it up all fine. i am going to put in a little bit of garlic. if you wented to do it quick you could put in canned chicken. >> you could. you can use leftover chicken, too. i also put garlic in there, some couple m cumin and chili. >> hot. >> we are going to put in there monterey jack cheese. three cups of cheese.
9:50 am
>> fresh onion. it is disconcerting over here behind me. i don't know what's going on. >> we also have hal pane nos this all gets mixed together. >> spread it around. >> what we are going to do is put it into the pan and we are going to top it with grated cheddar cheese. this is one of the recipes we gave you to put on-line. very popular. you can mix it all together and in there and top it with cheese and bake it for how long? >> 350 degrees for 30 minutes until it's nice and bubbly sounds delicious. >> we are going to serve it with chips. we have some of our house made chips. we make them all at classic. >> what do you think? >> we also have some other recipes on your site that are
9:51 am
available. okay. this sandwich looks amazing. >> this is one of the subs. it's an over stuffed sub. it's swiss cheese, bacon on it. apple wi apple wood smoked bacon. we serve it with condiments we have mayonnaise and mustards. all of the pep chene knees are inside of there. >> you have slierds here. >> we have the crab cake slierds. it is popular in our sky box. we have a black ended boca burger. it has montreal steak seasoning and special purple cabbage on it to get into the ravens spirit. it was designed by one of our chefs. we have a chip poeolte barbecue
9:52 am
chick l brisk brisket. >> this is unkindness? the ravens po, i bet you knew that. a little dye of food coloring on there so we get the dark coloring on the barbecue chicken wings. we serve that with blue cheese dip. >> you have slaw and bacon -- >> bacon straws. we use them on our bars for catering. we have ultimate coleslaw from apples pecans and a little onion. will lovely. which one are you going for? >> cupcakes or cookies? two. we will give you some of those. thank you so much all of this from classic catering.
9:53 am
let me give you a call.
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>> what a spread. >> from classic catering. >> we need to do the forecast. >> temperatures this afternoon chilly with the breeze. it gets so much colder in the 70s. chance of snow showers tomorrow. minimal accumulations possible. this weekend overnight lows dropping into the teens easily. kickoff at the stadium in the low 30s. so much better than what it was like in denver. >> they get their spread together. po might come by their house.
9:56 am
>> what do you think? the cheerleaders. where are you off to now we will see what happens. >> take us out. >> [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> it has been a long and winding road for the baltimore ravens that led them back to gillette stadium and hopefully for an opportunity to play in the super bowl. after a 4 hour and 16 minutes game against the denver broncos in one of the best and exciting victories in franchise history the ravens get a second shot at the patriots. relive the magic all week long as the team trains for the last chance to win lombardo trophy with ray lewis on the roster. with the retirement of ray lewis they are focused on the show down at fox borough. while the patriots have a quarterback whose name is cinnamon fomouse with post seas victory he has taken them to 5 victories. for baltimore and maryland this is an exciting season all of the talk, prediction, statistics and scenarios ravens fans will
9:58 am
probably display their passion for purple. you have to determine the game to determine the
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